SAP ABAP Application Component AP-MD-BP (SAP Business Partner)
Basic Data
Application Component I290007530  
Application Component ID AP-MD-BP  
Short Description   SAP Business Partner  
First Release Date 19971016 
First Release   30F 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
AP-MD-BP-BP Data  I290007531 
AP-MD-BP-GRH Account Hierarchy  ABA0000281 
AP-MD-BP-RS Relationships  I290007532 
AP-MD-BP-UI Dialog SAP-GUI  ABA0000241 
AP-MD-BP-XTN Generated Enhancements (Easy Enhancement Workbench)  PAB0000023 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
BDT_DC BDT Development Cockpit 
BUPA SAP Business Partner 
BUPA_ADDRESS_BW SAP BP: Extraction BW Partner Address 
BUPA_BANK_API SAP_BP: API Dataset Bank Details 
BUPA_BANK_BW SAP BP: Extraction of SAP BW Bank Data 
BUPA_BANK_IPI SAP Business Partner: IPI Bank Details 
BUPA_BASE Business Partner Master Data: Main Package 
BUPA_BASE_API SAP-BP: Business Partner APIs, ABA Datasets 
BUPA_BF Bupa ILM business function 
BUPA_BIP Business Partner: Business Information Provider 
BUPA_BKU Business Partner: Bank Details Usage 
BUPA_CCARD_API SAP-BP: API Dataset Payment Cards 
BUPA_CCARD_BW SAP BP: Extraction of SAP BW Payment Cards 
BUPA_CCARD_IPI SAP BP: IPI Payment Card Details 
BUPA_CENTRAL_DATA_BW SAP BP: Extraction of SAP BW Central Partner Data 
BUPA_CLEARING SAP BP Data Cleansing Tool Connection 
BUPA_COMMON General SAP Business Partner 
BUPA_CVI Customer Vendor Integration 
BUPA_ERP_XI Service Enablement for SAP Business Partner in ERP 
BUPA_ERP_XI_MAIN Service Enablement for SAP Business Partner in ERP 
BUPA_EXT Obsolete 
BUPA_EXT_46 Obsolete 
BUPA_EXT_46C Obsolete 
BUPA_EXT_470 Obsolete 
BUPA_GENERAL_BW SAP BP: Extraction SAP BW General 
BUPA_HIERARCHY_BW SAP BP: Extraction BW Group Hierarchy 
BUPA_HOURS SAP Business Partner: Appointment Rules 
BUPA_HOURS_COMMON SAP BP: Reuse Components for Business Hours Data Set 
BUPA_HOUR_IPI SAP Businesspartner: Business Hours (IPI) 
BUPA_ID_API SAP-BP: API Dataset Identification Numbers 
BUPA_ID_IPI SAP Business Partner: IPI Identification Numbers 
BUPA_ID_NUMBERS_BW SAP BP: Extraction SAP BW External ID Numbers 
BUPA_INDUSTRY_API SAP-BP: API Dataset Industry Sectors 
BUPA_INDUSTRY_IPI SAP Business Partner: IPI Industries 
BUPA_IND_SECTOR_BW SAP BP: Extraction SAP BW Industry Assignment 
BUPA_INTERFACE Business Partner: External Interfaces 
BUPA_INTERFACE_COMPLETE Business Partner: Complete the Interface Data 
BUPA_MASS SAP Business Partner: Mass Changes 
BUPA_OBSOLET_BW SAP BP: Extraction SAP BW, Obsolete Objects 
BUPA_OPI OPI Interface for Business Partner 
BUPA_P46C SAP BP: Release-Specific Functional Enhancements for 4.6C 
BUPA_RELATIONSHIPS_BW SAP BP: Extraction SAP BW Partner Relationships 
BUPA_RELS_API SAP BP: API Data Set Shareholder 
BUPA_RELS_IPI SAP BP: IPI Relationship Shareholder 
BUPA_RELT_ABA SAP Business Partner: General Services Relationships (ABA) 
BUPA_ROLES_BW SAP BP: Extraction BW Partner Roles 
BUPA_STATUS_BW SAP BP: Extraction SAP BW System and User Status 
BUPA_TAXN_API SAP-BP: API Dataset Tax Numbers 
BUPA_TAXN_IPI SAP Business Partner: IPI tax numbers 
BUPA_TAX_NUMBERS_BW SAP BP: Extraction of SAP BW Tax Numbers 
BUPA_TDTRANS Distribution of Time-Specific Data of Business Partner 
BUPA_TEXT_BW SAP BP: Extraction SAP BW Partner Texts 
BUPA_TFW Business Partner Templates 
BUPA_UNAME_ORG_BW SAP BP: Extraction SAP BW User Name/Org. Assignment 
BUPA_XI Service Enablement for SAP Business Partner in ERP 
BUPA_XI_MAIN Service Enablement for SAP Business Partner in ERP 
BUPH SAP Business Partner: Application Components 
BW Cross-application objects retail 
CACSBAS Commission: Cross-Application Basis Objects 
CBC2 CRM Business Partner - Data Exchange (IS OIL) 
COM_BSP_BP Business Partner: People Centric UI 
COM_BUAG Business Agreement: Communication Data 
COM_CLEARING Clearing tool 
COM_CLEARING2 Data Cleansing Tool: Prototype RFW Usage 
CRM_BUPA_EEW_MD Connection of the CRM Business Partner to the EEW 
FKK_BUP Business Partner-Relevant Objects with Originals in KK4 
FTBP_ADDON Treasury: Central Business Partner, Move from KFM->ALN 
MD-BP_AKH ACH for Master Data Management: Business Partner 
MDM Master Data Management 
PI_CRM_ETAX Data Exchange CRM/PI: Excise Duty 
PI_CRM_TRANSP Data Exchange CRM/PI: Transport Data 
PI_MDM_BUPA MDM Business Partner in MDC 
UBP1 Data Model for New Business Partner 
UBP4 Data Model Address Management for Business Partners 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in