SAP ABAP Application Component PA (Personnel Management)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009700  
Application Component ID PA  
Short Description   Personnel Management  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PA-AS HR Administrative Services  AEN0000011 
PA-BN Benefits  HLA0006874 
PA-BN-AD Administration  HLA0006759 
PA-BN-BP   L6B0000034 
PA-BN-CL Claims Processing (Asia)  AHR0000574 
PA-BN-CO-EN Enrollment  HLA0100335 
PA-BN-CO-IN Initial Notification  HLA0100334 
PA-BN-ES Employee Self-Service  AHR0000884 
PA-BN-FB Flexible Benefits  PLN0000013 
PA-BN-FB-GB Great Britain  PLN0000014 
PA-BN-FB-XX General Parts  PLN0000015 
PA-BN-PL Plans  HLA0100327 
PA-BN-PL-CR Credit  HLA0100332 
PA-BN-PL-FS Flexible Spending Accounts  HLA0100331 
PA-BN-PL-HL Health Plan  HLA0100328 
PA-BN-PL-IN Insurance  HLA0100329 
PA-BN-PL-MS Other  HLA0100333 
PA-BN-PL-SP Stock Purchase  AHR0000161 
PA-BN-PL-SV Savings  HLA0100330 
PA-CE Concurrent Employment  AL00000061 
PA-CM Compensation Management  HLA0003852 
PA-CM-AD Administration  HLA0003851 
PA-CM-AD-AD Adjustments  HLA0100339 
PA-CM-AD-CS Long-Term Incentives  AHR0000584 
PA-CM-AD-EL Eligibility  HLA0100338 
PA-CM-AD-GL Guidelines  HLA0100337 
PA-CM-AD-PG Compensation Packages  HLA0100336 
PA-CM-CP Personnel Cost Planning  HLA0009709 
PA-CM-JP Job Pricing  PH40000021 
PA-CM-PL Budgeting  HLA0003853 
PA-CM-PSD Pay Structure Design  HLA0003854 
PA-CM-SC Pay Scale Changes  PH40000022 
PA-CP Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation  ALN0000051 
PA-EC Enterprise Compensation Management  ALN0000351 
PA-EC-AD Compensation Administration  ALN0000353 
PA-EC-BD Compensation Budgeting  ALN0000352 
PA-EC-JP Job Pricing  ALN0000355 
PA-EC-LT Long-Term Incentives  ALN0000354 
PA-EC-TC Total Compensation Statement  ALN0000391 
PA-EIC Employee Interaction Center  AEN0000012 
PA-ER E-Recruiting  ALN0000022 
PA-ER-AN Analytics  ALN0000026 
PA-ER-AT Applicant Tracking  ALN0000024 
PA-ER-CO Collaboration  ALN0000027 
PA-ER-RM Requisition Management  KER0000001 
PA-ER-SC Service Center  ALN0000025 
PA-ER-SP Succession Planning  KER0000011 
PA-ER-TW Talent Warehouse  ALN0000023 
PA-ESS Employee Self-Service  AHR0000441 
PA-ESS-DE Germany  PRN0000093 
PA-ESS-OCY Other Countries  PRN0000094 
PA-ESS-US USA  PRN0000092 
PA-ESS-XX Common Parts  PRN0000091 
PA-ESS-XX-CE Employee Self-Service for Concurrent Employment  EH40000001 
PA-GE Management of Global Employees  ALN0000081 
PA-IS HR Information Systems  HLA0100341 
PA-MA HR Manager's Desktop  AHR0000442 
PA-OS Organizational Structure  HLA0100342 
PA-OS-BS Bases  HLA0100343 
PA-OS-ST Staffing  HLA0100344 
PA-PA Personnel Administration  HLA0009715 
PA-PA-AR Argentina  AHR0000172 
PA-PA-AR-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000175 
PA-PA-AR-PD Personal Data  AHR0000173 
PA-PA-AR-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000174 
PA-PA-AT Austria  HLA0100256 
PA-PA-AT-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100259 
PA-PA-AT-PD Personal Data  HLA0100257 
PA-PA-AT-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100258 
PA-PA-AU Australia  HLA0100260 
PA-PA-AU-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100263 
PA-PA-AU-PD Personal Data  HLA0100261 
PA-PA-AU-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100262 
PA-PA-BE Belgium  HLA0100264 
PA-PA-BE-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100267 
PA-PA-BE-PD Personal Data  HLA0100265 
