SAP ABAP Application Component CA-GTF (General Application Functions)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0006310  
Application Component ID CA-GTF  
Short Description   General Application Functions  
First Release Date 19950407 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CA-GTF-AP Appraisal and Evaluation Systems  ABA0000291 
CA-GTF-AP-AP Appraisal Systems  PAB0000012 
CA-GTF-AP-PM Appraisal, Valuation, and Survey Tool  ABA0000292 
CA-GTF-BDT Business Data Toolset  ABA0000061 
CA-GTF-BS Business Application Support  HLB0006312 
CA-GTF-BS-MC Message Control  HLB0100212 
CA-GTF-BS-SQ Screen Sequence Control  ABA0000104 
CA-GTF-CBN Contextual Business Navigation  U4Y0000001 
CA-GTF-CBN Contextual Business Navigation  EBJ0000051 
CA-GTF-CBN-ODT Contextual Business Navigation OData Backend Adaptation lay.  U4Y0000003 
CA-GTF-CBN-ODT Contextual Business Navigation OData Backend Adaptation lay.  EBJ0000053 
CA-GTF-CBN-UI Contextual Business Navigation UI layer  EBJ0000052 
CA-GTF-COR Correspondence Tool  ABA0000134 
CA-GTF-CPE Commodity Pricing Engine  BYA3000001 
CA-GTF-CSC Country-Specific Objects  ABA0000141 
CA-GTF-DCM Data Transfer  ABA0000111 
CA-GTF-DEP Object Dependencies  ABA0000133 
CA-GTF-DMC Data Conversion  B200000176 
CA-GTF-DOB Document Builder  /IPRO/LX20000002 
CA-GTF-DRT Data Retention Tool  HLB0100372 
CA-GTF-ECM Engineering Change Management  ABA0000132 
CA-GTF-EEW Easy Enhancement Workbench  ABA0000031 
CA-GTF-EEW-GEN EEW Generator  ABA0000032 
CA-GTF-EEW-SRV EEW Services  ABA0000034 
CA-GTF-EEW-WB EEW Interface  ABA0000033 
CA-GTF-EHS Environment, Health and Safety: Master Data  ABA0000351 
CA-GTF-FCC Financial Closing cockpit Add-on  FC80000001 
CA-GTF-GDP Data Access in Agreement with German Tax Law  ABA0000251 
CA-GTF-GL Cross-Application Services General Ledger  PAB0000031 
CA-GTF-GPL Generic Project Planning  ABA0000062 
CA-GTF-IC Interaction Center WebClient  PAB0000002 
CA-GTF-IC-ACC Activity Clipboard  PAB0000003 
CA-GTF-IC-ALT Alert  PAB0000004 
CA-GTF-IC-BRO Broadcast Messaging  PAB0000005 
CA-GTF-IC-CHA Communication Channel  PAB0000006 
CA-GTF-IC-FRW Framework  PAB0000007 
CA-GTF-IC-FRW-MES Messaging  PAB0000008 
CA-GTF-IC-FRW-UI UI Framework  PAB0000009 
CA-GTF-IC-NVG Navigation Bar  PAB0000010 
CA-GTF-IC-SAF Software Agent Framework  PAB0000014 
CA-GTF-IC-SCR Scripting  PAB0000015 
CA-GTF-IC-SEA Business Partner Search  PAB0000016 
CA-GTF-IC-SOL Knowledge Search  PAB0000017 
CA-GTF-MDF Master Data Framework  S6D0000010 
CA-GTF-MF Mathematical Functions  HLB0006313 
CA-GTF-MS Cross-Application Mass Maintenance  HLB0100412 
CA-GTF-PCF People Centric UI Framework  ABC0000051 
CA-GTF-PCF-CUS People-Centric UI Framework Customizing  ABC0000061 
CA-GTF-PCF-OLG Object Link Generation  ABC0000103 
CA-GTF-PCF-SRV Services  ABA0000301 
CA-GTF-PCF-SRV-ADR Addresses  ABA0000302 
CA-GTF-PCF-SRV-SAM Application Manager  ABA0000303 
CA-GTF-PCU People Centric User Interface  ABA0000321 
CA-GTF-PCU-BP Dialog People-Centric UI for Business Partner  S6D0000001 
CA-GTF-PCU-PRO Dialog People-Centric UI for Products  S6D0000003 
CA-GTF-PR Reuse Component of Pricing  BRK0000001 
CA-GTF-PR-CPF Configurable Parameters and Formulas  BRK0000002 
CA-GTF-PS Cross-Application Objects in Project System  ABA0000103 
