SAP ABAP Software Component SAP_BASIS (SAP Basis Component)
Basic Data
Software Component SAP_BASIS   
Short Description SAP Basis Component   
Component type S   Netweaver Basis Component
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
BC-ESI-ESF-BSA B200004438 Business Service Adaptation 
XAP-OSP /OSP/KP80000001 Office Suite Program 
BC-SRV-DX-LSM B200001439 Legacy System Migration Workbench 
BC-SRV-QUE HLB0009166 SAP Query 
BC HLB0009009 Basis Components 
BC-DWB HLB0009075 ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure 
BC-CTS-ORG HLB0009076 Transport Organizer 
BC-ABA-LA HLB0100065 Syntax, Compiler, Runtime 
EP WX60000001 Enterprise Portal 
BC-MUS ABA0000411 Musing Tools 
BC-MUS-LP B200003448 Launchpad 
SV-SMG-SDD B200001818 Service Data Download 
BC-CFG-RT B200003159 Business Configuration Tools: Runtime 
BC-CCM-MON HLB0100097 Monitoring 
BC-MUS-FPB ABA0000414 Personalization Framework 
BC-MUS-KFM ABA0000413 Key Figure Monitor 
BC-MUS-POW ABA0000412 Personal Object Worklist 
BC-DWB-TOO-ABA HLB0100158 ABAP Editor 
BC-MID-AC BYI3001053 ABAP Channels 
BC-DWB-UTL HLB0009077 Workbench Utilities 
BC-DWB-TOO-ATF B200004535 ABAP Test Frameworks ( ATC, CheckMan, Code Inspector) 
BC-ABA-LI HLB0100064 List Processing 
BC-ABA-SC HLB0100067 UI Services, Screen, Batch Input 
BC-DWB-TOO HLB0100157 Workbench Tools: Editors, Painters, Modelers 
BC-DWB-TOO-UT B200004538 ABAP Unit 
BC-DWB-AIE-QTT BYI3000862 Quality and Test Tools: ABAP Unit Test, ABAP Test Cockpit 
KM-KW BIO0000092 Knowledge Warehouse 
BC-SEC-AUT HLB0100103 Authorization Management 
BC-DB-SDB HLB0009131 MaxDB 
BC-SRV-FP B200001776 Forms Processing 
BC-WD-CMP-FPM B200003958 Floorplan Manager Web Dynpro ABAP 
BC-ESI-ESF-GW BYI3000980 Gateway Integration for CDS and BOPF via SADL 
BC-CST HLB0009771 Client/Server Technology 
BC-DWB-AIE BYI3000851 Installation and Infrastructure for ABAP Tools in Eclipse 
BC-DWB-AIE-ACI BYI3000852 ABAP Connectivity and Integration Tools 
BC-BSP B200000262 Business Server Pages 
SV-SMG-TWB-BCA B200004349 Business Process Change Analyzer 
BC-XI B200001328 Exchange Infrastructure 
BC-SEC HLB0100169 Security 
BC-SEC-AIS B5A0000012 System Audit Information System 
BC-XI-IBC B200001500 Integration Builder - Configuration 
BC-XI-IBD-SCE B200001507 Scenario 
BC-DWB-WS-ABA B200001649 Web Service Tools - ABAP 
BC-XI-IBD-MAP B200001367 Mapping 
BC-CCM-SLD-ABA BYI3001021 System Landscape Directory ABAP Connectivity 
BC-XI-IBC-MAP B200001503 Mapping 
BC-DWB-PRX B200001365 Proxy Generation 
BC-ESI-WS-ABA-RT B200004279 WebServices ABAP Runtime 
BC-XI-IBC-ROU B200001366 Routing 
BC-XI-IS-WKB B200001509 Runtime Workbench/Monitoring 
BC-XI-IS B200001369 Integration Server 
BC-XI-IBC-SRV B200001505 Services 
BC-XI-IBD B200001329 Integration Builder - Design 
BC-MID-ALE HLB0006330 ALE Integration Technology 
BC-SRV-GBT-ALM B200001338 Alert Framework 