PA-PA-BE-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100266 
PA-PA-BR Brazil  AHR0000083 
PA-PA-BR-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000084 
PA-PA-BR-PD Personal Data  AHR0000085 
PA-PA-BR-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000086 
PA-PA-CA Canada  HLA0100268 
PA-PA-CA-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100271 
PA-PA-CA-PD Personal Data  HLA0100269 
PA-PA-CA-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100270 
PA-PA-CH Switzerland  HLA0100272 
PA-PA-CH-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100275 
PA-PA-CH-PD Personal Data  HLA0100273 
PA-PA-CH-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100274 
PA-PA-CN China  AHR0000557 
PA-PA-CN China  JD10000018 
PA-PA-CN-OD Organizational Data  JD10000021 
PA-PA-CN-PD Personal Data  JD10000019 
PA-PA-CN-PY Payroll Data  JD10000020 
PA-PA-DE Germany  HLA0100276 
PA-PA-DE-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100279 
PA-PA-DE-PD Personal Data  HLA0100277 
PA-PA-DE-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100278 
PA-PA-DK Denmark  HLA0100280 
PA-PA-DK-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100283 
PA-PA-DK-PD Personal Data  HLA0100281 
PA-PA-DK-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100282 
PA-PA-ES Spain  HLA0100284 
PA-PA-ES-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100287 
PA-PA-ES-PD Personal Data  HLA0100285 
PA-PA-ES-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100286 
PA-PA-FI Finland  AHR0000835 
PA-PA-FR France  HLA0100288 
PA-PA-FR-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100291 
PA-PA-FR-PD Personal Data  HLA0100289 
PA-PA-FR-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100290 
PA-PA-FR-TNM Talent Need Management  EG40000001 
PA-PA-FR-TNM Training Need Management  L7D0000002 
PA-PA-GB Great Britain  HLA0100292 
PA-PA-GB-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100295 
PA-PA-GB-PD Personal Data  HLA0100293 
PA-PA-GB-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100294 
PA-PA-HK Hong Kong  AHR0000342 
PA-PA-HK-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000345 
PA-PA-HK-PD Personal Data  AHR0000343 
PA-PA-HK-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000344 
PA-PA-ID Indonesia  HLA0100841 
PA-PA-ID-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100847 
PA-PA-ID-PD Personal Data  HLA0100845 
PA-PA-ID-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100846 
PA-PA-IE Ireland  AHR0000032 
PA-PA-IE-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000035 
PA-PA-IE-PD Personal Data  AHR0000033 
PA-PA-IE-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000034 
PA-PA-IN India  AHR0000558 
PA-PA-IN-OD Organizational Data  WSD0000003 
PA-PA-IN-PD Personal Data  WSD0000001 
PA-PA-IN-PY Payroll Data  WSD0000002 
PA-PA-IT Italy  AHR0000374 
PA-PA-IT-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000377 
PA-PA-IT-PD Personal Data  AHR0000375 
PA-PA-IT-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000376 
PA-PA-JP Japan  HLA0100296 
PA-PA-JP-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100299 
PA-PA-JP-PD Personal Data  HLA0100297 
PA-PA-JP-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100298 
PA-PA-KR Korea  AHR0000559 
PA-PA-KR South Korea  JD1000001 
PA-PA-KR-OD Organizational Data  JD1000004 
PA-PA-KR-PD Personal Data  JD1000002 
PA-PA-KR-PY Payroll Data  JD1000003 
