SAP ABAP Application Component CA-MDG-APP-BP (MDG Business Partner (Central Part))
Basic Data
Application Component BTD0000171  
Application Component ID CA-MDG-APP-BP  
Short Description   MDG Business Partner (Central Part)  
First Release Date 20090730 
First Release   702 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CA-MDG-APP-BPC Business Partner (Central Parts)  BTD0000214 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/MDGBP/MDG_BS_BP_STRUCTURES MDG: Business Partner - Generated Structures 
/MDGBPX/MDG_BS_ECC_OBINT_STRCS Master Data Governance: Generated Structures Obj.Integration 
BS_COMMON_OBJECTS Common Tools and Interfaces 
CA_SUPPLIER_SOA_TEST_CASES External test cases for Business Function CA_SUPPLIER_SOA 
CRMMDG_BUPA_SERVICE CRM / MDG-C Service based Integration 
MDG_BS_ADR_SEARCH MDG: Business Partner - Address Fuzzy Search 
MDG_BS_BP_ACCESS MDG: Business Partner - Mapping to existing persistency 
MDG_BS_BP_BOLUI Master Data Governance: BOL UI 
MDG_BS_BP_CHECK MDG: Business Partner - Checks 
MDG_BS_BP_CLEANSING Master Data Governance: Business Partner Data Cleansing 
MDG_BS_BP_DATAREPLICATION MDG: Business Partner - Data Replication 
MDG_BS_BP_EXTENSIBILITY MDG: Business Partner - Extensibility 
MDG_BS_BP_GENIL Master Data Governance: GENIL 
MDG_BS_BP_GENIL_NO_TRANSL Master Data Governance: GENIL 
MDG_BS_BP_MAPPING MDG: Business Partner - Mappings 
MDG_BS_BP_MODEL MDG: Business Partner - Model 
MDG_BS_BP_SEARCH MDG: Business Partner - Search 
MDG_BS_BP_SERVICES MDG: Business Partner - Services 
MDG_BS_BP_SOA_SWITCH Switch Package for SOA Switches in MDG 
MDG_BS_BP_SOA_SWITCH_2 Switch Package for SOA Switch in MDH for EHP6 
MDG_BS_BP_SWITCH MDG: Business Partner - Switch 
MDG_BS_BP_SWITCH_2 Switch Package for BP for EhP6 
MDG_BS_BP_SWITCH_3 Switch Package for BP MDG 6.1 
MDG_BS_BP_TRANSACTIONS Master Data Governance Business Partner Transaction Codes 
MDG_BS_BP_UNIT_TEST MDG: Business Partner - Automated Integration Test 
MDG_BS_BP_USERINTERFACE MDG: Business Partner - User Interface 
MDG_BS_BP_WORKFLOW MDG: Business Partner - Workflow 
MDG_BS_BP_XI_PROXY MDG: Business Partner - Objects 
MDG_BS_ECC_BP_CHECK Checks: Customer and Supplie 
MDG_BS_ECC_BP_OBJ_INTEGRATION Master Data Governance: Business Partner Object Integration 
MDG_BS_ECC_BP_OBJ_INT_SFWS_01 Master Data Governance: Cross BP Object Integration Switch 
MDG_BS_ECC_BP_OBJ_INT_SFWS_02 Master Data Governance: Cross BP Object Integration Switch 
MDG_BS_ECC_BP_SERVICE Master Data Governance: Service Implementation 
MDG_BS_ECC_BP_UNIT_TEST Master Data Governance: Cross BP Automated Integration Test 
MDG_BS_SUP_SWITCH_2 MDG: Switch Package for Supplier 
MDG_BUSINESS_PARTNER Master Data Governance Business Partner 
MDG_CA_BP_SOA_ETCT MDG: Business Partner SOA externalTest Case Package 
Software Component SAP_BS_FND  SAP Business Suite Foundation 
SAP Release Created in   702