SAP ABAP Application Component BC-SRV (Basis Services / Communication Interfaces)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0009020  
Application Component ID BC-SRV  
Short Description   Basis Services / Communication Interfaces  
First Release Date 19950201 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-SRV-ADR Address Management/Business Address  HLB0006316 
BC-SRV-AGL Agile Software Engineering  BYI3001031 
BC-SRV-ALV SAP List Viewer  B200000037 
BC-SRV-ARL ArchiveLink  HLB0009818 
BC-SRV-ARL-ARC ArchiveLink Archive System Connection  HLB0100072 
BC-SRV-ARL-INT ArchiveLink Basic Functions  HLB0100073 
BC-SRV-ARL-VIE ArchiveLink Viewer  HLB0100341 
BC-SRV-ASF General Service Functions  B200000035 
BC-SRV-ASF-AT Audit trail enhancements (ILM)  B200004338 
BC-SRV-ASF-CAL Holiday Calendar, Factory Calendar, Appointment Calendar  HLB0100211 
BC-SRV-ASF-CHD Change Documents  B200000292 
BC-SRV-ASF-FOI Formula Interpreter  B200001718 
BC-SRV-ASF-FOI Formula Interpreter  B200001750 
BC-SRV-ASF-FOI-FDT Please use BC-SRV-BR  B200004547 
BC-SRV-ASF-FYV Service functions for fiscal year versions  B200004251 
BC-SRV-ASF-MDS Meta Data Service-for BW/BODS solutions please use EIM-DS  BYI3000231 
BC-SRV-ASF-POP Standard Dialogs  B200001418 
BC-SRV-ASF-UOM Units of Measurement  HLB0100213 
BC-SRV-BAL Basis Application Log  B200000036 
BC-SRV-BBS Report/Report Interface  B200000202 
BC-SRV-BDS Business Document Service  HLB0100453 
BC-SRV-BP Business Partner Foundation  B200003098 
BC-SRV-BR BRFplus - ABAP-Based Business Rules  B200003249 
BC-SRV-BRF Business Rule Framework  ABA0000261 
BC-SRV-BSF Business Service Functions  B200001268 
BC-SRV-BSF-CUR Currency Conversion/Expiring Currency  B200001478 
BC-SRV-BSF-CUR-CER Use AP-RC-CER (AP Currency & Exchange Rates)  B200003250 
BC-SRV-BSF-MSH CO Message Handler  B200001419 
BC-SRV-BSF-PAR Parallel Processing Tool  B200004285 
BC-SRV-BTF Business Text Framework  B200001408 
BC-SRV-CC Code Composer  B200004058 
BC-SRV-CM Case Management  B200001542 
BC-SRV-COM Communication Services: Mail, Fax, SMS, Telephony  HLB0009023 
BC-SRV-COM-BCB Business Communication Broker/Integrated Comm. Interface  B200003551 
BC-SRV-COM-FAX Fax Connection  HLB0100214 
BC-SRV-COM-FTP File Transfer Using FTP  HLB0100411 
BC-SRV-COM-GEN Connection to Genesys Application  B200001398 
BC-SRV-COM-HPL Paging using HTTP Plug-In  B200001575 
BC-SRV-COM-INT Internet Mail Gateway  HLB0100215 
BC-SRV-COM-MSX Exchange Connector  HLB0100216 
BC-SRV-COM-SMM SAP Mass Mailer  B200004339 
BC-SRV-COM-SPL Use component BC-CST-IC  B200001576 
BC-SRV-COM-TEL Telephone Connection  HLB0100217 
BC-SRV-CP SAP Commercial Platform - eStore for Solutions and Add-ons  BYI3000811 
BC-SRV-CRA Composition Environment Reference Applications  B200003462 
BC-SRV-CSL Cross System Lock  BYI3000384 
BC-SRV-DMC Data Conversion  B200000182 
BC-SRV-DRT Development Reporting Tools  B200004068 
BC-SRV-DX Initial Data Transfer  B200001437 
BC-SRV-DX-ADM SAP Accelerated Data Migration Tool  B200003427 
BC-SRV-DX-DXW Data Transfer Workbench  B200001438 
BC-SRV-DX-LSM Legacy System Migration Workbench  B200001439 
BC-SRV-EDI IDoc interface  HLB0009011 
BC-SRV-FP Forms Processing  B200001776 
BC-SRV-FP-BPM Forms Processing in BPM  BYI3000123 
BC-SRV-FP-FRW Forms Processing Framework  B200004327 
BC-SRV-FP-IFA Interactive Forms by Adobe  B200004328 
BC-SRV-FP-PAR Forms Processing Parallelization  BYI3000124 
BC-SRV-FRM Microsoft Outlook Integration for WebFlow (SAPforms)  B200001579 
BC-SRV-FSI Fast Search Infrastructure  B200001946 
BC-SRV-FSI-ADM FastSearch System Administration & Setup  BYI3000640 
BC-SRV-FSI-BCK FastSearch Backup Recovery  BYI3000645 
BC-SRV-FSI-DT FastSearch DesignTime (View Builder etc)  BYI3000644 
BC-SRV-FSI-ES Enterprise Search Backend  BYI3000648 
BC-SRV-FSI-EXE FastSearch Query & MDAV Execution  BYI3000643 
BC-SRV-FSI-NDB FastSearch NDB specific Issues  BYI3000649 
BC-SRV-FSI-PDI FastSearch PDI & Extensibility  BYI3000641 
BC-SRV-FSI-PLG FastSearch Planning  BYI3000647 
BC-SRV-FSI-TCP FastSearch Tenant Copy  BYI3000646 
BC-SRV-FSI-UPG FastSearch Upgrade  BYI3000642 