BC-DB HLB0009780 Database Interface, Database Platforms 
BC-SRV-ALV B200000037 SAP List Viewer 
BC-WD-CMP-ALV-ABA B200003438 Web Dynpro ALV for ABAP 
BC-WD-CMP-ALV B200003019 Web Dynpro List Viewer- Use subcomponents 
BC-SEC-LGN B200001840 Authentication and SSO 
BC-DB-SDB-CCM HLB0100132 CCMS/Database Monitors for MaxDB 
BC-UPG-NA B200000316 SAP Note Assistant 
BC-SRV-ARL HLB0009818 ArchiveLink 
BC-FES-CTL B200001498 SAP GUI for Windows Controls 
BC-CCM-MON-SHM B200004138 IMS: Agents and related topics 
BC-MID-RFC B200000069 RFC 
BC-FES-INS HLB0100146 Frontend Installation 
BC-SRV-BDS HLB0100453 Business Document Service 
BC-SRV-RM B200000302 SAP Records Management 
BC-CUS-TOL-HMT HLB0100156 Hierarchy Storage 
BC-DOC-TTL HLB0006322 Translation Tools 
BC-CCM-ADK HLB0006315 Archive Development Kit 
BC-CCM-ADK-AS B200001279 Archive Information System 
BC-DB-DB4 HLB0009782 DB2 for AS/400 
SV-ASA HLB0006920 ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) 
SV-ASA-IA HLB0100196 Implementation Assistant 
BC-CCM-PRN-SPO HLB0100255 Spool System 
BC-TWB-TST-TCK B200004573 ATC extensions for Technical Check 
BC-MID-RST BYI3000192 REST-based Protocols 
BC-UPG-TLS-TLA B200003076 Upgrade Tools for ABAP 
BC-UPG HLB0009778 Upgrade - General 
BC-SRV-CP BYI3000811 SAP Commercial Platform - eStore for Solutions and Add-ons 
BC-ABA HLB0009083 ABAP Runtime Environment 
BC-XI-IS-BPE B200001574 Business Process Engine 
BC-DB-DB2 HLB0009132 DB2 for z/OS 
SV-ASA-ADD B200000252 ASAP Tools and Contents 
SV-ASA-QAD HLB0006327 Question & Answer Database 
BC-SRV-COM HLB0009023 Communication Services: Mail, Fax, SMS, Telephony 
BC-CUS-TOL-IMG HLB0100153 Implementation Guide 
BC-MID-API HLB0009822 BAPI Tools (for BAPIs see Note 813411) 
BC-SEC-USR HLB0009026 User Administration 
BC-MID-RFC-BG B200004581 Background RFC (bgRFC) 
BC-BW HLB0100455 BW Service API 
BC-BW-SRV B200004574 BW Generation Tool and Set Object 
BC-SRV-NBC B200001944 NetWeaver Business Content 
BC-DWB-TOO-BOB HLB0100161 Business Object Builder 
BC-ESI B200001941 Enterprise Service Infrastructure 
BC-SRV-GBT-CAL HLB0100381 Appointment Calendar 
BC-BMT HLB0100190 Business Management 
BC-BMT-WFM HLB0009014 SAP Business Workflow 
BC-SRV-BRF ABA0000261 Business Rule Framework 
BC-DOC-RIT BYI3000532 Replacing standard texts with industry specific texts 
BC-SRV HLB0009020 Basis Services / Communication Interfaces 
BC-CCM-BTC HLB0100092 Background Processing 
BC-SRV-BTF B200001408 Business Text Framework 
BC-SRV-OTR B200001249 Online Text Repository 
BC-DB-DBI HLB0009781 DB-Independent Database Interface 
BC-CCM HLB0009032 Use Subcomponents 
BC-TWB-TST-CAT HLB0006336 CATT Computer Aided Test Tool 
WP-WSR BIO0000022 Workplace Server 
BC-CUS-TOL-CST B200000048 Cross-System Tools 
BC-CCM-SLD B200001368 System Landscape Directory/Component Repository 
