SAP ABAP Package RTTREE_AHR (Development Class for the Report Trees)
Basic Data
Package RTTREE_AHR   
Short Description   Development Class for the Report Trees    
Super package HRGXX   HR Structure Package for General Components (SAP_HRGXX) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
S_AHR_61015471 Infotype Overview for Employee     
S_AHR_61015472 address_list_of _employee     
S_AHR_61015473 Employee w. Social & Employment Ins.     
S_AHR_61015474 RPLDQAJ0     
S_AHR_61015475 Job Assignment List (Japan)     
S_AHR_61015476 RPLLRPJD     
S_AHR_61015477 Change of Basic Pay List (Japan)     
S_AHR_61015478 Residence Tax Entry Proof List (JP)     
S_AHR_61015479 RPLTFIL0     
S_AHR_61015480 Flexible Employee Data     
S_AHR_61015482 Family Members     
S_AHR_61015483 Birthday List     
S_AHR_61015485 Vehicle - Search List     
S_AHR_61015486 Employee List     
S_AHR_61015487 Overview of Maternity Data     
S_AHR_61015488 Education and Training     
S_AHR_61015489 Telephone Directory     
S_AHR_61015490 Powers of Attorney     
S_AHR_61015491 Time spent in pay scale group/level     
S_AHR_61015492 Defaults for Pay Scale Reclass.     
S_AHR_61015493 Reference Personnel Numbers     
S_AHR_61015495 HR Master Data Sheet     
S_AHR_61015496 Seniority and Age     
S_AHR_61015497 Headcount Development     
S_AHR_61015498 Nationalities     
S_AHR_61015499 Employee structure     
S_AHR_61015500 Salary According to Seniority     
S_AHR_61015501 Time-Related Statistical Evaluations     
S_AHR_61015502 Assignment to Wage Level     
S_AHR_61015504 New/Departing Employee     
S_AHR_61015505 Logged Changes in Infotype Data     
S_AHR_61015506 Log of Report Starts     
S_AHR_61015507 Date Monitoring     
S_AHR_61015508 Variable Applicant List     
S_AHR_61015509 Applicants by Name     
S_AHR_61015510 Applicants by action     
S_AHR_61015511 Applicants' Education and Training     
S_AHR_61015512 Applications     
S_AHR_61015513 Applicant Statistics     
S_AHR_61015514 Planned Activities for Personnel Off     
S_AHR_61015515 Vacancy Assignments     
S_AHR_61015516 Vacancies     
S_AHR_61015517 Job Advertisements     
S_AHR_61015518 Evaluate Recruitment Instruments     
S_AHR_61015519 Development plan history     
S_AHR_61015520 Individual development plan     
S_AHR_61015521 Display Development Plan Catalog     
S_AHR_61015522 Persons "Developed" by Dev. Plan     
S_AHR_61015523 Persons "Developed" by Dev.Plan Item     
S_AHR_61015524 Evaluate Careers     
S_AHR_61015525 Career planning     
S_AHR_61015526 Succession Planning     
S_AHR_61015527 Profile Matchup (Display Profile)     
S_AHR_61015528 Find persons for selected qualif.     
S_AHR_61015529 Find Objects for Qualifications     
S_AHR_61015530 Find Objects for Requirements     
S_AHR_61015531 Succession Overview     
S_AHR_61015532 Profile Matchup: Positions/Holders     
S_AHR_61015533 Profiles     
S_AHR_61015534 Display Profile     
S_AHR_61015535 Display Qualifications Catalog     
S_AHR_61015536 Expired Qualifications     
S_AHR_61015537 Display Appraisal     
S_AHR_61015538 Display Appraisals Catalog     
S_AHR_61015539 Attendance     
S_AHR_61015540 Eligible Employees     
S_AHR_61015541 Changes in Eligibility     
S_AHR_61015542 Change in Benefits     
S_AHR_61015543 Employee Demographics     
S_AHR_61015544 Spending Account Premiums     
S_AHR_61015545 Health Plan Premiums     
S_AHR_61015546 Insurance Plan Premiums     
S_AHR_61015547 Savings Plan Premiums     
S_AHR_61015548 Vesting Percentages     
S_AHR_61015549 Changes in Benefits Elections     
S_AHR_61015550 Miscellaneous Premiums     
S_AHR_61015551 Premium for stock purchase plans     
S_AHR_61015552 Benefits Selection Analysis     
S_AHR_61015553 Compa-Ratio Analysis     
S_AHR_61015554 Salary Structure List     
S_AHR_61015555 Assignment to Wage Level     
S_AHR_61015556 Display Pay Scale Groups     
S_AHR_61015557 Salary According to Seniority     
S_AHR_61015558 Planned Labor Costs     
S_AHR_61015559 Display an Existing Scenario Group     
S_AHR_61015560 Plan Scenarios of Personnel Costs     
S_AHR_61015561 Budget in FTE     
S_AHR_61015562 Available Budget Per BS Element     
S_AHR_61015563 Job chart     
S_AHR_61015564 Financing from BS Element Budgets     
S_AHR_61015565 Budget Year Comparison     
S_AHR_61015566 Enhanced Budget in FTEs     
S_AHR_61015567 RHPMSTOV     
S_AHR_61015568 Job index     
S_AHR_61015569 Business distribution plan     
S_AHR_61015570 Different Service Type/Service Cat.     
