SAP ABAP Application Component BC (Basis Components)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0009009  
Application Component ID BC  
Short Description   Basis Components  
First Release Date 19950201 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-ABA ABAP Runtime Environment  HLB0009083 
BC-ABA-LA Syntax, Compiler, Runtime  HLB0100065 
BC-ABA-LA-EPC Extended Program Check (SLIN)  BYI3000973 
BC-ABA-LA-OBS Object Services  B200000042 
BC-ABA-LI List Processing  HLB0100064 
BC-ABA-NL Use BC-I18  HLB0100066 
BC-ABA-SC UI Services, Screen, Batch Input  HLB0100067 
BC-ABA-TO Logical DB, Selection Screens, Selection Variants  HLB0100068 
BC-ABA-TV Transaction Variant and Table Control Settings  B200001278 
BC-ABA-XML ABAP XML Processing  B200003352 
BC-AC Adaptive Computing - Use subcomponents  B200003298 
BC-AC-1XX Adaptive Computing Controller 1.xx  B200003948 
BC-AC-7XX Adaptive Computing Controller 7.xx  B200003949 
BC-AC-CFG Administration and Configuration  B200003299 
BC-AC-ENG Core Engine Services  B200003300 
BC-ACD Wide Area Networks (WAN) Acceleration - AccAD  B200003616 
BC-ACD-IDR Accelerated Application Delivery - Engine (Linux)  B200003620 
BC-ACD-INS Accelerated Application Delivery - Engine - installation  B200004200 
BC-ACD-NEO Accelerated Application Delivery - NEO Development  BYI3000601 
BC-ACD-OEM Accelerated Application Delivery - OOEM Development  BYI3000602 
BC-ACD-RUN Accelerated Application Delivery - Administration  B200003617 
BC-ACD-WIN Accelerated Application Delivery - Windows Client  B200003998 
BC-ADM System Administration  HLB0009776 
BC-ADM-PRN Printer Administration  HLB0009777 
BC-BE-CUS-BNW Business Navigator Web  HLB0100209 
BC-BE-CUS-CFG R/3 Business Configurator  HLB0100205 
BC-BE-CUS-CFG-CCF Customizing Navigation  HLB0100208 
BC-BE-CUS-CFG-MCF Model Configuration  HLB0100206 
BC-BE-ICM Implementation Support  HLB0100195 
BC-BE-ICM-ASP AcceleratedSAP  HLB0100262 
BC-BE-ICM-PMG Project Management  HLB0100197 
BC-BE-RMC R/3 Reference Model  HLB0006921 
BC-BE-RMC-COH Component Hierarchy  HLB0100183 
BC-BE-RMC-GRM Group Models  HLB0100192 
BC-BE-RMC-ORG R/3 Reference Model Organizational Units  HLB0009787 
BC-BE-RMC-PRO Process Model  HLB0100184 
BC-BE-TEI Templates + IDES  HLB0100201 
BC-BEW-ALY R/3 Analyzer  HLB0006924 
BC-BMT Business Management  HLB0100190 
BC-BMT-BPM Please use subcomponents  B200003508 
BC-BMT-BPM-ANA Process Analytics and Reporting  B200004268 
BC-BMT-BPM-BAM Business Activity Monitoring for BPM  BYI3000171 
BC-BMT-BPM-CEL BPMN2 Core Editor Layer  BYI3000821 
BC-BMT-BPM-CMP Process Composer  B200003509 
BC-BMT-BPM-CPM Collaborative Process Modeling (in Streamwork)  BYI3000181 
BC-BMT-BPM-DSK Process Desk  B200004108 
BC-BMT-BPM-INB BPM Inbox  BYI3000102 
BC-BMT-BPM-LEI Local Event Infrastructure  B200004308 
BC-BMT-BPM-LPE Local Process Engine - ABAP  BYI3000101 
BC-BMT-BPM-MAP Data mapping - Please use BC-DWB-JAV-MAP  B200004528 
BC-BMT-BPM-MON Process Monitoring  B200004168 
BC-BMT-BPM-RAC Reusable infrastructure component  BYI3000103 
BC-BMT-BPM-SRV Process Server  B200003510 
BC-BMT-BPM-THL Task Harmonization Layer  B200004309 
BC-BMT-BRA Business Rules Analytics  B200004018 
BC-BMT-BRA-ANL Analysis of Business Rules  B200004019 
BC-BMT-BRA-TST Testing of Business Rules  B200004020 
BC-BMT-BRJ Business Rules Java  B200004021 
BC-BMT-BRJ-BLD Java Business Rules Builder  B200004022 
BC-BMT-BRJ-ENG Java Business Rules Engine  B200004023 
BC-BMT-BRJ-WED Java Business Rules Web Editor  B200004024 
BC-BMT-BRM Business Rules Management  B200004169 
BC-BMT-BRM-ENG Rules Engine  B200004170 
BC-BMT-BRM-RC Rules Composer  B200004171 
BC-BMT-BRM-WEB Rules Manager  B200004172 
BC-BMT-BRN Business Rules .NET  B200004025 
BC-BMT-BRN-BLD .NET Business Rules Builder  B200004026 
BC-BMT-BRN-ENG .NET Business Rules Engine  B200004027 
BC-BMT-BRN-REP .NET Business Rules Repository  B200004028 
BC-BMT-BRN-WED .NET Business Rules Web Editor  B200004029 
BC-BMT-BTM Business Task Management - please use subcomponents  B200003178 
BC-BMT-BTM-FWK Backend  B200003279 
BC-BMT-BTM-UI Please use SRD-CC-BTM  B200003280 
BC-BMT-CPL Common Process Layer (internal use only)  B200004560 
BC-BMT-IV Integration Visibility  BYI3000603 
BC-BMT-IV-DC Integration Visibility Data Collectors  BYI3000604 
BC-BMT-IV-DSC Integration Visibility Discovery  BYI3000605 
BC-BMT-LWE Life and Work Events  B200001681 
BC-BMT-OM Organizational Management  HLA0009701 
BC-BMT-OM-GRF Structural Graphics  HLA0009708 
BC-BMT-OM-OM Organizational Plan  HLA0006750 
BC-BMT-OPI Operational Process Inteligence  BYI3000606 
BC-BMT-OPI-PF Process Facade  BYI3000607 
BC-BMT-OPI-PVC Process Visibility Content  BYI3000608 
BC-BMT-OPI-PVE Process Visibility Editor  BYI3000609 
BC-BMT-OPI-PVW Process Visibility Workspace  BYI3000610 
BC-BMT-OPI-REP Process Visibility Data Replication  BYI3000611 
BC-BMT-PAF Process Agent Framework  B200003278 
BC-BMT-WFM SAP Business Workflow  HLB0009014 
BC-BMT-WFM-BND Data Flow & Output  B200001771 
BC-BMT-WFM-DEF Definition Time  B200001769 
BC-BMT-WFM-EVT Event Manager  B200001770 
BC-BMT-WFM-MON Monitoring & Reporting  B200001772 
BC-BMT-WFM-NOT WebFlow Notifications  B200001774 
BC-BMT-WFM-RUN Runtime  B200001768 
BC-BMT-WFM-WEB Web Integration  B200001773 
BC-BMT-WFM-WLC Workflow Inbox  B200001775 
BC-BMT-WMD Workflow Modeler  B200001668 
BC-BNM Business Network Management  BYI3000051 
BC-BSP Business Server Pages  B200000262 
BC-BSP-ACC BSP Accessibility  B200003282 
BC-BSP-MI BSP MIME Repository  B200000265 
BC-BSP-RT BSP Runtime  B200000263 
BC-BSP-RT-ABA BSP Runtime ABAP  B200000268 
BC-BSP-RT-EXT BSP Runtime Extensions  B200001428 
BC-BSP-RT-JS BSP Runtime JavaScript  B200000269 
BC-BW BW Service API  HLB0100455 
BC-BW-DOC BW Service API Documentation  B200003518 
BC-BW-ODP Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) and Delta Queue (ODQ)  BYI3001061 
BC-BW-SRV BW Generation Tool and Set Object  B200004574 
BC-CCM Use Subcomponents  HLB0009032 
BC-CCM-ADK Archive Development Kit  HLB0006315 
BC-CCM-ADK-AS Archive Information System  B200001279 
BC-CCM-ADK-J2E J2EE Archiving Technology  B200001788 
BC-CCM-API Use Subcomponents  HLB0100080 
BC-CCM-API-ADI No longer supported  HLB0100081 
BC-CCM-API-ADI-BTC No longer supported  HLB0100082 
BC-CCM-API-ADI-MOC No longer supported  HLB0100083 
BC-CCM-API-ADI-XPG No longer supported  HLB0100084 
BC-CCM-API-CSI Use Subcomponents  HLB0100086 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XBP eXternal Interface for Background Processing  HLB0100088 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XBR eXternal Interface for Backup & Recovery (Backint)  HLB0100087 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XMB No longer supported  HLB0100089 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XMI eXternal Management Interface Framework  HLB0100090 
BC-CCM-API-CSI-XOM eXternal Interface for Output Management  HLB0100091 
BC-CCM-BTC Background Processing  HLB0100092 
BC-CCM-BTC-EXT External and Logical Commands  HLB0100253 
BC-CCM-BTC-JOB Job Scheduling and Monitoring  HLB0100252 
BC-CCM-BTC-RUN Background Processing Runtime Environment  HLB0100251 
BC-CCM-CNF Use Subcomponents  HLB0100093 
BC-CCM-CNF-GRP Workload Balancing and Group Management  HLB0100094 
BC-CCM-CNF-OPM Operation Modes  HLB0100095 
BC-CCM-CNF-PFL Maintain Profile  HLB0100096 
BC-CCM-DAG Data Aging  BYI3000974 
BC-CCM-FIL Platform-Independent File Names  B200000038 
BC-CCM-HAG Host Agent  B200004270 
BC-CCM-HAV High Availability  HLB0009775 
BC-CCM-MC SAP Management Console  B200003988 
BC-CCM-MON Monitoring  HLB0100097 
BC-CCM-MON-BEM Extrernal Monitoring for ByD  BYI3000182 
BC-CCM-MON-CAN Component Analyzer  B200001945 
BC-CCM-MON-DB Component to be replaced (see SAP Note 896273)  HLB0100098 
BC-CCM-MON-INF Informix Database Monitors  B200002448 
BC-CCM-MON-ORA Oracle Database Monitors  B200002449 
BC-CCM-MON-OS Operating System Monitors  HLB0100099 
BC-CCM-MON-R3S SAP System Monitors  HLB0100100 
BC-CCM-MON-SHM IMS: Agents and related topics  B200004138 
BC-CCM-MON-SLG SAP System Log  HLB0100101 
BC-CCM-MON-TUN Performance Monitors (TCC)  B200003519 
BC-CCM-PRN Print and Output Management  HLB0009773 
BC-CCM-PRN-DVM Device Management  HLB0100254 
BC-CCM-PRN-PC Printer Access via Frontend PC  HLB0100257 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP SAP Printer Vendor Program  B200004088 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-BR SAP Printer Vendor Program: Brother  B200004139 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-CN SAP Printer Vendor program: Canon  B200004529 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-DL SAP Printer Vendor Program: DELL  B200004140 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-EP SAP Printer Vendor Program: Epson  B200004141 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-FX SAP Printer Vendor program: Fuji Xerox  B200004298 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-HP SAP Printer Vendor Program: HP  B200004142 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-KO SAP Printer Vendor Program: Konica Minolta  B200004089 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-KY SAP Printer Vendor program: Kyocera  B200004143 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-LX SAP Printer Vendor program: Lexmark  B200004299 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-OC SAP Printer Vendor Program: Oce  B200004090 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-OK SAP Printer Vendor program: Oki  B200004458 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-RC SAP Printer Vendor program: Ricoh  B200004300 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-SH SAP Printer Vendor Program: Sharp  B200004091 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-SM SAP Printer Vendor program: Samsung  B200004271 
