SAP ABAP Application Component BC-SRV-BSF (Business Service Functions)
Basic Data
Application Component B200001268  
Application Component ID BC-SRV-BSF  
Short Description   Business Service Functions  
First Release Date 20001123 
First Release   610 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-SRV-BSF-CUR Currency Conversion/Expiring Currency  B200001478 
BC-SRV-BSF-CUR-CER Use AP-RC-CER (AP Currency & Exchange Rates)  B200003250 
BC-SRV-BSF-MSH CO Message Handler  B200001419 
BC-SRV-BSF-PAR Parallel Processing Tool  B200004285 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SCURMAINT Prototype: Improved exchange rate maintenance 
SFTE General Functions for Development Class FTE 
SKON Religious Denominations 
SPRG Forecast Basis Separation 
SPTA Parallel processing 
SRP Report Painter 
SRTX Management and maintenance of report texts (e.g. headers) 
SZTC Basis Development R/3 Central: Scheduling (Time Calculation) 
WAO_46C_CURRENCY_CALCULATOR_BC Currency Calculator: 4.6C Development 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   610