SAP ABAP Software Component SAP_HRGXX (Sub component SAP_HRGXX of SAP_HR)
Basic Data
Software Component SAP_HRGXX   
Short Description Sub component SAP_HRGXX of SAP_HR   
Component type R   Application Component
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
FI-TV HLA0009705 Travel Management 
CA-CUS B200000122 Global Organization Customizing 
PY-NO HLA0001850 Norway 
PT HLA0009704 Personnel Time Management 
CA-HR PAB0000011 Cross-Application Objects in HR 
CA-TS HLB0100231 Time Sheet 
EHS HLA0003435 Environment, Health and Safety 
PY-XX-RS PR00000001 Reuse Services for Country Development 
CA HLB0009110 Cross-Application Components 
PE HLA0009703 Training and Event Management 
PY-NPO PAD0000001 Non Profit Organizations 
PA HLA0009700 Personnel Management 
PE-RPL PH40000007 Room Reservation Management 
PT-SP HLA0009713 Shift Planning 
PT-SP-PS L6B0000011 Shift Planning for Public Sector 
PA-IS HLA0100341 HR Information Systems 
PA-PD HLA0009702 Personnel Development 
FI-TV-COS HLA0006755 Travel Expenses 
FI-TV-PL AHR0000301 Travel Planning 
EP-PCT-MGR-HR AXA0000002 Business Package for Manager Self-Service (HR) 
CA-ESS BIO0000081 Employee Self-Service 
PA-OS HLA0100342 Organizational Structure 
BC-BMT-OM HLA0009701 Organizational Management 
PY-ES HLA0008529 Spain 
CO HLA0009400 Controlling 
PA-ESS AHR0000441 Employee Self-Service 
PT-IN HLA0100354 Integration with Other Applications