PA-PA-KW Kuwait Personnel Administration  HRI0000006 
PA-PA-MX Mexico  HLA0100300 
PA-PA-MX-CE Concurrent Employment - Personnel Administration Mexico  PR00000131 
PA-PA-MX-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100303 
PA-PA-MX-PD Personal Data  HLA0100301 
PA-PA-MX-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100302 
PA-PA-MY Malaysia  HLA0100842 
PA-PA-MY-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100850 
PA-PA-MY-PD Personal Data  HLA0100848 
PA-PA-MY-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100849 
PA-PA-NL Netherlands  HLA0100304 
PA-PA-NL-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100307 
PA-PA-NL-PD Personal Data  HLA0100305 
PA-PA-NL-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100306 
PA-PA-NO Norway  AHR0000293 
PA-PA-NO-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000296 
PA-PA-NO-PD Personal Data  AHR0000294 
PA-PA-NO-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000295 
PA-PA-NZ New Zealand  HLA0100843 
PA-PA-NZ-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100853 
PA-PA-NZ-PD Personal Data  HLA0100851 
PA-PA-NZ-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100852 
PA-PA-PH Philippines  AHR0000297 
PA-PA-PH-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000300 
PA-PA-PH-PD Personal Data  AHR0000298 
PA-PA-PH-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000299 
PA-PA-PT Portugal  AHR0000541 
PA-PA-PT-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000544 
PA-PA-PT-PD Personal Data  AHR0000542 
PA-PA-PT-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000543 
PA-PA-RU Personalwesesen Stammdaten: Russland  AC00000021 
PA-PA-RU-OD Organizational Data  AC00000121 
PA-PA-RU-PD Personal Data  AC00000119 
PA-PA-RU-PY Payroll Data  AC00000120 
PA-PA-RU-RP Personnel Administration reporting  AC00000122 
PA-PA-RU-RP-BS RU Basic PA reports  AC00000124 
PA-PA-RU-RP-ORD RU Orders  AC00000123 
PA-PA-RU-RP-XX Other RU reports  AC00000125 
PA-PA-SE Sweden  HLA0100308 
PA-PA-SE-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100311 
PA-PA-SE-PD Personal Data  HLA0100309 
PA-PA-SE-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100310 
PA-PA-SG Singapore  HLA0100312 
PA-PA-SG-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100315 
PA-PA-SG-PD Personal Data  HLA0100313 
PA-PA-SG-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100314 
PA-PA-TH Thailand  AHR0000443 
PA-PA-TH-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000446 
PA-PA-TH-PD Personal Data  AHR0000444 
PA-PA-TH-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000445 
PA-PA-TW Taiwan  HLA0100844 
PA-PA-TW-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100856 
PA-PA-TW-PD Personal Data  HLA0100854 
PA-PA-TW-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100855 
PA-PA-US USA  HLA0100316 
PA-PA-US-EFR Effort Reporting  AEN0000061 
PA-PA-US-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100319 
PA-PA-US-PD Personal Data  HLA0100317 
PA-PA-US-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100318 
PA-PA-VE Venezuela  AHR0000176 
PA-PA-VE-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000179 
PA-PA-VE-PD Personal Data  AHR0000177 
PA-PA-VE-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000178 
PA-PA-XX General  HLA0100324 
PA-PA-XX-BS Bases  HLA0100325 
PA-PA-XX-ET External personnel administration  AHR0000346 
PA-PA-XX-TL Tools  HLA0100326 
PA-PA-XX-TL-SEN Calculation of Employment Period  PL00000021 
