SAP ABAP Application Component BC-DOC-TTL (Translation Tools)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0006322  
Application Component ID BC-DOC-TTL  
Short Description   Translation Tools  
First Release Date 19950407 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-DOC-TTL-NAT Tools for Translation in Non-ABAP Development Infrastructure  B200003068 
BC-DOC-TTL-TWB Translator's Workbench (TRADOS)  B200000062 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
COM_TEXT_DATA_ABA CRM Text Management Data Structures for ABA Applications 
SAP_TRANSLATION00 Dummy Development Class for Translation Environment 
SAP_TRANSLATION_ACGR Virtual Translation Package (ACGR w/o package assignment) 
SAP_TRANSLATION_DEMS Dummy Package for Translation Environment (DEMS objects) 
SAP_TRANSLATION_FIBS Container for FIBS translation objects 
SLXE New MLT Environment 
SLXE_BE Translation - Backend (Workflow, Administration) 
SLXE_DITAT DITA Translation 
SLXE_EX Externalization of ABAP texts 
SLXE_FE Translation - Frontend Functionality (SE63) 
SLXE_KTPPROXY Proxies for KTP Web Services 
SLXE_MAIN New MLT Environment 
SLXE_NO_TRANS MLT Internal Functionality - No Translation 
SLXE_OBSOLETE Obsolete objects from MLT packages 
SLXE_PP Translation - Proposal Pool 
SLXE_PP1 Proposal Pool 
SLXE_PP2 Proposal Pool Extended 
SLXE_PP3 Proposal Pool Test 
SLXE_PPAT Proposal Pool Analysis Tool 
SLXE_SC Translation Editor Spellchecker 
SLXE_SEARCH indexing and searching translations 
SLXE_TAMO Translation Performance Monitor (internal) 
SLXE_TERMO Terminology Monitor 
SLXE_TEST Translation Testcases (do not translate manually) 
SLXE_TMAS Translation Memory Analysis Service 
SLXE_TMAS_ACCESSOR Translation Memory Analysis Service Accessors 
SLXE_TMAS_OLA Translation Memory Object List Analyzer 
SLXE_TMAS_OLA_UI TM Analysis Service Object List Analysis UI 
SLXE_TPMO Translation Performance Monitor 
SLXE_TRANSPORT MLT Transport-Related Areas 
SLXE_TSCON Translation - Integration of External Editor (SDL Studio) 
SLXE_TSCON_BASE Translation - Integration of External Editor (SDL Studio) 
SLXE_WSPROXY MLT: Web Service Proxies for Non-ABAP Translation 
SLXE_XLFT XLIFF 1.2 Translation 
SLXF Proposal Pool Components 
SLXT MLT: Translation Transport 
STRJ Additional translation tools (partly only for Japan) 
STRO Online Translation Environment (SE63) 
STRP Processes for Translation Control (Obsolete) 
STRQ Translation Memory (Obsolete) 
STRR Cleanup programs, language cleanup 
SZTL R/3 Central Basis Development: Profiles 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in