SAP ABAP Application Component SV (Service)
Basic Data
Application Component B200000092  
Application Component ID SV  
Short Description   Service  
First Release Date 19981202 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
SV-ASA ASAP (AcceleratedSAP)  HLB0006920 
SV-ASA-ADD ASAP Tools and Contents  B200000252 
SV-ASA-ADD-SMC Solution Map Composer  B200004568 
SV-ASA-IA Implementation Assistant  HLB0100196 
SV-ASA-ML Master Lists  HLB0006326 
SV-ASA-PE Project Estimation  HLB0009172 
SV-ASA-PRE Preconfigured Systems  HLB0100263 
SV-ASA-QAD Question & Answer Database  HLB0006327 
SV-ASA-RDM ASAP Roadmap  B200003388 
SV-ASA-REF SAP Reference Structure  HLB0009788 
SV-BO Back Office Service Delivery  B200003478 
SV-BO-BI Business Information  B200003479 
SV-BO-CRM Service Delivery CRM  B200003469 
SV-BO-DB Database Performance Problems  B200003480 
SV-BO-EP Service Delivery NW EP  B200003470 
SV-BO-EWA Early Watch Alert  B200003471 
SV-BO-REQ Request for Remote Service  B200003472 
SV-BO-SCM Service Delivery SCM  B200003473 
SV-BO-SW Session Workbench Problems  B200003474 
SV-BO-XI Service Delivery XI  B200003475 
SV-FDB Feedback Messages  B200000242 
SV-FDB-CUS Installation/Customizing  B200000246 
SV-FDB-INT Interface to SAP; record feedback  B200000247 
SV-FDB-NTF Process R/3 Messages (In-house Support / CCC)  B200000248 
SV-GST Generic Service tools  B200000243 
SV-GST-SDD Service data download  B200000245 
SV-SMB Small and Medium-Sized Businesses  B200001519 
SV-SMB-AIO mySAP All-in-One  B200001620 
SV-SMB-AIO-PSF Preconfigured Smart Forms  B200001520 
SV-SMB-OSD SAP One Server  B200001619 
SV-SMG Solution Manager  B200001518 
SV-SMG-ADM System Administration and Planning  B200004129 
SV-SMG-ADM-CNM Central Notification Management  BYI3000035 
SV-SMG-ADM-CNT Guided Procedure Content Repository  BYI3001164 
SV-SMG-ADM-CSA Central System Administration  B200004358 
SV-SMG-ADM-DTM Downtime/Work Mode Management  B200004359 
SV-SMG-ADM-MDM MDM System Administration  B200004258 
SV-SMG-ADM-TSK Task Management  B200004360 
SV-SMG-ASU Application-Specific Upgrade  B200003468 
SV-SMG-AUT SAP Solution Manager Authorization  BYI3000042 
SV-SMG-BPR Business Process Repository  B200001521 
SV-SMG-CCM Custom Code Management  BYI3001161 
SV-SMG-CCM-CDM Custom Development Management Cockpit  B200004228 
SV-SMG-CDB Integration of Configuration Management Database  BYI3000325 
SV-SMG-CM Change Request Management  B200001899 
SV-SMG-CON Content Delivery  B200001688 
SV-SMG-DIA Solution Manager Diagnostics  B200003189 
SV-SMG-DIA-APP Applications  B200004365 
SV-SMG-DIA-APP-CA Change Analysis + Reporting, Configuration Validation, CCDB  B200004369 
SV-SMG-DIA-APP-EA Exception Analysis  B200004368 
SV-SMG-DIA-APP-EM Exception Management  BYI3000323 
SV-SMG-DIA-APP-OSD OS & DB Analysis  B200004370 
SV-SMG-DIA-APP-TA Trace Analysis  B200004371 
SV-SMG-DIA-APP-WA Workload Analysis  B200004372 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV Infrastructure/Framework  B200004361 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-AGT Agent Framework  B200004373 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-CHK Self-Checks  B200004362 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-EFW Extraction Framework  B200004374 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-HPI HTTP plug-in (client side)/Correlation ID Library  B200004375 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-LSC Landscape registration  B200004376 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-NAT Support for native component  B200004377 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-NAV Navigation Framework  B200004378 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-SET Setup Framwork / Self-Monitoring Framwork  B200004379 
