SAP ABAP Application Component SV-SMG-OP (Solution Directory)
Basic Data
Application Component B200001298  
Application Component ID SV-SMG-OP  
Short Description   Solution Directory  
First Release Date 20010608 
First Release   620 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AGS_DATA_EXCHANGE Data Exchange (Solution Manager Operations) 
AGS_DSWP_EXT DSWP Enhancements 
AI_GSAP SAP Global Service Access Point 
AI_OBID Object Identity and Versioning 
AI_SOLAR_SAMO_CODEGEN ABAP Management Object Repository Data 
AI_SOLDIR_EVAL Reporting in Solution Directory 
DARCH Archiving 
DMD Generic Master Data for SAP Solution Manager 
DMDG Graphical Interface for Data Model 
DMD_E Generic data for Solution Manager 
DMD_E_NO_TRANSLATION DMD tables that should not be translated 
DMD_STAT Support functions for statistics 
DSMON Interface SolMan / Service Assistent - Monitoring Architektu 
DSVAS_WF Service Session Workflow 
DSWP SAP Solution Manager (formerly Support Workplace) 
DSWP_CI DSWP: Werkzeuge fuer Continuous Improvement 
DSWP_CI_ES Enterprise Services for Issue Management 
DSWP_CRM Link: SAP Solution Manager - CRM 
DSWP_CSDCC CSDCC: Central SDCC for Non-ABAP Components 
DSWP_EN Solution Manager Operation 
DSWP_EWASDCCN Service Infrastructure and Early Watch Alert (Main) 
DSWP_EWASDCCN_DE Service Infrastructure and Early Watch Alert (German) 
DSWP_EWASDCCN_EN Service Infrastructure and Early Watch Alert (English) 
DSWP_ISSUE_MANAGEMENT Issue Management of SAP Solution Manager 
DSWP_M Solution Manager: Regelwerkspflege 
DSWP_MOBILE Mobile Solution Manager 
DSWP_NOTIFICATION_MANAGER Handling of notifications, reminders etc in Solution Manager 
DSWP_SERVICE_SESSION_ADMIN Session Workbench interfaces, SDCCN control 
DSWP_SOLUTION_UTILITIES Tools to Copy Solutions between Systems, B&R 
SDTS Downtime Planning 
SDTS0 DTS Persistence 
SDTS1 API for Editing and Reading Downtime Schedule 
SDTS2 API for Querying the Downtime Schedule 
SDTS3 DTS Logging 
SDTST Internal Tests of Downtime Planning 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   620