BC-SRV-LIM BYI3000281 License Measurement 
BC-FES-GUI HLB0009783 Graphical User Interface 
BC-SRV-ASF B200000035 General Service Functions 
BC-ESI-WS-ABA-CFG B200004277 WebServices ABAP Configuration 
BC-CTS-TMS HLB0100118 Transport Management System 
BC-SRV-CM B200001542 Case Management 
BC-ESI-ESF B200001589 Enterprise Service Framework Layer 
BC-SRV-KPR-CMS HLB0100451 Content Management Service 
BC-SRV-STW BYI3000385 Social Media ABAP Integration Library 
BC-DWB-TOO-PAK B200003281 Package Tools 
BC-DWB-TOO-COV BYI3000868 Coverage Analyzer 
BC-I18 B200001832 Internationalization (I18N) 
BC-BMT-BPM B200003508 Please use subcomponents 
BC-CUS-TOL-BCD B200000047 Business Configuration Sets 
BC-DWB-TOO-SCR HLB0100160 Screen Painter 
BC-UPG-TLS HLB0100112 Upgrade Tools 
BC-SRV-CSL BYI3000384 Cross System Lock 
BC-INS-CTC-RT B200004545 LM Automation Runtime Framework 
BC-INS-CTC B200003141 Central Technical Configuration 
BC-DWB-AIE-TRP BYI3000865 Transport Organizer UI for ABAP in Eclipse 
BC-CTS HLB0009161 Change & Transport System 
BC-CTS-TMS-CTR BYI3000184 Central CTS # Transport Management 
BC-CTS-TMS-PLS B200004250 TMS for non-ABAP (CTS+) 
BC-CTS-ORG-PLS B200004248 Transport Organizer für non-ABAP (CTS+) 
BC-SRV-BSF B200001268 Business Service Functions 
BC-ABA-TV B200001278 Transaction Variant and Table Control Settings 
BC-DWB-DIC-AC HLB0100147 Activation Program, Conversion Program, DB Utility, MC, SPDD 
BC-DB-DB6 HLB0100139 DB2 Universal Database for UNIX / NT 
BC-DB-DB6-CCM HLB0100141 CCMS / Database Monitors for DB2 Universal Database 
BC-DB-ORA-CCM HLB0100128 CCMS / Database Monitors for Oracle 
HAN-DB BYI3000021 SAP HANA Database 
BC-DB-INF HLB0009164 Informix 
BC-DB-ORA HLB0009162 Oracle 
BC-DWB-DIC HLB0009078 ABAP Dictionary 
BC-DWB-DIC-ED HLB0100148 Dictionary Maintenance 
BC-DWB-AIE-AHI BYI3000853 Tools for ABAP and HANA Integration 
BC-CUS-TOL-NAV HLB0006923 Business Navigator 
BC-DWB-TOO-DMO HLB0100164 Data Modeler 
BC-CUS-TOL-TME HLB0100154 Table Maintenance Tool 
BC-DOC-DTL HLB0006323 Documentation Tools 
BC-SRV-KPR-DMS HLB0100281 Document Management Services 
BC-DWB-DIC-F4 HLB0100431 F4 Help 
BC-FES-WSW HLB0009015 See Note 539477 
SV-SMG-OP B200001298 Solution Directory 
SV B200000092 Service 
BC-CI-DYD B200000272 Dynamic Documents 
BC-DWB-TOO-LDB HLB0100165 Logical Database Builder 
SV-SMG-SER B200001308 SAP Support Services 
BC-SRV-ASF-MDS BYI3000231 Meta Data Service-for BW/BODS solutions please use EIM-DS 
BC-ESI-SEW BYI3000067 Service Extension Workbench 
BC-TWB-TST-ECA B200001360 eCATT Extended Computer Aided Test Tool 
BC-SRV-PS BYI3000125 Productivity Services 
BC-DWB-CEX HLB0009086 Customer Enhancements 
BC-SEC-SSF HLB0100171 Secure Store and Forward 
BC-CI HLB0100172 Component Integration / Installation Windows Components 
BC-SEC-SNC HLB0100170 Secure Network Communications 
