SAP ABAP Application Component CA-EPT (Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications)
Basic Data
Application Component BSD0000011  
Application Component ID CA-EPT  
Short Description   Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications  
First Release Date 20080317 
First Release   701 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CA-EPT-ANL Analytics Infrastructure  BTD0000131 
CA-EPT-ANL-ACT Content Activation  BTD0000132 
CA-EPT-ANL-BIA Operational BIA  BTD0000135 
CA-EPT-ANL-CRT Chart Component for Floorplan Manager  BT60000081 
CA-EPT-ANL-LST List Reporting  BTD0000133 
CA-EPT-ANL-OIP Operational Information Provider  BTD0000134 
CA-EPT-BCV Business Context Viewer  BTD0000011 
CA-EPT-BCV-CFG Configuration  BTD0000012 
CA-EPT-BCV-EXE Execution  BTD0000013 
CA-EPT-BOF Business Object Processing Framework  BSD0000061 
CA-EPT-BOF-CFN Configuration  BSD0000062 
CA-EPT-BOF-RNT Runtime  BSD0000063 
CA-EPT-BOF-TST Tests  BSD0000064 
CA-EPT-BRC Reusable Components of Business Suite Foundation  /BOFU/BTD0000111 
CA-EPT-BRC-ADM Admin Data for Business Objects  /BOFU/BTD0000160 
CA-EPT-BRC-ADR Dependent Object for Address Management  /BOFU/BTD0000141 
CA-EPT-BRC-ALM Alert Management Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000151 
CA-EPT-BRC-ARC Archiving Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000142 
CA-EPT-BRC-ATF Dependent Object for Attachment Folder  /BOBF/BT60000064 
CA-EPT-BRC-AUT Authorization Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000152 
CA-EPT-BRC-BAL Business Object wrapper for Application Log  /BOFU/BT60000061 
CA-EPT-BRC-BP Business Partner Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000153 
CA-EPT-BRC-BR BRFplus Extension for BOPF @ Business Suite  /BOFU/BT60000062 
CA-EPT-BRC-CDO Change Document Adapter with Integration into DAC Generation  /BOFU/BTD0000155 
CA-EPT-BRC-CLP Code List Provider Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000156 
CA-EPT-BRC-FBI Integration of FPM and Persistency Frameworks like BOPF  /BOFU/BTD0000112 
CA-EPT-BRC-FBI-DST FBI Designtime  /BOFU/BTD0000232 
CA-EPT-BRC-FBI-FST FBI Support for Free Style UIBB  /BOFU/BTD0000233 
CA-EPT-BRC-FBI-SRC FBI Support for Search and IDR Handling  /BOFU/BTD0000235 
CA-EPT-BRC-FC Field Control Framework  /BOFU/BTD0000157 
CA-EPT-BRC-GBI Gateway BOPF Integration  /BOFU/BFI0000042 
CA-EPT-BRC-LDN Language Dependent Node Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000159 
CA-EPT-BRC-PBI POWL BOPF Integration  /BOFU/BTD0000236 
CA-EPT-BRC-PPF Post Processing Framework Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000158 
CA-EPT-BRC-SAM Status & Action Management and Adapter  /BOFU/BTD0000154 
CA-EPT-BRC-TXC Dependent Object for Text Collection  /BOFU/BT60000065 
CA-EPT-CCF Configuration Check Framework  BT60000011 
CA-EPT-DPL Duplicate Check / Fuzzy Search  BTD0000092 
CA-EPT-GEN GENeric Integer Optimizer System  BTD0000091 
CA-EPT-GIS Geographical Information System  BT60000012 
CA-EPT-HCF Healthcare Communication Framework  BTD0000121 
CA-EPT-IBO Suite Inbox  BTD0000231 
CA-EPT-IDM Identity Management: Business Suite Processes  BSD0000051 
CA-EPT-KME Key Mapping Extension  BSD0000001 
CA-EPT-NAV Object Navigator  BSD0000066 
CA-EPT-OM Organizational Management  BSD0000031 
CA-EPT-POC Process Orchestration for Built-In Processes  BT60000013 
CA-EPT-PRO Process Route  BT60000001 
CA-EPT-RCC Remote Control and Communication Framework  BSD0000021 
CA-EPT-SMI Social Media Intelligence Foundation  BFI0000041 
CA-EPT-SPI Service Provider Infrastructure  BSD0000065 
CA-EPT-SPI-FSI FPM SPI Integration  BFI0000001 
CA-EPT-SSC Shared Service Center Framework  BTD0000031 
CA-EPT-TAS Tools and Services in BS Foundation  BTD0000161 
CA-EPT-TAS-ATP ATP Tools  BTD0000162 
CA-EPT-TAS-LOG WebUI Application Log  BFI0000002 
CA-EPT-TM Talent Management  BSD0000032 
CA-EPT-VE Visual Enterprise  BT60000121 
CA-EPT-VE-VEG Visual Enterprise Generator  BT60000122 
CA-EPT-VE-VEV Visual Enterprise Viewer  BT60000123 
CA-EPT-VWR Viewer  BTD0000201 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
BS_IDM_TEST_CASES Identity Management: Business Suite Test Cases 
BS_INFRASTRUCTURE Infrastrukturobjekte 
BS_MINI_REUSE Kleinere Tools 
BS_PERIOD PS Period Toolset 
BS_PERIOD_API API for period toolset 
BS_PLM_LOG_IMG PLM WebUI Applikation Log IMG 
BS_PYCD_XI_PROXY Application specific proxies 
BS_REUSE_AKH Package for Components in the AKH 
ESH_SAPAPPLH_BF Business Functions for HANA Search in SAP APPL 
ESH_SAPAPPLH_IMG IMG Settings for Search in SAP_APPL 
ESH_SBSFNDH_IMG IMG Settings for Search in SAP_BS_FND 
FICA_FSCM_CRM_DISPUTE Integration FICA Dispute / CRM Complaint 
Software Component SAP_BS_FND  SAP Business Suite Foundation 
SAP Release Created in   701