S_AHR_61015571 Report on teaching hours     
S_AHR_61015572 Financing in Organizational Unit     
S_AHR_61015573 Violations of earmarking     
S_AHR_61015574 Display earmarkings     
S_AHR_61015575 Display personal shift plan     
S_AHR_61015576 Display attendance list     
S_AHR_61015577 Undo Completed Target Plan     
S_AHR_61015578 Personal Work Schedule     
S_AHR_61015579 Daily Work Schedule     
S_AHR_61015580 Attendance/Absence for Each Employee     
S_AHR_61015581 Attendance/Absence for Each Employee     
S_AHR_61015582 Attendance/Absence Data: Overview     
S_AHR_61015583 Att./Absence Data: Calendar View     
S_AHR_61015584 Attendance Check     
S_AHR_61015585 Att./Absences: Graphical Overview     
S_AHR_61015586 Att./Absences: Graphical Overview     
S_AHR_61015587 Attendance/Absence for Each Employee     
S_AHR_61015588 Attendance/Absence Data: Overview     
S_AHR_61015589 Att./Absence Data: Calendar View     
S_AHR_61015590 Att./Absences: Graphical Overview     
S_AHR_61015591 Att./Absences: Graphical Overview     
S_AHR_61015592 Time Leveling     
S_AHR_61015593 Time Leveling     
S_AHR_61015594 Time Statement Form     
S_AHR_61015595 Time Statement Form     
S_AHR_61015596 Time Statement Form     
S_AHR_61015597 Cumulated Time Evaluation Results     
S_AHR_61015598 Time Accounts     
S_AHR_61015599 Display Absence Quota Information     
S_AHR_61015600 Time Leveling     
S_AHR_61015601 Time Leveling     
S_AHR_61015602 Working Times of Time and Incentive     
S_AHR_61015603 Reassignment Proposals for Wage Grps     
S_AHR_61015604 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015605 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015606 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015607 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61015608 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015609 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015610 Payroll Journal --- International     
S_AHR_61015611 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015612 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015613 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015614 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015615 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015616 Book Law: Law 20,744 Art. 52     
S_AHR_61015617 Form 649- Sworn Annual Declaration     
S_AHR_61015618 Remuneration Statement: Argentina     
S_AHR_61015619 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015620 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015621 Payroll Account: Argentina     
S_AHR_61015622 Payroll Journal: Argentina     
S_AHR_61015623 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015624 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015625 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015626 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015627 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015628 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015629 Payroll accounts     
S_AHR_61015630 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015631 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015632 Absence Types Occuring in Personal C     
S_AHR_61015633 Evaluation of Garnishment Results     
S_AHR_61015634 Payroll journal (Austria)     
S_AHR_61015635 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015636 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015637 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015638 Overview of Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015639 Calc. Present Value for Company Loan     
S_AHR_61015640 Account Statement for Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015641 Economic Statistics for Central Off.     
S_AHR_61015643 Sickness Certificates/Fees     
S_AHR_61015644 RPCEDTQ0     
S_AHR_61015645 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61015646 RPLDEDQ0     
S_AHR_61015647 RPLDETQ1     
S_AHR_61015648 RPLDMSQ0     
S_AHR_61015649 RPLDMVQ0     
S_AHR_61015650 RPLEXCQ1     
S_AHR_61015651 RPLHISQ0     
S_AHR_61015652 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015653 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015654 RPLARRQ0     
S_AHR_61015655 Superannuation Fund Report Australia     
S_AHR_61015656 RPLGCTQ0     
S_AHR_61015657 RPLRECQ0     
S_AHR_61015658 RPLSUMQ0     
S_AHR_61015659 Payroll Journal (AU)     
S_AHR_61015660 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015661 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015662 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015663 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015664 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015665 RPLLPVQ1     
S_AHR_61015666 RPLLPVQ2     
S_AHR_61015667 RPLLPVQ3     
S_AHR_61015668 RPLLPVQ4     
S_AHR_61015669 RPLLSLQ0     
S_AHR_61015670 RPLLVPQ0     
S_AHR_61015671 RPLVPYQ1     
S_AHR_61015672 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015673 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015674 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61015675 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015676 Generate Personal Calendar: Belgium     
S_AHR_61015677 Payroll Journal     
S_AHR_61015678 Social Balance Declaration (Belgium)     
S_AHR_61015679 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015680 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015681 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015682 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015683 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015684 Payroll Accounting Program: Brazil     
S_AHR_61015685 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015686 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015687 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61015689 Payroll Results Display: Cluster(BR)     
S_AHR_61015690 HBRCDTA0     
S_AHR_61015691 HBRDIRF0     
