SAP ABAP Application Component AP-MD-PRO (Central Part of Product Master)
Basic Data
Application Component A4C0000261  
Application Component ID AP-MD-PRO  
Short Description   Central Part of Product Master  
First Release Date 20021127 
First Release   620 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
AP-MD-PRO-BF Basic functions  PLC0000003 
AP-MD-PRO-BF-ARC Archiving  S6D0000004 
AP-MD-PRO-CAT Hierarchies and Categories  PLC0000002 
AP-MD-PRO-OBJ Objects  PLC0000004 
AP-MD-PRO-SET Set Types and Attributes  PLC0000001 
AP-MD-PRO-TFW Templates  PAB0000025 
AP-MD-PRO-UI Dialog SAP-GUI  S6D0000002 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ABA_PRODUCT_OBSOLETE Obsolete Product Parts Still Used 
COM_CATEGORY Category: General Table and Programs 
COM_CATEGORY_BW Category: Extractor for Business Warehouse 
COM_DIFF_BSP PC-UI Adapter for Differentiation Key Selection 
COM_DIFF_KEY Repository for Differentiation Key 
COM_DIFF_KEY_GEN Differentiation Keys 
COM_DIFF_KEY_MAIN Differentiation Key: Main Package 
COM_GENERIC_BW Central Master Data (Partner/Product): BW Generation 
COM_HIERARCHY Category: Definition of Hierarchies 
COM_HIERARCHY_CUST Product Master Customizing - Hierarchy and categories 
COM_HIERARCHY_DATAEXCHANGE Exchange of Hierarchies and Categories 
COM_PME_BRIDGE Interface Jave/ABAP for Product Modelling 
COM_PRCAT_ATTRIBUTE Extended Attribute Maintenance at Category Level 
COM_PRD_LINK_HANDLER Product: Generic Link-Handler 
COM_PRD_LINK_HANDLER_API Product: Generic Link-Handler - Interfaces 
COM_PRD_LINK_HANDLER_KEYS Product: Generic Link-Handler - Administration of Keys 
COM_PRD_LINK_HANDLER_KEY_TYPES Product: Generic Link-Handler - Base Key Categories 
COM_PRD_LINK_HANDLER_LINKS Product: Generic Link-Handler - Link Administration 
COM_PRD_LINK_HANDLER_METADATA Product: Generic Link-Handler - Metadata Administration 
COM_PRD_LINK_HANDLER_SHARED Product: Generic Link-Handler - Shared Objects 
COM_PRD_LINK_HANDLER_TEMPLATES Product: Generic Link Handler - Templates for Set Type Gen. 
COM_PRD_MASS Product: Mass Maintenance 
COM_PRODREL_XIPROXY Product Relationships XI Connection 
COM_PRODREL_XIPROXY_APPL Product Relationships XI Connection 
COM_PRODREL_XIPROXY_GEN Product Relationships; XI Connection; Generated Objects 
COM_PRODUCT Product: General Tables and Programs 
COM_PRODUCT_ALTER_IDENT Alternative Product IDs 
COM_PRODUCT_API Product: APIs for Processing General Products 
COM_PRODUCT_APPLICATION Product: Applications 
COM_PRODUCT_BASE Structure Package for Product Basis Functionality 
COM_PRODUCT_BASIC_SETS General Product Set Types 
COM_PRODUCT_BSP_GENERAL Main Package for People Centric UI for Products 
COM_PRODUCT_BW Central Part of Product: BW Extraction 
COM_PRODUCT_CATEGORY Product: Categories 
COM_PRODUCT_CATEGORY_UI Interface: Maintain Hierarchies and Categories 
COM_PRODUCT_CUST Product Master Customizing - General 
COM_PRODUCT_CUST_UI Product Master Customizing - General for UI 
COM_PRODUCT_IL Interlinkages in Product Master 
COM_PRODUCT_INTERNAL_REPORTS Reports onyl for internal usage 
COM_PRODUCT_MASS_ACTIVATE Packet for the Transaction COMMPR02 (Mass Activation) 
COM_PRODUCT_OBSOLETE Obsolete Objects in Product Master Central Part 
COM_PRODUCT_SEARCH Search API for Product Master 
COM_PRODUCT_SETTYPE Set Types and Attributes 
COM_PRODUCT_STATUS Product Status Management 
COM_PRODUCT_TAX Central Control Data Product 
COM_PRODUCT_TOOLS Tools for SAP Product 
COM_PRODUCT_UNITS Product: Units of Measure for Product 
COM_PRODUCT_VARIANTS Product: Product Variants and Configurable Products 
COM_PRODUCT_VIEW Product: Views 
COM_PRODUCT_WB_UI Product: User Interface for Product Workbench 
COM_PRODUCT_XIPROXY Product Master XI-Connection 
COM_PRODUCT_XIPROXY_APPL Product Master XI Connection 
COM_PRODUCT_XIPROXY_GEN Product Master; XI Connection; Generated Objects 
COM_SCHEME Category: Scheme for Number Assignment 
COM_SETTYPE_ATTRIBUTE Generating Set Types and Attributes 
COM_VALUE_RESTRICTIONS_CAT Value Range Limitations for Products 
MD-PRO_AKH ACH for Master Data Management: Product 
PI_CRM_AFS_TRANS Data Exchange CRM/PI: Transport Data for AFS 
PI_PRODREL_XIPROXY Product Relationships XI Connection 
PI_PRODUCT_XIPROXY Product Master XI Connection 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in   400