SAP ABAP Application Component CA-EUR (European Monetary Union: Euro)
Basic Data
Application Component HLB0100271  
Application Component ID CA-EUR  
Short Description   European Monetary Union: Euro  
First Release Date 19970828 
First Release   40A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CA-EUR-CNV Local Currency Changeover  HLB0100273 
CA-EUR-CUR Currency Customizing and Handling for Euro  B200000012 
CA-EUR-GEN Additional Functions for the Euro  HLB0100272 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SLOAE/FRAMEWORK SAP LT Analysis Service Framework 
/SLOAE/REMOTE_EXECUTION Remote analysis execution 
/SLOAP/APPLICATION_LOGGING all logging texts of application package 
/SLOAP/DELIVERY SLO analytic services delivery 
/SLOAP/DOWNUP_GUI Download Upload functionality for LT Analysis data 
/SLOAP/EXECUTION_API API to execution layer 
/SLOAP/INFOSYS Content Repository Management System 
/SLOAP/MAIN Main package of SLO AP 
/SLOAP/OM_TOOLS Output module tools 
/SLOAP/OUTPUT SLO AS output framework 
/SLOAP/OUTPUT_ADT Abstract data types for output generation 
/SLOAP/OUTPUT_BUILDER Generation of output based on data xml 
/SLOAP/OUTPUT_DATA_XML Generates data xml for output generation 
/SLOAP/OUTPUT_INTERFACE Interface package for usage from outside 
/SLOAP/SERVICE SLOAS - Analysis Services Maintenance, Monitoring & Billing 
/SLOAP/STORE SLO AP result storage 
/SLOAP/SVG parser for svg org charts 
/SLOAP/TEXTS SLT Analysis text objects 
/SLOAP/UI User Interface 
/SLOAP/UTILITY Utility Sources for SLO Analytic Platform 
/SLOAP/WDASSIST Class for WD assistence components 
/TDM/9_GEN_OBJECTS Generated programs and views for client deletion 
BTP SAP Landscape Transformation 
BTP_CHK BTP Check Framework Web Dynpro UI 
BTP_DL BTP Application Data Layer Basis 
BTP_PCI BTP PCL Interface 
BTP_PWD BTP PCL Web Dynpro Layer 
BTP_SGI BTP SAP-GUI Call-Back Interface 
BTP_SI BTP Search Interface 
BTP_SMI BTP Solution Manager Interface 
BTP_TPL BTP Transport Layer 
BTP_WD BTP Web Dynpro Layer 
CNVA_00555 Chart of Accounts : Runtime Estimation 
CNVA_02300 Archive analysis 
CNVA_20201_CHECK Number Range Object Analysis 
CNVA_20290_CHECK Company Code Merge Pre-analysis - Check classes 
CNVA_20310_CHECKS Cost Centre Analysis Checks 
CNVA_20345_CHECK Profit centre analysis checks 
CNVA_20400_CHECK Controlling Area Merge Analysis 
CNVA_ANALYSIS Package for LT analysis 
CNVA_APPLICATION Analysis Application 
CNVA_CCD_ANA Company Code Deletion Downtime Analysis 
CNVA_COA Analysis Functions for ChartOfAccounts Conversion 
CNVA_COA_MAPP SAP LT Analysis: ChartOfAccounts Mapping Analysis 
CNVA_HR_ANA HR Analysis for CoA 
CNVA_PCREA LT Profit Center Reorganization Analysis 
CNVA_PCREA_CONTROL Profit Center Reorganization Analysis:Control System Objects 
CNVC_CCE SHC - Customizing Comparison Engine 
CNVC_CCE_READ SHC - Tools for Customizing Comparison Engine 
CNVC_HEX SHC - Export functions 
CNVC_JSTAT SHC - Job status monitoring for SCD jobs 
CNVC_MAIN All CNVC functn's & obj's for generic DMIS related analysis 
CNVC_MENU SHC System comparison - menu 
CNVC_MENU_46 SHC - Menu using tree control 
CNVC_SCNG SHC - System Comparison -- Next generation 
