SAP ABAP Application Component EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0003435  
Application Component ID EHS  
Short Description   Environment, Health and Safety  
First Release Date 19960614 
First Release   30E 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
EHS-BD Basic Data and Tools  ALN0000221 
EHS-BD-CCK Compliance Check  PRN0000031 
EHS-BD-PHR Phrase Management  ALR0000061 
EHS-BD-RDF Report Definition  ALR0000062 
EHS-BD-SIS Specification Information System  SH10000021 
EHS-BD-SPE Specification Management  HLA0003436 
EHS-BD-TLS Tools  ALR0000065 
EHS-DGP Dangerous Goods Management  HLA0100682 
EHS-DGP-BD Basic Data  ALR0000066 
EHS-DGP-CHK Dangerous Goods Checks  HLA0100684 
EHS-DGP-DOC Dangerous Goods Documents  HLA0100685 
EHS-DGP-HU Integration in Handling Unit  AER0000024 
EHS-DGP-MD Master Data  HLA0100683 
EHS-DGP-TLS Tools  ALR0000067 
EHS-DGP-TP Template and One-Time Material Processing  ALN0000242 
EHS-HEA Occupational Health  AHR0000431 
EHS-HEA-BD Basic Data  AHR0000432 
EHS-HEA-IIL Injury/Illness Log  SH10000016 
EHS-HEA-REP Reporting  AHR0000435 
EHS-HEA-SCH Scheduling  AHR0000433 
EHS-HEA-SRV Medical Service  AHR0000434 
EHS-HSM Hazardous Substance Management  ALN0000231 
EHS-HSM-CHK Hazardous Substance Checks  AER0000022 
EHS-HSM-MD Master Data  AER0000021 
EHS-HSM-TLS Tools  AER0000023 
EHS-IHS Industrial Hygiene and Safety  SH10000008 
EHS-IHS-EXP Exposure Management  SH10000012 
EHS-IHS-HSB Health and Safety Briefings  SH10000010 
EHS-IHS-IA Incident/Accident Management  SH10000009 
EHS-IHS-INS Site Inspections  SH10000013 
EHS-IHS-MEM Measurement Management  ALN0000312 
EHS-IHS-REP Information System  SH10000015 
EHS-IHS-RSK Risk Assessment  SH10000014 
EHS-IHS-WA Work Area Management  SH10000011 
EHS-SAF Product Safety  HLA0100681 
EHS-SAF-GLM Global Label Management  EE50000013 
EHS-SAF-RCK Regulation Checks  AER0000025 
EHS-SAF-REP Report Management  HLA0003437 
EHS-SAF-RIS Report Information System  ALR0000064 
EHS-SAF-RSH Report Shipping  ALR0000063 
EHS-WA Waste Management  SH10000001 
EHS-WA-BD Basic Data  SH10000002 
EHS-WA-DOC Disposal Documents  SH10000005 
EHS-WA-INT Interfaces  SH10000007 
EHS-WA-MD Master Data  SH10000031 
EHS-WA-PRO Disposal Processing  SH10000003 
EHS-WA-REP Reporting  SH10000006 
EHS-WA-SET Disposal Settlement  SH10000004 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/TDAG/CP Compliance for products 
/TDAG/CPAPI Compliance for Products - BAPI, API and RFC 
/TDAG/CP_CK CP: Checks and BOS-Explosion 
/TDAG/CP_CO CP: Content 
/TDAG/CP_EX CP: Report generation and export 
/TDAG/CP_IMDS IMDS Advanced Interface Integration 
/TDAG/CP_IMDS_AI IMDS Advanced Interface Communication 
/TDAG/CP_OF CP: Overall functions and features 
/TDAG/CP_SP CP: Specification handling 
/TDAG/CP_WL CP: Work list handling 
/TDAG/CP_XX CP: Test functionality 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_ADS Framework for the Adobe Document Service integration 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_ADS_IMPL Implementation of the framework 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_WFF WFF: Workflow Foundation 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_WFF_BO Base classes for specific TBO implementations 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_WFF_BO_GENERIC Super Class of TBO Base Class, Handling of Generic Data 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_WFF_BO_SPECIFIC TBO Base Classes, Handling of CRUD Methods 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_WFF_CFG Central Configuration Concerning the WFF 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_WFF_COMN Commonly Used Objects of Workflow Foundation 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_WFF_IMPL Classes of Workflow Foundation 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_WFF_PERSISTENCE Persistency Layer for TBO Implementations 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_WFF_RFC RFC-Capable Function Modules for Accessing TBOs 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_XCELSIUS EHS Foundation for Xcelsius integration 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_XCELSIUS_CFG EHS Foundation: Configuration for Xcelsius dashboards 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_XCELSIUS_COMN EHS Foundation for Xcelsius integration: Common package 
/TDAG/EHFND_FW_XCELSIUS_IMPL EHS Foundation for Xcelsius integration: Implementation pack 
/TDAG/EHSRC_BO_MA SRC: TBO for Material Assessment 
/TDAG/EHSRC_BO_MA_IMPL TBO implementaion for Material Assessment 
/TDAG/EHSRC_BO_MA_IMPL_PERS Persistenz-Implementierung 
/TDAG/EHSRC_BO_MA_IMPL_TBO TBO implementation 
/TDAG/EHSRC_BO_RP SRC: TBO for registration projects 
/TDAG/EHSRC_CO_MA SRC: Controlling workflow for TBO Material Assessment 
/TDAG/EHSRC_PC_TBO SRC: TBOs for workflows 
/TDAG/RC REACH Compliance 
/TDAG/RCS REACH Compliance - General 
/TDAG/RCS_COM REACH Compliance - Incoming/Outgoing Communication 
/TDAG/RCS_EP REACH Compliance - Endpoint Management 
/TDAG/RCS_IUCLID REACH Compliance - IUCLID Synchronization 
/TDAG/RCS_LOG REACH Compliance - Logistic Data Management 
/TDAG/RCS_OLM REACH Compliance - Object List Management 
/TDAG/RCS_PFR REACH Compliance - Portfolio Reporting 
/TDAG/RCS_REG REACH Compliance - Registration Management 
/TDAG/RCS_RS REACH Compliance - Real Substance Management 
/TDAG/RCS_UEC REACH Compliance - Use and Exposure Collection 
AEHP EH&S Process Model Objects 
ASAPTERM_EHS Terminology and Glossary: Translation in EHS 
BEHM EH&S Application Components (Cross-Application) 
CBBA_CI EHS: Specific Integration Point to Content Integrator 
CBDMDL EH&S Data Models 
CBEA Switch Package EH&S for EA-PLM Switch 
CBEHS EH&S: Interface Objects 
CBHR EH&S: Interface Development HR/EHS 
CBIMG EH&S: Customizing 
CBIMG1 EH&S: IMG Migration 
CBLVS EH&S: Warehouse Management Functionality Supported by EH&S 
CBMYAPPS MiniApps for EH&S 
CBMYEHS MiniApps and Roles for 
CBPI EHS: Interface Plug In 
CBQM EH&S-QM Interface 
CBST Generic Usage Tool 
CEHM1 EH&S Application Components (EHS-WAS, new for 2.5) 
CEHM2 EH&S Application Components (EHS-IHS, new for 2.5) 
CQ99 Question Catalog and Questionnaire 
EA-EHS Environment, Health and Safety 
OPS_EHS_CI_1_TEST_CASES Testcases for Business Function OPS_EHS_CI_1 
P99Q5 EH&S: IMG Migration 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
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