SAP ABAP Application Component BC-CUS (Customizing)
Basic Data
Application Component B200000043  
Application Component ID BC-CUS  
Short Description   Customizing  
First Release Date 19981130 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-CUS-C2-DEV Central Configuration Server: Development Environment  B200001849 
BC-CUS-C2-DIR Central Configuration Server: Directory Services  B200001850 
BC-CUS-C2-REP Central Configuration Server: Repository/Configuration Sets  B200001851 
BC-CUS-DEF Customizing Definitions (Structures and Content)  B200000050 
BC-CUS-DEF-APR Open Process API  HLB0100291 
BC-CUS-DEF-BCS Business Configuration Sets  B200000054 
BC-CUS-DEF-IME IMG Engineer  B200000053 
BC-CUS-DEF-PFM Process and Function Maintenance  B200000051 
BC-CUS-DEF-TMB Generated Tabe Maintenance Objects  B200000055 
BC-CUS-TOL Customizing Tools (Techniques)  B200000044 
BC-CUS-TOL-ALO Table History  HLB0100155 
BC-CUS-TOL-API Business Configuration API (SAP-internal)  BYI3000061 
BC-CUS-TOL-BCD Business Configuration Sets  B200000047 
BC-CUS-TOL-CST Cross-System Tools  B200000048 
BC-CUS-TOL-ECP Entity Copier  B200000049 
BC-CUS-TOL-HMT Hierarchy Storage  HLB0100156 
BC-CUS-TOL-IMG Implementation Guide  HLB0100153 
BC-CUS-TOL-LT SAP Landscape Transformation  BYI3000941 
BC-CUS-TOL-NAV Business Navigator  HLB0006923 
BC-CUS-TOL-PAD Customizing Project Management (IMG)  B200000046 
BC-CUS-TOL-QAD Question & Answer Database  B200000052 
BC-CUS-TOL-RFM Reference Modeler  B200000045 
BC-CUS-TOL-TME Table Maintenance Tool  HLB0100154 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SSAPTERM_BC_CUS Terminology & Glossary: Translation BC-CUS 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in