SV-SMG-DIA-WLY Solution Manager Introscope Integration  B200004569 
SV-SMG-DIA-WLY-BCA Byte Code Agent Setup  BYI3000043 
SV-SMG-DIA-WLY-EMS Enterprise Manager Setup  BYI3000044 
SV-SMG-DIA-WLY-HST Host Adapter  BYI3000045 
SV-SMG-DIA-WLY-LIB Library  BYI3000046 
SV-SMG-DIR Solution Directory  B200001929 
SV-SMG-DOC Application Help for SAP Solution Manager  BYI3001085 
SV-SMG-DS SAP Solution Manager Download Service  BYI3001162 
SV-SMG-DVM Data Volume Management  BYI3000001 
SV-SMG-GAL SolMan Unified Directory Graphical Display  BYI3001163 
SV-SMG-GPF Guided Procedure Framework  BYI3000592 
SV-SMG-GPF-AUT Guided Procedure Authoring  BYI3000593 
SV-SMG-GPF-CTU Guided Procedure Content Update  BYI3000595 
SV-SMG-GPF-EXE Guided Procedure Execution  BYI3000594 
SV-SMG-ICC Innovation Control Center  BYI3000952 
SV-SMG-ICO Implementation Content  B200002439 
SV-SMG-ICO-BOJ Business Objects  SL20000064 
SV-SMG-ICO-CRM Customer Relationship Management  SL20000001 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP Enterprise Resource Planning  SL20000002 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-CPR Project Portfolio Management  SL20000027 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-CS Service  SL20000028 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-EHS Environment, Health and Safety  SL20000029 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-FIN Financials  SL20000030 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-HCM Human Capital Management  SL20000031 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-PDM Product Development and Manufacturing  SL20000032 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-PLE Procurement and Logistics Execution  SL20000033 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-QM Quality Management  SL20000034 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-RE Real Estate Management  SL20000035 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-SD Sales  SL20000036 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-TRA Travel Management  SL20000037 
SV-SMG-ICO-EWM Enterprise Warehouse Management  SL20000045 
SV-SMG-ICO-FBS Focused Business Solutions  SL20000063 
SV-SMG-ICO-FI Financials  SL20000003 
SV-SMG-ICO-FND Business Suite Foundation  SL20000067 
SV-SMG-ICO-GBT Global Batch Traceability  SL20000061 
SV-SMG-ICO-GTS Global Trade Services  SL20000046 
SV-SMG-ICO-HR Human Resources  SL20000004 
SV-SMG-ICO-IA SAP for Automotive  SL20000005 
SV-SMG-ICO-IAD SAP for Aerospace and Defense  SL20000006 
SV-SMG-ICO-ICH SAP for Chemicals  SL20000007 
SV-SMG-ICO-ICP SAP for Consumer Products  SL20000008 
SV-SMG-ICO-IDS SAP for Defense & Security  SL20000050 
SV-SMG-ICO-IEC SAP for Engineering, Construction & Operations  SL20000048 
SV-SMG-ICO-IER SAP for Higher Education & Research  SL20000052 
SV-SMG-ICO-IFS SAP for Banking  SL20000009 
SV-SMG-ICO-IHE SAP for Healthcare  SL20000051 
SV-SMG-ICO-IHT SAP for High Tech  SL20000010 
SV-SMG-ICO-IIM SAP for Industrial Machinery & Components  SL20000011 
SV-SMG-ICO-IIN SAP for Insurance  SL20000012 
SV-SMG-ICO-IM SAP for Media  SL20000013 
SV-SMG-ICO-IMI SAP for Mill Products  SL20000014 
SV-SMG-ICO-IMN SAP for Mining  SL20000049 
SV-SMG-ICO-IOG SAP for Oil and Gas  SL20000015 
SV-SMG-ICO-IPH SAP for Life Science  SL20000016 
SV-SMG-ICO-IPR SAP for Professional Services  SL20000017 
SV-SMG-ICO-IPS SAP for Public Sector  SL20000018 
SV-SMG-ICO-IRE SAP for Retail  SL20000019 
SV-SMG-ICO-IT SAP for Telecommunications  SL20000020 
SV-SMG-ICO-ITL SAP for Travel and Logistics Services  SL20000053 
SV-SMG-ICO-IU SAP for Utilities  SL20000021 
SV-SMG-ICO-IWD SAP for Wholesale Distribution  SL20000055 
SV-SMG-ICO-IWR SAP for Waste and Recycling  SL20000054 