S_AHR_61015692 HBRDARF0     
S_AHR_61015693 HBRDEPD0     
S_AHR_61015694 HBRGRPS0     
S_AHR_61015695 HBRSALC0     
S_AHR_61015696 HBRTERM0     
S_AHR_61015697 HBRGRR00     
S_AHR_61015698 HBRREMAG     
S_AHR_61015699 HBRSEFIP     
S_AHR_61015700 HBRCVTR0     
S_AHR_61015701 HBRAVFE0     
S_AHR_61015702 HBRCFER0     
S_AHR_61015703 HBRETQCP     
S_AHR_61015704 HBRAVPR0     
S_AHR_61015705 HBRGRR00     
S_AHR_61015706 HBRRECT0     
S_AHR_61015707 HBRSEGDE     
S_AHR_61015708 HBRCCED0     
S_AHR_61015709 HBRRAIS0     
S_AHR_61015710 HBRDIRF0     
S_AHR_61015711 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015712 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015713 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015714 HBRFICHA     
S_AHR_61015715 Payroll Results Display: Cluster(BR)     
S_AHR_61015716 HBRCONTR     
S_AHR_61015717 HBRDIRF0     
S_AHR_61015718 HBRDEPD0     
S_AHR_61015719 HBRTERM0     
S_AHR_61015720 HBRETQCP     
S_AHR_61015721 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015722 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015723 Wage Type Statement(Read Cluster RX)     
S_AHR_61015724 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015725 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015726 HBRRAIS0     
S_AHR_61015727 HBRDIRF0     
S_AHR_61015728 HBRREMAG     
S_AHR_61015729 HBRPISCA     
S_AHR_61015730 HBRSEFIP     
S_AHR_61015731 Display of TemSe files     
S_AHR_61015732 HBRUTMS1     
S_AHR_61015733 HBRUTMS2     
S_AHR_61015734 HBRUTMS3     
S_AHR_61015735 Subroutinas para o log da folha (Bra     
S_AHR_61015736 Select Personnel Numbers for a     
S_AHR_61015737 HBRCATT0     
S_AHR_61015738 Display of TemSe files     
S_AHR_61015739 HBRUTMS1     
S_AHR_61015740 HBRUTMS2     
S_AHR_61015741 HBRUTMS3     
S_AHR_61015742 HBRVEXT0     
S_AHR_61015743 HBRIAUT0     
S_AHR_61015744 HBRIGUI0     
S_AHR_61015745 HBRCMLI9     
S_AHR_61015746 HBRCDTA0     
S_AHR_61015747 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015748 RPCPIEK0     
S_AHR_61015749 RPCROEK0     
S_AHR_61015750 RPUNTUK0     
S_AHR_61015751 RPCCYRK0     
S_AHR_61015752 RPCWCAK0     
S_AHR_61015753 **Grievance Summary     
S_AHR_61015754 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61015755 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015756 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015757 Payroll Journal     
S_AHR_61015758 RPSEEAKA     
S_AHR_61015759 RPCROHK0     
S_AHR_61015760 RPSCANK0     
S_AHR_61015761 RPSCANK1     
S_AHR_61015762 RPUKRMK0     
S_AHR_61015763 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015764 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015765 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015766 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015767 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015768 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015769 Payroll Account     
S_AHR_61015770 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015771 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015772 HR-CH: AHV - Employee List with AHV     
S_AHR_61015773 Payroll Journal (Switzerland)     
S_AHR_61015774 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015775 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015776 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015777 Overview of Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015778 Calc. Present Value for Company Loan     
S_AHR_61015779 Account Statement for Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015780 HR-CH: ASM - Wage and Salary Stats     
S_AHR_61015781 HR-CH: BFS Quarterly Employment Stat     
S_AHR_61015782 HR-CH: BFS statistics on Wage Level     
S_AHR_61015783 HR-CH: Check Family-Related Bonuses     
S_AHR_61015784 HR-CH: Subjectivity PDSDI/SAIA Revis     
S_AHR_61015785 Infotype Overview for Employee     
S_AHR_61015786 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015787 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61015788 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015789 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015790 Evaluation of Garnishment Results     
S_AHR_61015791 Monthly Net Income     
S_AHR_61015793 Payroll journal     
S_AHR_61015794 Severely Challenged Persons List     
S_AHR_61015795 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015796 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015797 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015798 Overview of Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015799 Calc. Present Value for Company Loan     
S_AHR_61015800 Account Statement for Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015801 Current and Annual Income Survey     
S_AHR_61015802 Survey of Remuneration Struct. 1999     
S_AHR_61015803 Income Statistics for Employers'     
S_AHR_61015804 Income Statistics for Employers'     
S_AHR_61015805 Survey on Labor Costs for 1996     
S_AHR_61015806 Enhanced Std Pay Increase (Indirect     
S_AHR_61015807 Pay Scale Reclassification by Age     
S_AHR_61015810 Default List for Advancement of Case     
S_AHR_61015811 Report to Represent Collective Agree     
S_AHR_61015813 Standard Letter for Child Allowance     
S_AHR_61015814 Check Child Allowance Data     
S_AHR_61015815 Hospital statistics     
S_AHR_61015816 Personnel statistics     
S_AHR_61015817 Employment Statistics: Download TemS     
S_AHR_61015818 College statistics     
S_AHR_61015819 College statistics: Download TemSe     
S_AHR_61015820 Full-time employee statistics     
S_AHR_61015821 ISKD: Generation of data records     
S_AHR_61015822 ISKD Report: Download TemSe Obj.     
S_AHR_61015823 Pension Recipient Statistics     
S_AHR_61015824 Child Allow. Stats (Civil Service)     
S_AHR_61015825 Child Allow. Stats (Civ.Serv.Ger.)     
S_AHR_61015826 Generate Queries (BEN) in Pension In     
S_AHR_61015827 Eval. Info. in Pension Income Proc.     
