SAP ABAP Application Component BC-XI (Exchange Infrastructure)
Basic Data
Application Component B200001328  
Application Component ID BC-XI  
Short Description   Exchange Infrastructure  
First Release Date 20010615 
First Release   620 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-XI-CON Connectivity  B200001499 
BC-XI-CON-ABA ABAP Adapter  B200004032 
BC-XI-CON-ABA-HTP HTTP Adapter  B200004033 
BC-XI-CON-ABA-IDO IDOC Adapter  B200004055 
BC-XI-CON-ABA-WS WebService Adapter  BYI3000153 
BC-XI-CON-AFW J2EE Adapter Framework  B200004034 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-AAE Advanced Adapter Engine  B200004035 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-DC Adapter Framework Directory Cache  B200004036 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-MP Adapter Framework Module Processor  B200004037 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-SCH Adapter Framework Job Scheduler  B200004038 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-SEC Adapter Framework Security  B200004039 
BC-XI-CON-AFW-SLD Adapter Framework SLD Registration  B200004550 
BC-XI-CON-AXS Axis Extention for SOAP Adapter  BYI3000390 
BC-XI-CON-BCA BC-Adapter  B200004040 
BC-XI-CON-BPM BPM - PI Integration  BYI3000195 
BC-XI-CON-ELS HR/FI Elster Module for PI  BYI3000823 
BC-XI-CON-FIL File Adapter  B200004041 
BC-XI-CON-HTP HTTP Adapter J2EE Adapter Engine  B200004551 
BC-XI-CON-IDO Idoc Adapter J2EE  B200004399 
BC-XI-CON-ISP Industry Standard Adapter  B200004051 
BC-XI-CON-JDB JDBC Adapter  B200004042 
BC-XI-CON-JMS JMS Adapter  B200004054 
BC-XI-CON-JPR Java Proxy Runtime  B200004052 
BC-XI-CON-JSE J2SE Adapter Engine  B200001502 
BC-XI-CON-JSE-FIL File Adapter  B200004043 
BC-XI-CON-JSE-JDB JDBC Adapter  B200004044 
BC-XI-CON-JSE-JMS JMS Adapter  B200004045 
BC-XI-CON-JSE-SOP SOAP Adapter  B200004046 
BC-XI-CON-MAI Mail Adapter  B200004047 
BC-XI-CON-MAP PI Mapping Runtime J2EE  B200004552 
BC-XI-CON-PCK Partner Connectivity Kit  B200004053 
BC-XI-CON-RFC RFC Adapter  B200004048 
BC-XI-CON-SAD SAP Adapter (RFC, IDoc)  B200001501 
BC-XI-CON-SOP SOAP Adapter  B200004049 
BC-XI-CON-SUF SuccessFactors Adapter  BYI3001063 
BC-XI-CON-UDS User Defined Search J2EE Adapter Engine  B200004553 
BC-XI-CON-VAL XML Validation J2EE Adapter Engine  B200004554 
BC-XI-CTC CTC Templates for PI configuration  B200004555 
BC-XI-DOC Documentation  BYI3000020 
BC-XI-IBC Integration Builder - Configuration  B200001500 
BC-XI-IBC-MAP Mapping  B200001503 
BC-XI-IBC-ROU Routing  B200001366 
BC-XI-IBC-SCE Scenario  B200001504 
BC-XI-IBC-SRV Services  B200001505 
BC-XI-IBD Integration Builder - Design  B200001329 
BC-XI-IBD-BO Business Objects Modeling  B200003364 
BC-XI-IBD-INF Interfaces  B200001506 
BC-XI-IBD-MAP Mapping  B200001367 
BC-XI-IBD-MOD Integrated Process Modelling  B200004050 
BC-XI-IBD-SCE Scenario  B200001507 
BC-XI-IBF Integration Builder - Framework  B200003365 
BC-XI-IBF-VNT Versioning & Transport  B200004463 
BC-XI-IDE NWDS / Eclipse IDE Tools  BYI3000238 
BC-XI-IDE-IFL NWDS / Eclipse IDE Tools for Integration Flow  BYI3000239 
BC-XI-IDE-INT Eclipse Tools for Interface Objects  BYI3000873 
BC-XI-IDE-MAP Eclipse Tools for mapping tooling  BYI3000874 
BC-XI-IS Integration Server  B200001369 
BC-XI-IS-BPE Business Process Engine  B200001574 
BC-XI-IS-IEN Integration Engine  B200001508 
BC-XI-IS-MAP PI Mapping Runtime ABAP  B200004556 
BC-XI-IS-UDS User Defined Search ABAP  B200004557 
BC-XI-IS-VAL XML Validation ABAP  B200004558 
BC-XI-IS-WKB Runtime Workbench/Monitoring  B200001509 
BC-XI-OD Process Integration OnDemand  BYI3000681 
BC-XI-OD-ET Integration Eclipse Tooling  BYI3000670 
BC-XI-OD-ET-IFL Integration Designer  BYI3000824 
BC-XI-OD-ET-MAP Mapping Designer  BYI3000825 
BC-XI-OD-ET-OP Operations UI  BYI3000826 
BC-XI-OD-GB Generation & Build Framework  BYI3000997 
BC-XI-OD-OP Integration Operation  BYI3000671 
BC-XI-OD-OP-NM Node Manager  BYI3000827 
BC-XI-OD-OP-SRV Operations Server  BYI3000828 
BC-XI-OD-RT Integration Runtime  BYI3000672 
BC-XI-OD-RT-MAP Avatar Mapping tooling and RT  BYI3000875 
BC-XI-OD-RT-MSG Messaging Service  BYI3000998 
BC-XI-OD-SUG NESTOR Suggestive Mapping Tool  BYI3000876 
BC-XI-OD-WT Cloud Integration Web Tooling  BYI3000909 
BC-XI-OD-WT-ISP Integration Specification  BYI3000999 
BC-XI-TRX Trex Search for PI  B200004559 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SAI Exchange Infrastructure: Enabling 
SAI_DEMO Exchange Infrastructure: Demo Examples 
SAI_DEMO_AGENCY Exchange Infrastructure: Demo Example - Agency 
SAI_DEMO_AIRLINE Exchange Infrastructure: Demo Example - Airline 
SAI_DEMO_PATTERNS Exchange Infrastructure: Demo Example - Patterns 
SAPPINT APPINT Structure Package 
SXMS_AE_AUD XI: Adapter Framework Runtime Data 
SXMS_SAMPLE Test development class for NWA integration of PI monitors 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   620