SAP ABAP Application Component CA-MDG-RIF (Replication Interface Framework)
Basic Data
Application Component BTD0000081  
Application Component ID CA-MDG-RIF  
Short Description   Replication Interface Framework  
First Release Date 20090206 
First Release   702 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
MDG_BS_TRANSPORT_UI UI for transport request selection 
MDG_OIF_CDDIC MDG: DDIC for Outbound Interface Framework 
MDG_OIF_DRF_INTEGRATION MDG: DRF Integration of Outbound Interface Framework 
MDG_OIF_FRW MDG: Outbound Interface Framework 
MDG_OIF_GENERATOR MDG: Outbound Interface Framework Generator 
MDG_OIF_UI MDG: Design Time UI for Outbound Interface Framework 
MDG_OUTBOUND_INTERFACE_FRW MDG: Outbound Interface Framework and DRF Integration 
MDG_RIF MDG: Replication Interface Framework 
Software Component MDG_FND  MDG Foundation 
SAP Release Created in   702