S_AHR_61015828 Sideline job evaluations     
S_AHR_61015829 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015830 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015831 Payroll account: Denmark     
S_AHR_61015832 List for Infotype 72 (Tax DK) for Ye     
S_AHR_61015833 Remuneration Statements (Denmark)     
S_AHR_61015834 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015835 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015836 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015837 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015838 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015839 Remuneration Statement     
S_AHR_61015840 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61015841 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015842 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015843 Monthly Overview of Payroll Results     
S_AHR_61015844 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015845 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015846 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015847 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015848 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015849 Overview of Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015850 Calc. Present Value for Company Loan     
S_AHR_61015851 Account Statement for Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015852 Remuneration statements     
S_AHR_61015853 Payroll accounts     
S_AHR_61015854 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015855 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015856 Payroll Journal     
S_AHR_61015857 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015858 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015859 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015860 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015861 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015862 Overview of Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015863 Calc. Present Value for Company Loan     
S_AHR_61015864 Account Statement for Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015865 Indiv.Statement Current Profit Shar.     
S_AHR_61015866 List of Current Profit Sharing     
S_AHR_61015867 List of Paid Profit Sharing     
S_AHR_61015868 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015869 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015870 Remuneration statements     
S_AHR_61015871 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61015872 Statutory Maternity Pay Record Sheet     
S_AHR_61015873 Payroll Journal (GB)     
S_AHR_61015874 Payroll Results Check Tool     
S_AHR_61015875 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015876 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015877 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015878 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015879 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015880 HHKCEDT0     
S_AHR_61015881 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015882 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015883 HHKCKTO0     
S_AHR_61015884 HHKCLJN0     
S_AHR_61015885 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015886 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015887 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015888 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015889 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015890 HIDCANN0     
S_AHR_61015891 HIDCEDT0     
S_AHR_61015892 HIDCKTO0     
S_AHR_61015893 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015894 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015895 HIDCTAX1     
S_AHR_61015896 HIDCJAM0     
S_AHR_61015897 HIDCJAM1     
S_AHR_61015898 HIDCLJN0     
S_AHR_61015899 Cash Breakdown for Cash Payment Base     
S_AHR_61015900 Cash Breakdown List (International)     
S_AHR_61015901 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015902 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015903 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015904 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015905 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015906 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015907 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015908 HIECEDT0     
S_AHR_61015909 HIECKTO0     
S_AHR_61015910 Payroll Journal --- International     
S_AHR_61015911 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015912 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015913 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015914 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015915 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015916 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015917 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015918 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015919 RPCKTOI0     
S_AHR_61015920 RPCCMEI0     
S_AHR_61015921 RPCLJNI0     
S_AHR_61015922 RPCRIEI0     
S_AHR_61015923 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015924 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015925 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015926 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015927 Year-End-Adjustment Result List (JP)     
S_AHR_61015928 Life/Accident Insurance Deduction Li     
S_AHR_61015929 Life/Accident Insurance Deduction Li     
S_AHR_61015930 List of Liable Amount for Fixed Labo     
S_AHR_61015933 RPCSIBJ0     
S_AHR_61015934 RPCSIGJ0     
S_AHR_61015936 RPCSISJ0     
S_AHR_61015939 RPCUNIJ0     
S_AHR_61015940 Social Insurance Premium Check List     
S_AHR_61015941 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015942 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015943 Wage Ledger (Japan)     
S_AHR_61015944 RPCLJNJ0     
S_AHR_61015945 Payment Report (Total No. of Payment     
S_AHR_61015946 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015947 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015948 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015949 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015950 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015951 Overview of Company Loans     
S_AHR_61015952 RPCLOHJ0     
S_AHR_61015953 Life/Accident Insurance Deduction Li     
S_AHR_61015954 Life/Accident Insurance Deduction Li     
S_AHR_61015955 List of Liable Amount for Fixed Labo     
S_AHR_61015958 Residence tax change - JAPAN     
S_AHR_61015959 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61015960 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015961 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015962 Payroll Journal x9 --- International     
S_AHR_61015963 HPHCMLI9     
S_AHR_61015964 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015965 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015966 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015967 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015968 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015969 RPCANNL0     
S_AHR_61015970 RPCEDTL0     
S_AHR_61015971 RPCKTOL0     
S_AHR_61015972 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015973 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015974 RPCLJNL0     
S_AHR_61015975 RPCMLIL9     
S_AHR_61015976 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015977 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015978 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015979 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015980 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015981 Mexican Payroll Program     
S_AHR_61015982 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61015983 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61015984 Remuneration Statement: Mexico     
S_AHR_61015985 Payroll Accounts: Mexico     
S_AHR_61015986 Payroll Journal: Mexico     
S_AHR_61015987 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61015988 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61015989 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61015990 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61015991 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61015992 HMXCSDI0     
S_AHR_61015993 HMXCSSI0     
S_AHR_61015994 Generation of IMSS Notifications     
S_AHR_61015995 Absence and Incapacity     
S_AHR_61015996 HMXCDNT0     
S_AHR_61015997 HMXTRTR0     
S_AHR_61015998 IMSS and INFONAVIT Contrib. Calc.     