BC-SRV-GBT Use Subcomponents  HLB0009012 
BC-SRV-GBT-ALM Alert Framework  B200001338 
BC-SRV-GBT-CAL Appointment Calendar  HLB0100381 
BC-SRV-GBT-DRB Document Relationship Browser  B5A0000001 
BC-SRV-GBT-GOS Generic Object Services  B200000152 
BC-SRV-GBT-OBL General Object Relations  B200000153 
BC-SRV-GBT-PPF Post Processing Framework  B200000232 
BC-SRV-GEO Geographical Functions  B200000293 
BC-SRV-KPR Knowledge Provider  HLB0100069 
BC-SRV-KPR-AUS Authoring Services (PC)  HLB0100282 
BC-SRV-KPR-CMS Content Management Service  HLB0100451 
BC-SRV-KPR-CS SAP Content Server  B200001494 
BC-SRV-KPR-CVS Conversion Service  HLB0100454 
BC-SRV-KPR-DMF Document Management Framework  B200001326 
BC-SRV-KPR-DMS Document Management Services  HLB0100281 
BC-SRV-KPR-KBT Knowledge Base Tools  HLB0100461 
BC-SRV-KPR-RET Text Retrieval and Information Extraction  HLB0100452 
BC-SRV-KPR-WEB Web Server  HLB0100283 
BC-SRV-LIM License Measurement  BYI3000281 
BC-SRV-LTS Lotus Notes Integration for Workflow  B200001580 
BC-SRV-MAP SAP MAPI Service Provider  HLB0100070 
BC-SRV-MCM Mobile Content Management by SAP  BYI3000877 
BC-SRV-MS Use Subcomponents  B200001830 
BC-SRV-MS-IIS See SAP Note 88621  B200001831 
BC-SRV-NBC NetWeaver Business Content  B200001944 
BC-SRV-NUM Number Range Management  B200000294 
BC-SRV-NUM-NR AP Reuse Component Number Ranges  B200004286 
BC-SRV-NWD NetWeaver Demonstration  B200003608 
BC-SRV-NWD-XBR HANA Reference Applications  BYI3000542 
BC-SRV-NWV SAP NetWeaver Voice  B200003198 
BC-SRV-OFC-RPL Room reservation management  HLB0100071 
BC-SRV-OTR Online Text Repository  B200001249 
BC-SRV-PCO Plant Connectivity (Pco): ABAP part  BYI3000069 
BC-SRV-PMF Unified Push Messaging Framework  BYI3000906 
BC-SRV-PMI Process Monitoring Infrastructure  B200001669 
BC-SRV-PMI-CEN Central Monitoring Infrastructure  B200001709 
BC-SRV-PMI-CFG Configuration  B200001710 
BC-SRV-PMI-LOC Local Monitoring Infrastructure  B200001708 
BC-SRV-PMI-UI User Interface  B200001711 
BC-SRV-PS Productivity Services  BYI3000125 
BC-SRV-QCS Use AP-RC-QC (AP Quantity Conversion)  B200003251 
BC-SRV-QUE SAP Query  HLB0009166 
BC-SRV-REP Report Tree  HLB0009090 
BC-SRV-RM SAP Records Management  B200000302 
BC-SRV-SCR SAPscript  HLB0009774 
BC-SRV-SEN ABAP Search Engine for ERP Solution Database  B200001327 
BC-SRV-SSF Smart Forms  B200001248 
BC-SRV-STW Social Media ABAP Integration Library  BYI3000385 
BC-SRV-TFW Tagging Framework  BYI3000942 
BC-SRV-TIM Time and Scheduling Functions  B200000295 
BC-SRV-TIM-DT Use AP-RC-DT (AP Date&Time)  B200003252 
BC-SRV-TIM-TR Date Rules  B200001448 
BC-SRV-TIM-TS Time streams  BYI3000161 
BC-SRV-TIM-TZ Time Zones  B200001699 
BC-SRV-TRX TREX  B200001543 
BC-SRV-TXV Text Verticalization  B200003208 
BC-SRV-UIF User Interface Framework  BIO0000101 
BC-SRV-UKM Standardized Key Mapping  B200003018 
BC-SRV-XGT Use Component BC-ABA-XML  B200000282 
BC-SRV-XGT-IXM Use Component BC-ABA-XML  B200000283 
BC-SRV-XGT-XSL Use Component BC-ABA-XML  B200000284 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ADDR_PI Plug-In Components - Business Address Services 
SBSRVC Basis Services - Customizing 
SCL Basic Objects for Classification 
SFSES Fast Search - Enhanced Services 
SFSOF Fast Search - Object Finder Service 
SFSOF_REPOSITORY Fast Search Object Finder Repository 
SFSOF_TESTING Fast Search Object Finder Testing 
SFS_QB_REPOSITORY Query Builder Repository 
SKCD Data transfer: Elements from application basis 
SSAPTERM_CA Terminology & Glossary: Translation CA 
STOA Data model reports 
SVER_BCE_BC_SRV Verifikationsprogramme im BCE für Basis Service 
SVER_BC_HOME Verifikationsprogramme für Basis Service 
SVER_BC_SRV Verifikationsprogramme von Basis Services 
SVN WFMC: Basis Message Control 
SXPK XPRA Delivered to Customer 
SZFT R/3 Central Basis Development: Function Module TOOLS 
SZOB R/3 central Basis development: Compound maintenance objects 
S_DEVICE_DOCUMENTS Object Wrapper from Documents for an External Device 
WP_ALRT_LC Alerts: Create in Component Systems 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in