BC-CCM-PRN-PVP-TT SAP Printer Vendor program: Toshiba TEC  BYI3000011 
BC-CCM-PRN-SPO Spool System  HLB0100255 
BC-CCM-PRN-TMS TemSe (Temporary Sequential Objects Repository)  HLB0100256 
BC-CCM-SLD System Landscape Directory/Component Repository  B200001368 
BC-CCM-SLD-ABA System Landscape Directory ABAP Connectivity  BYI3001021 
BC-CCM-SLD-REG SLD registration utility sldreg[.exe]  BYI3001062 
BC-CCM-TAN Transaction TAANA for Table Analysis  B200001682 
BC-CCM-USR-PER Personalization  B200000250 
BC-CCP Contextual Collaboration Package (SAP internal only)  B200004310 
BC-CCP-ADA Page Adaption (SAP internal only)  B200004311 
BC-CCP-ADP Adapter für CCP (SAP-intern)  B200004459 
BC-CCP-CHP CCP CHIPs (SAP internal only)  B200004312 
BC-CCP-CHP-COL Collaboration CHIPs (SAP internal only)  B200004313 
BC-CCP-CHP-COR Core CHIPs (SAP internal only)  B200004314 
BC-CCP-CPM Chip Programming Model (SAP internal only)  B200004315 
BC-CCP-CRP CHIP Repository (SAP internal only)  B200004316 
BC-CCP-MSH CCP Mashups (for internal usage only)  B200004321 
BC-CCP-PB CCP Builder (for internal usage only)  B200004317 
BC-CCP-SC Scenario controller (SAP internal only)  B200004318 
BC-CCP-SDK Collaboration SDK (SAP internal only)  B200004319 
BC-CCP-SPN CCP Side panel (SAP internal only)  B200004320 
BC-CFG Business Configuration Tools  B200003158 
BC-CFG-C2 Business Configuration Tools: C2  B200001848 
BC-CFG-RT Business Configuration Tools: Runtime  B200003159 
BC-CFG-RT-AP Please use AP-RC-BCI  B200004173 
BC-CI Component Integration / Installation Windows Components  HLB0100172 
BC-CI-DYD Dynamic Documents  B200000272 
BC-CI-LSX See Note 691500  HLB0100422 
BC-CI-WEBR WebRFC, Web Reporting  HLB0100173 
BC-COM Communities  B200004388 
BC-COM-FOR Forums  B200003910 
BC-COM-WIK Wiki  B200003916 
BC-CST Client/Server Technology  HLB0009771 
BC-CST-DP Dispatcher/Task Handler  HLB0100052 
BC-CST-EQ Enqueue  HLB0100053 
BC-CST-GW Gateway/CPIC  HLB0100054 
BC-CST-IC Internet Communication Manager  B200000270 
BC-CST-LG SAPLogon, Load Balancing  HLB0100055 
BC-CST-LL Low Level Layer  HLB0100056 
BC-CST-MM Memory Management  HLB0100057 
BC-CST-MS Message Service  HLB0100058 
BC-CST-NI Network Interface  HLB0100059 
BC-CST-NU Number Range Buffer  HLB0100060 
BC-CST-RL Tenant Runlevels  BYI3000361 
BC-CST-SL SAP License  HLB0100061 
BC-CST-ST Kernel Statistics  HLB0100062 
BC-CST-STS Startup Service  B200003288 
BC-CST-UP Update  HLB0100063 
BC-CST-WDP Web Dispatcher  B200003289 
BC-CTS Change & Transport System  HLB0009161 
BC-CTS-CBS Component Build Server & Component Infrastructure  B200001638 
BC-CTS-CBS-CLI CBS Client  B200001644 
BC-CTS-CBS-PLG CBS Build Plug-Ins  B200001645 
BC-CTS-CBS-SRV CBS Server  B200001646 
BC-CTS-CCO Client Copy  HLB0009016 
BC-CTS-CMS Change Management Service  B200001658 
BC-CTS-DI Development Infrastructure (NetWeaver)  B200003458 
BC-CTS-DTR Design Time Repository  B200001808 
BC-CTS-DTR-CLI Design Time Repository Client  B200001809 
BC-CTS-DTR-SRV Design Time Repository Server  B200001810 
BC-CTS-DTR-SRV Design Time Repository Server  B200001811 
BC-CTS-HTC Hana Transport Container (ABAP)  BYI3001152 
BC-CTS-LAN Language Transport  HLB0100115 
BC-CTS-LIS Landscape Infrastructure Server  B200001258 
BC-CTS-ORG Transport Organizer  HLB0009076 
BC-CTS-ORG-CR Non-ABAP Change Recording  B200004578 
BC-CTS-ORG-CTR Central CTS # Collection Organizer  BYI3000183 
BC-CTS-ORG-PLS Transport Organizer für non-ABAP (CTS+)  B200004248 
BC-CTS-SDM Software Delivery Manager  B200001436 
BC-CTS-SLU Transport Utilities Java  B200003228 
BC-CTS-TIP Transport System Composite Notes  HLB0100116 
BC-CTS-TLS Transport Tools  HLB0100117 
BC-CTS-TLS-PLS Transport Tools for non-ABAP (CTS+)  B200004249 
BC-CTS-TMS Transport Management System  HLB0100118 
BC-CTS-TMS-CTR Central CTS # Transport Management  BYI3000184 
BC-CTS-TMS-PLS TMS for non-ABAP (CTS+)  B200004250 
BC-CUS Customizing  B200000043 
BC-CUS-C2-DEV Central Configuration Server: Development Environment  B200001849 
BC-CUS-C2-DIR Central Configuration Server: Directory Services  B200001850 
BC-CUS-C2-REP Central Configuration Server: Repository/Configuration Sets  B200001851 
BC-CUS-DEF Customizing Definitions (Structures and Content)  B200000050 
BC-CUS-DEF-APR Open Process API  HLB0100291 
BC-CUS-DEF-BCS Business Configuration Sets  B200000054 
BC-CUS-DEF-IME IMG Engineer  B200000053 
BC-CUS-DEF-PFM Process and Function Maintenance  B200000051 
BC-CUS-DEF-TMB Generated Tabe Maintenance Objects  B200000055 
BC-CUS-TOL Customizing Tools (Techniques)  B200000044 
BC-CUS-TOL-ALO Table History  HLB0100155 
BC-CUS-TOL-API Business Configuration API (SAP-internal)  BYI3000061 
BC-CUS-TOL-BCD Business Configuration Sets  B200000047 
BC-CUS-TOL-CST Cross-System Tools  B200000048 
BC-CUS-TOL-ECP Entity Copier  B200000049 
BC-CUS-TOL-HMT Hierarchy Storage  HLB0100156 
BC-CUS-TOL-IMG Implementation Guide  HLB0100153 
BC-CUS-TOL-LT SAP Landscape Transformation  BYI3000941 
BC-CUS-TOL-NAV Business Navigator  HLB0006923 
BC-CUS-TOL-PAD Customizing Project Management (IMG)  B200000046 
BC-CUS-TOL-QAD Question & Answer Database  B200000052 
BC-CUS-TOL-RFM Reference Modeler  B200000045 
BC-CUS-TOL-TME Table Maintenance Tool  HLB0100154 
BC-DB Database Interface, Database Platforms  HLB0009780 
BC-DB-DB2 DB2 for z/OS  HLB0009132 
BC-DB-DB2-CCM DB2 for z/OS - CCM/Database Monitors  B200001319 
BC-DB-DB2-DBA DB2 for z/OS - Database Administration  B200001320 
BC-DB-DB2-ICL DB2 for z/OS - ICLI  BYI3000910 
BC-DB-DB2-INS DB2 for z/OS - Installation  B200001321 
BC-DB-DB2-SYS DB2 for z/OS - Database Interface  B200001322 
BC-DB-DB2-UPG DB2 for z/OS - Upgrade  B200001323 
BC-DB-DB4 DB2 for AS/400  HLB0009782 
BC-DB-DB6 DB2 Universal Database for UNIX / NT  HLB0100139 
BC-DB-DB6-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100141 
BC-DB-DB6-DBA Database Administration With DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100140 
BC-DB-DB6-INS SAP System Installation with DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100142 
BC-DB-DB6-SYS Database Interface / DBMS for DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100143 
BC-DB-DB6-UPG SAP System Upgrade with DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100144 
BC-DB-DBI DB-Independent Database Interface  HLB0009781 
BC-DB-HDB SAP HANA Database (CCMS, Porting and DB Interface)  BYI3001092 
BC-DB-HDB-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for SAP HANA  BYI3000616 
BC-DB-HDB-DEC Obsolete, please use BC-DB-HDB-DXC  BYI3000701 
BC-DB-HDB-HLM SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager  BYI3000976 
BC-DB-HDB-POR DB Porting for SAP HANA  BYI3000619 
BC-DB-HDB-SCN Snapshot Management Environment  BYI3000822 
BC-DB-HDB-SYS Database Interface/DBMS for SAP HANA  BYI3000032 
BC-DB-INF Informix  HLB0009164 
BC-DB-INF-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for Informix  HLB0100123 
BC-DB-INF-DBA Database Administration with Informix  HLB0100122 
BC-DB-INF-INS SAP System Installation with Informix  HLB0100124 
BC-DB-INF-SYS Database Interface / DBMS for Informix  HLB0100126 
BC-DB-INF-UPG SAP System Upgrade with Informix  HLB0100127 
BC-DB-LCA liveCache Applications  B200001938 
BC-DB-LCA-APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling Objects  B200003520 
BC-DB-LCA-ATP Object Availability Check  B200003521 
BC-DB-LCA-COR Customer Corrections  B200003522 
BC-DB-LCA-DP IC Applications for Demand Planning Objects  B200003523 
BC-DB-LCA-INS Installation and Handling of IC Applications  B200003524 
BC-DB-LCA-REC Recovery und Logging (< APO 3.0)  B200003525 
BC-DB-LCA-REP Reservation Planning Objects (Autom.)  B200003526 
BC-DB-LCA-RPM Rapid Planning Matrix Objects (Autom.)  B200003527 
BC-DB-LCA-UTL Test and Analysis Tools for IC Applications  B200003528 
BC-DB-LVC liveCache  HLB0100441 
BC-DB-LVC-CCM liveCache Administration and Monitor  BIO0000011 
BC-DB-LVC-INS liveCache Installation  B200001939 
BC-DB-LVC-KNL liveCache Kernel  HLB0100442 
BC-DB-LVC-OMS OMS Class for C++  HLB0100444 
BC-DB-LVC-SQL SQL Class for C++  HLB0100443 
BC-DB-LVC-UPG liveCache Upgrade  B200001940 
BC-DB-MON DBOS Cockpit Monitoring Infrastructure for Databases  BYI3000979 
BC-DB-MSS Microsoft SQL Server  HLB0009133 
BC-DB-MSS-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for SQL Server  HLB0100136 
BC-DB-MSS-INS SAP System Installation for SQL Server  HLB0100137 
BC-DB-MSS-UPG Upgrade with SQL Server  HLB0100138 
BC-DB-OPS Oracle Parallel Server  HLB0009163 
BC-DB-ORA Oracle  HLB0009162 
BC-DB-ORA-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for Oracle  HLB0100128 
