SAP ABAP Application Component SV-SMG-SDD (Service Data Download)
Basic Data
Application Component B200001818  
Application Component ID SV-SMG-SDD  
Short Description   Service Data Download  
First Release Date 20040116 
First Release   700 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/BDL/BDL3N Already existing objects of SDCC in release 4* 
/BDL/BDL6 Service data download (releaseindependend) 
/BDL/MAIN Main package for /BDL/ 
/BDL/TASKMANAGER_6XX Task Manager (Release 6.xx dependent part) 
/SDF/DB6_INFR Data Collectors for DB6 - OO 
/SDF/DB6_INFR_7X Data Collectors for DB6 - OO 
/SDF/GSCD Global Support Customer Development 
/SDF/GSCD_6X Global Support Customer Development 
/SDF/INTEGR_VIS Data collectors ABAP based middleware technologies 
/SDF/MAIN Main package for /SDF/ 
/SDF/MAIN_7X Main Package for 7.x developments 
/SDF/SCT6 Enable the SMSY to maintain technical communications 
/SDF/STPI/RI Release-Independent Basis Add-On SLM 
/SDF/STPI_6X Release 6.XX dependent Basis Addon SLM 
/SDF/STPI_7X 7.x developments in ST-PI 
/SDF/STPI_DDIC DDIC for /SDF/STPI Development 
/SMI/MAIN Solution Manager Integration 
/SMI/MAIN_PACKAGE Main package for /SMI/ 
/SOMO/MA Solution Monitoring: Data Suppliers, etc. for Mon. Archit. 
/SOMO/MAIN Main package for /SOMO/ 
/SOMO/MA_6X_MAIN Release >=6.XX: Solution Monitoring: Data Suppliers 
/SQLR/MAIN Main package for /SQLR/ 
/SQLR/RI SQLR Summary Download 
BDL Service data download 
BDL3 Service data download (as of R/3 Release 3.x) 
BDL6N Service data download (releaseindependend) 
BDL6N_6XX Service data download (Release 6.xx dependent part) 
BSTPI_STRUCTURE Structure package for ST-PI 
CUSTOM_CODE_MANAGEMENT Custom Code Management 
DDICOBJS_STPI Dictionary Objects for ST-PI 
DSVAS_ABA_SSFSAIF interface standard to addon ST-A/P 
SCMO Package SCMO 
SCUI Customer Info Project 
SDF_CCMS_CON Interface Between Service Download and CCMS 
SEWA Early Watch Alert 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   700