SAP ABAP Application Component PA-PA (Personnel Administration)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009715  
Application Component ID PA-PA  
Short Description   Personnel Administration  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PA-PA-AR Argentina  AHR0000172 
PA-PA-AR-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000175 
PA-PA-AR-PD Personal Data  AHR0000173 
PA-PA-AR-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000174 
PA-PA-AT Austria  HLA0100256 
PA-PA-AT-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100259 
PA-PA-AT-PD Personal Data  HLA0100257 
PA-PA-AT-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100258 
PA-PA-AU Australia  HLA0100260 
PA-PA-AU-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100263 
PA-PA-AU-PD Personal Data  HLA0100261 
PA-PA-AU-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100262 
PA-PA-BE Belgium  HLA0100264 
PA-PA-BE-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100267 
PA-PA-BE-PD Personal Data  HLA0100265 
PA-PA-BE-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100266 
PA-PA-BR Brazil  AHR0000083 
PA-PA-BR-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000084 
PA-PA-BR-PD Personal Data  AHR0000085 
PA-PA-BR-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000086 
PA-PA-CA Canada  HLA0100268 
PA-PA-CA-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100271 
PA-PA-CA-PD Personal Data  HLA0100269 
PA-PA-CA-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100270 
PA-PA-CH Switzerland  HLA0100272 
PA-PA-CH-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100275 
PA-PA-CH-PD Personal Data  HLA0100273 
PA-PA-CH-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100274 
PA-PA-CN China  AHR0000557 
PA-PA-CN China  JD10000018 
PA-PA-CN-OD Organizational Data  JD10000021 
PA-PA-CN-PD Personal Data  JD10000019 
PA-PA-CN-PY Payroll Data  JD10000020 
PA-PA-DE Germany  HLA0100276 
PA-PA-DE-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100279 
PA-PA-DE-PD Personal Data  HLA0100277 
PA-PA-DE-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100278 
PA-PA-DK Denmark  HLA0100280 
PA-PA-DK-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100283 
PA-PA-DK-PD Personal Data  HLA0100281 
PA-PA-DK-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100282 
PA-PA-ES Spain  HLA0100284 
PA-PA-ES-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100287 
PA-PA-ES-PD Personal Data  HLA0100285 
PA-PA-ES-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100286 
PA-PA-FI Finland  AHR0000835 
PA-PA-FR France  HLA0100288 
PA-PA-FR-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100291 
PA-PA-FR-PD Personal Data  HLA0100289 
PA-PA-FR-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100290 
PA-PA-FR-TNM Talent Need Management  EG40000001 
PA-PA-FR-TNM Training Need Management  L7D0000002 
PA-PA-GB Great Britain  HLA0100292 
PA-PA-GB-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100295 
PA-PA-GB-PD Personal Data  HLA0100293 
PA-PA-GB-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100294 
PA-PA-HK Hong Kong  AHR0000342 
PA-PA-HK-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000345 
PA-PA-HK-PD Personal Data  AHR0000343 
PA-PA-HK-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000344 
PA-PA-ID Indonesia  HLA0100841 
PA-PA-ID-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100847 
PA-PA-ID-PD Personal Data  HLA0100845 
PA-PA-ID-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100846 
PA-PA-IE Ireland  AHR0000032 
PA-PA-IE-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000035 
PA-PA-IE-PD Personal Data  AHR0000033 
PA-PA-IE-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000034 
PA-PA-IN India  AHR0000558 
PA-PA-IN-OD Organizational Data  WSD0000003 
PA-PA-IN-PD Personal Data  WSD0000001 
PA-PA-IN-PY Payroll Data  WSD0000002 
PA-PA-IT Italy  AHR0000374 
PA-PA-IT-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000377 
PA-PA-IT-PD Personal Data  AHR0000375 
PA-PA-IT-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000376 
PA-PA-JP Japan  HLA0100296 
PA-PA-JP-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100299 
PA-PA-JP-PD Personal Data  HLA0100297 
PA-PA-JP-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100298 
PA-PA-KR Korea  AHR0000559 
PA-PA-KR South Korea  JD1000001 
PA-PA-KR-OD Organizational Data  JD1000004 
PA-PA-KR-PD Personal Data  JD1000002 
PA-PA-KR-PY Payroll Data  JD1000003 
PA-PA-KW Kuwait Personnel Administration  HRI0000006 
PA-PA-MX Mexico  HLA0100300 
PA-PA-MX-CE Concurrent Employment - Personnel Administration Mexico  PR00000131 
PA-PA-MX-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100303 
PA-PA-MX-PD Personal Data  HLA0100301 
PA-PA-MX-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100302 
PA-PA-MY Malaysia  HLA0100842 
PA-PA-MY-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100850 
PA-PA-MY-PD Personal Data  HLA0100848 
PA-PA-MY-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100849 
PA-PA-NL Netherlands  HLA0100304 
PA-PA-NL-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100307 
PA-PA-NL-PD Personal Data  HLA0100305 
PA-PA-NL-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100306 
PA-PA-NO Norway  AHR0000293 
