SAP ABAP Software Component PI_BASIS (Basis Plug-In)
Basic Data
Software Component PI_BASIS   
Short Description Basis Plug-In   
Component type X   Netweaver Plug-In
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
EIM-DS-ODP SI30000102 Data Services - Operational Data Provider 
CA HLB0009110 Cross-Application Components 
SCM-ECT-LIM-AI /LIMEB/BYC1000003 Application Interface 
SCM-EM-AS /SAPTRX/AI62000002 Application System 
SCM-EM /SAPTRX/AI62000001 Event Management 
SCM-FC /SCFC/AP92000001 Fulfillment Coordination 
SCM-BAS-DF /SCMB/BYA1000001 Cross-System and Cross-Partner Document Flow 
SCM-BAS /SCMB/AP91000002 SCM Basis 
BC-SRV HLB0009020 Basis Services / Communication Interfaces 
CA-GTF-TS HLB0006311 Technical Application Support 
BC-SRV-GBT HLB0009012 Use Subcomponents 
BC-BW HLB0100455 BW Service API 
AP-MD-BP I290007530 SAP Business Partner 
AP-MD-PRO A4C0000261 Central Part of Product Master 
CA-GTF-CPE BYA3000001 Commodity Pricing Engine 
CA-GTF-PR-CPF BRK0000002 Configurable Parameters and Formulas 
FS-BP KFM0000891 Business Partner 
CA-GTF-TRB BRK0000003 Financial Risk Management Basis 
MDM-CLT BYC0000001 Client-System Adapter 
CA-AUD AEC0000474 Audit Management 
BC-EIM-ODP BYI3000065 Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) in Search&Analytics 
BW-WHM ARS0000022 Warehouse Management 
BC-DWB-DIC HLB0009078 ABAP Dictionary 
CA-SUR ABA0000071 Web Survey 
BC-DWB-TOO HLB0100157 Workbench Tools: Editors, Painters, Modelers 
BC-FES-GRA HLB0009156 Graphic 
BC-FES HLB0009040 Frontend Services - Use subcomponents (see SAP Note 1322184) 
BC-SEC-USR HLB0009026 User Administration 
BC-SEC HLB0100169 Security 
BC-CCM HLB0009032 Use Subcomponents