CNVC_SCNR System comparison - Number ranges analysis 
CNVC_SCOL SHC - System comparison -- Online 
CNVC_SCWB Landscape Transformation - SC Workbench 
CNVM Migration Workbench: EU Objects Sender/Receiver Systems 
CNVMBTASF Application Specific Functions 
CNV_00001_CHECKS Check framework basis checks 
CNV_00001_DEMO Demo programs for CWB Basis 
CNV_00001_PIFD PIFD implementation for CWB Basis 
CNV_00050 Interface package for "Transformation Summary" 
CNV_00300 CWB-ME Interface 
CNV_10100 Conversion of Sets 
CNV_10100_CHECK Set Name conversion Check Classes of Check Framework 
CNV_10210 Number Conversion Engine: CWB interface 
CNV_10501 OBJNR-handling during conversion 
CNV_10520 Handle DFKKSUM conversion ("logical key" conversion) 
CNV_10520_CHECK Relevant checks for special logic of FI-CA (DFKKSUM) 
CNV_12000 Conversion of shorttext and descriptions 
CNV_20200_CHECK Company code merge and rename - Check classes 
CNV_20211 Company Conversion (RCOMP) 
CNV_20211_CHECK Company conversion (RCOMP) - Check classes 
CNV_20212 Credit Control Area Conversion (KKBER) 
CNV_20212_CHECK Credit Control Area conversion (KKBER) - Check classes 
CNV_20302 KOKRS merge: Reassign top nodes 
CNV_20304 Basis package for 20310,20345,20320,20335,20325,20340,20375 
CNV_20305 Basis package for CO conversion packages 
CNV_20306 Controlling area (KOKRS) rename 
CNV_20306_CHECK Check implementation for Package 20345 
CNV_20310 Cost Center (KOSTL) conversion (merge / rename) 
CNV_20310_CHECK Cost Center (KOSTL) conversion (merge/rename)- Check Classes 
CNV_20317 DATBI Valid to-Logic 
CNV_20320 Activity type (LSTAR) conversion (merge / rename) 
CNV_20320_CHECK Activity Types Merge - Checks 
CNV_20325 Statistical key figures (STAGR) conversion (merge / rename) 
CNV_20325_CHECK Check Implementations for Package 20325 
CNV_20332 Conversion of AO object numbers 
CNV_20333 Conversion of VD object numbers 
CNV_20335 Business process (PRZNR) conversion (merge / rename) 
CNV_20335_CHECK Check Implementations for Package 20335 
CNV_20340 Cycles conversion 
CNV_20340_CHECK Check Implementations for Package 20340 
CNV_20345 Profit center (PRCTR) conversion (merge / rename) 
CNV_20345_CHECK Check Implementations for Package 20345 
CNV_20360 Change assignment of hierarchy nodes 
CNV_20370 Set conversion (rename) 
CNV_20375 Secondary cost element (KSTAR) conversion (merge / rename) 
CNV_20375_CHECK Check Implementations for Package 20375 
CNV_20380 Conversion of CO document numbers 
CNV_20400 Controlling area (KOKRS) merge 
CNV_20400_CHECK Controlling area merge - Checks 
CNV_20410 Operating Concern Merge 
CNV_20410_CHECK Operating concern merge - check classes 
CNV_20600_CHECK Company Code for Number Assignment - Check classes 
CNV_21520 Conversion of Personnel Numbers 
CNV_60500 Demo Package: Airline Merge 
CNV_70010 TDMS Scrambling Standalone solution using CWB 
CNV_70011 Address conversion for TDMS scrambling 
CNV_70012 HCM conversion for TDMS scrambling 
CNV_ADT Transformation Summary 
CNV_ADT_DP Transformation Summary: Data providers 
CNV_BASIS_GENER Generation of transformation modules 
CNV_BASIS_STATE State management of CWB 
CNV_BASIS_UTILITIES Objects used by MWB, CCW, etc. 