S_AHR_61015999 HMXCRET0     
S_AHR_61016000 HMXCCRE0     
S_AHR_61016001 HMXCINO0     
S_AHR_61016002 HMXCGRI0     
S_AHR_61016003 HMXCRNS0     
S_AHR_61016004 HMXCAJD0     
S_AHR_61016005 HMXCNOM0     
S_AHR_61016006 Income Tax Calculation     
S_AHR_61016007 HMXCINF0     
S_AHR_61016008 HMXCFNC0     
S_AHR_61016009 INFONAVIT Deduction Release Record     
S_AHR_61016010 Printout of Loan Results     
S_AHR_61016011 HMXCIFA0     
S_AHR_61016012 HMXCLFA0     
S_AHR_61016013 HMXCSFA0     
S_AHR_61016015 HMXCAGU0     
S_AHR_61016016 HMXCFIC0     
S_AHR_61016017 HMXCGRB0     
S_AHR_61016018 HMXCGRH0     
S_AHR_61016020 HMXTVAC0     
S_AHR_61016021 HMXCDTA0     
S_AHR_61016023 Display of TemSe files     
S_AHR_61016024 Payroll Results (Cluster MX)     
S_AHR_61016025 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61016026 Payroll Account (NL)     
S_AHR_61016027 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016028 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016029 Overview Master Data: Infotype 0060     
S_AHR_61016030 Overview Infotype Premium Reduction     
S_AHR_61016031 Overview premium reductions (NL)     
S_AHR_61016032 Income Threshold Health Ins. Fund     
S_AHR_61016033 Overview Infotype Special Provisions     
S_AHR_61016034 CBS file     
S_AHR_61016035 Report Wet SAMEN (Act)     
S_AHR_61016036 Status register (cluster RN) (NL)     
S_AHR_61016037 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016038 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016039 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016040 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016041 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016042 Notifications of Sickness/Recovery     
S_AHR_61016043 Analysis of Absences Due to Illness     
S_AHR_61016044 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016045 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016046 RPCFUNV0     
S_AHR_61016047 Remuneration statements     
S_AHR_61016048 RPCRBAV0     
S_AHR_61016049 RPCRBTV0     
S_AHR_61016050 RPCRFUV0     
S_AHR_61016051 Wage Type Statement(Read Cluster RX)     
S_AHR_61016052 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016053 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016054 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016055 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016056 HNZCEDT0     
S_AHR_61016057 HNZLDET0     
S_AHR_61016058 HNZLEXC0     
S_AHR_61016059 HNZLSUM0     
S_AHR_61016060 HNZLSUP0     
S_AHR_61016061 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016062 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016063 Payroll Journal - New Zealand     
S_AHR_61016064 HNZCMLI9     
S_AHR_61016065 HNZLREC0     
S_AHR_61016066 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016067 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016068 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016069 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016070 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016071 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016072 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016073 RPCEDTP0     
S_AHR_61016074 RPCKTOP0     
S_AHR_61016075 RPCLJNP0     
S_AHR_61016076 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016077 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016078 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016079 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016080 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016081 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016082 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016083 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61016084 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016085 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016086 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016087 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016088 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016089 RPCEDTR0     
S_AHR_61016090 RPCKTOR0     
S_AHR_61016091 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016092 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016093 RPCLJNR0     
S_AHR_61016094 Cash Breakdown List (International)     
S_AHR_61016095 Cash Breakdown for Cash Payment Base     
S_AHR_61016096 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016097 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016098 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016099 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016100 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016101 HTHCEDT0     
S_AHR_61016102 HTHCKTO0     
S_AHR_61016103 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016104 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016105 HTHCTXF1     
S_AHR_61016106 HTHCTX5B     
S_AHR_61016107 HTHCTX1A     
S_AHR_61016108 HTHCTX91     
S_AHR_61016109 HTHCSSD1     
S_AHR_61016110 HTHCSSS1     
S_AHR_61016111 Payroll Journal - THAILAND     
S_AHR_61016112 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016113 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016114 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016115 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016116 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016117 HTWCEDT0     
S_AHR_61016118 HTWCKTO0     
S_AHR_61016119 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016120 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016121 HTWCLJN0     
S_AHR_61016122 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016123 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016124 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016125 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016126 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016127 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61016128 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61016129 Employee history report  RPMENUSTART00  
S_AHR_61016130 HR-NA: OSHA-200 Report     
S_AHR_61016131 HR-NA: OSHA-101 Report     
