SAP ABAP Application Component BC-DWB (ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0009075  
Application Component ID BC-DWB  
Short Description   ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure  
First Release Date 19950201 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-DWB-AIE Installation and Infrastructure for ABAP Tools in Eclipse  BYI3000851 
BC-DWB-AIE-ACI ABAP Connectivity and Integration Tools  BYI3000852 
BC-DWB-AIE-AHI Tools for ABAP and HANA Integration  BYI3000853 
BC-DWB-AIE-BOF Business Object Processing Framework Editors in Eclipse  BYI3001042 
BC-DWB-AIE-MSG Message Class Editor for ABAP in Eclipse  BYI3000861 
BC-DWB-AIE-PMT Core Programming Modeling Tools  BYI3000107 
BC-DWB-AIE-PMT-TRC Trace Tools  BYI3000110 
BC-DWB-AIE-PMT-TST Test Tools  BYI3000111 
BC-DWB-AIE-QTT Quality and Test Tools: ABAP Unit Test, ABAP Test Cockpit  BYI3000862 
BC-DWB-AIE-REF Tools for Refactoring ABAP Artifacts  BYI3000863 
BC-DWB-AIE-SRC ABAP Source Code editors in ABAP in Eclipse  BYI3000864 
BC-DWB-AIE-TRP Transport Organizer UI for ABAP in Eclipse  BYI3000865 
BC-DWB-AIE-TST Trouble Shooting Tools: Debugger, Profiler  BYI3000866 
BC-DWB-AIE-WDA Web Dynpro ABAP Design Tool for ABAP in Eclipse  BYI3000867 
BC-DWB-CEX Customer Enhancements  HLB0009086 
BC-DWB-CEX-BAD Customer Enhancements: BAdIs  B200002399 
BC-DWB-CEX-CF Customer Enhancements: Customer Functions  B200002398 
BC-DWB-CEX-MA Customer Enhancements: Modification Assistant  B200002400 
BC-DWB-COL Common Object Layer Workbench  B200001647 
BC-DWB-DIC ABAP Dictionary  HLB0009078 
BC-DWB-DIC-AC Activation Program, Conversion Program, DB Utility, MC, SPDD  HLB0100147 
BC-DWB-DIC-ED Dictionary Maintenance  HLB0100148 
BC-DWB-DIC-F4 F4 Help  HLB0100431 
BC-DWB-DIC-MDI Meta data interface  BYI3000012 
BC-DWB-EDI Editors  HLB0009079 
BC-DWB-ES Enterprise Service Modeling - Use BC-DWB-JAV-ESM  B200003609 
BC-DWB-ES-WSM Web Services Modeling - Use BC-DWB-JAV-ESM  B200003610 
BC-DWB-FLX Flex Integration  B200004322 
BC-DWB-FLX-DT Flex Design time in NWDS  B200004323 
BC-DWB-JAV CE Developer Studio (read SAP Note 1179668)  B200001358 
BC-DWB-JAV-CAF Composite Application Framework  B200004561 
BC-DWB-JAV-CE CE Developer Studio  BYI3000013 
BC-DWB-JAV-CE-INS CE Developer Studio - Please read SAP note 1179668  BYI3000014 
BC-DWB-JAV-CE-TST CE Developer Studio - Please read SAP note 1179668  BYI3000062 
BC-DWB-JAV-COD Composite Designer  B200003950 
BC-DWB-JAV-COR Core NWDS Frameworks  B200003529 
BC-DWB-JAV-DBG Java Debugging in LAN  B200001777 
BC-DWB-JAV-DCO Data composition  B200004532 
BC-DWB-JAV-DII NWDS Development Infrastructure Integration  B200003530 
BC-DWB-JAV-ECF Extensibility Configuration  B200004272 
BC-DWB-JAV-ECL Non-SAP OpenSource Platform  B200001651 
BC-DWB-JAV-ECL-WTP Eclipse WTP Issues  B200003968 
BC-DWB-JAV-GEN Generation Framework  B200001641 
BC-DWB-JAV-J2E NWDS JavaEE Tool Set  B200003531 
BC-DWB-JAV-JCB NWDS Java Connectivity Builder  B200001642 
BC-DWB-JAV-LOC NWDS Localization  B200001652 
BC-DWB-JAV-MAP Data mapping  B200004269 
BC-DWB-JAV-MM NWDS Meta Model  B200001643 
BC-DWB-JAV-MT Model-Based NWDS Merge Tools  B200003532 
BC-DWB-JAV-NMC NetWeaver Management Console  B200004092 