CNV_CMIS_A_10 CMIS Repository Comparison 
CNV_CMIS_A_20 Cross-Client Customizing Comparison 
CNV_CMIS_A_30 System Status Analysis andComp 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_400_AIN CMIS Upg: AIN objects release 400 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_EA_DFPS CMIS Upg: EA-DFPS objects release 600 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_600_IS_EC_CEM CMIS Upg: IS-EC-CEM objects release 600 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_700_CEECV CMIS Upg: Romania development class - FI /CEECV/ROFI 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_700_CPRXRPM CMIS Upg: CPRXRPM objects release 700 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_700_ERECRUIT CMIS Upg: Recruitment Factory: Business logic obj. rel. 700 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_700_SLL_LEG CMIS Upg: SLL-LEG objects release 700 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_700_WFMCORE CMIS Upg: WFMCORE 200 objects release 700 
CNV_CMIS_U_30_XPRA CMIS: substitute XPRA's for all relevant components 
CNV_DCII_COMM Objects used for several DataConvII transformation solutions 
CNV_DEMO Dev. class for customer demo transformation packages 
CNV_DMCC MWB: Conversion Objects 
CNV_DMCM Data Mapping and Conversion: Maintenance 
CNV_DMCR Data Mapping and Conversion: Runtime 
CNV_DMCU MWB: Management of Upgrade Actions 
CNV_DMCU_BCSET DMIS Integrated Upgrade: Reprocess BC Sets 
CNV_DMCU_BCSETS DMIS Integrated Upgrade: Determine and reprocess BC Sets 
CNV_DMCU_BCSET_REMOTE DMIS Integrated Upgrade: Determine and reprocess BC Sets 
CNV_DMCX Data Mapping and Conversion: Exception Handling 
CNV_DMC_CODE_SCAN Scan generated coding for specific tokens 
CNV_DMC_CONFIGURATION Package for managing configurations of MWB 
CNV_DMC_CONTENT Data Mapping and Conversion: Content 
CNV_DMC_CONTENT_REPL Data Mapping and Conversion: Content Replication 
CNV_DMC_CONTENT_UPGRADE Data Mapping and Conversion: Content Upgrade 
CNV_DMC_CTS MWB: Change and Transport System (CTS) 
CNV_DMC_DTL Objects of the data transport layer 
CNV_DMC_UTIL Data Mapping and Conversion: Utilities 
CNV_DMC_XML MWB: XML functionality 
CNV_HCM_BASE Basis Package for HCM Objects 
CNV_ICWB Incremental Conversion Workbench (iCWB) 
CNV_INC_KDB incremental processing Knowledge Database 
CNV_INC_PROCESSING incremental processing using DB triggers and logging tables 
CNV_INC_PROCESSING_REMOTE tools for logging table and trigger creation in sender syst. 
CNV_INDX_KNOWLEDGE Knowledge maintenance of INDX package 
CNV_IUUC_DB_CONNECTION Encapsulation of communication with remote systems non RFC 
CNV_IUUC_MAIN Integrated Upgrade & Unicode Conversion: Main Package 
CNV_IUUC_MULTI_LOGTAB_USE multiple use of logging tables -> registration of consumer 
CNV_IUUC_REMOTE Integrated Upgrade & Unicode Conversion: Remote Package 
CNV_IUUC_REMOTE_REPAIR Package for Repair Functionality in Remote System 
CNV_IUUC_REMOTE_REPAIR_CDC Package for CDC Repair Functionality in Remote System 
CNV_IUUC_REPAIR Package for Repair Functionality 
CNV_IUUC_REPAIR_CDC Package for CDC Repair Functionality 
CNV_IUUC_REPL_ADV_SETTINGS LT Replication: Advanced Replication Settings 
CNV_IUUC_REPL_LOGGING Replication logging -> temp. store replic. data in INDX-Clus 
CNV_IUUC_REPL_MON extended replication monitoring 
CNV_IUUC_RT Integrated Upgrade & Unicode Conversion: Runtime Package 
