SAP ABAP Application Component CA-MDG (Master Data Governance)
Basic Data
Application Component BSD0000071  
Application Component ID CA-MDG  
Short Description   Master Data Governance  
First Release Date 20080813 
First Release   701 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CA-MDG-AF Application Framework  BTD0000051 
CA-MDG-AF-CR Change Request/Edition/Governance API  BT60000074 
CA-MDG-AF-DM Data Model/Abstraction Layer/Change Documents  BT60000072 
CA-MDG-AF-WF Workflow/ Rule Service  BT60000073 
CA-MDG-ANR Analytics and Reporting  BTD0000211 
CA-MDG-APP Applications  BTD0000213 
CA-MDG-APP-BP MDG Business Partner (Central Part)  BTD0000171 
CA-MDG-APP-BPC Business Partner (Central Parts)  BTD0000214 
CA-MDG-APP-CLF MDG Classification  EB50000101 
CA-MDG-APP-CUS MDG Customer (Central Parts)  EBS0000061 
CA-MDG-APP-CUS-LO MDG Customer (Logistics Parts)  EBS0000062 
CA-MDG-APP-FIN MDG for Financials  SE40000001 
CA-MDG-APP-ISS Internal Self-Services  SE50000001 
CA-MDG-APP-MM MDG Material  EB50000102 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP MDG Supplier (Central Parts)  BTD0000221 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP-DM MDG Supplier (Central Parts)  EB50000103 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP-FI MDG Supplier (Financial Parts)  EB50000104 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP-LO MDG Supplier (Logistics Parts)  EB50000105 
CA-MDG-APP-SUP-SRM MDG Supplier (SRM Parts)  E8D0000001 
CA-MDG-COB Custom Objects  BT60000052 
CA-MDG-DQ Data Quality  BTD0000212 
CA-MDG-DRF Data Replication Framework  BTD0000053 
CA-MDG-DRF-SPT Serialization and Packaging  BT60000051 
CA-MDG-DT Design Time  BT60000041 
CA-MDG-KM Key Mapping  BTD0000052 
CA-MDG-ML Mass Load  BTD0000172 
CA-MDG-RIF Replication Interface Framework  BTD0000081 
CA-MDG-TRR Transport Registry  BTD0000054 
CA-MDG-VM Value Mapping  BTD0000082 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
MDG_BS_COMMON_OBJECTS MDG: Common Objects (IMG, Switches, Roles, ...) 
MDG_FND MDG (Master Data Governance) Foundation Structure Package 
MDG_FOUNDATION_ETCT Testcases for MDG_FND (EhP6 and higher) 
MDG_FOUNDATION_TEST_CASES External Test Case Templates for Business Function MDG_FOUND 
Software Component SAP_BS_FND  SAP Business Suite Foundation 
SAP Release Created in   701