S_AHR_61016132 RPLHIPU0     
S_AHR_61016133 Garnishment History     
S_AHR_61016134 Listing of Customizing Tables     
S_AHR_61016135 Garnishment Statistics     
S_AHR_61016136 Display Notice Letters     
S_AHR_61016137 Print Notice Letter     
S_AHR_61016138 Display Answer Letters     
S_AHR_61016139 Print Answer Letter     
S_AHR_61016140 Benefits Dependents List     
S_AHR_61016141 Grievance summary  RPMENUSTART00  
S_AHR_61016142 Tax Infotype Summary     
S_AHR_61016143 RPCTXUU0     
S_AHR_61016144 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016145 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016146 RPCGRNU0     
S_AHR_61016147 RPCTXSU0     
S_AHR_61016148 Workers' compensation report  RPMENUSTART00  
S_AHR_61016149 Payroll Journal     
S_AHR_61016150 New hire reporting  RPMENUSTART00  
S_AHR_61016151 RPCCTXU1     
S_AHR_61016152 EEO-1 report  RPMENUSTART00  
S_AHR_61016153 AAP: Movement analysis report  RPMENUSTART00  
S_AHR_61016154 AAP: Turnover analysis report  RPMENUSTART00  
S_AHR_61016155 AAP: Workforce distribution report  RPMENUSTART00  
S_AHR_61016156 VETS-100 Report  RPMENUSTART00  
S_AHR_61016158 RPSBENU2     
S_AHR_61016163 Display payroll posting document     
S_AHR_61016164 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016165 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016166 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016167 RPCDEDU0     
S_AHR_61016168 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016169 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016170 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016171 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016172 HVECEDT0     
S_AHR_61016173 Payroll accounts     
S_AHR_61016174 HVECSVB0     
S_AHR_61016175 Payroll Journal     
S_AHR_61016176 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016177 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016178 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016179 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016180 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016181 HVECPSR0     
S_AHR_61016182 HVECADR0     
S_AHR_61016183 HVECCCR0     
S_AHR_61016184 HVECWHR0     
S_AHR_61016185 HVECMIN0     
S_AHR_61016186 HVECTRA1     
S_AHR_61016187 HVECRAI0     
S_AHR_61016188 HVECARC0     
S_AHR_61016189 HVECRNR0     
S_AHR_61016190 HVECSIE0     
S_AHR_61016191 HVECSIE1     
S_AHR_61016192 HVECIVS0     
S_AHR_61016193 HVECSSR0     
S_AHR_61016194 HVECINE0     
S_AHR_61016195 HVECINR0     
S_AHR_61016196 HVECLPH0     
S_AHR_61016197 Overview of Company Loans     
S_AHR_61016198 Calc. Present Value for Company Loan     
S_AHR_61016199 Account Statement for Company Loans     
S_AHR_61016200 Payments and Deductions     
S_AHR_61016201 Bank Details     
S_AHR_61016202 Remuneration Statements     
S_AHR_61016203 Payroll Accounts     
S_AHR_61016204 Payroll Journal     
S_AHR_61016205 Wage Type Statement     
S_AHR_61016206 Wage Type Distribution     
S_AHR_61016207 Posting to Accounting: Wage Type     
S_AHR_61016208 Paydays on Holidays or Weekends     
S_AHR_61016209 Payday Calendar     
S_AHR_61016210 Overview of Company Loans     
S_AHR_61016211 Calc. Present Value for Company Loan     
S_AHR_61016212 Account Statement for Company Loans     
S_AHR_61016213 Attendance Statistics     
S_AHR_61016214 Prebookings per attendee     
S_AHR_61016215 Bookings per Attendee     
S_AHR_61016216 Cancellations per attendee     
S_AHR_61016217 Business Event Hierarchy     
S_AHR_61016218 Business Event Brochure     
S_AHR_61016219 Business Event Dates     
S_AHR_61016220 Business Event Demand     
S_AHR_61016221 Business Event Prices     
S_AHR_61016222 Resource Reservation     
S_AHR_61016223 Resources Not Yet Assigned     
S_AHR_61016224 Resource Equipment     
S_AHR_61016225 Available/Reserved Resources     
S_AHR_61016226 Existing Organizational Units     
S_AHR_61016227 Staff Functions for Org. Unit     
S_AHR_61016228 Organizational Structure     
S_AHR_61016229 Org. Structure with Positions     
S_AHR_61016230 Org. Structure with Persons     
S_AHR_61016231 Org. Structure with Work Centers     
S_AHR_61016232 Existing Jobs     
S_AHR_61016233 Job index     
S_AHR_61016234 Job Description     
S_AHR_61016235 Task Description for Jobs     
S_AHR_61016236 Complete job description     
S_AHR_61016237 Existing Positions     
S_AHR_61016238 Staff assignments     
S_AHR_61016239 Position Description     
S_AHR_61016240 Task Description for Positions     
S_AHR_61016241 Staff Functions for Positions     
S_AHR_61016242 Authorities and Resources     
S_AHR_61016243 Planned Labor Costs     
S_AHR_61016244 Vacant/Obsolete Positions     
S_AHR_61016245 Correct Vacancies     
S_AHR_61016246 Complete Position Description     
S_AHR_61016247 Report Structure Without Persons     
S_AHR_61016248 Report Structure with Persons     
S_AHR_61016249 Existing Work Centers     
S_AHR_61016250 Work Centers per Organizational Unit     
S_AHR_61016251 Authorities and Resources     
S_AHR_61016252 Planned Labor Costs     
S_AHR_61016253 Work Ctrs with Restrictions in Org.S     
S_AHR_61016254 Single Work Centers w. Restrictions     
S_AHR_61016255 Work Centers Requiring Health Exam.     
S_AHR_61016256 Single Work Centers Req. Health Exam     
S_AHR_61016257 Existing Tasks     
S_AHR_61016258 Activity Profile for Positions Along     
S_AHR_61016259 Activity Profile of Positions with P     
S_AHR_61016260 Character of Tasks in Organizational     
S_AHR_61016261 Character of Individual Tasks     
S_AHR_61016262 Existing Objects     
S_AHR_61016263 Structure Display/Maintenance     
S_AHR_61016264 Structure Navigation Instrument     
S_AHR_61016265 PD Graphics Interface     
S_AHR_61016266 Display and Maintain Infotypes     
S_AHR_61016267 Infotype Reporting     
S_AHR_61016268 Start Payroll Report     
S_AHR_61016269 General Trip Data/Trip Totals     
S_AHR_61016270 Trip Receipts     
S_AHR_61016271 Cost Assignment for Trip     
S_AHR_61016272 Trip Framew.Data/Totals/Rcpts/Costs     
S_AHR_61016273 Who is where? Search for Trip Dest.     