PA-PA-ZA South Africa  HLA0100320 
PA-PA-ZA-EE Employment Equity (EE)  L9C0000525 
PA-PA-ZA-NQ National Qualifications Framework (NQF)  L9C0000524 
PA-PA-ZA-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100323 
PA-PA-ZA-PD Personal Data  HLA0100321 
PA-PA-ZA-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100322 
PA-PA-ZA-SP Modeling: Salary  L9C0000523 
PA-PAD-BAS Bases  HLA0009610 
PA-PAD-CON Contractual and Corporate Agreements  HLA0003705 
PA-PAD-EVA Evaluation Basis  HLA0003707 
PA-PAD-FS Further Settings  HLA0008978 
PA-PAD-INT Integration  HLA0009620 
PA-PAD-ORG Organizational Data  HLA0003704 
PA-PAD-PAY Payroll Data  HLA0003706 
PA-PAD-PAY Payments  HLA0009611 
PA-PAD-PAY Standard Wage Maintenance  HLA0009612 
PA-PAD-PAY Loans  HLA0009613 
PA-PAD-PAY Legal Provisions and Deductions  HLA0009614 
PA-PAD-PAY Payroll Data  HLA0009615 
PA-PAD-PER Personal Data  HLA0003703 
PA-PAD-SKI Performance Appraisal  HLA0003709 
PA-PAY-AU Deductions  HLA0009584 
PA-PAY-DK Further Reporting  HLA0008920 
PA-PAY-DK Data Medium Exchange  HLA0008928 
PA-PAY-DK Payroll Account  HLA0008930 
PA-PAY-DK Payroll Journal  HLA0008931 
PA-PAY-DK Cash Breakdown List  HLA0008933 
PA-PAY-DK DA/DS Statistics  HLA0008934 
PA-PAY-JP Monthly Payroll  HLA0008505 
PA-PAY-MY General  HLA0003893 
PA-PAY-SG General  HLA0009805 
PA-PAY-SG Further Reporting  HLA0009811 
PA-PAY-SG Evaluations/Statistics  HLA0009812 
PA-PAY-SG Statements  HLA0009813 
PA-PAY-US Statements  HLA0009731 
PA-PD Personnel Development  HLA0009702 
PA-PD-AP Appraisal Systems  AHR0000222 
PA-PD-DP Development Plans  AHR0000221 
PA-PD-PA Appraisal  HLA0100345 
PA-PD-PM Objective Setting and Appraisals  ALN0000052 
PA-PD-QR Qualifications and Requirements  HLA0006864 
PA-PD-SP Career and Succession Planning  HLA0006866 
PA-PF Pension Schemes  PH40000031 
PA-PF-BE   L6B0000031 
PA-PF-CH Pension Fund Switzerland  L9C0000521 
PA-PF-DE Company Pension Scheme Germany  HLA0100987 
PA-PF-NL Pension fund Netherlands  IGA0000001 
PA-PF-XX Pension fund: General Parts  HLA0003789 
PA-PM Budget Management  AL00000081 
PA-PM-FP Human Resource Funds and Position Management  AHR0000233 
PA-PM-FP-FM Integration with Funds Management  AHR0000624 
PA-PM-PB Position Budgeting and Control  ALN0000241 
PA-RC Recruitment  HLA0009716 
PA-RC-AA Applicant Administration  HLA0006875 
PA-RC-AS Applicant Selection  HLA0006876 
PA-RC-WA Workforce Requirements and Advertising  HLA0006753 
PA-SFI Integration with SuccessFactors BizX  HRI0000001 
PA-SFI-EC Integration with SuccessFactors BizX Employee Central  HRI0000002 
PA-SFI-TM Integration with SuccessFactors BizX Talent Management  HRI0000003 
PA-TM Talent Management  P7H1000001 
PA-TV Travel Management (see Financial Acctg -> Travel Management)  HLA0100993 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ASAPTERM_PA Terminology and Glossary: Translation in PA 
HR Structure Package "Human Resources" (SAP_HR) 
PAPM PA Process Model Objects 
PASAP_ST ASAP HR Strategy questions 
PBAS_CCARDEC Credit Card Encryption HR masterdata 
PI-EF EF Plug-In (HR Expert Finder) 
PI-EF_HR EF Plug-In (HR Expert Finder) 
PPAM PA Application Components 
PPQM PQ Application Components 
PWPC_EXP_IHR Expert Finder: Integration HR 
RS_IMG_HR OLTP IMG HR (Human Resources) 
U901 Personnel Administration 
U904 Personnel planning and development 
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
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