BC-SEC-RAL BYI3000537 Read Access Logging 
BC-DWB-AIE-SRC BYI3000864 ABAP Source Code editors in ABAP in Eclipse 
BC-DWB-TOO-ENH B200001868 Enhancement Tools 
BC-DWB-TOO-CLA HLB0100163 Class Builder 
BC-DWB-TOO-FUB HLB0100162 Function Builder 
BC-DWB-CEX-BAD B200002399 Customer Enhancements: BAdIs 
BC-DWB-WD-ABA B200001577 Web Screen Tools - ABAP 
BC-TRX-EFS B200003428 TREX Enterprise File Search 
BC-VMC B200001947 Virtual Machine Container 
BC-DWB-UTL-BRC HLB0100149 Class Browser 
BC-CST-EQ HLB0100053 Enqueue 
BC-UPG-OCS HLB0009779 Online Correction Support (Support Package and Add-On Tools) 
BC-CST-DP HLB0100052 Dispatcher/Task Handler 
BC-DOC-IWB HLB0100228 SAP Knowledge Warehouse 
BC-SRV-REP HLB0009090 Report Tree 
BC-TRX-SES B200003134 TREX Search Engine Service 
BC-SRV-FSI B200001946 Fast Search Infrastructure 
BC-ESI-ESF-ABA B200004095 ESF ABAP Backend 
BC-ESI-SAM B200003231 Status and Action Management 
BC-EIM-ESH B200003488 NetWeaver Enterprise Search 
BC-SRV-TFW BYI3000942 Tagging Framework 
BC-ESI-WS-ABA B200001549 Web Service and SOAP - ABAP 
BC-DWB-SEM HLB0009784 Session Manager 
BC-TWB-TST B200001359 Use Subcomponents (See SAP Note 1156876) 
BC-DWB-UTL-BRR HLB0100151 Repository Browser 
BC-DWB-TOO-MEN HLB0100159 Menu Painter 
BC-DWB-UTL-INR HLB0100150 Repository Infosystem 
BC-I18-UNI B200001833 I18N Unicode 
BC-SRV-ASF-FYV B200004251 Service functions for fiscal year versions 
BC-SRV-BR B200003249 BRFplus - ABAP-Based Business Rules 
BC-SRV-BSF-CUR B200001478 Currency Conversion/Expiring Currency 
BC-CCM-FIL B200000038 Platform-Independent File Names 
SV-FDB-INT B200000247 Interface to SAP; record feedback 
BC-MID HLB0100471 Middleware 
BC-SRV-COM-FTP HLB0100411 File Transfer Using FTP 
BC-DWB-TOO-SFW B200001869 Switch Framework Tools 
BC-CST-GW HLB0100054 Gateway/CPIC 
BC-FES-IGS B200001348 Internet Graphics Service 
BC-CCM-CNF-GRP HLB0100094 Workload Balancing and Group Management 
BC-DOC-TER HLB0006321 Terminology/Glossary 
BC-SRV-GBT-GOS B200000152 Generic Object Services 
BC-SRV-GBT-OBL B200000153 General Object Relations 
BC-FES-GRA HLB0009156 Graphic 
BC-FES HLB0009040 Frontend Services - Use subcomponents (see SAP Note 1322184) 
BC-DOC-HLP HLB0006317 F1 Help 
BC-HLP-ABA B200003355 Help Infrastructure for ABAP 
SV-SMG-DIA B200003189 Solution Manager Diagnostics 
BC-MID-ICF B200000267 Internet Communication Framework 
BC-CST-IC B200000270 Internet Communication Manager 
BC-MID-ICF-LGN BYI3000018 ICF System Login 
BC-DB-INF-CCM HLB0100123 CCMS / Database Monitors for Informix 
BC-INS HLB0009153 Installation Tools 
BC-FES-AIT HLB0100145 Intelligent Terminal / SAP Automation GUI/ SAP Assistant 
BC-CST-LL HLB0100056 Low Level Layer 
BC-EIM-IQM B200003268 Information Quality Management 
BC-FES-ITS HLB0009819 SAP Internet Transaction Server 
BC-NWA-INC-DEV B200003416 NWA Development Tools (Generators, Plug-Ins...) 
