SAP ABAP Application Component BC-BMT-WFM (SAP Business Workflow)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0009014  
Application Component ID BC-BMT-WFM  
Short Description   SAP Business Workflow  
First Release Date 19950201 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-BMT-WFM-BND Data Flow & Output  B200001771 
BC-BMT-WFM-DEF Definition Time  B200001769 
BC-BMT-WFM-EVT Event Manager  B200001770 
BC-BMT-WFM-MON Monitoring & Reporting  B200001772 
BC-BMT-WFM-NOT WebFlow Notifications  B200001774 
BC-BMT-WFM-RUN Runtime  B200001768 
BC-BMT-WFM-WEB Web Integration  B200001773 
BC-BMT-WFM-WLC Workflow Inbox  B200001775 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SBPT_FWWP Framework for Workplace 
SBPT_GUI GUI Components 
SBPT_WIZARDS Wizards: Wizard Builder and Runtime System 
SINW Workflow: Interface Inbox for Business Workflow 
SOBJ Workflow Object Types: Release 2.1 
SPA_DEMO Process Architecture: Demonstration Examples 
SPA_ESI Process Architecture: ESI Integration 
SWA Business Workflow: Expressions, binding 
SWAD Workflow Administration 
SWB Business Workflow: Condition Editor & Start Conditions 
SWD Business Workflow: Process Definition 
SWD_CHK Business Workflow: Content Checks 
SWE Business Workflow: Events 
SWF Business Workflow: Wizards 
SWF0 BPT: Workflow Engine 
SWF1 BPT: Workflow Definition 
SWF2 BPT: Workflow Tools 
SWF_ADM Workflow: Administration 
SWF_ALM Workflow: Alert Monitor Connection 
SWF_API Workflow API / XML Interface 
SWF_BND Workflow: Data Flow 
SWF_BPML Business Workflow: BPML 
SWF_BRF Workflow and Business Rule Framework 
SWF_CNT Workflow: Container 
SWF_CNT_SRV Workflow: Container Services 
SWF_CRL Workflow: Correlations 
SWF_CST Workflow: Customizing 
SWF_DEADL_CONF Workflow: Deadline configuration 
SWF_DEF Workflow: Definition 
SWF_EVT Workflow: Events 
SWF_EXP Workflow: Expressions 
SWF_FRM Workflow: Forms 
SWF_HTTP Incorporation of External Services with HTTP into a Workflow 
SWF_IFS Workflow: Interfaces 
SWF_LOG Workflow: Log Manager 
SWF_MAIL Workflow: Connection to Mail System 
SWF_MIG Workflow: Database Table Migration 
SWF_MIG_SOURCE Functions for Migration Source System 
SWF_MIG_TARGET Functions for Migration Target System 
SWF_MOD Workflow: Modeling Objects 
SWF_PF Utilities for Performance Measurements 
SWF_POWL Business Workflow: Worklist in POWL 
SWF_POWL_UI Business Workflow: Worklist in POWL (UI Elements) 
SWF_RDG Workflow: Runtime/Dialog 
SWF_REP Workflow: Reporting 
SWF_RLS Rules - Workflow Rules and Rule Systems 
SWF_RUN Workflow: Runtime 
SWF_RUN_UI Workflow: Runtime (UI Elements) 
SWF_SLS Deadline Service - Deadline Monitoring 
SWF_SWR Workflow: Internal Implementation for API Layer 
SWF_TRC Workflow: Trace 
SWF_TRC_DEMO Demonstration for Reusing Workflow Trace 
SWF_TST Workflow: Test Objects 
SWF_TXT Workflow: Text Object 
SWF_UTL Workflow: Tools 
SWF_VER Business Workflow: Verification 
SWF_VMD Workflow: Visualization Metadata 
SWF_WIZ Workflow: Wizards 
SWF_WORKFLOW SAP Business Workflow 
SWF_WSC Client Part for Web Service Execution in Workflow 
SWF_XML Workflow: XML 
SWG Workflow: Temporary development class 
SWH Business Workflow: Objects for Demos,Test,Docu,Performance 
SWI Business Workflow: Information System 
SWJ_PPF Workflow Output Medium in PPF 
SWK Workflow Plugin for Workplace 
SWL Business Workflow: Worklist Client 
SWLWP Workflow: Workplace Server Part 
SWM Business Workflow: Error Messages 
SWN Business Workflow: E-Mail Notifications for Work Items 
SWN_TEST Business Workflow: Tests for Email Notifications 
SWN_UWL Business Workflow: Notifications for UWL 
SWP Business Workflow: Processor 
SWR Business Workflow: WAPI Interfaces 
SWR1 Diverse Utilities 
SWRD Workflow: Definition Time 
SWR_DEPRECATED Business Workflow: Obsolete Interfaces 
SWR_LOCAL Business Workflow: Interfaces (Not Remote-Enabled) 
SWR_UI Business Workflow: WAPI Interfaces (UI Element) 
SWT Business Workflow: Workflow Trace Functions 
SWU Business Workflow: Utility Functions (Package-Independent) 
SWUO Business Workflow: Office Integration 
SWUV Business Workflow: Desktop Objects 
SWW Business Workflow: Work Items 
SWW_UI Business Workflow: Workitems (UI Element) 
SWX Business Workflow: Utilities 
SWY_TASK_FORM Form or Screen from Task Container 
SWZ Business Workflow: Work Queue 
S_BPT_WIZARDS Wizards: Wizard Builder and Wizard Runtime System 
XWFC SAP Business Workflow: Customizing 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in