S_AHR_61016274 Find documents using maximum rate     
S_AHR_61016275 Travel Expense Reporting by Period     
S_AHR_61016276 Income-Related Expenses Statement     
S_AHR_61016277 Input Tax Recovery     
S_AHR_61016278 Determination of Employees with Exce     
S_AHR_61016279 Overview of Flights by Airlines     
S_AHR_61016280 Overview of Flights by Airlines     
S_AHR_61016281 Overview of Flights by Location     
S_AHR_61016282 Ticket information for flights     
S_AHR_61016283 Business Volume with Hotel Chains     
S_AHR_61016284 Business volume with hotel chains     
S_AHR_61016285 Business Volume by Hotel Location     
S_AHR_61016286 Business Volume with Car Rental Cos     
S_AHR_61016287 Business Volume by Rental Location     
S_AHR_61016288 Overview of Planned Trips     
S_AHR_61016289 Personal Work Schedule     
S_AHR_61016290 Daily Work Schedule     
S_AHR_61016291 Attendance/Absence for Each Employee     
S_AHR_61016292 Attendance/Absence for Each Employee     
S_AHR_61016293 Att./Absence Data: Calendar View     
S_AHR_61016294 Attendance Check     
S_AHR_61016295 Att./Absences: Graphical Overview     
S_AHR_61016296 Att./Absences: Graphical Overview     
S_AHR_61016297 Attendance/Absence Data: Overview     
S_AHR_61016298 Att./Absence Data: Calendar View     
S_AHR_61016299 Leave Overview     
S_AHR_61016300 Att./Absences: Graphical Overview     
S_AHR_61016301 Att./Absences: Graphical Overview     
S_AHR_61016302 Time Leveling     
S_AHR_61016303 Time Leveling     
S_AHR_61016304 Time Statement Form     
S_AHR_61016305 Time Statement Form     
S_AHR_61016306 Time Statement Form     
S_AHR_61016307 Time Statement Form     
S_AHR_61016308 Cumulated Time Evaluation Results     
S_AHR_61016309 Time Accounts     
S_AHR_61016310 Display Cluster PC: Personal Calen.     
S_AHR_61016311 Display Cluster B1 of DB PCL1     
S_AHR_61016312 Display Time Evaluation Results (Clu     
S_AHR_61016313 Display Cluster L1 of Database PCL1     
S_AHR_61016314 Display Cluster G1 of Database PCL1     
S_AHR_61016315 Reorganization for Personal Calendar     
S_AHR_61016316 Examine Table T554S     
S_AHR_61016317 Revaluation of Attendance/Absence     
S_AHR_61016318 Leave Accrual and Quota Deduction     
S_AHR_61016319 Batch Input: Annual Leave     
S_AHR_61016320 Leave Accrual     
S_AHR_61016321 Generation of work schedules     
S_AHR_61016322 Revaluate Daily Work Schedules     
S_AHR_61016323 Revaluate Planned Working Time IT     
S_AHR_61016324 Generate Personal Calendar     
S_AHR_61016335 History and Total of Appraisal Pts     
S_AHR_61016337 Change of Basic Pay List (Japan)     
S_AHR_61016339 Social Insurance Premium Check List     
S_AHR_61016341 Employee w. Social & Employment Ins.     
S_AHR_61016342 List of Employees No Longer Qualif.     
S_AHR_61016343 List of employees exempt from employ     
S_AHR_61016344 List of Liable Amount for Fixed Labo     
S_AHR_61016345 address_list_of _employee     
S_AHR_61016346 Residence Tax Entry Proof List (JP)     
S_AHR_61016353 Education and Training     
S_AHR_61016354 Telephone Directory     
S_AHR_61016355 Powers of Attorney     
S_AHR_61016356 Time spent in pay scale group/level     
S_AHR_61016357 Defaults for Pay Scale Reclass.     
S_AHR_61016358 Reference Personnel Numbers     
S_AHR_61016359 Severely challenged     
S_AHR_61016360 HR Master Data Sheet     
S_AHR_61016361 HR Master Data Sheet - Switzerland     
S_AHR_61016362 Flexible Employee Data     
S_AHR_61016364 Family Members     
S_AHR_61016365 Birthday List     
S_AHR_61016366 Birthdays     
S_AHR_61016368 Vehicle - Search List     
S_AHR_61016369 Employee List     
S_AHR_61016370 Overview of Maternity Data     
S_AHR_61016371 New/Departing Employee     
S_AHR_61016372 Seniority and Age     
S_AHR_61016373 Headcount Development     
S_AHR_61016374 Nationalities     
S_AHR_61016375 Employee structure     
S_AHR_61016376 Salary According to Seniority     
S_AHR_61016377 Time-Related Statistical Evaluations     
S_AHR_61016378 Assignment to Wage Level     
S_AHR_61016380 Logged Changes in Infotype Data     
S_AHR_61016381 Log of Report Starts     
S_AHR_61016382 Date Monitoring     
S_AHR_61016383 Budget in FTE     
S_AHR_61016384 Available Budget Per BS Element     
S_AHR_61016385 Job chart     
S_AHR_61016386 Financing from BS Element Budgets     
S_AHR_61016387 Budget Year Comparison     
S_AHR_61016388 Enhanced Budget in FTEs     
S_AHR_61016389 Job index     
S_AHR_61016390 Business distribution plan     
S_AHR_61016391 Different Service Type/Service Cat.     
