SAP ABAP Application Component CA-GTF-BS (Business Application Support)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0006312  
Application Component ID CA-GTF-BS  
Short Description   Business Application Support  
First Release Date 19950407 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CA-GTF-BS-MC Message Control  HLB0100212 
CA-GTF-BS-SQ Screen Sequence Control  ABA0000104 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/1SAP1/CNV_GEN Migration: generated objects 
/CNV/GEN Migration: generated objects 
BAC Interface Repository in ABA: Accounting - General 
BKNT Application basis: Interfaces to coding block GKNT 
BZ01 Applications Monitor 
CNVA_20000_ANALYSIS Fiscal Year Conversion Analysis 
CNV_02300 Archive analysis tool 
CNV_10020 CNV package 10020 
CNV_10021 CNV package 10021 
CNV_10030 CNV package 10030 
CNV_10300 Conversion of condition header data 
CNV_10310 Non-transparent fields - prototype only for BUKRS,WERKS 
CNV_10400 Conversion of classification data 
CNV_10500 Special ledger package 
CNV_10510 Foreign Currencies Valuation 
CNV_10910 NRIV conversion (BUKRS, KOKRS, WERKS, FIKRS,...) 
CNV_10920 Conversion of non-transparent key fields 
CNV_10930 special conversion of T811f 
CNV_10992 Generic conversion of texts 
CNV_10994 Conversion of change documents 
CNV_10996 Archive conversion 
CNV_11000 1:1 conversions 
CNV_20000 Fiscal year Change Package 
CNV_20100 CNCC: Chart of accounts conversion 
CNV_20110 Pre-analysis for chart of accounts conversion 
CNV_20111 CNV Package 20111 
CNV_20200 Company code merge and rename 
CNV_20201 Company code merge - basis 
CNV_20330 Renaming of CO objects 
CNV_20551 Delete company code 
CNV_20600 ... 
CNV_20700 Material number conversion 
CNV_20800 Customer Number Conversion 
CNV_20900 Vendor number conversion 
CNV_21500_DDIC DDIC objects for 21500 package (for non-basis objects) 
CNV_21510 Only for IMG for CNV_21500 
CNV_40107 Umbennung Logisches System 
CNV_40300 Conversion of asset classes 
CNV_40301 Conversion of account determination 
CNV_40305 Asset transfer postings due to a change of account determ. 
CNV_BASIS Conversion: Basis functions 
CNV_CDOP_CA_00 CDOP: Clearing Analysis - Dictionary Objects 
CNV_CDOP_CA_01 CDOP: Clearing Analysis - Collector Functions 
CNV_CDOP_CA_02 CDOP: Clearing Analysis - Analysis Functions 
CNV_CDOP_CA_03 CDOP: Clearing Functions 
CNV_CDOP_CC_00 CDOP: Control Center 
CNV_CDOP_UCIA_00 CDOP : Upgrade Change Impact Analysis 
CNV_CDOP_UCIA_01 CDOP : Upgrade Change Impact Analysis Knowledge Base Objects 
CNV_CMIS_G_10 CMIS: general functions 
CNV_CMIS_U_10 CMIS Upg: Table cascading 
CNV_CMIS_U_20 CMIS Upg: XPRA program handling 
CNV_DMC_DEACTIVATED MWB: Deactivated Objects 
CNV_INDX Conversion of INDX-like cluster tables 
CNV_MONITOR Conversion monitor 
CNV_PERFDB Performance database 
CNV_PROTDOWN Download CWB protocols 
DBSYS_OPT DB system specific optimizatons IMG 
FCUR Expiring Currencies 
FREFINTEREST Reference Interest Rate 
KABP Cost Accounting budget and planning 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in