BC-DB-ORA-DBA Database Administration with Oracle  HLB0100129 
BC-DB-ORA-INS SAP System Installation with Oracle  HLB0100130 
BC-DB-ORA-RAC Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)  B200001548 
BC-DB-ORA-SEC Oracle Security Messages  BYI3000911 
BC-DB-ORA-SYS Database Interface/DBMS for Oracle  B200001468 
BC-DB-SDB MaxDB  HLB0009131 
BC-DB-SDB-BDG Gateway for database (Terradata, etc.) connection to SAP BW  B200004530 
BC-DB-SDB-CCM CCMS/Database Monitors for MaxDB  HLB0100132 
BC-DB-SDB-DBA Database Administration on MaxDB  HLB0100131 
BC-DB-SDB-INS Installation with MaxDB  HLB0100133 
BC-DB-SDB-SYS Database Interface/DBMS for MaxDB  HLB0100134 
BC-DB-SDB-UPG Upgrade with MaxDB  HLB0100135 
BC-DB-SYB Sybase ASE Database Platform  BYI3000091 
BC-DB-TD Teradata database  B200004531 
BC-DOC Documentation and Translation Tools  HLB0006320 
BC-DOC-DTL Documentation Tools  HLB0006323 
BC-DOC-HLP F1 Help  HLB0006317 
BC-DOC-IWB SAP Knowledge Warehouse  HLB0100228 
BC-DOC-IWB-AUT Authoring Tools  B200000063 
BC-DOC-IWB-DEL Delivery  B200000066 
BC-DOC-IWB-DIS HTML Display  B200000065 
BC-DOC-IWB-TRA Translation Tools  B200000064 
BC-DOC-RIT Replacing standard texts with industry specific texts  BYI3000532 
BC-DOC-SKT Skate Proofing Tool  B200001880 
BC-DOC-TER Terminology/Glossary  HLB0006321 
BC-DOC-TTL Translation Tools  HLB0006322 
BC-DOC-TTL-NAT Tools for Translation in Non-ABAP Development Infrastructure  B200003068 
BC-DOC-TTL-TWB Translator's Workbench (TRADOS)  B200000062 
BC-DWB ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure  HLB0009075 
BC-DWB-AIE Installation and Infrastructure for ABAP Tools in Eclipse  BYI3000851 
BC-DWB-AIE-ACI ABAP Connectivity and Integration Tools  BYI3000852 
BC-DWB-AIE-AHI Tools for ABAP and HANA Integration  BYI3000853 
BC-DWB-AIE-BOF Business Object Processing Framework Editors in Eclipse  BYI3001042 
BC-DWB-AIE-MSG Message Class Editor for ABAP in Eclipse  BYI3000861 
BC-DWB-AIE-PMT Core Programming Modeling Tools  BYI3000107 
BC-DWB-AIE-PMT-TRC Trace Tools  BYI3000110 
BC-DWB-AIE-PMT-TST Test Tools  BYI3000111 
BC-DWB-AIE-QTT Quality and Test Tools: ABAP Unit Test, ABAP Test Cockpit  BYI3000862 
BC-DWB-AIE-REF Tools for Refactoring ABAP Artifacts  BYI3000863 
BC-DWB-AIE-SRC ABAP Source Code editors in ABAP in Eclipse  BYI3000864 
BC-DWB-AIE-TRP Transport Organizer UI for ABAP in Eclipse  BYI3000865 
BC-DWB-AIE-TST Trouble Shooting Tools: Debugger, Profiler  BYI3000866 
BC-DWB-AIE-WDA Web Dynpro ABAP Design Tool for ABAP in Eclipse  BYI3000867 
BC-DWB-CEX Customer Enhancements  HLB0009086 
BC-DWB-CEX-BAD Customer Enhancements: BAdIs  B200002399 
BC-DWB-CEX-CF Customer Enhancements: Customer Functions  B200002398 
BC-DWB-CEX-MA Customer Enhancements: Modification Assistant  B200002400 
BC-DWB-COL Common Object Layer Workbench  B200001647 
BC-DWB-DIC ABAP Dictionary  HLB0009078 
BC-DWB-DIC-AC Activation Program, Conversion Program, DB Utility, MC, SPDD  HLB0100147 
BC-DWB-DIC-ED Dictionary Maintenance  HLB0100148 
BC-DWB-DIC-F4 F4 Help  HLB0100431 
BC-DWB-DIC-MDI Meta data interface  BYI3000012 
BC-DWB-EDI Editors  HLB0009079 
BC-DWB-ES Enterprise Service Modeling - Use BC-DWB-JAV-ESM  B200003609 
BC-DWB-ES-WSM Web Services Modeling - Use BC-DWB-JAV-ESM  B200003610 
BC-DWB-FLX Flex Integration  B200004322 
BC-DWB-FLX-DT Flex Design time in NWDS  B200004323 
BC-DWB-JAV CE Developer Studio (read SAP Note 1179668)  B200001358 
BC-DWB-JAV-CAF Composite Application Framework  B200004561 
BC-DWB-JAV-CE CE Developer Studio  BYI3000013 
BC-DWB-JAV-CE-INS CE Developer Studio - Please read SAP note 1179668  BYI3000014 
BC-DWB-JAV-CE-TST CE Developer Studio - Please read SAP note 1179668  BYI3000062 
BC-DWB-JAV-COD Composite Designer  B200003950 
BC-DWB-JAV-COR Core NWDS Frameworks  B200003529 
BC-DWB-JAV-DBG Java Debugging in LAN  B200001777 
BC-DWB-JAV-DCO Data composition  B200004532 
BC-DWB-JAV-DII NWDS Development Infrastructure Integration  B200003530 
BC-DWB-JAV-ECF Extensibility Configuration  B200004272 
BC-DWB-JAV-ECL Non-SAP OpenSource Platform  B200001651 
BC-DWB-JAV-ECL-WTP Eclipse WTP Issues  B200003968 
BC-DWB-JAV-GEN Generation Framework  B200001641 
BC-DWB-JAV-J2E NWDS JavaEE Tool Set  B200003531 
BC-DWB-JAV-JCB NWDS Java Connectivity Builder  B200001642 
BC-DWB-JAV-LOC NWDS Localization  B200001652 
BC-DWB-JAV-MAP Data mapping  B200004269 
BC-DWB-JAV-MM NWDS Meta Model  B200001643 
BC-DWB-JAV-MT Model-Based NWDS Merge Tools  B200003532 
BC-DWB-JAV-NMC NetWeaver Management Console  B200004092 
BC-DWB-JAV-NMC-DPV Management Console Deployment View  B200004093 
BC-DWB-JAV-NMC-MCV Management Console View  B200004094 
BC-DWB-JAV-RDB Remote Java Debugging  B200003533 
BC-DWB-JAV-RFC Adaptive Remote Function Call 2  BYI3000625 
BC-DWB-JAV-SA NetWeaver component for service adaptation and composition  B200004284 
BC-DWB-JAV-SEC NWDS Secure Store  B200004324 
BC-DWB-JAV-SIE Service Interface Editor  BYI3000015 
BC-DWB-JAV-TS NWDS Togethersoft Integration  B200001653 
BC-DWB-JAV-TST JDTD, Abbot+Lift, SWTBot (SAP internal only)  B200004325 
BC-DWB-JDD Java Dictionary - Use subcomponents  B200001539 
BC-DWB-JDD-DB Java Dictionary: Database  B200004389 
BC-DWB-JDD-ED Java Dictionary: Editors  B200001540 
BC-DWB-JDD-TYP Java Dictionary: Types  B200004390 
BC-DWB-LDB Logical Databases  HLB0009168 
BC-DWB-MDI Meta-Data Interface  B200001541 
BC-DWB-MOD Modelling infrastructure (MOIN)  B200004193 
BC-DWB-MOD-COR MOIN Core Components - Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004194 
BC-DWB-MOD-IOP MOIN Interop. w. other model.techn. -Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004195 
BC-DWB-MOD-JAS MOIN JAS deployment - Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004198 
BC-DWB-MOD-MIE MOIN in Eclipse (MIE)  B200003459 
BC-DWB-MOD-MIE-GFW MIE Graphics Framework  B200003534 
BC-DWB-MOD-MIE-INF MIE Basic Infrastructure - Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004192 
BC-DWB-MOD-MIE-MT MOIN Tools: Use BC-DWB-MOD  B200003535 
BC-DWB-MOD-MQL MOIN Query Language - Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004199 
BC-DWB-MOD-OCL MOIN Object Constraint Language  B200004196 
BC-DWB-MOD-PF MOIN Primary Facility  B200004197 
BC-DWB-MTS Modeling Tools and Services  BYI3000106 
BC-DWB-MTS-FRW Modeling Framework - Generic Parts  BYI3000108 
BC-DWB-MTS-TOO Please use component BC-DWB-AIE-ACI  BYI3000109 
BC-DWB-PRO Prototyping  HLB0009786 
BC-DWB-PRX Proxy Generation  B200001365 
BC-DWB-REP Lean Stack Repository  B200004519 
BC-DWB-REP-EXT Extensibility  BYI3000063 
BC-DWB-REP-JOB System Background Job Repository  BYI3000064 
BC-DWB-REP-MDR Lean Stack Meta Data Repository  B200004520 
BC-DWB-REP-XRP Lean Stack xRepository  B200004521 
BC-DWB-SCN-ATC ATC Enhancements  BYI3000531 
BC-DWB-SEM Session Manager  HLB0009784 
BC-DWB-SRV Main Development Server Queue  B200003536 
BC-DWB-THM Theming  BYI3000016 
BC-DWB-THM-DT Tool for Theming  BYI3000017 
BC-DWB-TND Training and Demo  BYI3000904 
BC-DWB-TOO Workbench Tools: Editors, Painters, Modelers  HLB0100157 
BC-DWB-TOO-ABA ABAP Editor  HLB0100158 
BC-DWB-TOO-ACP Activatable Checkpoints  B200004533 
BC-DWB-TOO-ATF ABAP Test Frameworks ( ATC, CheckMan, Code Inspector)  B200004535 
BC-DWB-TOO-BOB Business Object Builder  HLB0100161 
BC-DWB-TOO-BOE Business Objects Editor  BYI3000533 
BC-DWB-TOO-CLA Class Builder  HLB0100163 
BC-DWB-TOO-COV Coverage Analyzer  BYI3000868 
BC-DWB-TOO-DBG Debugger  B200004534 
BC-DWB-TOO-DMO Data Modeler  HLB0100164 
BC-DWB-TOO-ENH Enhancement Tools  B200001868 
BC-DWB-TOO-FUB Function Builder  HLB0100162 
BC-DWB-TOO-LDB Logical Database Builder  HLB0100165 
BC-DWB-TOO-MEN Menu Painter  HLB0100159 
BC-DWB-TOO-MI Memory Inspector  B200004536 
BC-DWB-TOO-ODS odata Service tools  BYI3000534 
BC-DWB-TOO-PAK Package Tools  B200003281 
BC-DWB-TOO-PIT Process Integration tools  BYI3000535 
BC-DWB-TOO-RTA Runtime Analysis  B200004537 
BC-DWB-TOO-SCR Screen Painter  HLB0100160 
BC-DWB-TOO-SFW Switch Framework Tools  B200001869 
BC-DWB-TOO-UT ABAP Unit  B200004538 
BC-DWB-TOO-WAB Web Application Builder  B200000271 
BC-DWB-UTL Workbench Utilities  HLB0009077 
BC-DWB-UTL-BRC Class Browser  HLB0100149 
BC-DWB-UTL-BRD Data Browser  HLB0100152 
BC-DWB-UTL-BRR Repository Browser  HLB0100151 
BC-DWB-UTL-CHK Cross-Application Check Tools  BIO0000071 
BC-DWB-UTL-CLS Classification Toolset  B200003229 
BC-DWB-UTL-INR Repository Infosystem  HLB0100150 
BC-DWB-VC Use EP-VC  B200003511 
BC-DWB-VC-COR Base Kit and VCL - Use EP-VC  B200003537 
BC-DWB-VC-IDE VC in NW Developer Studio - Use EP-VC  B200004218 
BC-DWB-VC-KIT Kits - Use EP-VC  B200003538 
BC-DWB-VC-PDE Kit Development for Visual Composer - Please use EP-VC  B200004326 
BC-DWB-VC-SRV VC Server, Development Server - Use EP-VC  B200003539 
BC-DWB-VC-UI Storyboard Main Queue - Use EP-VC  B200003540 
BC-DWB-VC-UNT Visual Composer Testing Framework - Use EP-VC  B200003541 
BC-DWB-WD Use Subcomponent BC-DWB-WD-ABA or -JAV  B200001495 
BC-DWB-WD-ABA Web Screen Tools - ABAP  B200001577 
BC-DWB-WD-JAV Web Screen Tools - Java  B200001578 
BC-DWB-WS Use subcomponents  B200001648 
BC-DWB-WS-ABA Web Service Tools - ABAP  B200001649 
BC-DWB-WS-JAV Web Service Tools - Java  B200001650 