PA-PA-NO-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000296 
PA-PA-NO-PD Personal Data  AHR0000294 
PA-PA-NO-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000295 
PA-PA-NZ New Zealand  HLA0100843 
PA-PA-NZ-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100853 
PA-PA-NZ-PD Personal Data  HLA0100851 
PA-PA-NZ-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100852 
PA-PA-PH Philippines  AHR0000297 
PA-PA-PH-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000300 
PA-PA-PH-PD Personal Data  AHR0000298 
PA-PA-PH-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000299 
PA-PA-PT Portugal  AHR0000541 
PA-PA-PT-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000544 
PA-PA-PT-PD Personal Data  AHR0000542 
PA-PA-PT-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000543 
PA-PA-RU Personalwesesen Stammdaten: Russland  AC00000021 
PA-PA-RU-OD Organizational Data  AC00000121 
PA-PA-RU-PD Personal Data  AC00000119 
PA-PA-RU-PY Payroll Data  AC00000120 
PA-PA-RU-RP Personnel Administration reporting  AC00000122 
PA-PA-RU-RP-BS RU Basic PA reports  AC00000124 
PA-PA-RU-RP-ORD RU Orders  AC00000123 
PA-PA-RU-RP-XX Other RU reports  AC00000125 
PA-PA-SE Sweden  HLA0100308 
PA-PA-SE-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100311 
PA-PA-SE-PD Personal Data  HLA0100309 
PA-PA-SE-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100310 
PA-PA-SG Singapore  HLA0100312 
PA-PA-SG-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100315 
PA-PA-SG-PD Personal Data  HLA0100313 
PA-PA-SG-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100314 
PA-PA-TH Thailand  AHR0000443 
PA-PA-TH-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000446 
PA-PA-TH-PD Personal Data  AHR0000444 
PA-PA-TH-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000445 
PA-PA-TW Taiwan  HLA0100844 
PA-PA-TW-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100856 
PA-PA-TW-PD Personal Data  HLA0100854 
PA-PA-TW-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100855 
PA-PA-US USA  HLA0100316 
PA-PA-US-EFR Effort Reporting  AEN0000061 
PA-PA-US-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100319 
PA-PA-US-PD Personal Data  HLA0100317 
PA-PA-US-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100318 
PA-PA-VE Venezuela  AHR0000176 
PA-PA-VE-OD Organizational Data  AHR0000179 
PA-PA-VE-PD Personal Data  AHR0000177 
PA-PA-VE-PY Payroll Data  AHR0000178 
PA-PA-XX General  HLA0100324 
PA-PA-XX-BS Bases  HLA0100325 
PA-PA-XX-ET External personnel administration  AHR0000346 
PA-PA-XX-TL Tools  HLA0100326 
PA-PA-XX-TL-SEN Calculation of Employment Period  PL00000021 
PA-PA-ZA South Africa  HLA0100320 
PA-PA-ZA-EE Employment Equity (EE)  L9C0000525 
PA-PA-ZA-NQ National Qualifications Framework (NQF)  L9C0000524 
PA-PA-ZA-OD Organizational Data  HLA0100323 
PA-PA-ZA-PD Personal Data  HLA0100321 
PA-PA-ZA-PY Payroll Data  HLA0100322 
PA-PA-ZA-SP Modeling: Salary  L9C0000523 
PA-PAD-BAS Bases  HLA0009610 
PA-PAD-CON Contractual and Corporate Agreements  HLA0003705 
PA-PAD-EVA Evaluation Basis  HLA0003707 
PA-PAD-FS Further Settings  HLA0008978 
PA-PAD-INT Integration  HLA0009620 
PA-PAD-ORG Organizational Data  HLA0003704 
PA-PAD-PAY Payroll Data  HLA0003706 
PA-PAD-PAY Payments  HLA0009611 
PA-PAD-PAY Standard Wage Maintenance  HLA0009612 
PA-PAD-PAY Loans  HLA0009613 
PA-PAD-PAY Legal Provisions and Deductions  HLA0009614 
PA-PAD-PAY Payroll Data  HLA0009615 
PA-PAD-PER Personal Data  HLA0003703 
PA-PAD-SKI Performance Appraisal  HLA0003709 
PA-PAY-AU Deductions  HLA0009584 
PA-PAY-DK Further Reporting  HLA0008920 
PA-PAY-DK Data Medium Exchange  HLA0008928 
PA-PAY-DK Payroll Account  HLA0008930 
PA-PAY-DK Payroll Journal  HLA0008931 
PA-PAY-DK Cash Breakdown List  HLA0008933 
PA-PAY-DK DA/DS Statistics  HLA0008934 
PA-PAY-JP Monthly Payroll  HLA0008505 
PA-PAY-MY General  HLA0003893 
PA-PAY-SG General  HLA0009805 
PA-PAY-SG Further Reporting  HLA0009811 
PA-PAY-SG Evaluations/Statistics  HLA0009812 
PA-PAY-SG Statements  HLA0009813 
PA-PAY-US Statements  HLA0009731 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
EA-HR Structure Package R/3 Enterprise HR Extension 
PA25 Singapore: Provisional P30 standard objects 
PAOC_COMMON_OBJECTS General function/objects for R/3 Enterprise HR extension 
PAOC_CO_XI_PROXY XI-objects for PAOC: ONLY(!) Datatype-Proxies 
PAOC_CO_XI_TOOLS Tool functions for XI 
PAOC_PAD Add-On Development Personnel Administration 
PAOC_PAD_ADDRESS Add-On Developments: Addresses 
PAOC_PAD_ASSET Asset Check (ANLA Table) 
PAOC_PAD_BANK_DATA HR: Checking Bank Data 
PAOC_PAD_CCE Concurrent Employment 
PAOC_PAD_DELTA_UTILS_XI Delta mechanism for master data (PCL4-based) 
