SAP ABAP Application Component PA-ER (E-Recruiting)
Basic Data
Application Component ALN0000022  
Application Component ID PA-ER  
Short Description   E-Recruiting  
First Release Date 20010906 
First Release   620 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PA-ER-AN Analytics  ALN0000026 
PA-ER-AT Applicant Tracking  ALN0000024 
PA-ER-CO Collaboration  ALN0000027 
PA-ER-RM Requisition Management  KER0000001 
PA-ER-SC Service Center  ALN0000025 
PA-ER-SP Succession Planning  KER0000011 
PA-ER-TW Talent Warehouse  ALN0000023 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ERECRUIT Structure Package E-Recruiting 
PAOC_RCF Recruitment Factory 
PAOC_RCF_BL Recruitment Factory: Business Logic 
PAOC_RCF_BL_XI E-Recruiting Business Logic - XI Exchange Infrastructure 
PAOC_RCF_REPORTING Recruitment Factory: Reporting 
PAOC_RCF_RFC_MODEL E-Recruiting: Model Interface 
PAOC_RCF_SE_SERVICES E-Recruiting Services 
PAOC_RCF_TALENT_BL RCF: Business Logic for the Candidate 
PAOC_RCF_TALENT_UI RCF: User Interface for the Candidate 
PAOC_RCF_UI Recruitment Factory: User Interface 
PAOC_RCF_UI_SELF_SERVICES E-Recruiting: User Interface für Self Services 
PAOC_RCF_UI_SUCC_PLNG Succession Planning: User Interface 
Software Component ERECRUIT  E-Recruiting 
SAP Release Created in   110