SAP ABAP Application Component PA-PA-IE (Ireland)
Basic Data
Application Component AHR0000032  
Application Component ID PA-PA-IE  
Short Description   Ireland  
First Release Date 19980209 
First Release   45A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PA-PA-IE-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000035 
PA-PA-IE-PD Personal Data  AHR0000033 
PA-PA-IE-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000034 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
PAOC_PAD_IE Add-On Development of Personal administration: Ireland 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0002_IE Infotype Decoupling for IT 0002 - IE 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0006_IE Ireland Infotype 0006 Specifics 
PAOC_PAD_UI_IE User Interface for Personnel Administration - Ireland 
PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0002_IE User Interface for IT0002 - Ireland 
PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0006_IE User Interface IT 0006 - Ireland 
PB11 HR master data: Ireland 
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in