BC-DWB-JAV-NMC-DPV Management Console Deployment View  B200004093 
BC-DWB-JAV-NMC-MCV Management Console View  B200004094 
BC-DWB-JAV-RDB Remote Java Debugging  B200003533 
BC-DWB-JAV-RFC Adaptive Remote Function Call 2  BYI3000625 
BC-DWB-JAV-SA NetWeaver component for service adaptation and composition  B200004284 
BC-DWB-JAV-SEC NWDS Secure Store  B200004324 
BC-DWB-JAV-SIE Service Interface Editor  BYI3000015 
BC-DWB-JAV-TS NWDS Togethersoft Integration  B200001653 
BC-DWB-JAV-TST JDTD, Abbot+Lift, SWTBot (SAP internal only)  B200004325 
BC-DWB-JDD Java Dictionary - Use subcomponents  B200001539 
BC-DWB-JDD-DB Java Dictionary: Database  B200004389 
BC-DWB-JDD-ED Java Dictionary: Editors  B200001540 
BC-DWB-JDD-TYP Java Dictionary: Types  B200004390 
BC-DWB-LDB Logical Databases  HLB0009168 
BC-DWB-MDI Meta-Data Interface  B200001541 
BC-DWB-MOD Modelling infrastructure (MOIN)  B200004193 
BC-DWB-MOD-COR MOIN Core Components - Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004194 
BC-DWB-MOD-IOP MOIN Interop. w. other model.techn. -Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004195 
BC-DWB-MOD-JAS MOIN JAS deployment - Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004198 
BC-DWB-MOD-MIE MOIN in Eclipse (MIE)  B200003459 
BC-DWB-MOD-MIE-GFW MIE Graphics Framework  B200003534 
BC-DWB-MOD-MIE-INF MIE Basic Infrastructure - Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004192 
BC-DWB-MOD-MIE-MT MOIN Tools: Use BC-DWB-MOD  B200003535 
BC-DWB-MOD-MQL MOIN Query Language - Please use BC-DWB-MOD  B200004199 
BC-DWB-MOD-OCL MOIN Object Constraint Language  B200004196 
BC-DWB-MOD-PF MOIN Primary Facility  B200004197 
BC-DWB-MTS Modeling Tools and Services  BYI3000106 
BC-DWB-MTS-FRW Modeling Framework - Generic Parts  BYI3000108 
BC-DWB-MTS-TOO Please use component BC-DWB-AIE-ACI  BYI3000109 
BC-DWB-PRO Prototyping  HLB0009786 
BC-DWB-PRX Proxy Generation  B200001365 
BC-DWB-REP Lean Stack Repository  B200004519 
BC-DWB-REP-EXT Extensibility  BYI3000063 
BC-DWB-REP-JOB System Background Job Repository  BYI3000064 
BC-DWB-REP-MDR Lean Stack Meta Data Repository  B200004520 
BC-DWB-REP-XRP Lean Stack xRepository  B200004521 
BC-DWB-SCN-ATC ATC Enhancements  BYI3000531 
BC-DWB-SEM Session Manager  HLB0009784 
BC-DWB-SRV Main Development Server Queue  B200003536 
BC-DWB-THM Theming  BYI3000016 
BC-DWB-THM-DT Tool for Theming  BYI3000017 
BC-DWB-TND Training and Demo  BYI3000904 
BC-DWB-TOO Workbench Tools: Editors, Painters, Modelers  HLB0100157 
BC-DWB-TOO-ABA ABAP Editor  HLB0100158 
BC-DWB-TOO-ACP Activatable Checkpoints  B200004533 
BC-DWB-TOO-ATF ABAP Test Frameworks ( ATC, CheckMan, Code Inspector)  B200004535 
BC-DWB-TOO-BOB Business Object Builder  HLB0100161 
BC-DWB-TOO-BOE Business Objects Editor  BYI3000533 
BC-DWB-TOO-CLA Class Builder  HLB0100163 
BC-DWB-TOO-COV Coverage Analyzer  BYI3000868 
BC-DWB-TOO-DBG Debugger  B200004534 
BC-DWB-TOO-DMO Data Modeler  HLB0100164 
BC-DWB-TOO-ENH Enhancement Tools  B200001868 
BC-DWB-TOO-FUB Function Builder  HLB0100162 
BC-DWB-TOO-LDB Logical Database Builder  HLB0100165 
BC-DWB-TOO-MEN Menu Painter  HLB0100159 
BC-DWB-TOO-MI Memory Inspector  B200004536 
BC-DWB-TOO-ODS odata Service tools  BYI3000534 
