SAP ABAP Application Component BC-DB (Database Interface, Database Platforms)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0009780  
Application Component ID BC-DB  
Short Description   Database Interface, Database Platforms  
First Release Date 19951105 
First Release   30B 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-DB-DB2 DB2 for z/OS  HLB0009132 
BC-DB-DB2-CCM DB2 for z/OS - CCM/Database Monitors  B200001319 
BC-DB-DB2-DBA DB2 for z/OS - Database Administration  B200001320 
BC-DB-DB2-ICL DB2 for z/OS - ICLI  BYI3000910 
BC-DB-DB2-INS DB2 for z/OS - Installation  B200001321 
BC-DB-DB2-SYS DB2 for z/OS - Database Interface  B200001322 
BC-DB-DB2-UPG DB2 for z/OS - Upgrade  B200001323 
BC-DB-DB4 DB2 for AS/400  HLB0009782 
BC-DB-DB6 DB2 Universal Database for UNIX / NT  HLB0100139 
BC-DB-DB6-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100141 
BC-DB-DB6-DBA Database Administration With DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100140 
BC-DB-DB6-INS SAP System Installation with DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100142 
BC-DB-DB6-SYS Database Interface / DBMS for DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100143 
BC-DB-DB6-UPG SAP System Upgrade with DB2 Universal Database  HLB0100144 
BC-DB-DBI DB-Independent Database Interface  HLB0009781 
BC-DB-HDB SAP HANA Database (CCMS, Porting and DB Interface)  BYI3001092 
BC-DB-HDB-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for SAP HANA  BYI3000616 
BC-DB-HDB-DEC Obsolete, please use BC-DB-HDB-DXC  BYI3000701 
BC-DB-HDB-HLM SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager  BYI3000976 
BC-DB-HDB-POR DB Porting for SAP HANA  BYI3000619 
BC-DB-HDB-SCN Snapshot Management Environment  BYI3000822 
BC-DB-HDB-SYS Database Interface/DBMS for SAP HANA  BYI3000032 
BC-DB-INF Informix  HLB0009164 
BC-DB-INF-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for Informix  HLB0100123 
BC-DB-INF-DBA Database Administration with Informix  HLB0100122 
BC-DB-INF-INS SAP System Installation with Informix  HLB0100124 
BC-DB-INF-SYS Database Interface / DBMS for Informix  HLB0100126 
BC-DB-INF-UPG SAP System Upgrade with Informix  HLB0100127 
BC-DB-LCA liveCache Applications  B200001938 
BC-DB-LCA-APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling Objects  B200003520 
BC-DB-LCA-ATP Object Availability Check  B200003521 
BC-DB-LCA-COR Customer Corrections  B200003522 
BC-DB-LCA-DP IC Applications for Demand Planning Objects  B200003523 
BC-DB-LCA-INS Installation and Handling of IC Applications  B200003524 
BC-DB-LCA-REC Recovery und Logging (< APO 3.0)  B200003525 
BC-DB-LCA-REP Reservation Planning Objects (Autom.)  B200003526 
BC-DB-LCA-RPM Rapid Planning Matrix Objects (Autom.)  B200003527 
BC-DB-LCA-UTL Test and Analysis Tools for IC Applications  B200003528 
BC-DB-LVC liveCache  HLB0100441 
BC-DB-LVC-CCM liveCache Administration and Monitor  BIO0000011 
BC-DB-LVC-INS liveCache Installation  B200001939 
BC-DB-LVC-KNL liveCache Kernel  HLB0100442 
BC-DB-LVC-OMS OMS Class for C++  HLB0100444 
BC-DB-LVC-SQL SQL Class for C++  HLB0100443 
BC-DB-LVC-UPG liveCache Upgrade  B200001940 
BC-DB-MON DBOS Cockpit Monitoring Infrastructure for Databases  BYI3000979 
BC-DB-MSS Microsoft SQL Server  HLB0009133 
BC-DB-MSS-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for SQL Server  HLB0100136 
BC-DB-MSS-INS SAP System Installation for SQL Server  HLB0100137 
BC-DB-MSS-UPG Upgrade with SQL Server  HLB0100138 
BC-DB-OPS Oracle Parallel Server  HLB0009163 
BC-DB-ORA Oracle  HLB0009162 
BC-DB-ORA-CCM CCMS / Database Monitors for Oracle  HLB0100128 
BC-DB-ORA-DBA Database Administration with Oracle  HLB0100129 
BC-DB-ORA-INS SAP System Installation with Oracle  HLB0100130 
BC-DB-ORA-RAC Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)  B200001548 
BC-DB-ORA-SEC Oracle Security Messages  BYI3000911 
BC-DB-ORA-SYS Database Interface/DBMS for Oracle  B200001468 
BC-DB-SDB MaxDB  HLB0009131 
BC-DB-SDB-BDG Gateway for database (Terradata, etc.) connection to SAP BW  B200004530 
BC-DB-SDB-CCM CCMS/Database Monitors for MaxDB  HLB0100132 
BC-DB-SDB-DBA Database Administration on MaxDB  HLB0100131 
BC-DB-SDB-INS Installation with MaxDB  HLB0100133 
BC-DB-SDB-SYS Database Interface/DBMS for MaxDB  HLB0100134 
BC-DB-SDB-UPG Upgrade with MaxDB  HLB0100135 
BC-DB-SYB Sybase ASE Database Platform  BYI3000091 
BC-DB-TD Teradata database  B200004531 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SALL sall 
SDBA_BACKEND DBA Cockpit: Backend Infrastructure 
SDBA_COCKPIT Database Monitoring Tools 
SDBA_COMMON Cross-Platform DBA cockpit objects 
SDBA_CORE DBA Cockpit: Cross Plattform 
SDBA_EXPLAIN Cross-Platform EXPLAIN objects 
SDBA_JOB DBA Cockpit: Jobs 
SDBA_RUNTIME DBA Cockpit: Runtime 
SDBA_SOLMAN DBA Cockpit: SolMan Integration 
SDBA_TEST DBA Cockpit: Test Framework 
SDBA_WEBDYNPRO DBA Cockpit WebDynpro Components 
SHDB_TOOLS helper classes for HANA DB 
SMIGR Homogeneous and Non-Homogeneous DB System Migration 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in