SAP ABAP Application Component BC-SEC (Security)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0100169  
Application Component ID BC-SEC  
Short Description   Security  
First Release Date 19970723 
First Release   40A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-SEC-AIS System Audit Information System  B5A0000012 
BC-SEC-AUT Authorization Management  HLB0100103 
BC-SEC-AUT-PFC ABAP Authorization and Role Management  HLB0100332 
BC-SEC-AUT-RBM Role-Based Access Management for SAP Business ByDesign  B200003362 
BC-SEC-DIR Directory  HLB0100218 
BC-SEC-IDM Please use BC-IDM  B200004031 
BC-SEC-LGN Authentication and SSO  B200001840 
BC-SEC-LGN-SML SAML 2.0  BYI3000391 
BC-SEC-LIK Licence Key Administration  B200004395 
BC-SEC-RAL Read Access Logging  BYI3000537 
BC-SEC-SAL Security Audit Log  B200004396 
BC-SEC-SAT Security Automation Tests  B200004583 
BC-SEC-SNC Secure Network Communications  HLB0100170 
BC-SEC-SSF Secure Store and Forward  HLB0100171 
BC-SEC-SSL Secure Sockets Layer Protocol  B200001943 
BC-SEC-USR User Administration  HLB0009026 
BC-SEC-USR-ADM User and Authorization Management  HLB0100102 
BC-SEC-USR-IS User Information System  B200001839 
BC-SEC-USR-PER Personalization  BIO0000012 
BC-SEC-VIR Anti-Virus Protection  B200001698 
BC-SEC-WSS Web Services Security for ABAP  BYI3000019 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SAIS Audit Info System BC 
SECA General Basis Security 
SECC Basis Security (Kernel Components) 
SECH Security: MD5-Hash (Copyright by RSA Data Security, Inc) 
SECSTORE Secure Storage 
SECU Security Audit 
SECU_ABAP Security and Protection of ABAP Programs 
SECU_KRN Kernel Objects Security Audit Log 
SEC_SSO2 Workplace Server Single Sign-On 2 
SLDW Generic Whitelist Administration 
SOAP_RUNTIME SOAP Framework for Web Services 
SOAP_SECURITY_RD Release-Dependent Parts of SOAP_SECURITY 
SOAUTH2_AUTH_CODE OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code 
SOAUTH2_AUTH_CODE_UI OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code UI 
SOAUTH2_CLIENT OAuth 2.0 Client 
SOAUTH2_CLIENT_CONFIG OAuth 2.0 Client Configuration 
SOAUTH2_CLIENT_CONFIG_CGP OAuth 2.0 Client Configuration 
SOAUTH2_CLIENT_CONFIG_CGP_UI OAuth 2.0 Client Configuration UI 
SOAUTH2_CLIENT_EXTENSIONS OAuth 2.0 Client Extensions 
SOAUTH2_CLIENT_FACADE OAuth 2.0 Client Facade 
SOAUTH2_CLIENT_PROTOCOL OAuth 2.0 Client Protocol 
SOAUTH2_CLIENT_SAML20 OAuth 2.0 Client - SAML 2.0 Assertions 
SOAUTH2_MAIN OAuth2 Main Package 
SRBAM RBAM -MainPackage: Contains Downported "RBAM Dummy Packages" 
SRBAMESI RBAM ESI Interfaces: Cont. Downported "RBAM-ESI Dummy Obj." 
SRBAMEXPLAIN RBAM-Explain: Contains downported "RBAM-Explain Dummy Obj." 
SRBAMRT RBAM Runtime: Contains downported "RBAM runtime dummy obj." 
SRBAMSERVINTF RBAM for Service Interfaces 
STRUST PKI Management 
SUSR_CERT User Administration: Certificate administration 
SVER_BC_SEC Verifikationsprogramme für Sicherheit 
SXML_SEC Security Tools for Streamed XML Reader / Writer 
XSEC Workplace Plug-In Single Sign-On Administration 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in