SV-SMG-ICO-MFC Manufacturing  SL20000047 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW SAP NetWeaver  SL20000022 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-ASA SAP NetWeaver - AS ABAP  SL20000038 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-ASJ SAP NetWeaver - AS Java  SL20000039 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-BI SAP NetWeaver - BI  SL20000040 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-EP SAP NetWeaver - Enterprise Portal and EPC  SL20000041 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-GW SAP NetWeaver - Gateway  SL20000065 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-MDM SAP NetWeaver - Master Data Management  SL20000066 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-MI SAP NetWeaver - MI  SL20000042 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-PI SAP NetWeaver - PI  SL20000043 
SV-SMG-ICO-PLM Product Lifecycle Management  SL20000023 
SV-SMG-ICO-SCM Supply Chain Management  SL20000024 
SV-SMG-ICO-SEA SAP Service and Asset Management  SL20000025 
SV-SMG-ICO-SLC Solution Lifecycle Management  SL20000068 
SV-SMG-ICO-SMG SAP Solution Manager  SL20000062 
SV-SMG-ICO-SRM Supplier Relationship Management  SL20000026 
SV-SMG-ICO-TM Transportation Management  SL20000044 
SV-SMG-IFM SAP IT Infrastructure Management  BYI3000435 
SV-SMG-IFM-CDB Integration in Configuration Management Database  BYI3000326 
SV-SMG-IFM-CHM Integration in Change Request Management  BYI3000437 
SV-SMG-IFM-INC Integration in Incident Management  BYI3000436 
SV-SMG-IFM-MON Integration in Monitoring and Alerting  BYI3000438 
SV-SMG-IMP Solution Manager Implementation  B200001309 
SV-SMG-IMP-BIM Business Blueprint/Implementation  B200001528 
SV-SMG-IMP-CTC Automatic Technical Configuration  BYI3000036 
SV-SMG-IMP-DIS Customizing Distribution  B200001730 
SV-SMG-IMP-ELM E-Learning Management  B200001930 
SV-SMG-IMP-PAD Project Management  B200001529 
SV-SMG-IMP-RDM Roadmap Functionality  B200004478 
SV-SMG-IMP-SEA Scope and Effort Analyzer  BYI3000925 
SV-SMG-IMP-WPB Workforce Performance Builder Interface  BYI3000931 
SV-SMG-INS Solution Manager Installation, Configuration and Upgrade  B200001689 
SV-SMG-INS-AGT Installation of Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent  BYI3000926 
SV-SMG-INS-CFG Solution Manager System Set-Up and Configuration  BYI3000321 
SV-SMG-INS-CFG-BSC Basis Configuration  BYI3000922 
SV-SMG-INS-CFG-MNG Managed System Configuration  BYI3000923 
SV-SMG-INS-CFG-SYP System Preparation  BYI3000921 
SV-SMG-INS-DIA Configuration of Root Cause Analysis-related infrastructure  BYI3000924 
SV-SMG-ISM Issue Management  B200004234 
SV-SMG-LDB Landscape Management  BYI3000037 
SV-SMG-LDB-CLV Common Landscape Visualization  BYI3000841 
SV-SMG-LDB-LC Logical Components  BYI3000842 
SV-SMG-LIC License Management/Maintenance Certificate  B200004229 
SV-SMG-LV Landscape Verification for Solution Manager  BYI3000038 
SV-SMG-MAI Maintenance Optimizer  B200003389 
SV-SMG-MAI-APR Approval Process  B200004488 
SV-SMG-MAI-FWK Maintenance Optimizer Framework  BYI3000039 
SV-SMG-MON Monitoring & Alerting  B200001858 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR Monitoring/Alerting/Reporting Infrastructure  B200004128 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-CFG Alert/Metric Configuration  B200004241 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-CLC Alert Calculation Engine  B200004239 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-CNS Alert Inbox/Processor  B200004240 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-CNT Monitoring and Alerting Contents  BYI3000843 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-DIR Alert/Metric Directory  B200004499 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-IRD Reporting and Dashboard Infrastructure  BYI3000432 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-PRV Metric/Event Provider Connector  B200004238 