BC-ECM Enterprise Content Management (ECM)  B200004174 
BC-ECM-ABA ECM ABAP Stack  B200004175 
BC-ECM-ABA-COR ECM Core Infrastructure  B200004176 
BC-ECM-ABA-DAV ECM Web Dynpro  B200004178 
BC-ECM-ABA-REP ECM Repositories  B200004177 
BC-ECM-JAV ECM Java Stack  B200004179 
BC-ECM-JAV-COR ECM Core Infrastructure  B200004180 
BC-ECM-JAV-DAV ECM Web Dynpro  B200004182 
BC-ECM-JAV-REP ECM Repositories  B200004181 
BC-EHP Enhancement Package  B200004273 
BC-EHP-INS Enhancement Package Installer  B200004274 
BC-EHP-INS-TLA Enhancement Package Installer Tools ABAP  B200004275 
BC-EHP-INS-TLJ Enhancement Package Installer Tools Java  B200004276 
BC-EIM Enterprise Information Management (use subcomponents)  B200003266 
BC-EIM-DQM Data Quality Management API  BYI3001182 
BC-EIM-ESC Enterprise Search Client Library  BYI3000113 
BC-EIM-ESC-APP Enterprise Search Client Libraries for Apple  BYI3000114 
BC-EIM-ESC-JAV Enterprise Search Client Libraries for Java  BYI3000115 
BC-EIM-ESH NetWeaver Enterprise Search  B200003488 
BC-EIM-ILN Information Logistics Network  B200003267 
BC-EIM-IQM Information Quality Management  B200003268 
BC-EIM-IQM-IC Information Consistency  B200003269 
BC-EIM-MDM Master Data Management  B200004418 
BC-EIM-MDM-INT MDM Integration  B200004419 
BC-EIM-MDM-INT-ESH Enterprise Search Adapter  B200004420 
BC-EIM-ODP Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) in Search&Analytics  BYI3000065 
BC-ESI Enterprise Service Infrastructure  B200001941 
BC-ESI-BOF BOPF Business Object Framework for ABAP  BYI3000066 
BC-ESI-ESF Enterprise Service Framework Layer  B200001589 
BC-ESI-ESF-2 Enterprise Service Framework Layer (ESF2)  BYI3000441 
BC-ESI-ESF-ABA ESF ABAP Backend  B200004095 
BC-ESI-ESF-BSA Business Service Adaptation  B200004438 
BC-ESI-ESF-DT Design Time (Mapping Tool, Condition Editor, MDRS)  B200004539 
BC-ESI-ESF-GW Gateway Integration for CDS and BOPF via SADL  BYI3000980 
BC-ESI-ESF-JAV ESF JAVA Client  B200004096 
BC-ESI-ESF-MBS Mass and Background Scheduling  B200004030 
BC-ESI-ESF-TRC Backend Tracing Tools  BYI3000116 
BC-ESI-ESF-TS Supportability Tools (TestShell, ESFUtil)  B200004097 
BC-ESI-ESM ESA Sales Model (Sample)  B200003230 
BC-ESI-FM Field Mapping  BYI3000112 
BC-ESI-MPS BYD Reuse Component MPS  BYI3000405 
BC-ESI-SAM Status and Action Management  B200003231 
BC-ESI-SB Service Bus  B200004098 
BC-ESI-SEW Service Extension Workbench  BYI3000067 
BC-ESI-SIW Service Implementation Workbench  B200004518 
BC-ESI-WS Web Service Infrastructure  B200003232 
BC-ESI-WS-ABA Web Service and SOAP - ABAP  B200001549 
BC-ESI-WS-ABA-CFG WebServices ABAP Configuration  B200004277 
BC-ESI-WS-ABA-MON WebServices ABAP Monitoring  B200004278 
BC-ESI-WS-ABA-RT WebServices ABAP Runtime  B200004279 
BC-ESI-WS-JAV Web Service and SOAP - Java  B200001560 
BC-ESI-WS-JAV-CFG WebServices Java Configuration  B200004280 
BC-ESI-WS-JAV-MON WebServices Java Monitoring  B200004281 
BC-ESI-WS-JAV-RT WebServices Java Runtime  B200004282 
BC-FEP Frontend Platforms  HLB0009785 
BC-FEP-MAC Apple Macintosh  HLB0009169 
BC-FEP-OS2 OS/2 PM  HLB0009183 
BC-FEP-UNX UNIX / Motif  HLB0009184 
BC-FEP-W31 Windows 3.1  HLB0009080 
BC-FEP-W95 Windows 95  HLB0009081 
BC-FEP-WNT Windows NT  HLB0009082 
BC-FES Frontend Services - Use subcomponents (see SAP Note 1322184)  HLB0009040 
BC-FES-ADD See SAP Note 837238  B200001798 
BC-FES-AIT Intelligent Terminal / SAP Automation GUI/ SAP Assistant  HLB0100145 
BC-FES-AIT-AST SAP Assistant, Repository Server and Browser, BOE, BAPI Gat  B200000174 
BC-FES-AIT-BAP BAPI ActiveX  HLB0100176 
BC-FES-AIT-CLS Class Libraries (RFC, BAPI, IDOC) for C++/Java  B200000172 
BC-FES-AIT-GLB GUI Components (guilib, itole, autosap)  B200000173 
BC-FES-BUS Netweaver Business Client  BYI3000185 
BC-FES-BUS-DSK Netweaver Business Client Desktop  BYI3000186 
BC-FES-BUS-HTM Netweaver Business Client HTML  BYI3000187 
BC-FES-BUS-RUN Netweaver Business Client Runtime  BYI3000188 
BC-FES-CON SAP Console  B200000212 
BC-FES-CTL SAP GUI for Windows Controls  B200001498 
BC-FES-CTL-F4 Use BC-FES-CTL (SAP Note 835896)  B200001538 
BC-FES-GRA Graphic  HLB0009156 
BC-FES-GRA-LAY Use BC-WD-ACF (see SAP Note 1050270)  B200001590 
BC-FES-GUI Graphical User Interface  HLB0009783 
BC-FES-GUI-JAV SAP GUI for JAVA  B200000249 
BC-FES-GXT GuiXT  B200000134 
BC-FES-IGS Internet Graphics Service  B200001348 
BC-FES-INS Frontend Installation  HLB0100146 
BC-FES-ITS SAP Internet Transaction Server  HLB0009819 
BC-FES-ITS-SUN ITS on SUN Solaris  B200001318 
BC-FES-JAV SAP GUI for Java  B5A0000011 
BC-FES-JNT JNET Control  BYI3000034 
BC-FES-MOB Read SAP Note 836653  B200001349 
BC-FES-OAC Use BC-FES-CTL (see SAP Note 842824)  HLB0100321 
BC-FES-OFF SAP Desktop Office Integration  HLB0100174 
BC-FES-SCR Use BC-FES-GUI (see SAP Note 1060949)  B200001458 
BC-FES-WGU SAP GUI for HTML  B200000192 
BC-FES-WGU-RTL Use Component BC-I18-BID  B200001639 
BC-FES-WSW See Note 539477  HLB0009015 
BC-FES-XXL XXL List Viewer/Lotus Connections  HLB0100421 
BC-GP Guided Procedure  B200001968 
BC-GP-FRM Use BC-GP  B200003179 
BC-GP-IDE Use BC-GP  B200003542 
BC-HAN SAP HANA Appliance  BYI3000117 
BC-HAN-EBM Elegant Business Model  BYI3001043 
BC-HAN-EPM HANA EPM (Enterprise Performance Management)  BYI3001076 
BC-HAN-LOA Load Controller  BYI3000118 
BC-HAN-RDL-DBG RDL Debugger  BYI3000628 
BC-HAN-SL Software logistics tools for HANA  BYI3000634 
BC-HAN-SL-STP HANA initial setup and On-site configuration  BYI3000635 
BC-HLP Help Infrastructure  B200003354 
BC-HLP-ABA Help Infrastructure for ABAP  B200003355 
BC-HLP-JAV Help Infrastructure for JAVA  B200003356 
BC-I18 Internationalization (I18N)  B200001832 
BC-I18-BID I18N BiDi  B200001835 
BC-I18-JAV I18N Java  B200001834 
BC-I18-UNI I18N Unicode  B200001833 
BC-IAM Identity and Access Management - Please use subcomponents  BYI3000543 
BC-IAM-FED Identity Federation (IdP/STS)  BYI3000121 
BC-IAM-IDM Identity Management  B200003614 
BC-IAM-IDM-CON Connectors and Framework  BYI3001045 
BC-IAM-IDM-DB Database and Stored Procedures  BYI3001046 
BC-IAM-IDM-DST Management Console and Developer Studio  BYI3001047 
BC-IAM-IDM-LGH Logon Help  BYI3001048 
BC-IAM-IDM-RT Runtime and Dispatcher  BYI3001049 
BC-IAM-IDM-UI5 UI5 based User Interfaces and REST API  BYI3001050 
BC-IAM-IDM-VDS Virtual Directory Server  BYI3001051 
BC-IAM-IDM-WDP WebDynpro based User Interfaces and JMX Layer  BYI3001052 
BC-IAM-IDS SAP ID Service  BYI3000961 
BC-IAM-PWM Password Manager  BYI3000189 
BC-IAM-SL Secure Login  BYI3000190 
BC-ILM Information Lifecycle Management  B200003328 
BC-ILM-ACA Archiving Connector ABAP  B200003348 
BC-ILM-ADO ILM Add On  BYI3000225 
BC-ILM-ADO-47 ILM Add On for R/3 Enterprise 4.7  BYI3000226 
BC-ILM-APE ESF Archiving Plug-In  B200003218 
BC-ILM-ART Audit Area and Audit Package Template  B200004428 
BC-ILM-CDE Context Data Extractor  B200004571 
BC-ILM-CHK Checksums  B200004508 
BC-ILM-DST Data Destruction  BYI3000981 
BC-ILM-IRM Information Retention Manager  B200003329 
BC-ILM-IRM-RT IRM Run Time  B200004588 
BC-ILM-LCM Legal Case Management for ILM  B200004109 
BC-ILM-RSE Technical reuse  BYI3000881 
BC-ILM-RW Retention Warehouse  ABA0000551 
BC-ILM-SRS Storage and Retention Service  BYI3000122 
BC-ILM-STO Integrated Data Base Archive Store  BYI3000982 
BC-ILM-WP ILM Workplace  BYI3000870 
BC-INS Installation Tools  HLB0009153 
BC-INS-AS4 Installation and Upgrade for AS/400  HLB0100104 
BC-INS-CTC Central Technical Configuration  B200003141 
BC-INS-CTC-CNT LM Automation Content  B200004540 
BC-INS-CTC-CNT-BS LM Automation Content - Business Suite  B200004542 
BC-INS-CTC-CNT-BYD LM Automation Content - Business By Design  B200004543 
BC-INS-CTC-CNT-NW LM Automation Content - Netweaver & Cross  B200004544 
BC-INS-CTC-DT LM Automation Design Time  B200004541 
BC-INS-CTC-RT LM Automation Runtime Framework  B200004545 
BC-INS-CTC-STD LM Automation Standalone Framework  B200004579 
BC-INS-DSS Dual-Stack Split Tool  BYI3000381 
BC-INS-FWK sapinst and syslib  BYI3000068 
BC-INS-JCI Java Component Installation  B200003142 
BC-INS-JIF Java Installation Framework  B200003357 
BC-INS-KRN UNIX Kernel and Registry Parameters  HLB0100105 
BC-INS-MIG DB/OS Migrations  HLB0100108 
BC-INS-NGP Installation for NGAP  BYI3000191 
BC-INS-NT Installation Windows  HLB0100106 
BC-INS-TC Automated Technical Configuration for ABAP based systems  BYI3000227 
BC-INS-TC-CNT Content for ABAP based automated TC  BYI3000228 
BC-INS-TC-RT Runtime for ABAP based automated TC  BYI3000229 
BC-INS-TLS Sapcpe and Sapcar tools  BYI3000382 
BC-INS-UNX Installation for UNIX  HLB0100107 
BC-JAS Java Application Server  B200001429 
BC-JAS-ADM Java stack local admin tools - Use subcomponents  B200001434 
BC-JAS-ADM-ADM Administration  B200002401 
BC-JAS-ADM-ADM-CFT Config Tool  B200002405 
BC-JAS-ADM-ADM-VAD Visual Administrator  B200002404 
BC-JAS-ADM-ADM-WAD WebAdmin  B200002402 
BC-JAS-ADM-CEN Admin Console  B200002406 
BC-JAS-ADM-LOG Logging  B200002407 
BC-JAS-ADM-LOG-API Logging API  B200002409 
BC-JAS-ADM-LOG-LCF Log Configurator  B200002408 
BC-JAS-ADM-LOG-LGV Log Viewer  B200002410 
BC-JAS-ADM-LOG-MSG Message ID Plug-In  B200003408 
BC-JAS-ADM-LOG-SHD Short Dump  B200002411 
