SAP ABAP Application Component PE (Training and Event Management)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009703  
Application Component ID PE  
Short Description   Training and Event Management  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PE-CC Connection to Cost Accounting  HLA0100694 
PE-DA Day-to-Day Activities  PH40000004 
PE-DA-CP Correspondence  HLA0100692 
PE-IN Integration  PH40000001 
PE-IN-BU Budget Management  PH40000008 
PE-IN-CB Billing and Activity Allocation  HLA0100695 
PE-IN-CM Materials Management  HLA0100696 
PE-IN-CT Time Management  HLA0100693 
PE-LSO SAP Learning Solution  KP70000001 
PE-LSO-AE Authoring Environment  KLS0000001 
PE-LSO-LPO Learning Portal  KP70000002 
PE-LSO-TM Training Management  KP70000003 
PE-LSO-TM-DW Day-to-Day Activities  KP70000007 
PE-LSO-TM-IN Integration  KP70000004 
PE-LSO-TM-PR Course Preparation  KP70000005 
PE-LSO-TM-RW Recurring Activities  KP70000008 
PE-LSO-TM-TC Course Offering  KP70000006 
PE-OF Business Event Catalog  PH40000003 
PE-PR Training and Event Preparation  PH40000002 
PE-PR-RM Resource Management  HLA0100691 
PE-RA Recurring Activities  PH40000005 
PE-RE Information Menu  PH40000006 
PE-RPL Room Reservation Management  PH40000007 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ASAPTERM_PE Terminology and Glossary: Translation in PE 
PASAP_PE ASAP questions Training and Event Management 
PEPM PE Process Model Objects 
PP09 Training and Event Management 
PP9C Training and Event Management - Customizing 
PPEM PE Application Components 
Software Component SAP_HRGXX  Sub component SAP_HRGXX of SAP_HR 
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