PAOC_PAD_IMG IMG Developments for CE Personnel Administration 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0002 Infotype 0002 (Personal Data) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0004 Infotype 0004 (Challenge) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0004_XX Infotype 0004 (Challenge): International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0006 Infotype 0006 (Addresses) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0008 Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0008_XX Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay): International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0009 Infotype 0009 (Bank Details) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0009_XX Infotype 0009 (Bank Details): International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0011 Infotype 0011 (Ext. Bank Transfers) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0011_XX Infotype 0011 (Ext. Bank Transfers): International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0014 Infotype 0014 (Recurring Payments/Deductions) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0014_XX Infotype 0014 (Recurring Payments/Deductions): International 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0015 Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0015_XX Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments): International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0016 Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0016_XX Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements): International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0019 Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Tasks) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0021 Infotype 0021 (Family Member/Dependents) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0021_XX Infotype 0021 (Family Member/Dependents): International 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0022 Infotype 0022 (Education) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0022_XX Infotype 0022 (Education): International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0023 Infotype 0023 (Other/Previous ERs) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0024 Infotype 0024 (Qualifications) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0025 Infotype 0025 (Appraisals) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0027 Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0027_XX Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0027_XX_PS Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0028 Infotype 0028 (Int. Medical Service) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0030 Infotype 0030 (Powers of Attorney) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0031 Infotype 0031 (Reference Personnel Number) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0032 Infotype 0032 (Internal Data) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0032_XX Infotype 0032 (Internal Data) International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0034 Infotype 0034 (Corporate Function) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0035 Infotype 0035 (Company Instructions) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0037 Infotype 0037 (Insurance) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0040 Infotype 0040 (Objects on Loan) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0041 Infotype 0041 (Date Specifications) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0041_XX Infotype 0041 (Date Specifications): International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0057 Infotype 0057 (Membership Fees) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0057_XX Infotype 0057 (Membership Fees): International Version 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0105 Infotype 0105 (Communication) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0395 HR: Global Assignment (Old) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0396 HR: Global Assignment (Old) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0402 HR: Decoupling of Payroll Infotype 0402 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0403 HR: Decoupling of Payroll Infotype 0403 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0442 Infotype 0442 (Company Car) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0442_DK Company Car (Denmark) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0442_FI Company Car (Finland) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0442_NO Company Car (Norway) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0442_XX Company Car (International) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0900 Infotype 0900 (Sales Data) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0901 Infotype 0901 (Purchasing Data) 
PAOC_PAD_PERSONAL_DATA Add-On Developments: Personal Data 
PAOC_PAD_SE_PROXY Service Enabling for PAOC_PAD 
PAOC_PAD_UI_99S User Interface - South and Western European Countries 
PAOC_PAD_UI_CONVERT_GENERIC UI Conversion: General Parts 
PAOC_PAD_UI_XX User Interface for Personnel Administration - General Parts 
PAOC_PAD_XX_XI_PROXY XI BPO, international 
PAPW HR Internet Services 
PARC PA Archiving 
PARC_GEN Archiving 
PASAP_PA ASAP Questionnaire for Personnel Administration 
PBAC Customizing HR Master Data 
PBAS SAP HR Master Data Application Development 
PBAS_0000 HR Master Data: Infotype 0000 (Actions) 
PBAS_0003 HR Master Record: Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status) 
PBAS_CE HR Enhancements of Master Data for Concurrent Employment 
PBCC HR master data: Company Car 
PDEL HR: for future deletion of noted objects! 
PKOR Correction Programs 
PSTC dummy 
PZ1R HR: Resumix Integration 
R3E_BCS_HR BC Set Activation Switch for EA HR 
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in