BC-JAS-ADM-MON Monitoring  B200002412 
BC-JAS-ADM-MON-BYT Byte Code  B200002413 
BC-JAS-ADM-MON-DSR JDSR and DSR  B200002414 
BC-JAS-ADM-MON-IST Monitoring Infrastructure, GRMG  B200002415 
BC-JAS-ADM-MON-TOL Tools: Leak Detector, Deadlock Detector  B200002416 
BC-JAS-ADM-MON-TRC SAT, AppTracer, Memory Trace  B200002417 
BC-JAS-BTC NetWeaver Scheduler (Java)  B200003248 
BC-JAS-CCM Use BC-JAS-ADM  B200001598 
BC-JAS-CCM-GMG Use BC-JAS-ADM  B200001608 
BC-JAS-COR Enterprise Runtime, Core J2EE Framework  B200001431 
BC-JAS-COR-CLS Clustering  B200002418 
BC-JAS-COR-CSH Common Cache Management  B200002419 
BC-JAS-COR-SES Session Management  B200003460 
BC-JAS-DOC Documentation  B200002424 
BC-JAS-DPL Deployment  B200001430 
BC-JAS-DPL-TLS Deploy Tool for Versions 6.30 to 7.0x  B200002421 
BC-JAS-EJB Container EJB  B200001561 
BC-JAS-JMS Messaging  B200001432 
BC-JAS-LA Core Java Infrastructure  B200001564 
BC-JAS-LA-JC Java Compiler, Java Source Code Processing  B200001565 
BC-JAS-LA-JVM Java Virtual Machine  B200001566 
BC-JAS-MAT Memory Analysis Tools  B200003358 
BC-JAS-PER Java Persistence  B200001567 
BC-JAS-PER-DBI Please use component BC-JAS-PER-SQL  B200001568 
BC-JAS-PER-JDO Java Data Objects  B200001569 
BC-JAS-PER-JPA Java Persistence API  B200003312 
BC-JAS-PER-SQL Relational Persistence: Open SQLJ, Open JDBC  B200001570 
BC-JAS-PLG Web Server Plug-Ins  B200001562 
BC-JAS-PRT Portal Runtime Java Services Layer for EP  B200001890 
BC-JAS-RFE Requests for Enhancement - See SAP Note 1376511  B200002423 
BC-JAS-SDO Service Data Object  B200004580 
BC-JAS-SEC Security, User Management  B200001563 
BC-JAS-SEC-AUT ACLs, J2EE Roles, UME Actions  B200003359 
BC-JAS-SEC-CPG Cryptography  B200004391 
BC-JAS-SEC-LGN Logon, SSO  B200003360 
BC-JAS-SEC-UME User Management Engine  B200003543 
BC-JAS-SEC-WSS Web Services Security  B200004392 
BC-JAS-SF Startup Framework  B200002425 
BC-JAS-SIG E-mail Signatures - personal and corporate  B200004393 
BC-JAS-TLS-ATS Automatic Test Suite and Tests  B200002422 
BC-JAS-TRH Transactions and Resource Handling  B200002426 
BC-JAS-TUN Tuning, Configuration, Sizing, Performance  B200001433 
BC-JAS-TUN-JAM Java Application Monitor  B200001884 
BC-JAS-WEB Web Container, HTTP, JavaMail, JSP  B200001435 
BC-JAS-WEB-JSF JavaServer Faces  B200003313 
BC-JAS-WEB-JSP Java Server Pages, Expression Language, Java Stand.Tag Libr.  B200003461 
BC-JAS-WEB-WD Use component BC-WD-JAV  B200003361 
BC-JAS-ZA Java AS Zero Admin Templates  B200004008 
BC-JAS-ZA-CE Java AS Zero Admin Templates for CE  B200004009 
BC-JVM SAP Java Virtual Machine  B200003290 
BC-JVM-JIT Just-in-time Compiler  B200003291 
BC-JVM-JRT Java Runtime  B200003292 
BC-JVM-VM Java Virtual Machine  B200003293 
BC-KRN Kernel Components  HLB0009770 
BC-LVM LLVM Compiler Infrastructure  BYI3000636 
BC-LVM-HDB LLVM inside HANA DB  BYI3000637 
BC-MAS-CB MAS Catalog Builder  B200000266 
BC-MAS-CO MAS Controls  B200000264 
BC-MID Middleware  HLB0100471 
BC-MID-AC ABAP Channels  BYI3001053 
BC-MID-ALE ALE Integration Technology  HLB0006330 
BC-MID-ALE-COM Communication  HLB0100225 
BC-MID-ALE-MOD Modeling  HLB0100223 
BC-MID-ALE-REP Replication  HLB0100224 
BC-MID-ALE-UTI Tools  HLB0100226 
BC-MID-API BAPI Tools (for BAPIs see Note 813411)  HLB0009822 
BC-MID-BUS Business Connector  HLB0100473 
BC-MID-COL-RPE Remote Processing Engine  B200001640 
BC-MID-CON Connectors  B5A0000013 
BC-MID-CON-DCO DCOM Connector  HLB0100472 
BC-MID-CON-JCO JAVA Connector  B5A0000014 
BC-MID-CON-NCO SAP .NET Connector  B200001758 
BC-MID-ICF Internet Communication Framework  B200000267 
BC-MID-ICF-LGN ICF System Login  BYI3000018 
BC-MID-INT Mobile Sales / Middleware  HLB0100474 
BC-MID-INT-ADM Administration/Monitoring  HLB0100484 
BC-MID-INT-ADP Adapter  HLB0100479 
BC-MID-INT-BDM BDOC Modeling  B200000071 
BC-MID-INT-CLI Client  B200000070 
BC-MID-INT-COM Communication  HLB0100478 
BC-MID-INT-INU Installation/Upgrade  B200000076 
BC-MID-INT-SRV Server  B200000077 
BC-MID-ME Mobile Engine  B200001288 
BC-MID-MSA-AUT Authorizations  B200000073 
BC-MID-MSA-BWA Business Warehouse Adapter  HLB0100481 
BC-MID-MSA-CDS Consolidated Database  HLB0100485 
BC-MID-MSA-FLA Flat File Adapter  HLB0100480 
BC-MID-MSA-FLO Flow Control  HLB0100477 
BC-MID-MSA-LOS Logical Services  B200000072 
BC-MID-MSA-LUP Laptop Upgrade  B200000075 
BC-MID-MSA-MAS Data Mapping  HLB0100486 
BC-MID-MSA-MES Document Management System  B200000074 
BC-MID-MSA-MSG Message Warehouse  HLB0100475 
BC-MID-MSA-PER Performance  B200000079 
BC-MID-MSA-PLA Pool Adapter  B200000078 
BC-MID-RFC RFC  B200000069 
BC-MID-RFC-BG Background RFC (bgRFC)  B200004581 
BC-MID-RFC-QT Queued RFC (qRFC) and transactional RFC (tRFC)  B200004582 
BC-MID-RFC-SDK NetWeaver RFC SDK, classical RFC SDK  BYI3000871 
BC-MID-RST REST-based Protocols  BYI3000192 
BC-MID-SCC SAP Cloud Connector On-Demand/On-Premise Connectivity  BYI3001181 
BC-MOB SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents  ABA0000121 
BC-MOB-ADM-DEP Deployment of Mobile Components  PAB0000054 
BC-MOB-ADM-DEP-CLN Deployment of Mobile Client  B200003050 
BC-MOB-ADM-TL Mobile Administration UI / Tool  B200003046 
BC-MOB-ADM-TL-ABA Mobile Administration - ABAP Stack  B200003047 
BC-MOB-ADM-TL-J2E Mobile Administration - J2EE Engine  B200003048 
BC-MOB-CFS Mobile Client for Data Orchestration Engine (DOE)  B200003369 
BC-MOB-CFS-ABC Mobile Client Services from ABACO (DOE)  B200003380 
BC-MOB-CFS-ABC-AGT Mobile Client Services from ABACO for Agents (DOE)  B200003381 
BC-MOB-CFS-ABC-PRN Mobile Clt OS Specific Drivers from ABACO for Printer (DOE)  B200003382 
BC-MOB-CFS-ABC-RFI Mobile Client OS Specific Drivers from ABACO for RFID (DOE)  B200003383 
BC-MOB-CFS-ABC-SCN Mobile Clt OS Specific Drivers from ABACO for Scanner (DOE)  B200003384 
BC-MOB-CFS-APP Mobile Framework Applications / Start Pages (DOE)  B200003370 
BC-MOB-CFS-BCL Mobile Client Backward Compatibility Layer (DOE)  B200003377 
BC-MOB-CFS-CMI Mobile Client CMI Layer (DOE)  B200003378 
BC-MOB-CFS-GNL Mobile Client for Data Orchestration Engine (DoE) - General  B200003611 
BC-MOB-CFS-MWD Mobile Web Dynpro Runtime (DOE)  B200003371 
BC-MOB-CFS-MWD-CLN Mobile Web Dynpro Client Runtime (DOE)  B200003372 
BC-MOB-CFS-MWD-MOD Mobile Web Dynpro Model Runtime (DOE)  B200003373 
BC-MOB-CFS-NSI Mobile Client JVM Services from NSICOM (DOE)  B200003379 
BC-MOB-CFS-SEC Mobile Client Security Services (DOE)  B200003375 
BC-MOB-CFS-SWD Mobile Client Software Deployment Service (DOE)  B200003374 
BC-MOB-CFS-TRC Mobile Client Logging and Tracing Services (DOE)  B200003376 
BC-MOB-CLN-API Mobile Public Interface  B200003059 
BC-MOB-CLN-APP Mobile Framework Applications / Start Pages (MI)  B200003056 
BC-MOB-CLN-JVM Mobile Java Virtual Machine (MI)  B200003060 
BC-MOB-CLN-MWD Mobile Web Dynpro Runtime (MI)  B200001779 
BC-MOB-CLN-MWD-CLN Mobile WebDynpro Client Runtime (MI)  B200003264 
BC-MOB-CLN-MWD-LPT Mobile Web Dynpro Client for Laptop  B200003044 
BC-MOB-CLN-MWD-MOD Mobile WebDynpro Model Runtime (MI)  B200003263 
BC-MOB-CLN-MWD-PDA Mobile Web Dynpro Client for PDA  B200003045 
BC-MOB-CLN-PER Mobile Data Persistence (MI)  B200003057 
BC-MOB-CLN-PER-DB DB2e (MI)  B200003058 
BC-MOB-CLN-SER Mobile Services (MI)  B200003258 
BC-MOB-CLN-SER-AUT User Management and Authorization (MI)  B200003262 
BC-MOB-CLN-SER-SWD Client Software Deployment (MI)  B200003260 
BC-MOB-CLN-SER-SYN Client Synchronization Service  B200003259 
BC-MOB-CLN-SER-TRC Tracing and Logging (MI)  B200003261 
BC-MOB-DOE Data Orchestration Engine  B200003110 
BC-MOB-DOE-BEI Data Orchestration Engine: Back-End Integration  B200003112 
BC-MOB-DOE-CLP Data Orchestration Engine: Client Communication Protocol  B200003113 
BC-MOB-DOE-COR Data Orchestration Engine: Core Services  B200003114 
BC-MOB-DOE-DMR Data Orchestration Engine: Distribution Modeler  B200003116 
BC-MOB-DOE-FLW Data Orchestration Engine: Flow Controller  B200003117 
BC-MOB-DOE-GEN Data Orchestration Engine: Generation Framework  B200003118 
BC-MOB-DOE-GTW Data Orchestration Engine - Backend Gateways  B200004183 
BC-MOB-DOE-PKG Data Orchestration Engine - Distribution packages  B200004184 
BC-MOB-DOE-RMM Data Orchestration Engine Workbench - Receiver Meta Model  B200003368 
BC-MOB-DOE-RR Data Orchestration Engine: Replication & Realignment  B200003115 
BC-MOB-DOE-WB Data Orchestration Engine Workbench  B200003119 
BC-MOB-HLP Only for errors in User Help/User Documentation  B200003108 
BC-MOB-IDE Mobile Integrated Development Environment  B200003038 
BC-MOB-IDE-LAP Mobile Applications for Laptop Tools  B200004185 
BC-MOB-IDE-LAP-GEN Applications for Laptop Tools Generation  B200004186 
BC-MOB-IDE-MDK Mobile Applications Development Kit  ABA0000222 
BC-MOB-IDE-MWD Mobile Web Dynpro Tools  B200001778 
BC-MOB-IDE-MWD-GEN Mobile Web Dynpro Model Generation  B200003265 
BC-MOB-IDE-PDA Mobile Applications for Handhelds Tools  B200004201 
BC-MOB-IDE-PDA-DI Development Infrastructure Integration  B200004203 
BC-MOB-IDE-PDA-GEN Code generation  B200004202 
BC-MOB-IDE-PDA-SVC Service Components  B200004204 
BC-MOB-IDE-PDA-UI UI Components  B200004205 
BC-MOB-LAP Mobile Laptop Client for Data Orchestration Engine (DoE)  B200003615 
BC-MOB-MA SAP NetWeaver Mobile Adminstration  B200003111 
