SAP ABAP Application Component SV-SMG-SUP (Service Desk/Incident Managment)
Basic Data
Application Component B200001621  
Application Component ID SV-SMG-SUP  
Short Description   Service Desk/Incident Managment  
First Release Date 20021015 
First Release   630 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
SV-SMG-SUP-FDB Incoming Message  B200001819 
SV-SMG-SUP-IFA Interface to External Service Desk Application  B200004482 
SV-SMG-SUP-INT Interface to SAP  B200001821 
SV-SMG-SUP-ISV Service Desk for Software Partners  B200004498 
SV-SMG-SUP-NTF Message Processing  B200001820 
SV-SMG-SUP-REP Message Reporting  BYI3000040 
SV-SMG-SUP-TBI Business Objects Test Messages at SAP  BYI3000324 
SV-SMG-SUP-TST Test Messages to SAP  B200004483 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AGS_INCIDENT_EXCHANGE Incident Management Message Exchange 
AGS_INCIDENT_MAN Incident Management related APIs, UIs and functions 
AGS_SD_ADAPTER_API Generic 3rd-Party Service Desk Integration 
AGS_SD_ADAPTER_IBM Service Desk Integration for IBM Rational Quality Manager 
AGS_SD_GDAPI Service Desk General Device API 
AGS_SP_TOOLS Tools for Service Provider - Service Desk 
AI_CRM_IBASE_IF iBase Interfaces 
AI_CRM_IM Incident Management CRM Infrastructure 
AI_CRM_IM_EXT Incident Management CRM Extensions 
AI_CRM_IM_UI Incident Management CRM Infrastructure UI 
AI_SOLAR_CHM Super package for CRM packages affected by retro fit 
AI_SOLAR_CRM_IC_WC Service Desk - IC Web Client 
AI_SOLAR_IMG_DE Implementation Guide for ST-SUP, DE Objects 
AI_SOLAR_IMG_STSUP Implementation Guide for ST-SUP 
AI_SOLAR_INTERFACE_SD Solution Manager Service Desk Interfaces 
AI_SOLAR_SDK_BASE Integration Service Desk (Group Message) 
AI_SOLAR_SDK_ISV Service Desk for ISV 
AI_SOLAR_SDK_SP Service Desk for Service Provider 
AI_SOLAR_STK_CF_MIGRATION Group Message Migration 
AI_SOLMAN_NOTIF Solution Manager: Messages 
AI_SOLMAN_SDK_MONITOR Enhancements for Transaction Monitor 
AI_SOLMAN_SVCP_EXTRACTORS Solution Manager Service Provider Reporting Extractors 
AI_STSUP_STRUCTURE OLD: Former Software Component ST-SUP 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   630