SAP ABAP Application Component BC-ILM-RW (Retention Warehouse)
Basic Data
Application Component ABA0000551  
Application Component ID BC-ILM-RW  
Short Description   Retention Warehouse  
First Release Date 20080219 
First Release   711 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
IWP BI Content Generation for ILM 
IWP_ARCH_INDEX Archive Index for CDE-Snapshots 
IWP_BASIC ILM Workpackage: Basic Functions 
IWP_BI ILM Workpackage: BI content Generation 
IWP_CUSTOMIZING ILM Workpackage: Customizing 
IWP_CUSTOMIZING_UI User Interfaces for Customizing 
IWP_HDB ILM Workpackage: RW content generation on HANA 
IWP_LOCAL_REPORTING_SERVICES Services and Interfaces for Local Reporting 
IWP_LOCAL_REPORTING_UI User Interfaces for Local Reporting 
IWP_RWC_CONTENT Content for Retention Warehouse 
IWP_RWC_PRODLIAB Product Liability 
IWP_RWC_TAX Tax Auditing 
IWP_RWC_TAX_IS_OG_TESTCASES Tax Auditing Oil & Gas - Testcases 
IWP_RWC_TAX_IS_OIL_GAS Tax Auditing Oil & Gas 
IWP_RWC_TAX_IS_U Tax Auditing IS-U 
IWP_RWC_TAX_IS_U_TESTCASES Tax Auditing IS-U - Testcases 
IWP_SERVICE ILM Workpackage: Services 
IWP_SERVICE_TEST_CASES ILM: Test Cases Templates for Business Function 
IWP_SFWS Switched Packages for ILM 
IWP_UI ILM Workpackage: User Interfaces 
IWP_V2_SFWS Switched Objects for ILM Version 2 
IWP_V2_SFWS_CUST Switched Customizing Version 2 - not to be translated 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in   711