SAP ABAP Application Component BC-CCM-PRN (Print and Output Management)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0009773  
Application Component ID BC-CCM-PRN  
Short Description   Print and Output Management  
First Release Date 19951105 
First Release   30B 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-CCM-PRN-DVM Device Management  HLB0100254 
BC-CCM-PRN-PC Printer Access via Frontend PC  HLB0100257 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP SAP Printer Vendor Program  B200004088 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-BR SAP Printer Vendor Program: Brother  B200004139 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-CN SAP Printer Vendor program: Canon  B200004529 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-DL SAP Printer Vendor Program: DELL  B200004140 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-EP SAP Printer Vendor Program: Epson  B200004141 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-FX SAP Printer Vendor program: Fuji Xerox  B200004298 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-HP SAP Printer Vendor Program: HP  B200004142 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-KO SAP Printer Vendor Program: Konica Minolta  B200004089 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-KY SAP Printer Vendor program: Kyocera  B200004143 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-LX SAP Printer Vendor program: Lexmark  B200004299 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-OC SAP Printer Vendor Program: Oce  B200004090 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-OK SAP Printer Vendor program: Oki  B200004458 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-RC SAP Printer Vendor program: Ricoh  B200004300 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-SH SAP Printer Vendor Program: Sharp  B200004091 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-SM SAP Printer Vendor program: Samsung  B200004271 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-TT SAP Printer Vendor program: Toshiba TEC  BYI3000011 
BC-CCM-PRN-SPO Spool System  HLB0100255 
BC-CCM-PRN-TMS TemSe (Temporary Sequential Objects Repository)  HLB0100256 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SPCPC Central Printer Configuration 
SPOADR ABAP based PDL drivers 
SPOC SAPconnect Spool Coupling 
SPOD Spool Documentation 
SPOO Spool 
SPOOL_CASCADING_FONTS Cascading Fonts Configurator 
SPOPI Printer / device type relation information 
S_FONT_SERVICES Font services 
S_FONT_SERVICES_TFR Typeface Repository 
S_FONT_SUPPLEMENTARY Supplementary functionality 
S_UPE_SERVICES Services for Unicode Printing Enhancement (UPE) 
S_XDC_SUPPLEMENTARY Supplementary functionalities for XDC 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in