SAP ABAP Application Component BC-CCM (Use Subcomponents)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0009032  
Application Component ID BC-CCM  
Short Description   Use Subcomponents  
First Release Date 19950201 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-CCM-ADK Archive Development Kit  HLB0006315 
BC-CCM-ADK-AS Archive Information System  B200001279 
BC-CCM-ADK-J2E J2EE Archiving Technology  B200001788 
BC-CCM-API Use Subcomponents  HLB0100080 
BC-CCM-API-ADI No longer supported  HLB0100081 
BC-CCM-API-ADI-BTC No longer supported  HLB0100082 
BC-CCM-API-ADI-MOC No longer supported  HLB0100083 
BC-CCM-API-ADI-XPG No longer supported  HLB0100084 
BC-CCM-API-CSI Use Subcomponents  HLB0100086 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XBP eXternal Interface for Background Processing  HLB0100088 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XBR eXternal Interface for Backup & Recovery (Backint)  HLB0100087 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XMB No longer supported  HLB0100089 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XMI eXternal Management Interface Framework  HLB0100090 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XOM eXternal Interface for Output Management  HLB0100091 
BC-CCM-BTC Background Processing  HLB0100092 
BC-CCM-BTC-EXT External and Logical Commands  HLB0100253 
BC-CCM-BTC-JOB Job Scheduling and Monitoring  HLB0100252 
BC-CCM-BTC-RUN Background Processing Runtime Environment  HLB0100251 
BC-CCM-CNF Use Subcomponents  HLB0100093 
BC-CCM-CNF-GRP Workload Balancing and Group Management  HLB0100094 
BC-CCM-CNF-OPM Operation Modes  HLB0100095 
BC-CCM-CNF-PFL Maintain Profile  HLB0100096 
BC-CCM-DAG Data Aging  BYI3000974 
BC-CCM-FIL Platform-Independent File Names  B200000038 
BC-CCM-HAG Host Agent  B200004270 
BC-CCM-HAV High Availability  HLB0009775 
BC-CCM-MC SAP Management Console  B200003988 
BC-CCM-MON Monitoring  HLB0100097 
BC-CCM-MON-BEM Extrernal Monitoring for ByD  BYI3000182 
BC-CCM-MON-CAN Component Analyzer  B200001945 
BC-CCM-MON-DB Component to be replaced (see SAP Note 896273)  HLB0100098 
BC-CCM-MON-INF Informix Database Monitors  B200002448 
BC-CCM-MON-ORA Oracle Database Monitors  B200002449 
BC-CCM-MON-OS Operating System Monitors  HLB0100099 
BC-CCM-MON-R3S SAP System Monitors  HLB0100100 
BC-CCM-MON-SHM IMS: Agents and related topics  B200004138 
BC-CCM-MON-SLG SAP System Log  HLB0100101 
BC-CCM-MON-TUN Performance Monitors (TCC)  B200003519 
BC-CCM-PRN Print and Output Management  HLB0009773 
BC-CCM-PRN-DVM Device Management  HLB0100254 
BC-CCM-PRN-PC Printer Access via Frontend PC  HLB0100257 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP SAP Printer Vendor Program  B200004088 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-BR SAP Printer Vendor Program: Brother  B200004139 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-CN SAP Printer Vendor program: Canon  B200004529 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-DL SAP Printer Vendor Program: DELL  B200004140 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-EP SAP Printer Vendor Program: Epson  B200004141 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-FX SAP Printer Vendor program: Fuji Xerox  B200004298 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-HP SAP Printer Vendor Program: HP  B200004142 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-KO SAP Printer Vendor Program: Konica Minolta  B200004089 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-KY SAP Printer Vendor program: Kyocera  B200004143 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-LX SAP Printer Vendor program: Lexmark  B200004299 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-OC SAP Printer Vendor Program: Oce  B200004090 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-OK SAP Printer Vendor program: Oki  B200004458 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-RC SAP Printer Vendor program: Ricoh  B200004300 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-SH SAP Printer Vendor Program: Sharp  B200004091 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-SM SAP Printer Vendor program: Samsung  B200004271 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-TT SAP Printer Vendor program: Toshiba TEC  BYI3000011 
BC-CCM-PRN-SPO Spool System  HLB0100255 
BC-CCM-PRN-TMS TemSe (Temporary Sequential Objects Repository)  HLB0100256 
BC-CCM-SLD System Landscape Directory/Component Repository  B200001368 
BC-CCM-SLD-ABA System Landscape Directory ABAP Connectivity  BYI3001021 
BC-CCM-SLD-REG SLD registration utility sldreg[.exe]  BYI3001062 
BC-CCM-TAN Transaction TAANA for Table Analysis  B200001682 
BC-CCM-USR-PER Personalization  B200000250 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SCAI Central Administration Infrastructure 
SCMC_MONITORING CCMS Monitoring Console: Monitoring Architecture Adapter 
SCMC_SUPPORT CCMS Monitoring Console: Support for Domain Model / Cache 
SOSY Object System 
STUN_OLD STUN Backup (Due to List Conversion) 
XSEC40 Workplace Plug-in: Single Sign-On Administration 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in