BC-MOB-MA-MON Mobile Administration: Monitoring  B200003120 
BC-MOB-MGW Mobile Connector  B200004394 
BC-MOB-MI Mobile Infrastructure for Release 2.5 and 7.0  B200003109 
BC-MOB-MI-ADM Mobile Device Management / Administration for MI  B200003039 
BC-MOB-MI-ADM-ABA Mobile Administration - ABAP Stack  B200003051 
BC-MOB-MI-ADM-J2E Mobile Administration - J2EE Engines  B200003052 
BC-MOB-MI-CLN Mobile Client-Side for MI  PAB0000051 
BC-MOB-MI-HLP Only for defects in User_Help / User_Documentation  B200004187 
BC-MOB-MI-IDE Mobile Integrated Development Environment  B200004188 
BC-MOB-MI-NTV Mobile Native / OS-Specific Drivers (MI)  B200003061 
BC-MOB-MI-NTV-CON Mobile Configuration Agents (MI)  B200003043 
BC-MOB-MI-NTV-PRN Mobile Printer (MI)  B200003041 
BC-MOB-MI-NTV-RFI Mobile RFID (MI)  B200003049 
BC-MOB-MI-NTV-SCN Mobile Scanner (MI)  B200003042 
BC-MOB-MI-PRD Production  B200004189 
BC-MOB-MI-REP Mobile Data Replication Web AS with Backend  B200003040 
BC-MOB-MI-SER Mobile Server-Side  PAB0000052 
BC-MOB-MI-SER-ABA Mobile Server-Side: ABAP Stack  B200003062 
BC-MOB-MI-SER-J2E Mobile Server-Side: J2EE Engine  B200003063 
BC-MOB-MI-SYN Synchronization Mobile Client with Web AS  PAB0000053 
BC-MOB-MI-SYN-ABA Synchronization Mobile Client-Side: ABAP Stack  B200003054 
BC-MOB-MI-SYN-CLN Synchronization Mobile Client-Side  B200003053 
BC-MOB-MI-SYN-J2E Synchronization Mobile Client-Side: J2EE Engine  B200003055 
BC-MOB-ONL Mobile Client for Online Web Dynpro Apps (only NW 7.0)  B200003612 
BC-MOB-PDA Mobile PDA Client for Data Orchestration Engine (DoE)  B200003613 
BC-MOB-PDA-CNT eSWT Container Application  B200004206 
BC-MOB-PDA-NAT Native & 3rd party components  B200004207 
BC-MOB-PDA-SF Service Framework Layer  B200004208 
BC-MOB-PDA-UI User Interface Layer  B200004209 
BC-MOB-PRD NetWeaver Mobile Production  B200003148 
BC-MOB-PRD-ABA NetWeaver Mobile Production - ABAP  B200003149 
BC-MOB-PRD-JAV NetWeaver Mobile Production - Java  B200003150 
BC-MUS Musing Tools  ABA0000411 
BC-MUS-FPB Personalization Framework  ABA0000414 
BC-MUS-KFM Key Figure Monitor  ABA0000413 
BC-MUS-LP Launchpad  B200003448 
BC-MUS-POW Personal Object Worklist  ABA0000412 
BC-MUS-WDK Batch Input Tools  B200003449 
BC-NEO Please use subcomponents  BYI3001011 
BC-NEO-SEC NEO Security - Please use subcomponents  BYI3001004 
BC-NEO-SEC-CPG Cryptography - e.g. Keystore  BYI3000983 
BC-NEO-SEC-IAM Identity and Access Management  BYI3000984 
BC-NET Network Infrastructure  HLB0009772 
BC-NWA Use subcomponents  B200003409 
BC-NWA-AA Administration Assistant  B200003410 
BC-NWA-CTC Initial Setup of NWA with CTC Templates  B200003411 
BC-NWA-EMB Embedded Support Infrastructure  B200003412 
BC-NWA-INC Use subcomponents  B200003413 
BC-NWA-INC-AMX ABAP NWA Infrastructure  B200003414 
BC-NWA-INC-CDP Central Data Provision Layer  B200003415 
BC-NWA-INC-DEV NWA Development Tools (Generators, Plug-Ins...)  B200003416 
BC-NWA-INC-EDS CCMS Integration  B200003417 
BC-NWA-INC-MOD Core Model  B200003419 
BC-NWA-INC-SEL Component System Selector  B200003421 
BC-NWA-INC-UIF UI Framework  B200003422 
BC-NWA-JEE J2EE Integration Plug-Ins  B200003423 
BC-NWA-REP Use component BW-BCT-CMS  B200003424 
BC-NWA-SOV Netweaver Status Overview (NW 7.11 only )  B200003425 
BC-NWA-XPI XI and PI Process  B200003426 
BC-OP Operating System Platforms  HLB0009030 
BC-OP-390 IBM OS/390 , z/OS  B200001325 
BC-OP-AIX-JSE IBM Java Virtual Machine for AIX  B200001982 
BC-OP-AS4 IBM AS/400  HLB0009021 
BC-OP-AS4-JSE IBM Java Virtual Machine for AS/400  B200001980 
BC-OP-BUL Bull AIX  HLB0009155 
BC-OP-CHN Linux on Hardware only for Chinese Market  BYI3000905 
BC-OP-DGL Data General  HLB0009158 
BC-OP-HPX HP-UX  HLB0009152 
BC-OP-HPX-JSE HP Java Virtual Machine or HP-UX  B200001981 
BC-OP-JSE Use Subcomponents  B200001979 
BC-OP-LNX Linux  B200000175 
BC-OP-LNX-AWS CSN Component for Amazon Web Services  BYI3000230 
BC-OP-LNX-AZR Linux on Microsoft Azure  BYI3001154 
BC-OP-LNX-EGN Linux on Egenera environments  B200004283 
BC-OP-LNX-ESX Linux on VmWare ESX  B200003498 
BC-OP-LNX-HDS Linux on Hitachi Hardware  BYI3000383 
BC-OP-LNX-I64 Linux on Itanium 64  B200001978 
BC-OP-LNX-RH Red Hat Linux  B200001828 
BC-OP-LNX-SUS SuSe Linux  B200001829 
BC-OP-LNX-VCE Linux on VCE / Virtual Computing Environment Hardware  BYI3000638 
BC-OP-LNX-VTS Veritas Products on Linux  B200004099 
BC-OP-LNX-X64 Linux on ADM64/Intel Nocona  B200001988 
BC-OP-MON DBOS Cockpit Monitoring Infrastructure for OS  BYI3000536 
BC-OP-NET Microsoft .NET  B200001738 
BC-OP-NET Microsoft .NET  B200001748 
BC-OP-NET Microsoft .NET  B200001749 
BC-OP-NET-ASP ASP.NET Control Library  B200001751 
BC-OP-NET-ASP ASP.NET Control Library  B200001752 
BC-OP-NET-VS Visual Studio .NET Components  B200001759 
BC-OP-NT Windows  HLB0009157 
BC-OP-NT-AWS Amazon Web Services  BYI3000639 
BC-OP-NT-AZR Windows on Microsoft Azure  BYI3001153 
BC-OP-NT-ESX Windows on VMware ESX  B200003499 
BC-OP-NT-JSE SUN JVM on Windows  B200001983 
BC-OP-PLX Linux on IBM PowerPC Hardware  B200001838 
BC-OP-SEQ Sequent Dynix/PTX  HLB0009159 
BC-OP-SUN SUN Solaris  HLB0009180 
BC-OP-SUN-JSE Sun Java Virtual Machine for Solaris  B200001388 
BC-OP-TRU HP Tru64  HLB0009031 
BC-OP-ZLX Linux on IBM zSeries Hardware  B200001324 
BC-PER SAP Screen Personas  BYI3000985 
BC-PER-DR Personas Data Repository  BYI3000986 
BC-PER-DT Personas Designtime  BYI3000987 
BC-PER-RT Personas Runtime  BYI3000988 
BC-PER-RT-SIL Personas Runtime - Silverlight  BYI3000989 
BC-PIN-PCD PCD, Generic Layer Services  B200003548 
BC-RIA Rich Internet Application Infrastructure  B200004548 
BC-RIA-FLX Rich Internet Application Infrastructure for Flex  B200004549 
BC-RRR Ready-to-Run R/3  B200000039 
BC-RRR-INS Installation  B200000040 
BC-RRR-SAA System Administration Assistant  B200000041 
BC-SA Please use BC-DWB-JAV-SA  B200004546 
BC-SEC Security  HLB0100169 
BC-SEC-AIS System Audit Information System  B5A0000012 
BC-SEC-AUT Authorization Management  HLB0100103 
BC-SEC-AUT-PFC ABAP Authorization and Role Management  HLB0100332 
BC-SEC-AUT-RBM Role-Based Access Management for SAP Business ByDesign  B200003362 
BC-SEC-DIR Directory  HLB0100218 
BC-SEC-IDM Please use BC-IDM  B200004031 
BC-SEC-LGN Authentication and SSO  B200001840 
BC-SEC-LGN-SML SAML 2.0  BYI3000391 
BC-SEC-LIK Licence Key Administration  B200004395 
BC-SEC-RAL Read Access Logging  BYI3000537 
BC-SEC-SAL Security Audit Log  B200004396 
BC-SEC-SAT Security Automation Tests  B200004583 
BC-SEC-SNC Secure Network Communications  HLB0100170 
BC-SEC-SSF Secure Store and Forward  HLB0100171 
BC-SEC-SSL Secure Sockets Layer Protocol  B200001943 
BC-SEC-USR User Administration  HLB0009026 
BC-SEC-USR-ADM User and Authorization Management  HLB0100102 
BC-SEC-USR-IS User Information System  B200001839 
BC-SEC-USR-PER Personalization  BIO0000012 
BC-SEC-VIR Anti-Virus Protection  B200001698 
BC-SEC-WSS Web Services Security for ABAP  BYI3000019 
BC-SRV Basis Services / Communication Interfaces  HLB0009020 
BC-SRV-ADR Address Management/Business Address  HLB0006316 
BC-SRV-AGL Agile Software Engineering  BYI3001031 
BC-SRV-ALV SAP List Viewer  B200000037 
BC-SRV-ARL ArchiveLink  HLB0009818 
BC-SRV-ARL-ARC ArchiveLink Archive System Connection  HLB0100072 
BC-SRV-ARL-INT ArchiveLink Basic Functions  HLB0100073 
BC-SRV-ARL-VIE ArchiveLink Viewer  HLB0100341 
BC-SRV-ASF General Service Functions  B200000035 
BC-SRV-ASF-AT Audit trail enhancements (ILM)  B200004338 
BC-SRV-ASF-CAL Holiday Calendar, Factory Calendar, Appointment Calendar  HLB0100211 
BC-SRV-ASF-CHD Change Documents  B200000292 
BC-SRV-ASF-FOI Formula Interpreter  B200001718 
BC-SRV-ASF-FOI Formula Interpreter  B200001750 
BC-SRV-ASF-FOI-FDT Please use BC-SRV-BR  B200004547 
BC-SRV-ASF-FYV Service functions for fiscal year versions  B200004251 
BC-SRV-ASF-MDS Meta Data Service-for BW/BODS solutions please use EIM-DS  BYI3000231 
BC-SRV-ASF-POP Standard Dialogs  B200001418 
BC-SRV-ASF-UOM Units of Measurement  HLB0100213 
BC-SRV-BAL Basis Application Log  B200000036 
BC-SRV-BBS Report/Report Interface  B200000202 
BC-SRV-BDS Business Document Service  HLB0100453 
BC-SRV-BP Business Partner Foundation  B200003098 
BC-SRV-BR BRFplus - ABAP-Based Business Rules  B200003249 
BC-SRV-BRF Business Rule Framework  ABA0000261 
BC-SRV-BSF Business Service Functions  B200001268 
BC-SRV-BSF-CUR Currency Conversion/Expiring Currency  B200001478 
BC-SRV-BSF-CUR-CER Use AP-RC-CER (AP Currency & Exchange Rates)  B200003250 
BC-SRV-BSF-MSH CO Message Handler  B200001419 
BC-SRV-BSF-PAR Parallel Processing Tool  B200004285 
BC-SRV-BTF Business Text Framework  B200001408 
BC-SRV-CC Code Composer  B200004058 
BC-SRV-CM Case Management  B200001542 
BC-SRV-COM Communication Services: Mail, Fax, SMS, Telephony  HLB0009023 
BC-SRV-COM-BCB Business Communication Broker/Integrated Comm. Interface  B200003551 
BC-SRV-COM-FAX Fax Connection  HLB0100214 
BC-SRV-COM-FTP File Transfer Using FTP  HLB0100411 
BC-SRV-COM-GEN Connection to Genesys Application  B200001398 
BC-SRV-COM-HPL Paging using HTTP Plug-In  B200001575 
BC-SRV-COM-INT Internet Mail Gateway  HLB0100215 
BC-SRV-COM-MSX Exchange Connector  HLB0100216 
BC-SRV-COM-SMM SAP Mass Mailer  B200004339 
