SAP ABAP Application Component BC-I18 (Internationalization (I18N))
Basic Data
Application Component B200001832  
Application Component ID BC-I18  
Short Description   Internationalization (I18N)  
First Release Date 20040305 
First Release   700 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-I18-BID I18N BiDi  B200001835 
BC-I18-JAV I18N Java  B200001834 
BC-I18-UNI I18N Unicode  B200001833 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SCP SAP Code Pages 
SCPT Test and Demo Programs for BC-ABA-NL 
SI18N I18N Functions 
SI18N_TIME ABAP to JAVA TimeZone & DST Information 
SNL1 Scans for Code Page Problems (UPPER, LOWER) 
SNLSK Kernel NLS Development 
SXDS XML Documnet Service: Interfaces 
SXDS_MAIN XML Documnet Service: Interfaces 
SXDS_OOXML Implementation package of SXDS for OOXML 
SXDS_OOXML_DOCX implementation of docx functions 
SXDS_OOXML_XLSX XDS: Subpackage for Excel part 
SXDS_PACKAGE_FORMAT XDS: For documnets in package format, for example, OOXML,ODF 
S_DATA_PROC_REUSE Reusable data processing functions (almost no dependencies) 
S_OOXML_CORE OOXML Core Components 
S_OOXML_CROSS OpenXML Cross Topics and Tools 
S_OOXML_DOCX OpenXML/docx support 
S_OOXML_DOCX_FORM Docx and Form related 
S_OOXML_OFFICE OpenXML/office support 
S_OOXML_OPC OpenXML Packaging 
S_OOXML_PPTX OpenXML/pptx support 
S_OOXML_XLSX OpenXML/xlsx support 
S_OOXML_XPS Support for XML Paper Specification 
S_OOXML_XSL_FO OOXML:XSL-FO related topics 
S_XSLFO Extensible Stylesheet Language - Formatted Objects 
S_XSLFO_API XSL Formatter API and objects visible externally 
S_XSLFO_SUPPLEMENTARY Supplementary functionality developed for XSL Formatter 
S_XSLFO_SUPPLEMENTARY_IMAGE Supplementary image functionality 
S_XSLFO_SUPPLEMENTARY_XML Supplementary xml functionality 
S_XSL_FO_AREA_MODEL (obsolote prototype) XSL Formatted Objects Area Model 
S_XSL_FO_OBJECT_MODEL (obsolote prototype) XSL Formatted Objects Object Model 
S_XSL_FO_PROCESSOR XSL Formatted Objects Processor 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   700