KM-KW-PAW BIO0000094 Performance Assessment Workbench 
BC-ABA-XML B200003352 ABAP XML Processing 
BC-BSP-RT-JS B200000269 BSP Runtime JavaScript 
BC-MID-CON-JCO B5A0000014 JAVA Connector 
BC-MID-BUS HLB0100473 Business Connector 
BC-SRV-KPR-DMF B200001326 Document Management Framework 
KM BIO0000091 Knowledge Management 
BC-SRV-KPR-RET HLB0100452 Text Retrieval and Information Extraction 
BC-SRV-KPR HLB0100069 Knowledge Provider 
BC-I18-BID B200001835 I18N BiDi 
BC-DB-LCA B200001938 liveCache Applications 
BC-SEC-DIR HLB0100218 Directory 
BC-ABA-TO HLB0100068 Logical DB, Selection Screens, Selection Variants 
BC-BMT-BPM-LEI B200004308 Local Event Infrastructure 
BC-SEC-USR-ADM HLB0100102 User and Authorization Management 
BC-ABA-LA-EPC BYI3000973 Extended Program Check (SLIN) 
BC-INS-TC-RT BYI3000229 Runtime for ABAP based automated TC 
BC-CCM-MON-SLG HLB0100101 SAP System Log 
BC-DB-LVC HLB0100441 liveCache 
BC-SRV-SSF B200001248 Smart Forms 
BC-FES-CTL-F4 B200001538 Use BC-FES-CTL (SAP Note 835896) 
BC-DWB-AIE-MSG BYI3000861 Message Class Editor for ABAP in Eclipse 
SV-ASA-ML HLB0006326 Master Lists 
BC-BSP-MI B200000265 BSP MIME Repository 
BC-SRV-COM-SMM B200004339 SAP Mass Mailer 
BC-CCM-MON-OS HLB0100099 Operating System Monitors 
BC-CST-MS HLB0100058 Message Service 
BC-SYB-EDI BYI3000654 EDI Server 
BC-DB-MSS HLB0009133 Microsoft SQL Server 
BC-DB-SYB BYI3000091 Sybase ASE Database Platform 
BC-CTS-HTC BYI3001152 Hana Transport Container (ABAP) 
BC-CST-NI HLB0100059 Network Interface 
BC-CST-NU HLB0100060 Number Range Buffer 
BC-DWB-TOO-WAB B200000271 Web Application Builder 
BC-ESI-WS-ABA-MON B200004278 WebServices ABAP Monitoring 
SV-SMG-CM B200001899 Change Request Management 
BC-FES-OFF HLB0100174 SAP Desktop Office Integration 
BC-SRV-ASF-UOM HLB0100213 Units of Measurement 
SV-SMG-IMP B200001309 Solution Manager Implementation 
BC-CUS-TOL-PAD B200000046 Customizing Project Management (IMG) 
BC-ABA-LA-OBS B200000042 Object Services 
BC-BMT-OM HLA0009701 Organizational Management 
BC-BMT-OM-OM HLA0006750 Organizational Plan 
BC-BMT-OM-GRF HLA0009708 Structural Graphics 
BC-DWB-UTL-CLS B200003229 Classification Toolset 
BC-CCM-PRN HLB0009773 Print and Output Management 
BC-CCM-CNF-PFL HLB0100096 Maintain Profile 
BC-CST-ST HLB0100062 Kernel Statistics 
BC-SRV-COM-TEL HLB0100217 Telephone Connection 
BC-SRV-PMI B200001669 Process Monitoring Infrastructure 
WP-DR BIO0000024 Drag&Relate 
BC-SRV-GBT-PPF B200000232 Post Processing Framework 
BC-SRV-UIF BIO0000101 User Interface Framework 