BC-DWB-TOO-PAK Package Tools  B200003281 
BC-DWB-TOO-PIT Process Integration tools  BYI3000535 
BC-DWB-TOO-RTA Runtime Analysis  B200004537 
BC-DWB-TOO-SCR Screen Painter  HLB0100160 
BC-DWB-TOO-SFW Switch Framework Tools  B200001869 
BC-DWB-TOO-UT ABAP Unit  B200004538 
BC-DWB-TOO-WAB Web Application Builder  B200000271 
BC-DWB-UTL Workbench Utilities  HLB0009077 
BC-DWB-UTL-BRC Class Browser  HLB0100149 
BC-DWB-UTL-BRD Data Browser  HLB0100152 
BC-DWB-UTL-BRR Repository Browser  HLB0100151 
BC-DWB-UTL-CHK Cross-Application Check Tools  BIO0000071 
BC-DWB-UTL-CLS Classification Toolset  B200003229 
BC-DWB-UTL-INR Repository Infosystem  HLB0100150 
BC-DWB-VC Use EP-VC  B200003511 
BC-DWB-VC-COR Base Kit and VCL - Use EP-VC  B200003537 
BC-DWB-VC-IDE VC in NW Developer Studio - Use EP-VC  B200004218 
BC-DWB-VC-KIT Kits - Use EP-VC  B200003538 
BC-DWB-VC-PDE Kit Development for Visual Composer - Please use EP-VC  B200004326 
BC-DWB-VC-SRV VC Server, Development Server - Use EP-VC  B200003539 
BC-DWB-VC-UI Storyboard Main Queue - Use EP-VC  B200003540 
BC-DWB-VC-UNT Visual Composer Testing Framework - Use EP-VC  B200003541 
BC-DWB-WD Use Subcomponent BC-DWB-WD-ABA or -JAV  B200001495 
BC-DWB-WD-ABA Web Screen Tools - ABAP  B200001577 
BC-DWB-WD-JAV Web Screen Tools - Java  B200001578 
BC-DWB-WS Use subcomponents  B200001648 
BC-DWB-WS-ABA Web Service Tools - ABAP  B200001649 
BC-DWB-WS-JAV Web Service Tools - Java  B200001650 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPTRAIN/BC400 SAP Schulung 
/SAPTRAIN/BC405 SAP Training 
/SAPTRAIN/BC410 SAP Training 
/SAPTRAIN/BC411 SAP Schulung 
/SAPTRAIN/BC415 SAP Training 
/SAPTRAIN/BC420 SAP Training 
/SAPTRAIN/BC425 SAP Training 
/SAPTRAIN/BC440 SAP Schulung 
/SAPTRAIN/BC460 SAP Training 
SAP50 SAP Training: SAP50 
SAPBC402 SAP Training: BC402 
SAPBC_BOR SAP Training: BOR Demonstration Objects 
SAPBC_DATAMODEL Data Model: BC_TRAVEL for Workbench Training and Docu. 
SAPBC_GLOBAL SAP Training: Objects for Multiple Course Use 
SAPBC_IBF IBF Concepts for Flight Data Model 1 (Demonstration Only) 
SAPBC_IBF2 IBF Concepts for Flight Data Model 2 (Demo Only) 
SAPBC_IBF_SBOOK Business Object Flight Booking with BAPIs (Demo Only) 
SAPBC_IBF_SCUSTOMER Business Object Flight Customer with BAPIs (Demo Only) 
SAPBC_IBF_SFLCONN FlightConnection BO and BAPIs (Demo Only) 
SAPBC_IBF_SFLIGHT Business Object Flight with BAPIs (Demonstration Only) 
SAPBC_IBF_SFLTRIP FlightTrip Business Object and BAPIs (Demo Only) 
SAPBC_TRAVELAGENCY Flight Data Model - Travel Agency 
SAPBC_TRAVELAGENCY_CONN Flight Data Model - Travel Agency - Connection 
SAPBC_TRAVELAGENCY_FLTRIP Flight Data Model - Travel Agency - Flight Trip 
SAPBC_TRAVELAGENCY_IBF Flight Data Model - Travel Agency - Internet Bus. Framework 
SECE_MATEST Modification Assistant Test Objects (Upgrade Tests) 
SECE_MATEST_BCE MODASS Test Objects with Original System BCE 
SPAK_CONVENIENCE Tools for making packages easier to work with 
SSCR SAP Source Code Registration 
SSCR_MAIN SAP Source Code Registration 
STES Test Package 
SVER_BC_DWB Verifikationsprogramme für die Workbench 
SWZ_WIZARD Wizard Wizard 
S_ESA_REPOSITORY Service Repository 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in