CNV_IUUC_SYSTEM_SYNC_CENTRAL IUUC system synchronization (DDIC sync)-central system (MWB) 
CNV_IUUC_SYSTEM_SYNC_GENERAL IUUC system synchronization (DDIC sync) - cross syst objects 
CNV_IUUC_SYSTEM_SYNC_RCV IUUC system synchronization (DDIC sync) - reciever system 
CNV_IUUC_SYSTEM_SYNC_SND IUUC system synchronization (DDIC sync) - sender system 
CNV_MBO Migration Business Object 
CNV_MBT_ACTLOG Workinstruction Report Generation 
CNV_MBT_CHECK Check Framework 
CNV_MBT_CONV_DUPLSTORE Storage for duplicate entries 
CNV_MBT_COT SLO Central Object Table 
CNV_MBT_DELIM Delimitation 
CNV_MBT_DEMO Collection of demo and test objects 
CNV_MBT_DEVL Components of PCL exclusively available on develop. system 
CNV_MBT_DEVL_46 MBT PCL - Development environment functions 4.6C 
CNV_MBT_KNOWLEDGE_POOL Components of Knowledge pool 
CNV_MBT_MAIN Main components of PCL for SLO Products 
CNV_MBT_MAIN_46 MBT PCL Main objects from Release 4.6 on 
CNV_MBT_MAIN_620 DMIS objects for release starting with 620 
CNV_MBT_MAIN_700 MBT PCL Main Objects release 700 
CNV_MBT_ME Mapping Engine 
CNV_MBT_ME_CORE Mapping Engine Core Functionality and Types 
CNV_MBT_ME_CWBI Mapping Engine CWB Interface 
CNV_MBT_ME_CWBI_DYN Mapping Engine CWB Interface Dynpro GUI 
CNV_MBT_ME_SIM Simulation Engine for the Mapping Engine 
CNV_MBT_NOTIFICATION_ENGINE Notification Service for Subscribers to PCL Object Changes 
CNV_MBT_PCL Components of PCL to be imported into PCL system 
CNV_MBT_PCL_46 MBT PCT : Process controlling functions 4.6 
CNV_MBT_PIFD DMIS : Parameter and Interface Definition 
CNV_MBT_PIFD_CORE PIFD Core Functionality and Types 
CNV_MBT_PIFD_DYN PIFD Dynpro Generation 
CNV_MBT_PIFD_EXCEL Utility classes for writing PIFD objects to Excel 
CNV_MBT_PIFD_OPERATORS Operators for processing PIFD objects 
CNV_MBT_PIFD_UIBASE PIFD Core Functionality and Types 
CNV_MBT_PIFD_UIBASE_WC PIFD Core Functionality and Types 
CNV_MBT_PLK SAP LT Product Lock 
CNV_MBT_SCRAMBLE Components of Scrambling platform 
CNV_MBT_SHELL DMIS Shell creation 
CNV_MBT_SPRD Spreadsheet Upload / Download Classes 
CNV_MBT_UI Package for PCL Related UI's 
CNV_MBT_UNITTEST_MOCK Mockup f. use of AbapUnit in syst. without pack. "abapunit" 
CNV_MBT_XSLT_GENER Program generation based on XSL transformation 
CNV_MDS_MAINT_EVENT_PROC MDS Upgrade (Dynamic maintenance events) 
CNV_MDS_MAINT_EV_INFO_EXTRACT MDS: Extracted information from technical upgrade 
CNV_MDS_SFW Switch-Framework integration into IUUC 
CNV_MDS_UCCONV Incremental migration (MDS/IMIG) 
CNV_MDS_UTILITY Utilities for IUUC - avoiding direct OS access 
CNV_MWBGUI Migration Workbench GUI 
CNV_MWB_DST Interface Between CWB and MWB (Receiver System) 
CNV_MWB_EXT_COMMANDS External commands to be executed remote - client functions 
CNV_MWB_IU MWB: Integrated Upgrade 
CNV_NCE_BAS Number conversion engine: Core 
CNV_NCE_KB Number conversion engine: Knowledge Base 
CNV_NOTRANSL DMIS: documentation objects that are not be translated 
CNV_TABLE_CLASSIFICATION table classification tools 
CNV_TABLE_CLASSIFICATION_REMOT table classification tools required in the remote (sender) s 
CNV_TDMS_01_SCEN_A Objects for scenario determination (all systems) 
CNV_TDMS_01_SCEN_P Objects for scenario determination (PCL system) 
CNV_TDMS_01_SCEN_X reduction scenario (remote systems) 
CNV_TDMS_02_SIZE_A Objects for table size determination (all system) 
