SAP ABAP Application Component SV-SMG-ICO (Implementation Content)
Basic Data
Application Component B200002439  
Application Component ID SV-SMG-ICO  
Short Description   Implementation Content  
First Release Date 20041126 
First Release   700 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
SV-SMG-ICO-BOJ Business Objects  SL20000064 
SV-SMG-ICO-CRM Customer Relationship Management  SL20000001 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP Enterprise Resource Planning  SL20000002 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-CPR Project Portfolio Management  SL20000027 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-CS Service  SL20000028 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-EHS Environment, Health and Safety  SL20000029 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-FIN Financials  SL20000030 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-HCM Human Capital Management  SL20000031 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-PDM Product Development and Manufacturing  SL20000032 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-PLE Procurement and Logistics Execution  SL20000033 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-QM Quality Management  SL20000034 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-RE Real Estate Management  SL20000035 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-SD Sales  SL20000036 
SV-SMG-ICO-ERP-TRA Travel Management  SL20000037 
SV-SMG-ICO-EWM Enterprise Warehouse Management  SL20000045 
SV-SMG-ICO-FBS Focused Business Solutions  SL20000063 
SV-SMG-ICO-FI Financials  SL20000003 
SV-SMG-ICO-FND Business Suite Foundation  SL20000067 
SV-SMG-ICO-GBT Global Batch Traceability  SL20000061 
SV-SMG-ICO-GTS Global Trade Services  SL20000046 
SV-SMG-ICO-HR Human Resources  SL20000004 
SV-SMG-ICO-IA SAP for Automotive  SL20000005 
SV-SMG-ICO-IAD SAP for Aerospace and Defense  SL20000006 
SV-SMG-ICO-ICH SAP for Chemicals  SL20000007 
SV-SMG-ICO-ICP SAP for Consumer Products  SL20000008 
SV-SMG-ICO-IDS SAP for Defense & Security  SL20000050 
SV-SMG-ICO-IEC SAP for Engineering, Construction & Operations  SL20000048 
SV-SMG-ICO-IER SAP for Higher Education & Research  SL20000052 
SV-SMG-ICO-IFS SAP for Banking  SL20000009 
SV-SMG-ICO-IHE SAP for Healthcare  SL20000051 
SV-SMG-ICO-IHT SAP for High Tech  SL20000010 
SV-SMG-ICO-IIM SAP for Industrial Machinery & Components  SL20000011 
SV-SMG-ICO-IIN SAP for Insurance  SL20000012 
SV-SMG-ICO-IM SAP for Media  SL20000013 
SV-SMG-ICO-IMI SAP for Mill Products  SL20000014 
SV-SMG-ICO-IMN SAP for Mining  SL20000049 
SV-SMG-ICO-IOG SAP for Oil and Gas  SL20000015 
SV-SMG-ICO-IPH SAP for Life Science  SL20000016 
SV-SMG-ICO-IPR SAP for Professional Services  SL20000017 
SV-SMG-ICO-IPS SAP for Public Sector  SL20000018 
SV-SMG-ICO-IRE SAP for Retail  SL20000019 
SV-SMG-ICO-IT SAP for Telecommunications  SL20000020 
SV-SMG-ICO-ITL SAP for Travel and Logistics Services  SL20000053 
SV-SMG-ICO-IU SAP for Utilities  SL20000021 
SV-SMG-ICO-IWD SAP for Wholesale Distribution  SL20000055 
SV-SMG-ICO-IWR SAP for Waste and Recycling  SL20000054 
SV-SMG-ICO-MFC Manufacturing  SL20000047 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW SAP NetWeaver  SL20000022 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-ASA SAP NetWeaver - AS ABAP  SL20000038 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-ASJ SAP NetWeaver - AS Java  SL20000039 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-BI SAP NetWeaver - BI  SL20000040 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-EP SAP NetWeaver - Enterprise Portal and EPC  SL20000041 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-GW SAP NetWeaver - Gateway  SL20000065 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-MDM SAP NetWeaver - Master Data Management  SL20000066 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-MI SAP NetWeaver - MI  SL20000042 
SV-SMG-ICO-NW-PI SAP NetWeaver - PI  SL20000043 
SV-SMG-ICO-PLM Product Lifecycle Management  SL20000023 
SV-SMG-ICO-SCM Supply Chain Management  SL20000024 
SV-SMG-ICO-SEA SAP Service and Asset Management  SL20000025 
SV-SMG-ICO-SLC Solution Lifecycle Management  SL20000068 
SV-SMG-ICO-SMG SAP Solution Manager  SL20000062 
SV-SMG-ICO-SRM Supplier Relationship Management  SL20000026 
SV-SMG-ICO-TM Transportation Management  SL20000044 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AI_SOLAR_LIB_GEN Basic Solution Manager Data 
AI_SOLAR_LIB_GEN_BSG Solution Manager Basic Data: Business Scenario Groups 
AI_SOLAR_LIB_GEN_SOL Solution Manager Grunddaten: Solutions 
BPR_AKH Application Component Hierarchy SV-SMG-ICO* 
BPR_JO BPR Test Package Joachim 
BPR_ROLES Package for Roles & Authorizations 
BPR_TEST test 
RM_MCCIV_ROADMAP_V2 Roadmap MCC IV # Version 2 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   700