SAP ABAP Software Component SAP_BS_FND (SAP Business Suite Foundation)
Basic Data
Software Component SAP_BS_FND   
Short Description SAP Business Suite Foundation   
Component type V   Application Platform Component
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
CA-GTF HLB0006310 General Application Functions 
CA-FS-MKD /BA1/BT60000031 Basic Market Data 
CA-EPT-BCV BTD0000011 Business Context Viewer 
CA-EPT-BCV-CFG BTD0000012 Configuration 
CA-EPT-BRC /BOFU/BTD0000111 Reusable Components of Business Suite Foundation 
AP-RC-BOF-RNT /BOBF/BTD0000063 Business Object Processing Framework Runtime 
AP-RC-BOF-CFN /BOBF/BTD0000064 Business Object Processing Framework Configuration 
AP-RC-BOF /BOBF/BTD0000062 Business Object Processing Framework 
AP-RC-BOF-TST /BOBF/BTD0000065 Business Object Processing Framework Tests 
CA-EPT-BRC-ATF /BOBF/BT60000064 Dependent Object for Attachment Folder 
CA-EPT-BRC-FBI /BOFU/BTD0000112 Integration of FPM and Persistency Frameworks like BOPF 
CA-EPT-BRC-GBI /BOFU/BFI0000042 Gateway BOPF Integration 
CA-EPT-BRC-SAM /BOFU/BTD0000154 Status & Action Management and Adapter 
CA-EPT-BRC-PPF /BOFU/BTD0000158 Post Processing Framework Adapter 
CA-GTF-DOB /IPRO/LX20000002 Document Builder 
CA-CL-WUI BTD0000001 Classification Web User Interface 
CA-EPT-SPI BSD0000065 Service Provider Infrastructure 
CA-EPT-NAV BSD0000066 Object Navigator 
CA-EPT-VWR BTD0000201 Viewer 
CA-EPT-SPI-FSI BFI0000001 FPM SPI Integration 
CA-CL HLB0006402 Classification 
CA HLB0009110 Cross-Application Components 
CA-SOA ABA0000561 Enterprise SOA 
CA-GTF-SP BT60000091 Business Suite Sidepanel 
CA-GTF-SP-GEN BT60000092 Generic Applications 
CA-GTF-SP-FIN BT60000093 Content for ERP Financials 
CA-EPT-ANL BTD0000131 Analytics Infrastructure 
CA-EPT-ANL-ACT BTD0000132 Content Activation 
CA-EPT-ANL-LST BTD0000133 List Reporting 
CA-EPT-ANL-OIP BTD0000134 Operational Information Provider 
CA-EPT-ANL-BIA BTD0000135 Operational BIA 
CA-EPT-TAS-ATP BTD0000162 ATP Tools 
CA-MDG-APP-BP BTD0000171 MDG Business Partner (Central Part) 
CA-EPT-DPL BTD0000092 Duplicate Check / Fuzzy Search 
CA-HR PAB0000011 Cross-Application Objects in HR 
CA-EPT-POC BT60000013 Process Orchestration for Built-In Processes 
CA-EPT-GIS BT60000012 Geographical Information System 
CA-EPT-IDM BSD0000051 Identity Management: Business Suite Processes 
CA-EPT BSD0000011 Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications 
AP-MD-BP-BP I290007531 Data 
AP-MD-PCA ABA0000002 Payment Cards 
CA-EPT-SSC BTD0000031 Shared Service Center Framework 
CA-SOA-GEN BTD0000041 Generic eSOA Tools 
CA-EPT-SMI BFI0000041 Social Media Intelligence Foundation 
CA-BFA HLB0100221 Business Framework Architecture 
AP-MD-BP I290007530 SAP Business Partner 
CA-EPT-RCC BSD0000021 Remote Control and Communication Framework 
CA-MDG-DRF BTD0000053 Data Replication Framework 
CA-EPT-CCF BT60000011 Configuration Check Framework 
CA-MDG-TRR BTD0000054 Transport Registry 
FS KK40000021 Financial Services 
CA-FS-BP PAB0000001 Business Partner Enhancements for Financial Services 
FS-BP KFM0000891 Business Partner 
CA-FS ABA0000322 Financial Services 
CA-EPT-GEN BTD0000091 GENeric Integer Optimizer System 
CA-SOA-SMT BSD0000041 Service Mapping Tool 
CA-EPT-OM BSD0000031 Organizational Management 
CA-EPT-TM BSD0000032 Talent Management 
CA-EPT-IBO BTD0000231 Suite Inbox 
CA-MDG-APP BTD0000213 Applications 
CA-MDG-KM BTD0000052 Key Mapping 
CA-MDG-ML BTD0000172 Mass Load 
CA-MDG BSD0000071 Master Data Governance 
CA-MDG-RIF BTD0000081 Replication Interface Framework 
CA-MDG-VM BTD0000082 Value Mapping 
CA-EPT-KME BSD0000001 Key Mapping Extension 
CA-MOB-MIB BTD0000072 Mobile Productivity Applications 
CA-GTF-PSM ABA0000571 Cross Application Objects Public Sector Management 
CA-EPT-HCF BTD0000121 Healthcare Communication Framework 
CA-GTF-RCM ABB0000001 Records and Case Management 
CA-GTF-PCF ABC0000051 People Centric UI Framework 
CA-GTF-VBZ BTD0000102 Visual Business 
CA-EPT-VE BT60000121 Visual Enterprise 
CA-EPT-VE-VEG BT60000122 Visual Enterprise Generator 
CA-EPT-VE-VEV BT60000123 Visual Enterprise Viewer 
CA-WUI-GOL-GIL PNF0000022 Generic Interaction Layer 
IS-PRS-LS BTD0000182 Lean Staffing