BC-DWB-TOO-RTA B200004537 Runtime Analysis 
BC-TWB-TST-P-PA B200003140 Performance Analysis (Transaction ST05) 
BC-DWB-AIE-REF BYI3000863 Tools for Refactoring ABAP Artifacts 
BC-CST-RL BYI3000361 Tenant Runlevels 
BC-SEC-AUT-PFC HLB0100332 ABAP Authorization and Role Management 
SV-ASA-PE HLB0009172 Project Estimation 
BC-SRV-BBS B200000202 Report/Report Interface 
BC-SRV-SEN B200001327 ABAP Search Engine for ERP Solution Database 
BC-RRR-SAA B200000041 System Administration Assistant 
BC-CUS B200000043 Customizing 
BC-DOC HLB0006320 Documentation and Translation Tools 
BC-NET HLB0009772 Network Infrastructure 
BC-XI-IS-IEN B200001508 Integration Engine 
BC-CUS-TOL-ALO HLB0100155 Table History 
BC-INS-TC-CNT BYI3000228 Content for ABAP based automated TC 
BC-TWB B200000034 Test Workbench 
BC-CCM-PRN-TMS HLB0100256 TemSe (Temporary Sequential Objects Repository) 
BC-DWB-TOO-DBG B200004534 Debugger 
BC-WD-ABA B200001558 Web Dynpro ABAP 
BC-TWB-ORG HLB0006338 Test Organizer 
BC-CTS-LAN HLB0100115 Language Transport 
BC-TRX B200003128 TREX 
BC-CTS-CCO HLB0009016 Client Copy 
SV-BO B200003478 Back Office Service Delivery 
BC-CCM-MON-TUN B200003519 Performance Monitors (TCC) 
BC-DB-ORA-SYS B200001468 Database Interface/DBMS for Oracle 
BC-CCM-MON-ORA B200002449 Oracle Database Monitors 
BC-DB-MSS-CCM HLB0100136 CCMS / Database Monitors for SQL Server 
BC-SRV-SCR HLB0009774 SAPscript 
WP-WSR-URL BIO0000023 URL Generation 
BC-SEC-USR-IS B200001839 User Information System 
BC-SRV-ASF-FOI B200001750 Formula Interpreter 
EP-KM B200001891 Knowledge Management and Collaboration 
BC-SEC-VIR B200001698 Anti-Virus Protection 
BC-MID-ME B200001288 Mobile Engine 
BC-FES-MOB B200001349 Read SAP Note 836653 
BC-BE-TEI HLB0100201 Templates + IDES 
BC-WD-DYN B200001559 Web Dynpro Conversion 
BC-WD B200001488 Web Dynpro 
BC-DWB-AIE-WDA BYI3000867 Web Dynpro ABAP Design Tool for ABAP in Eclipse 
BC-WD-ABA-RUN B200001491 Web Dynpro ABAP Runtime 
BC-WD-ABA-GEN B200001588 Web Screen ABAP Generation 
BC-BMT-WMD B200001668 Workflow Modeler 
BC-BMT-WFM-RUN B200001768 Runtime 
BC-BMT-WFM-MON B200001772 Monitoring & Reporting 
KM-ITU B200001908 SAP Tutor 
WP BIO0000021 Obsolete Product: Workplace 
BC-CI-WEBR HLB0100173 WebRFC, Web Reporting 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XMI HLB0100090 eXternal Management Interface Framework 
BC-INS-MIG HLB0100108 DB/OS Migrations 
BC-UPG-ADDON HLB0100113 Upgrade Add-On Components (IS) 
BC-SRV-TIM B200000295 Time and Scheduling Functions 
BC-SRV-ADR HLB0006316 Address Management/Business Address 
