SAP ABAP Application Component CA-GTF-TS (Technical Application Support)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0006311  
Application Component ID CA-GTF-TS  
Short Description   Technical Application Support  
First Release Date 19950407 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CA-GTF-TS-BRHF Basis-Related Help Functions, Appl. Log, Formula Intepreter  HLB0100210 
CA-GTF-TS-CD Change Document Display and Time Stamp Management  KBI0000042 
CA-GTF-TS-CE Conversion Exits  PAB0000041 
CA-GTF-TS-CNS Change Pointer Service  PBK0000011 
CA-GTF-TS-FAW Central Field Selection  ABA0000102 
CA-GTF-TS-GC Link to Geographic Information System  ABA0000271 
CA-GTF-TS-GMA Generating, Monitoring for Mass Data Archiving Solutions  ABB0000002 
CA-GTF-TS-PDC Framework for the Principle of Dual Control  ABA0000191 
CA-GTF-TS-PGC Persistent Garbage Collector  /GC1/ABA0000331 
CA-GTF-TS-PPM Batch-Oriented Parallel Processing of Mass Data  ABA0000192 
CA-GTF-TS-PPO Postprocessing Office  /SAPPO/ABA0000332 
CA-GTF-TS-RFW Reconciliation Framework  ABA0000021 
CA-GTF-TS-SMT General status management  ABA0000091 
CA-GTF-TS-TAX Central Functions: Jurisdiction Code/Taxes  ABA0000194 
CA-GTF-TS-WSI Integration of Catalogs, Partner Directories (OCI, OPI)  ABA0000293 
CA-GTF-TS-XSS Generic Components for Self-Service Roles  ABA0000341 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ALV_WP30 Portal ALV 
AWU Wizard-Driven Definition of Event Enablers 
BCST Consulting Service: Conversion Tools for Logical Conversions 
BFV Cross-application Objects in Asset Management 
BFVI IS-RE cross-application objects 
BK CO Cross-application Objects 
BKDG0 Kundengenerierte Objekte - Datenübernahme 
BM MM Cross-Application Objects 
BMD Application basis for MRP (originates from MD, MD0*) 
BMG Material Master: Componentization Interfaces 
BTRA Application Basis Travel Management 
BV SD Cross-application Objects 
BVDEC Application Basis - Sales 
CM R/3 Application development: PP Message Management 
CM0C R/3 Customizing: PPS Message Management 
CNV_00555 Conversion simulation 
CNV_10110 CNCC: SETID conversion 
CNV_20308 Package comparison 
CNV_20309 SLO Package Comparison - CWB Interface 
KDEC Application Basis Accounting 
MGV_MATNR_GEN_ABA Generated Data Elements for Long Material Numbers 
WAO_46C_PERSONALIZATION_BC MiniApp: Personalization Tool for 4.6C Developments 
WAO_PERSONALIZATION_BC MiniApp: Personalization Tool; Non-Release-Specific Part 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in