CNV_TDMS_02_SIZE_P Objects for table size determination (PCL system) 
CNV_TDMS_02_SIZE_X DB size analysis functions for remote systems 
CNV_TDMS_03_REDUC_A objects for reduction rule handling (all systems) 
CNV_TDMS_03_REDUC_P objects for reduction rule handling (PCL system) 
CNV_TDMS_03_REDUC_X objects for reduction rule handling (sender / receiver) 
CNV_TDMS_04_CM_FUNC_P Development Class for MD&C in TDMS - Funct. in PCL system 
CNV_TDMS_04_CM_MAIN_A Class for All System Related Development for TDMS MD&C 
CNV_TDMS_04_CM_X Class for Sending and Receiving System for TDMS MD&C 
CNV_TDMS_05_INDEX Index drop / re-create 
CNV_TDMS_05_JEST_CLUSTER Development class for JEST Cluster filling 
CNV_TDMS_05_JEST_MERGE JEST merger development Class 
CNV_TDMS_05_TI_FUNC_P Functions for TDMS Time Reduction in PCL System 
CNV_TDMS_05_TI_IS_U_X Development for TDMS for ISU 
CNV_TDMS_05_TI_MAIN_A Class for All System-Related Development for TDMS 05_TIME Re 
CNV_TDMS_05_TI_X Class for TDMS 05_Time Reduction in Sender and Receiver 
CNV_TDMS_05_X_DROP Fill Header Drop Scenario 
CNV_TDMS_06_CROSSAPP_CU_A Cross Application TDMS_06 
CNV_TDMS_06_CROSSAPP_CU_P Cross Application Customizing for PCL 
CNV_TDMS_06_CROSSAPP_CU_X Cross Application Customizing for TDMS_06 
CNV_TDMS_07_DEACTIVATE_CHECK Package for Package Deactivate Check 
CNV_TDMS_07_SHELL_MGMT_A Development Class for message classes of address management 
CNV_TDMS_07_SHELL_MGMT_P shell management on PCL system 
CNV_TDMS_07_SHELL_MGMT_X development class for shell management, user addresses 
CNV_TDMS_08_RULES_A Cross-System for CNV_TDMS_08_RULES 
CNV_TDMS_08_RULES_P TDMS Rules in PCL System 
CNV_TDMS_08_RULES_X TDMS Rules for Sender and Receiver 
CNV_TDMS_09_SHELL_DROP_A Objects for drop solution (all systems) 
CNV_TDMS_09_SHELL_DROP_P Objects for drop solution (PCL System) 
CNV_TDMS_09_SHELL_DROP_R Objects for drop solution (TDMS receiver system) 
CNV_TDMS_10_COPY_P TDMS copy functionality 
CNV_TDMS_11_SRULES_P Scrambling Rules 
CNV_TDMS_12_UPGRADE_CUST_P Objects for customizing upgrade functionality 
CNV_TDMS_13_SHELL_P Shell creation 
CNV_TDMS_14_ISSOLUTIONS Development Class for IS 
CNV_TDMS_99_TEST TDMS test tools 
CNV_TDMS_AP_A Package - TDMS All applications and system 
CNV_TDMS_AP_GENERIC_P Package for all TDMS Application 
CNV_TDMS_AP_PIFD_A Validators for PIFD 
CNV_TDMS_AP_UI_PROG Background Programs for UI 
CNV_TDMS_AP_X Generic Package for all TDMS Application 
CNV_TDMS_BI Global development Package for TDMS BI 
CNV_TDMS_BI_A TDMS BI - All systems 
CNV_TDMS_BI_P TDMS BI - Central / Control System(From TDMS 4.0 onwards) 
CNV_TDMS_BI_X TDMS BI - Remote system 
CNV_TDMS_BP_A Main Package for BPL 
CNV_TDMS_BP_SIZE_P Objects for table size determination (PCL system) 
CNV_TDMS_BP_UI_A Package to store all UI related details of BPL 
CNV_TDMS_BP_UI_VIEW Package for developments related to View involved tables 
CNV_TDMS_BP_WD_UI Package For Web dynpor development in BOC 
CNV_TDMS_BSC_STRUPAK structure package for DMIS_BSC 
CNV_TDMS_BUS_BI Global development package for TDMS BI 
CNV_TDMS_BUS_CRM Global development package for TDMS CRM 
CNV_TDMS_BW_A TDMS BW - All systems 
CNV_TDMS_BW_P TDMS BW - Central / Control System 
CNV_TDMS_BW_X TDMS BW - Remote system 
CNV_TDMS_CRM Global development Package for TDMS CRM 
CNV_TDMS_CRMU Global development Package for TDMS CRM Utility 
CNV_TDMS_CRM_P Package for TDMS CRM developments for Control/Central system 