BC-SRV-BAL B200000036 Basis Application Log 
BC-SRV-ASF-CAL HLB0100211 Holiday Calendar, Factory Calendar, Appointment Calendar 
BC-SRV-ASF-CHD B200000292 Change Documents 
BC-SRV-GEO B200000293 Geographical Functions 
BC-SRV-NUM B200000294 Number Range Management 
BC-SRV-ASF-POP B200001418 Standard Dialogs 
BC-SRV-TIM-TR B200001448 Date Rules 
BC-SRV-TIM-TS BYI3000161 Time streams 
BC-SRV-TIM-TZ B200001699 Time Zones 
BC-SRV-BSF-MSH B200001419 CO Message Handler 
BC-ILM-IRM B200003329 Information Retention Manager 
BC-ILM-ACA B200003348 Archiving Connector ABAP 
BC-CCM-TAN B200001682 Transaction TAANA for Table Analysis 
BC-ILM-DST BYI3000981 Data Destruction 
BC-ILM-RSE BYI3000881 Technical reuse 
BC-ILM-LCM B200004109 Legal Case Management for ILM 
BC-SRV-ASF-AT B200004338 Audit trail enhancements (ILM) 
BC-CUS-TOL B200000044 Customizing Tools (Techniques) 
BC-CUS-TOL-API BYI3000061 Business Configuration API (SAP-internal) 
BC-SRV-DX-DXW B200001438 Data Transfer Workbench 
BC-SRV-BP B200003098 Business Partner Foundation 
BC-CUS-TOL-LT BYI3000941 SAP Landscape Transformation 
BC-CCM-DAG BYI3000974 Data Aging 
BC-SRV-DRT B200004068 Development Reporting Tools 
BC-SRV-DMC B200000182 Data Conversion 
BC-SRV-GBT-DRB B5A0000001 Document Relationship Browser 
BC-SRV-NWD B200003608 NetWeaver Demonstration 
BC-SRV-NWD-XBR BYI3000542 HANA Reference Applications 
BC-GP B200001968 Guided Procedure 
BC-EIM-IQM-IC B200003269 Information Consistency 
BC-ILM-WP BYI3000870 ILM Workplace 
BC-ILM-CHK B200004508 Checksums 
BC-ILM-SRS BYI3000122 Storage and Retention Service 
BC-ILM-CDE B200004571 Context Data Extractor 
BC-ILM-STO BYI3000982 Integrated Data Base Archive Store 
EP-KM-WS B200003687 Embedded Knowledge Management 
BC-ILM-IRM-RT B200004588 IRM Run Time 
BC-BMT-LWE B200001681 Life and Work Events 
BC-EIM-MDM B200004418 Master Data Management 
BC-EIM-MDM-INT B200004419 MDM Integration 
BC-EIM-MDM-INT-ESH B200004420 Enterprise Search Adapter 
BC-MOB ABA0000121 SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents 
BC-TWB-TST-P-GPA B200003139 Global Performance Analysis (Transaction ST30) 
BC-CST-MM HLB0100057 Memory Management 
BC-ECM-ABA B200004175 ECM ABAP Stack 
BC-ECM-ABA-COR B200004176 ECM Core Infrastructure 
BC-SRV-PCO BYI3000069 Plant Connectivity (Pco): ABAP part 
BC-PER-DR BYI3000986 Personas Data Repository 
BC-ESI-SIW B200004518 Service Implementation Workbench 
BC-SRV-UKM B200003018 Standardized Key Mapping 
BC-FES-WGU B200000192 SAP GUI for HTML 
WP-FRM BIO0000026 Workplace Frontend/Middleware