CA-GTF-PSM Cross Application Objects Public Sector Management  ABA0000571 
CA-GTF-PWB Print Workbench  ABA0000011 
CA-GTF-QR Qualifications and Requirements  PAB0000013 
CA-GTF-RCM Records and Case Management  ABB0000001 
CA-GTF-SCM Schedule Manager  B200000222 
CA-GTF-SMP Market Prices for Securities  ABA0000101 
CA-GTF-SP Business Suite Sidepanel  BT60000091 
CA-GTF-SP-FIN Content for ERP Financials  BT60000093 
CA-GTF-SP-GEN Generic Applications  BT60000092 
CA-GTF-TIM Scheduling  B200000162 
CA-GTF-TM Talent Management  ABA0000501 
CA-GTF-TRB Financial Risk Management Basis  BRK0000003 
CA-GTF-TS Technical Application Support  HLB0006311 
CA-GTF-TS-BRHF Basis-Related Help Functions, Appl. Log, Formula Intepreter  HLB0100210 
CA-GTF-TS-CD Change Document Display and Time Stamp Management  KBI0000042 
CA-GTF-TS-CE Conversion Exits  PAB0000041 
CA-GTF-TS-CNS Change Pointer Service  PBK0000011 
CA-GTF-TS-FAW Central Field Selection  ABA0000102 
CA-GTF-TS-GC Link to Geographic Information System  ABA0000271 
CA-GTF-TS-GMA Generating, Monitoring for Mass Data Archiving Solutions  ABB0000002 
CA-GTF-TS-PDC Framework for the Principle of Dual Control  ABA0000191 
CA-GTF-TS-PGC Persistent Garbage Collector  /GC1/ABA0000331 
CA-GTF-TS-PPM Batch-Oriented Parallel Processing of Mass Data  ABA0000192 
CA-GTF-TS-PPO Postprocessing Office  /SAPPO/ABA0000332 
CA-GTF-TS-RFW Reconciliation Framework  ABA0000021 
CA-GTF-TS-SMT General status management  ABA0000091 
CA-GTF-TS-TAX Central Functions: Jurisdiction Code/Taxes  ABA0000194 
CA-GTF-TS-WSI Integration of Catalogs, Partner Directories (OCI, OPI)  ABA0000293 
CA-GTF-TS-XSS Generic Components for Self-Service Roles  ABA0000341 
CA-GTF-UPS Distribution Unit / Distribution Packet  PAB0000021 
CA-GTF-VBZ Visual Business  BTD0000102 
CA-GTF-WUI WebClient UI - External Features  L1B0000012 
CA-GTF-XF SAP Expert Finder  ALN0000011 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/BA1/AL_C0_DEEP_MVC Tool for Deep "Move Corresponding" 
/IWBEP/BEP_USER_TEXT Include the mesgges which send to the end user 
/IWBEP/WORKFLOW Workflow enablement via Gateway 
/IWWRK/WF_ADMIN_TEXTS Workflow texts for Administration tools 
ABADR Derivation Tool 
ABADRG0 Generated Tables: Derivation Tool 
ADDR BAS Objects (Bus. Address Services/ BC-SRV-ADR) in SAP_APPL 
ADDR_ERP_IAV_E for International Address Versioning (BC-SRV-ADR). 
ADDR_ERP_IAV_SFWS_E International address management switched 
BAM Technical Application Analysis 
BPIW Cross-Application Objects in HR Incentive Wages/PDC 
BRF_OBSOLETE Obsolete BRF Objects - Do Not Use 
BSCBN_CMN C'estBON Common package 
BSCBN_CMN_BF C'estBON Business Functions 
BSCBN_CMN_SHARE Package for shared content of common C'estBON 
BS_EHP_BPCA BS Business Process Change Analyzer Support 
COM_ORDER General Objects in the Sales Transaction Environment 
DSVW Linkage: Status Management and Workflow Events 
ESO Enterprise Search Objects 
FISCM FSCM Central Objects 
IWP_DATA_PROVISIONING Retention Warehouse: Data provisioning 
IWP_SERVICE_TEST_DATA ILM Retention Warehouse: test data: container and API 
IW_BEP Gateway - Backend Enablement and event Publishing 
KNMO Transaction Usage Monitor 
RSQL SQL Trace Interpreter for Applications 
SBCS BC Development 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in