S_AHR_61016392 Report on teaching hours     
S_AHR_61016393 Financing in Organizational Unit     
S_AHR_61016394 Infotype Reporting     
S_AHR_61016395 Start Payroll Report     
S_AHR_61016396 Violations of earmarking     
S_AHR_61016397 RHPMZWSH     
S_AHR_61016398 Payroll Simulation for FPM     
S_AHR_61016399 Payroll Simulation for FPM     
S_AHR_61016400 Validate Funding of Basic Pay     
S_AHR_61016401 General Trip Data/Trip Totals     
S_AHR_61016402 Trip Receipts     
S_AHR_61016403 Trip Receipts Without Gen. Trip Data     
S_AHR_61016404 Cost Assignment for Trip     
S_AHR_61016405 Trip Framew.Data/Totals/Rcpts/Costs     
S_AHR_61016406 Who is where? Search for Trip Dest.     
S_AHR_61016407 Find documents using maximum rate     
S_AHR_61016408 Travel Expense Reporting by Period     
S_AHR_61016409 Income-Related Expenses Statement     
S_AHR_61016410 Input Tax Recovery     
S_AHR_61016411 Determination of Employees with Exce     
S_AHR_61016476 Display Cluster PC: Personal Calen.     
S_AHR_61016477 Display Cluster B1 of DB PCL1     
S_AHR_61016478 Display Time Evaluation Results (Clu     
S_AHR_61016479 Display Cluster L1 of Database PCL1     
S_AHR_61016480 Display Cluster G1 of Database PCL1     
S_AHR_61016481 Reorganization for Personal Calendar     
S_AHR_61016482 Examine table T554S     
S_AHR_61016483 Revaluation of Attendance/Absence     
S_AHR_61016484 Leave Accrual and Quota Deduction     
S_AHR_61016485 Batch Input: Annual Leave     
S_AHR_61016486 Leave Accrual     
S_AHR_61016487 Generation of Work Schedules     
S_AHR_61016488 Revaluate Daily Work Schedules     
S_AHR_61016489 Revaluate Planned Working Time IT     
S_AHR_61016490 Generate Personal Calendar     
S_AHR_61016491 Existing Organizational Units     
S_AHR_61016492 Staff Functions for Org. Unit     
S_AHR_61016493 Organizational Structure     
S_AHR_61016494 Org. Structure with Positions     
S_AHR_61016495 Org. Structure with Persons     
S_AHR_61016496 Org. Structure with Work Centers     
S_AHR_61016497 Existing Jobs     
S_AHR_61016498 Job index     
S_AHR_61016499 Job Description     
S_AHR_61016500 Task Description for Jobs     
S_AHR_61016501 Complete job description     
S_AHR_61016502 Existing Positions     
S_AHR_61016503 Staff assignments     
S_AHR_61016504 Position Description     
S_AHR_61016505 Task Description for Positions     
S_AHR_61016506 Staff Functions for Positions     
S_AHR_61016507 Authorities and Resources     
S_AHR_61016508 Planned Labor Costs     
S_AHR_61016509 Vacant/Obsolete Positions     
S_AHR_61016510 Correct Vacancies     
S_AHR_61016511 Complete Position Description     
S_AHR_61016512 Report Structure Without Persons     
S_AHR_61016513 Report Structure with Persons     
S_AHR_61016514 Existing Work Centers     
S_AHR_61016515 Work Centers per Organizational Unit     
S_AHR_61016516 Authorities and Resources     
S_AHR_61016517 Planned Labor Costs     
S_AHR_61016518 Work Ctrs with Restrictions in Org.S     
S_AHR_61016519 Single Work Centers w. Restrictions     
S_AHR_61016520 Work Centers Requiring Health Exam.     
S_AHR_61016521 Single Work Centers Req. Health Exam     
S_AHR_61016522 Existing Tasks     
S_AHR_61016523 Activity Profile for Positions Along     
S_AHR_61016524 Activity Profile of Positions with P     
S_AHR_61016525 Character of Tasks in Organizational     
S_AHR_61016526 Character of Individual Tasks     
S_AHR_61016527 Existing Objects     
S_AHR_61016528 Structure Display/Maintenance     
S_AHR_61016529 Structure Navigation Instrument     
S_AHR_61016530 PD Graphics Interface     
S_AHR_61016531 Display and Maintain Infotypes     
S_AHR_61016532 Infotype Reporting     
S_AHR_61016533 Start Payroll Report     
S_AHR_61018750 Welfare Fund (OS) List     
S_AHR_61018752 Union Dues List     
S_AHR_61018753 Certificate of Services     
S_L9C_94000095 Headcount Changes     
S_PH9_46000216 Service Anniversaries     
S_PH9_46000217 Statistic: Gender by Service Age     
S_PH9_46000218 Statistics: Gender Sorted By Age     
S_PH9_46000219 Headcount Changes     
S_PH9_46000220 Vehicle Search List     
S_PH9_46000221 Birthday List     
S_PH9_46000222 Family Members     
S_PH9_46000223 EEs Who Entered And/Or Left Company     
S_PH9_46000224 Education and Training     
S_PH9_46000225 Powers of Attorney     
S_PH9_46000227 Hay PayNet: Data Extraction     
S_PH9_46000228 Data Extraction for Salary Survey     
Software Component SAP_HRGXX  Sub component SAP_HRGXX of SAP_HR 
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Package RTTREE_AHR  Development Class for the Report Trees