SAP ABAP Application Component CA-GTF-CPE (Commodity Pricing Engine)
Basic Data
Application Component BYA3000001  
Application Component ID CA-GTF-CPE  
Short Description   Commodity Pricing Engine  
First Release Date 20030807 
First Release   620 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CPE_BASIS Commodity Pricing Engine: Basic Objects 
CPE_COV Commodity Pricing: Coverages 
CPE_CRM_MW CPE Objects for CRM Middleware 
CPE_DOC Commodity Pricing: Document Data 
CPE_EHP_SWITCHES Package for Enhancement Switches for CPE 
CPE_FA_FE Commodity Pricing: Formula Assembly and Evaluation (ABAP) 
CPE_FA_FE_TEST_DATA Testdata for Unittests in Commodity Pricing 
CPE_IF_QCI Commodity Pricing: Interface to Quantity Conversion (QCI) 
CPE_IF_R3_CONDITION CPE - Interface to Business Object ERP Condition 
CPE_PCUI Commodity Pricing Engine: People Centric User Interface 
CPE_SFWS_740 Switched package for switch CPE_SFWS_740 
CPE_SFWS_740_03 Switched package for switch CPE_SFWS_740_03 
CPE_SFWS_740_04 Switched package for switch CPE_SFWS_740_04 
CPE_SFWS_CM20 Switched package for switch CPE_SFWS_CM20 
CPE_SFWS_FA_APPL_ABAP Switched package for switch CPE_SFWS_FA_APPL 
CPE_SFWS_FA_FE_ABAP Switched package for switch CPE_SFWS_FA_FE_ABAP 
Software Component PI_BASIS  Basis Plug-In 
SAP Release Created in   2004_1_620