BC-SRV-COM-SPL Use component BC-CST-IC  B200001576 
BC-SRV-COM-TEL Telephone Connection  HLB0100217 
BC-SRV-CP SAP Commercial Platform - eStore for Solutions and Add-ons  BYI3000811 
BC-SRV-CRA Composition Environment Reference Applications  B200003462 
BC-SRV-CSL Cross System Lock  BYI3000384 
BC-SRV-DMC Data Conversion  B200000182 
BC-SRV-DRT Development Reporting Tools  B200004068 
BC-SRV-DX Initial Data Transfer  B200001437 
BC-SRV-DX-ADM SAP Accelerated Data Migration Tool  B200003427 
BC-SRV-DX-DXW Data Transfer Workbench  B200001438 
BC-SRV-DX-LSM Legacy System Migration Workbench  B200001439 
BC-SRV-EDI IDoc interface  HLB0009011 
BC-SRV-FP Forms Processing  B200001776 
BC-SRV-FP-BPM Forms Processing in BPM  BYI3000123 
BC-SRV-FP-FRW Forms Processing Framework  B200004327 
BC-SRV-FP-IFA Interactive Forms by Adobe  B200004328 
BC-SRV-FP-PAR Forms Processing Parallelization  BYI3000124 
BC-SRV-FRM Microsoft Outlook Integration for WebFlow (SAPforms)  B200001579 
BC-SRV-FSI Fast Search Infrastructure  B200001946 
BC-SRV-FSI-ADM FastSearch System Administration & Setup  BYI3000640 
BC-SRV-FSI-BCK FastSearch Backup Recovery  BYI3000645 
BC-SRV-FSI-DT FastSearch DesignTime (View Builder etc)  BYI3000644 
BC-SRV-FSI-ES Enterprise Search Backend  BYI3000648 
BC-SRV-FSI-EXE FastSearch Query & MDAV Execution  BYI3000643 
BC-SRV-FSI-NDB FastSearch NDB specific Issues  BYI3000649 
BC-SRV-FSI-PDI FastSearch PDI & Extensibility  BYI3000641 
BC-SRV-FSI-PLG FastSearch Planning  BYI3000647 
BC-SRV-FSI-TCP FastSearch Tenant Copy  BYI3000646 
BC-SRV-FSI-UPG FastSearch Upgrade  BYI3000642 
BC-SRV-GBT Use Subcomponents  HLB0009012 
BC-SRV-GBT-ALM Alert Framework  B200001338 
BC-SRV-GBT-CAL Appointment Calendar  HLB0100381 
BC-SRV-GBT-DRB Document Relationship Browser  B5A0000001 
BC-SRV-GBT-GOS Generic Object Services  B200000152 
BC-SRV-GBT-OBL General Object Relations  B200000153 
BC-SRV-GBT-PPF Post Processing Framework  B200000232 
BC-SRV-GEO Geographical Functions  B200000293 
BC-SRV-KPR Knowledge Provider  HLB0100069 
BC-SRV-KPR-AUS Authoring Services (PC)  HLB0100282 
BC-SRV-KPR-CMS Content Management Service  HLB0100451 
BC-SRV-KPR-CS SAP Content Server  B200001494 
BC-SRV-KPR-CVS Conversion Service  HLB0100454 
BC-SRV-KPR-DMF Document Management Framework  B200001326 
BC-SRV-KPR-DMS Document Management Services  HLB0100281 
BC-SRV-KPR-KBT Knowledge Base Tools  HLB0100461 
BC-SRV-KPR-RET Text Retrieval and Information Extraction  HLB0100452 
BC-SRV-KPR-WEB Web Server  HLB0100283 
BC-SRV-LIM License Measurement  BYI3000281 
BC-SRV-LTS Lotus Notes Integration for Workflow  B200001580 
BC-SRV-MAP SAP MAPI Service Provider  HLB0100070 
BC-SRV-MCM Mobile Content Management by SAP  BYI3000877 
BC-SRV-MS Use Subcomponents  B200001830 
BC-SRV-MS-IIS See SAP Note 88621  B200001831 
BC-SRV-NBC NetWeaver Business Content  B200001944 
BC-SRV-NUM Number Range Management  B200000294 
BC-SRV-NUM-NR AP Reuse Component Number Ranges  B200004286 
BC-SRV-NWD NetWeaver Demonstration  B200003608 
BC-SRV-NWD-XBR HANA Reference Applications  BYI3000542 
BC-SRV-NWV SAP NetWeaver Voice  B200003198 
BC-SRV-OFC-RPL Room reservation management  HLB0100071 
BC-SRV-OTR Online Text Repository  B200001249 
BC-SRV-PCO Plant Connectivity (Pco): ABAP part  BYI3000069 
BC-SRV-PMF Unified Push Messaging Framework  BYI3000906 
BC-SRV-PMI Process Monitoring Infrastructure  B200001669 
BC-SRV-PMI-CEN Central Monitoring Infrastructure  B200001709 
BC-SRV-PMI-CFG Configuration  B200001710 
BC-SRV-PMI-LOC Local Monitoring Infrastructure  B200001708 
BC-SRV-PMI-UI User Interface  B200001711 
BC-SRV-PS Productivity Services  BYI3000125 
BC-SRV-QCS Use AP-RC-QC (AP Quantity Conversion)  B200003251 
BC-SRV-QUE SAP Query  HLB0009166 
BC-SRV-REP Report Tree  HLB0009090 
BC-SRV-RM SAP Records Management  B200000302 
BC-SRV-SCR SAPscript  HLB0009774 
BC-SRV-SEN ABAP Search Engine for ERP Solution Database  B200001327 
BC-SRV-SSF Smart Forms  B200001248 
BC-SRV-STW Social Media ABAP Integration Library  BYI3000385 
BC-SRV-TFW Tagging Framework  BYI3000942 
BC-SRV-TIM Time and Scheduling Functions  B200000295 
BC-SRV-TIM-DT Use AP-RC-DT (AP Date&Time)  B200003252 
BC-SRV-TIM-TR Date Rules  B200001448 
BC-SRV-TIM-TS Time streams  BYI3000161 
BC-SRV-TIM-TZ Time Zones  B200001699 
BC-SRV-TRX TREX  B200001543 
BC-SRV-TXV Text Verticalization  B200003208 
BC-SRV-UIF User Interface Framework  BIO0000101 
BC-SRV-UKM Standardized Key Mapping  B200003018 
BC-SRV-XGT Use Component BC-ABA-XML  B200000282 
BC-SRV-XGT-IXM Use Component BC-ABA-XML  B200000283 
BC-SRV-XGT-XSL Use Component BC-ABA-XML  B200000284 
BC-SYB Sybase Products  BYI3000126 
BC-SYB-ADS ADS (Advantage Database Server)  BYI3000581 
BC-SYB-AFA Afaria  BYI3000127 
BC-SYB-ASE Sybase ASE Database Platform (non Business Suite)  BYI3000538 
BC-SYB-ASE-CE ASE Cluster Edition (Standalone)  BYI3000650 
BC-SYB-BIZ Sybase eBusiness Integration  BYI3000651 
BC-SYB-CEP Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform (CEP)  BYI3000128 
BC-SYB-EAS EAserver  BYI3000652 
BC-SYB-ECD Enterprise Connect (ECDA)  BYI3000653 
BC-SYB-EDI EDI Server  BYI3000654 
BC-SYB-ESP Sybase ESP (Event Stream Processor)  BYI3000539 
BC-SYB-IM InfoMaker  BYI3000907 
BC-SYB-IWS Industry Warehouse Studio  BYI3000656 
BC-SYB-LMS Liquidity Management Suite  BYI3000657 
BC-SYB-MFC Mainframe Connect (MFC)  BYI3000658 
BC-SYB-MIR Mirror Activator  BYI3000659 
BC-SYB-OS Open Server  BYI3000660 
BC-SYB-PB Powerbuilder  BYI3000872 
BC-SYB-PD PowerDesigner  BYI3000362 
BC-SYB-PD-AMC Power AMC  BYI3000908 
BC-SYB-RAP Risk Analytics Platform (RAP)  BYI3000661 
BC-SYB-REP Sybase Replication Server (standalone)  BYI3000129 
BC-SYB-REP-HET Replication Server Heterogeneous Edition (RSHE)  BYI3000662 
BC-SYB-REP-ME Replication Server Messaging Edition (RSME)  BYI3000663 
BC-SYB-REP-RSO Rep Server Options (RSO)  BYI3000664 
BC-SYB-REP-RTL Rep Server Real-Time Loading Edition (RTLE)  BYI3000665 
BC-SYB-SAM Sybase Software Asset Management  BYI3001054 
BC-SYB-SQA SQL Anywhere (on premise, on demand)  BYI3000667 
BC-SYB-SUP Sybase Unwire Platform  BYI3000130 
BC-SYB-SWT Openswitch  BYI3000668 
BC-SYB-WPM iAnywhere SAP WebPIM SDK  BYI3000972 
BC-SYB-WRK Sybase Workspace  BYI3000669 
BC-SYB-XCP iAnywhere SAP XTNDConnect PC Source  BYI3000971 
BC-TLM Tenant Lifecycle Management  BYI3000232 
BC-TLM-CP TLM Content - Tenant Copy  BYI3000233 
BC-TLM-RT TLM Runtime Engine  BYI3000234 
BC-TLM-TC TLM Content - Technical Configuration  BYI3000235 
BC-TLM-TDM TLM Tenant Data Model  BYI3000236 
BC-TRL SAP NetWeaver Translation: Technical Issues  B200004100 
BC-TRX TREX  B200003128 
BC-TRX-BIA TREX BI Accelerator  B200003309 
BC-TRX-EFS TREX Enterprise File Search  B200003428 
BC-TRX-ENG TREX Engine  B200003129 
BC-TRX-EXP BOE Explorer - Accelerated  B200004460 
BC-TRX-INF TREX Infrastructure  B200003130 
BC-TRX-INS TREX Installation  B200003131 
BC-TRX-OEM TREX Third Party  B200003132 
BC-TRX-SES TREX Search Engine Service  B200003134 
BC-TRX-UI TREX Administration UIs  B200003135 
BC-TWB Test Workbench  B200000034 
BC-TWB-ORG Test Organizer  HLB0006338 
BC-TWB-ORG-CTL Test Catalog (use component BC-TWB-ORG)  B200001364 
BC-TWB-ORG-INF Status Info System (use component BC-TWB-ORG)  B200001363 
BC-TWB-ORG-MTC Manual Test Case (use component BC-TWB-ORG)  B200001362 
BC-TWB-ORG-PLN Test Plan and Test Packages (use component BC-TWB-ORG)  B200001361 
BC-TWB-TST Use Subcomponents (See SAP Note 1156876)  B200001359 
BC-TWB-TST-CAT CATT Computer Aided Test Tool  HLB0006336 
BC-TWB-TST-ECA eCATT Extended Computer Aided Test Tool  B200001360 
BC-TWB-TST-ITF Instant Test Framework  BYI3000791 
BC-TWB-TST-JSC Java Static Check (JLin)  B200001572 
BC-TWB-TST-JUT Java Unit Test Tools (ATS/JVer/JUnit)  B200001573 
BC-TWB-TST-P Performance Test Tools  B200003138 
BC-TWB-TST-P-GPA Global Performance Analysis (Transaction ST30)  B200003139 
BC-TWB-TST-P-PA Performance Analysis (Transaction ST05)  B200003140 
BC-TWB-TST-P-PM Performance Monitor (Transaction STATS)  BYI3000943 
BC-TWB-TST-SCE Role-Oriented Scenario Test Tool: Perform. & Lock Behavior  B200003233 
BC-TWB-TST-TCK ATC extensions for Technical Check  B200004573 
BC-TWB-TST-VIV VIVA tool  B200004461 
BC-UPG Upgrade - General  HLB0009778 
BC-UPG-ADDON Upgrade Add-On Components (IS)  HLB0100113 
BC-UPG-DTM Downtime Minimization  BYI3000990 
BC-UPG-DTM-TLA Downtime Minimization for ABAP  BYI3000991 
BC-UPG-DTM-TLJ Downtime Minimization for Java  BYI3000992 
BC-UPG-NA SAP Note Assistant  B200000316 
BC-UPG-NV Note Validation  B200004462 
BC-UPG-OCS Online Correction Support (Support Package and Add-On Tools)  HLB0009779 
BC-UPG-OCS-SPA Support Package Tools for ABAP  B200003074 
BC-UPG-OCS-SPJ Support Package Tools for Java  B200003075 
BC-UPG-OCS-ZDM Near Zero Downtime Maintenance  B200004190 
BC-UPG-PRP Upgrade Preparation  HLB0100110 
BC-UPG-RDM README: Upgrade Supplements  HLB0100111 
BC-UPG-SLC Software Logistics Controller  B200004118 
BC-UPG-SLC-BYD SL controller for SAP Business ByDesign live update  BYI3000439 
BC-UPG-SLM Software Lifecycle Manager  B200001879 
BC-UPG-TLS Upgrade Tools  HLB0100112 
BC-UPG-TLS-TLA Upgrade Tools for ABAP  B200003076 
BC-UPG-TLS-TLJ Ugprade Tools for Java  B200003077 
