SAP ABAP Application Component BC-WD (Web Dynpro)
Basic Data
Application Component B200001488  
Application Component ID BC-WD  
Short Description   Web Dynpro  
First Release Date 20020529 
First Release   630 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BC-WD-ABA Web Dynpro ABAP  B200001558 
BC-WD-ABA-ACC Web Dynpro ABAP Accessibility  B200003283 
BC-WD-ABA-CFG Configuration / Personalization  B200004397 
BC-WD-ABA-GEN Web Screen ABAP Generation  B200001588 
BC-WD-ABA-PB WD ABAP Page Builder  B200004398 
BC-WD-ABA-REN Web Dynpro ABAP Rendering  B200001841 
BC-WD-ABA-RUN Web Dynpro ABAP Runtime  B200001491 
BC-WD-ACF Bitte Unterkomponenten verwenden (Hinweis 1665488)  B200001799 
BC-WD-ACF-ADB Adobe control for template designer  B200004144 
BC-WD-ACF-CLT WD ACF Applet/Active UI elements/Connectors  BYI3000386 
BC-WD-ACF-OFF Office integration  B200004145 
BC-WD-ACF-RUN Please use sub-component (Note 1665488)  BYI3000387 
BC-WD-ACF-RUN-ABA ACF Server Runtime Framework for Web Dynpro ABAP  BYI3000540 
BC-WD-ACF-RUN-JAV ACF Server Runtime Framework for Web Dynpro Java  BYI3000541 
BC-WD-ACF-UI WD ACF Graphics UI Library  BYI3000388 
BC-WD-CLT Web Dynpro Clients  B200001881 
BC-WD-CLT-BUS Web Dynpro Business Client  B200003284 
BC-WD-CLT-FLX Web Dynpro Flex Client  B200003285 
BC-WD-CLT-HTM Web Dynpro HTML Rendering  B200001885 
BC-WD-CLT-JAV Web Screen Java Client  B200001882 
BC-WD-CLT-WIN Use Component BC-WD-CLT-BUS  B200001883 
BC-WD-CMP Configurable Web Dynpro Component  B200003078 
BC-WD-CMP-ALV Web Dynpro List Viewer- Use subcomponents  B200003019 
BC-WD-CMP-ALV-ABA Web Dynpro ALV for ABAP  B200003438 
BC-WD-CMP-ALV-JAV Web Dynpro ALV for Java  B200003439 
BC-WD-CMP-ATS ABAP Table/Tree Services  BYI3000071 
BC-WD-CMP-FPM Floorplan Manager Web Dynpro ABAP  B200003958 
BC-WD-CSF Web Dynpro Client Side Framework  B200001680 
BC-WD-DYN Web Dynpro Conversion  B200001559 
BC-WD-DYN-GEN Web Dynpro Conversion Generation  B200001842 
BC-WD-DYN-RUN Web Dynpro Runtime Conversion  B200001492 
BC-WD-GEN Web Dynpro Metadata and Generation  B200001489 
BC-WD-HTM Obsolete - Please use CA-UI5  BYI3000131 
BC-WD-HTM-DT Obsolete - Please use component CA-UI5-TOL  BYI3000389 
BC-WD-JAV Web Screen Java  B200001490 
BC-WD-JAV-ADB Web Dynpro Java Adobe Integration  B200004146 
BC-WD-JAV-GEN Web Dynpro Java Generation  B200003552 
BC-WD-JAV-MOB Web Dynpro Mobile User Interfaces and Devices  B200001493 
BC-WD-JAV-RUN Web Dynpro Java Runtime  B200003553 
BC-WD-JAV-XGL Use component BC-WD-XGL  B200003554 
BC-WD-JSF SAP Component library for JSF  B200004148 
BC-WD-PTN Web Dynpro Pattern  B200001678 
BC-WD-PTN-ABA Web Dynpro Pattern ABAP  B200001679 
BC-WD-PTN-ACC Web Dynpro Pattern Framework Accessibility  B200003363 
BC-WD-PTN-CMP Web Dynpro Pattern Components  B200003310 
BC-WD-PTN-FW Web Dynpro Pattern Framework  B200003311 
BC-WD-UR Unified Rendering  B200003318 
BC-WD-UR-ACC Unified Rendering Accessibility  B200003319 
BC-WD-XGL Web Dynpro interpreter - Please use EP-VC  B200004149 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
SWDPDOKUMENTATION Web Dynpro Documentation 
SWDP_UIEL_MOBILE UIE Library "Mobile" 
S_WEBDYNPRO_RECORDING Persistence for Web Dynpro Recording 
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   630