SV-SMG-MON-BPM Business Process Monitoring  B200004479 
SV-SMG-MON-BPM-ANA Analysis  BYI3001191 
SV-SMG-MON-BPM-DAS Infrastructure for Business Process Operation Dashboards  BYI3001192 
SV-SMG-MON-BPM-DCM Data Consistency Management  BYI3001193 
SV-SMG-MON-BPM-MON Monitoring  BYI3001194 
SV-SMG-MON-EEM End User Experience Monitoring  B200004501 
SV-SMG-MON-IPO Interface & Process Orchestration Monitoring  BYI3001081 
SV-SMG-MON-IPO-CON Connection Monitoring  B200004500 
SV-SMG-MON-IPO-IC Interface Monitoring  BYI3000551 
SV-SMG-MON-IPO-MF Message Flow Monitoring  BYI3001083 
SV-SMG-MON-IPO-PI PI Monitoring  B200004502 
SV-SMG-MON-JBI Job and BI Monitoring  BYI3001082 
SV-SMG-MON-JBI-BI BI (Techn.) Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager  BYI3000141 
SV-SMG-MON-JBI-JOB Unified Job Monitoring  BYI3000951 
SV-SMG-MON-REP Technical Monitoring Reporting Contents  BYI3000431 
SV-SMG-MON-SFM Self-Monitoring for Monitoring and Alerting  BYI3000041 
SV-SMG-MON-SLR Service Level Reporting  B200004480 
SV-SMG-MON-SYS System Monitoring  B200004481 
SV-SMG-MP KPI Measurement Platform  BYI3001084 
SV-SMG-OP Solution Directory  B200001298 
SV-SMG-PSM Process Scheduling Management  B200003939 
SV-SMG-QC Adapter for SAP Quality Center by HP  B200003940 
SV-SMG-RQM IBM Rational Quality Manager Connector  BYI3000047 
SV-SMG-RSC Remote Support Component  BYI3000002 
SV-SMG-SDA Solution Documentation Assistant  B200004230 
SV-SMG-SDD Service Data Download  B200001818 
SV-SMG-SDG SAP Solution Manager Self-Diagnosis  B200004231 
SV-SMG-SEP Support Enablement Package  B200003398 
SV-SMG-SER SAP Support Services  B200001308 
SV-SMG-SER-ESR Enterprise Support Report  B200004570 
SV-SMG-SER-EWA EarlyWatch Alert  B200004468 
SV-SMG-SER-GSS Guided Self-Services  BYI3000953 
SV-SMG-SER-PSL PSLE Report BI Self-Service  BYI3000433 
SV-SMG-SER-RFW Report Framework BI Self-Service  BYI3000434 
SV-SMG-SPA SAP ProductivityPak RWD Adapter  B200004232 
SV-SMG-SR System Recommendations for Managed Systems  BYI3000322 
SV-SMG-SUP Service Desk/Incident Managment  B200001621 
SV-SMG-SUP-FDB Incoming Message  B200001819 
SV-SMG-SUP-IFA Interface to External Service Desk Application  B200004482 
SV-SMG-SUP-INT Interface to SAP  B200001821 
SV-SMG-SUP-ISV Service Desk for Software Partners  B200004498 
SV-SMG-SUP-NTF Message Processing  B200001820 
SV-SMG-SUP-REP Message Reporting  BYI3000040 
SV-SMG-SUP-TBI Business Objects Test Messages at SAP  BYI3000324 
SV-SMG-SUP-TST Test Messages to SAP  B200004483 
SV-SMG-SVC Solution Manager Service Connection Management  B200003238 
SV-SMG-SVD Service Delivery (and Planning)  B200004233 
SV-SMG-SVD-GSS Framework Guided Self-Services  BYI3000591 
SV-SMG-SVD-SSP Service Session Prepare Step  BYI3000552 
SV-SMG-SVD-SWB Service Session Workbench  B200000244 
SV-SMG-SYS Solution Manager System Landscape  B200001731 
SV-SMG-TAO Test Acceleration and Optimization  B200004448 
SV-SMG-TRP Traceability Package  B200004079 
SV-SMG-TWB Test Management  B200004348 
SV-SMG-TWB-BCA Business Process Change Analyzer  B200004349 
SV-SMG-TWB-CBT Component-Based Test Automation  BYI3000801 
SV-SMG-TWB-PLN Test Plan Management  B200001530 
SV-SMG-TWB-REP BI-Based Test Management Reporting  B200004350 
SV-SMG-TWB-SRT Standard Regression Testing  BYI3000802 
SV-SMG-TWB-TCE Test Composition Environment  BYI3000803 
SV-SMG-UAE Quick Upgrade Analyse & Evaluation Services  B200004363 
SV-SMG-UMP Product Usage Measurement  BYI3000327 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
BP_ROADMAP Best Practices Roadmap 
SDVS KW: DVS MEta Model and Interfaces 
SSAPTERM_SV Terminology & Glossary: Translation SV 
SSVM Application component SV 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
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