BC-UPG-TMT Tenant Maintenance Tools  BYI3000070 
BC-VCM Virtualization / Cloud Management  BYI3000193 
BC-VCM-CAL Cloud Appliance Library  BYI3000237 
BC-VCM-LVM Landscape Virtualization Management  BYI3000194 
BC-VCM-LVM-EMC LVM Partner : EMC  BYI3001000 
BC-VCM-LVM-HDS LVM Partner : Hitachi Data Systems  BYI3000993 
BC-VCM-LVM-HP LVM Partner : HP  BYI3001001 
BC-VCM-LVM-IBM LVM Partner : IBM  BYI3001002 
BC-VCM-LVM-NWA LVM Partner : NetWork Appliance  BYI3001003 
BC-VCM-LVM-ORA LVM Partner : Oracle  BYI3000996 
BC-VCM-LVM-RH LVM Partner : Red Hat  BYI3000995 
BC-VCM-LVM-VMW LVM Partner : VMWare  BYI3000994 
BC-VCM-VAP Virtual Appliance  BYI3001151 
BC-VMC Virtual Machine Container  B200001947 
BC-VMC-CON Container  B200001958 
BC-VMC-CON-KRN Kernel  B200001959 
BC-VMC-CON-LTE Lite  B200001960 
BC-VMC-JIT Just-in-time Compiler  B200001961 
BC-VMC-JRT Java Runtime  B200001962 
BC-VMC-JVM Java Virtual Machine  B200001963 
BC-WD Web Dynpro  B200001488 
BC-WD-ABA Web Dynpro ABAP  B200001558 
BC-WD-ABA-ACC Web Dynpro ABAP Accessibility  B200003283 
BC-WD-ABA-CFG Configuration / Personalization  B200004397 
BC-WD-ABA-GEN Web Screen ABAP Generation  B200001588 
BC-WD-ABA-PB WD ABAP Page Builder  B200004398 
BC-WD-ABA-REN Web Dynpro ABAP Rendering  B200001841 
BC-WD-ABA-RUN Web Dynpro ABAP Runtime  B200001491 
BC-WD-ACF Bitte Unterkomponenten verwenden (Hinweis 1665488)  B200001799 
BC-WD-ACF-ADB Adobe control for template designer  B200004144 
BC-WD-ACF-CLT WD ACF Applet/Active UI elements/Connectors  BYI3000386 
BC-WD-ACF-OFF Office integration  B200004145 
BC-WD-ACF-RUN Please use sub-component (Note 1665488)  BYI3000387 
BC-WD-ACF-RUN-ABA ACF Server Runtime Framework for Web Dynpro ABAP  BYI3000540 
BC-WD-ACF-RUN-JAV ACF Server Runtime Framework for Web Dynpro Java  BYI3000541 
BC-WD-ACF-UI WD ACF Graphics UI Library  BYI3000388 
BC-WD-CLT Web Dynpro Clients  B200001881 
BC-WD-CLT-BUS Web Dynpro Business Client  B200003284 
BC-WD-CLT-FLX Web Dynpro Flex Client  B200003285 
BC-WD-CLT-HTM Web Dynpro HTML Rendering  B200001885 
BC-WD-CLT-JAV Web Screen Java Client  B200001882 
BC-WD-CLT-WIN Use Component BC-WD-CLT-BUS  B200001883 
BC-WD-CMP Configurable Web Dynpro Component  B200003078 
BC-WD-CMP-ALV Web Dynpro List Viewer- Use subcomponents  B200003019 
BC-WD-CMP-ALV-ABA Web Dynpro ALV for ABAP  B200003438 
BC-WD-CMP-ALV-JAV Web Dynpro ALV for Java  B200003439 
BC-WD-CMP-ATS ABAP Table/Tree Services  BYI3000071 
BC-WD-CMP-FPM Floorplan Manager Web Dynpro ABAP  B200003958 
BC-WD-CSF Web Dynpro Client Side Framework  B200001680 
BC-WD-DYN Web Dynpro Conversion  B200001559 
BC-WD-DYN-GEN Web Dynpro Conversion Generation  B200001842 
BC-WD-DYN-RUN Web Dynpro Runtime Conversion  B200001492 
BC-WD-GEN Web Dynpro Metadata and Generation  B200001489 
BC-WD-HTM Obsolete - Please use CA-UI5  BYI3000131 
BC-WD-HTM-DT Obsolete - Please use component CA-UI5-TOL  BYI3000389 
BC-WD-JAV Web Screen Java  B200001490 
BC-WD-JAV-ADB Web Dynpro Java Adobe Integration  B200004146 
BC-WD-JAV-GEN Web Dynpro Java Generation  B200003552 
BC-WD-JAV-MOB Web Dynpro Mobile User Interfaces and Devices  B200001493 
BC-WD-JAV-RUN Web Dynpro Java Runtime  B200003553 
BC-WD-JAV-XGL Use component BC-WD-XGL  B200003554 
BC-WD-JSF SAP Component library for JSF  B200004148 
BC-WD-PTN Web Dynpro Pattern  B200001678 
BC-WD-PTN-ABA Web Dynpro Pattern ABAP  B200001679 
BC-WD-PTN-ACC Web Dynpro Pattern Framework Accessibility  B200003363 
BC-WD-PTN-CMP Web Dynpro Pattern Components  B200003310 
BC-WD-PTN-FW Web Dynpro Pattern Framework  B200003311 
BC-WD-UR Unified Rendering  B200003318 
BC-WD-UR-ACC Unified Rendering Accessibility  B200003319 
BC-WD-XGL Web Dynpro interpreter - Please use EP-VC  B200004149 
BC-XI Exchange Infrastructure  B200001328 
BC-XI-CON Connectivity  B200001499 
BC-XI-CON-ABA ABAP Adapter  B200004032 
BC-XI-CON-ABA-HTP HTTP Adapter  B200004033 
BC-XI-CON-ABA-IDO IDOC Adapter  B200004055 
BC-XI-CON-ABA-WS WebService Adapter  BYI3000153 
BC-XI-CON-AFW J2EE Adapter Framework  B200004034 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-AAE Advanced Adapter Engine  B200004035 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-DC Adapter Framework Directory Cache  B200004036 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-MP Adapter Framework Module Processor  B200004037 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-SCH Adapter Framework Job Scheduler  B200004038 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-SEC Adapter Framework Security  B200004039 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-SLD Adapter Framework SLD Registration  B200004550 
BC-XI-CON-AXS Axis Extention for SOAP Adapter  BYI3000390 
BC-XI-CON-BCA BC-Adapter  B200004040 
BC-XI-CON-BPM BPM - PI Integration  BYI3000195 
BC-XI-CON-ELS HR/FI Elster Module for PI  BYI3000823 
BC-XI-CON-FIL File Adapter  B200004041 
BC-XI-CON-HTP HTTP Adapter J2EE Adapter Engine  B200004551 
BC-XI-CON-IDO Idoc Adapter J2EE  B200004399 
BC-XI-CON-ISP Industry Standard Adapter  B200004051 
BC-XI-CON-JDB JDBC Adapter  B200004042 
BC-XI-CON-JMS JMS Adapter  B200004054 
BC-XI-CON-JPR Java Proxy Runtime  B200004052 
BC-XI-CON-JSE J2SE Adapter Engine  B200001502 
BC-XI-CON-JSE-FIL File Adapter  B200004043 
BC-XI-CON-JSE-JDB JDBC Adapter  B200004044 
BC-XI-CON-JSE-JMS JMS Adapter  B200004045 
BC-XI-CON-JSE-SOP SOAP Adapter  B200004046 
BC-XI-CON-MAI Mail Adapter  B200004047 
BC-XI-CON-MAP PI Mapping Runtime J2EE  B200004552 
BC-XI-CON-PCK Partner Connectivity Kit  B200004053 
BC-XI-CON-RFC RFC Adapter  B200004048 
BC-XI-CON-SAD SAP Adapter (RFC, IDoc)  B200001501 
BC-XI-CON-SOP SOAP Adapter  B200004049 
BC-XI-CON-SUF SuccessFactors Adapter  BYI3001063 
BC-XI-CON-UDS User Defined Search J2EE Adapter Engine  B200004553 
BC-XI-CON-VAL XML Validation J2EE Adapter Engine  B200004554 
BC-XI-CTC CTC Templates for PI configuration  B200004555 
BC-XI-DOC Documentation  BYI3000020 
BC-XI-IBC Integration Builder - Configuration  B200001500 
BC-XI-IBC-MAP Mapping  B200001503 
BC-XI-IBC-ROU Routing  B200001366 
BC-XI-IBC-SCE Scenario  B200001504 
BC-XI-IBC-SRV Services  B200001505 
BC-XI-IBD Integration Builder - Design  B200001329 
BC-XI-IBD-BO Business Objects Modeling  B200003364 
BC-XI-IBD-INF Interfaces  B200001506 
BC-XI-IBD-MAP Mapping  B200001367 
BC-XI-IBD-MOD Integrated Process Modelling  B200004050 
BC-XI-IBD-SCE Scenario  B200001507 
BC-XI-IBF Integration Builder - Framework  B200003365 
BC-XI-IBF-VNT Versioning & Transport  B200004463 
BC-XI-IDE NWDS / Eclipse IDE Tools  BYI3000238 
BC-XI-IDE-IFL NWDS / Eclipse IDE Tools for Integration Flow  BYI3000239 
BC-XI-IDE-INT Eclipse Tools for Interface Objects  BYI3000873 
BC-XI-IDE-MAP Eclipse Tools for mapping tooling  BYI3000874 
BC-XI-IS Integration Server  B200001369 
BC-XI-IS-BPE Business Process Engine  B200001574 
BC-XI-IS-IEN Integration Engine  B200001508 
BC-XI-IS-MAP PI Mapping Runtime ABAP  B200004556 
BC-XI-IS-UDS User Defined Search ABAP  B200004557 
BC-XI-IS-VAL XML Validation ABAP  B200004558 
BC-XI-IS-WKB Runtime Workbench/Monitoring  B200001509 
BC-XI-OD Process Integration OnDemand  BYI3000681 
BC-XI-OD-ET Integration Eclipse Tooling  BYI3000670 
BC-XI-OD-ET-IFL Integration Designer  BYI3000824 
BC-XI-OD-ET-MAP Mapping Designer  BYI3000825 
BC-XI-OD-ET-OP Operations UI  BYI3000826 
BC-XI-OD-GB Generation & Build Framework  BYI3000997 
BC-XI-OD-OP Integration Operation  BYI3000671 
BC-XI-OD-OP-NM Node Manager  BYI3000827 
BC-XI-OD-OP-SRV Operations Server  BYI3000828 
BC-XI-OD-RT Integration Runtime  BYI3000672 
BC-XI-OD-RT-MAP Avatar Mapping tooling and RT  BYI3000875 
BC-XI-OD-RT-MSG Messaging Service  BYI3000998 
BC-XI-OD-SUG NESTOR Suggestive Mapping Tool  BYI3000876 
BC-XI-OD-WT Cloud Integration Web Tooling  BYI3000909 
BC-XI-OD-WT-ISP Integration Specification  BYI3000999 
BC-XI-TRX Trex Search for PI  B200004559 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPRRR/SSAA System Administration Assistant 
/SAPSMOM/ Joint Venture HDM/SAP: Media Object Manager 
/SSA/ Service Software Addons 
/SSF/ Service Software Framework 
BASIS BASIS Structure Package 
SABA IR310 3.0 Delta Roll-Out Training Examples 
SAIO ALL IN ONE developments 
SAP_UI_ROOT Root Package of SW Component SAP_UI 
SCOS Content Separation (Part of Lean Stack) 
SENMA Enablement Map 
SESH_SAP_BASIS_ROOT Reuse content for Enterprise Search 
SFSBO_COMMON Fast Search BO Common Objects 
SFSBO_IDX_REPOSITORY Fast Search Business Object Index Repository 
SGW_BASIS Gateway Integration in SAP_BASIS 
SOXYGEN2 Oxygen: Transitional Development Objects 
SOXYGEN_BSP BSP Temporary Package 
SRLA Release Notes 
SSAPTERM_BC Terminology and Glossary: Translation in BC 
SSF_FRAMEWORK_STARTING_POINTS Service Software Framework: Starting transactions&report 
ST5S Temporary 
SVER_B20_FA Veris für die Final Assembly im B20 
SVER_BASE Zusammenfassung aller Verifikationsprogramme 
SVER_FA Verifikationsprogramme der Final Assembly / Technical Check 
SWP_AKH Workplace Application Components 
S_BASIS_GENERAL General Basis Functions 
S_CHECK_RESULT_MANAGEMENT_ERP CheckMan: Plug-Ins maintained by ERP and Industry Solutions 
S_SENSELESS_AND_OBSOLETE_OBJS Senseless and Obsolete Objects 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in