CNV_TDMS_CRM_TLI_P Package for TDMS CRM developments SP05 TLI 
CNV_TDMS_CRM_TLI_X Package for TDMS CRM Development SP05 TLI 
CNV_TDMS_CRM_X Package for TDMS CRM developments for Remote systems 
CNV_TDMS_CROSS_APPS_P TDMS 4.0 : Objects used across applications(Control/Central) 
CNV_TDMS_CRU_P Development for TDMS CRM Utilities (All) 
CNV_TDMS_CRU_X Development for TDMS CRM Utilities (Sender/Receiver) 
CNV_TDMS_CR_A TDMS CRM All applications and all System 
CNV_TDMS_CR_BUSL_X CRM Business Logic Package 
CNV_TDMS_EC_A Package - TDMS ERP application and all systems 
CNV_TDMS_EC_BUSL_X ERP TDMS business logic 
CNV_TDMS_EC_GENERIC_A Package to store cross-application information for TDMS 4.0 
CNV_TDMS_EHP Cross Application: EhP related developments 
CNV_TDMS_ERP Global development Package for TDMS ERP 
CNV_TDMS_GTS Global development Package for TDMS GTS 
CNV_TDMS_HCM Global development Package for TDMS HCM 
CNV_TDMS_HCM_620_A TDMS4HMC - Release 620 and higher releases 
CNV_TDMS_HCM_620_C TDMS4HMC - Comparison functions 
CNV_TDMS_HCM_620_PF TDMS4HCM - Process and Forms 
CNV_TDMS_HCM_620_PSL TDMS4HCM: Object Selection 
CNV_TDMS_HCM_CLASSES Backend classes for all HCM UIs 
CNV_TDMS_HCM_MAIN Main Package for all TDMS HCM Objects 
CNV_TDMS_HCM_WD_A TDMS HCM 4.0 : Web Dynpro developments for HCM 
CNV_TDMS_IS Global development package for Industry Solutions 
CNV_TDMS_IS_B Global development package for TDMS IS Banking 
CNV_TDMS_IS_BANK General Package for IS-Banking 
CNV_TDMS_IS_OG_DS_P Development for TDMS for SAP Oil & Gas (All) 
CNV_TDMS_IS_OG_DS_X Development for TDMS for IS-Oil (Sender/Receiver) 
CNV_TDMS_IS_OIL Global development package for TDMS IS Oil 
CNV_TDMS_IS_R Global development package for TDMS IS Retail 
CNV_TDMS_IS_U Global development package for TDMS IS Utilities 
CNV_TDMS_SCM Global development package for TDMS SCM 
CNV_TDMS_SCM_X Package to store objects that run in remote sys only 
CNV_TDMS_SCR_DATA Data Provider Package for TDMS Scrambling 
CNV_TDMS_SCR_UI_A TDMS 4.0 Scrambling UI 
CNV_TDMS_SHELL Global development Package for TDMS SHELL 
CNV_TDMS_SRM Global development package for TDMS SRM 
CNV_TDMS_SRM_X Package for TDMS SRM developments for Remote systems 
CNV_TDMS_SR_FH_X Package for TDMS SRM Fill header developments 
CNV_TDMS_SR_P Package for TDMS SRM developments for Control/Central system 
CNV_TDMS_UI_A TDMS 4.0 Unified UI 
CNV_TDMS_UI_WC_A TDMS 4.0 Control Center 
CNV_TDMS_XAPP_A TDMS: Object to be used across functions (all systems) 
CNV_TDMS_XAPP_P TDMS: Object to be used across functions (PCL system) 
CNV_TDMS_XAPP_X TDMS: Object to be used across functions (X systems) 
DMIS Top level structure package for component DMIS 
DMIS_APPL All application related functions in DMIS 
DMIS_APPL_ANALYZE Generic application related analysis functions for DMIS 
DMIS_APPL_CNV_MIG Generic application related conversion & migration functions 
DMIS_BASIS All application independent functions in DMIS 
DMIS_BASIS_ANA All generic functions and objects for DMIS related analysis 
DMIS_BASIS_BTP All generic functions for SAP LT Work Center 
DMIS_BASIS_CWB All objects and functions for Conversion Workbench (CWB) 
DMIS_BASIS_GEN Cross obj's & funct'ns for generic appl.related functions 
DMIS_BASIS_INC_FW All functions and objects for incremental framework 
DMIS_BASIS_LM Delivery-related Lifecycle Functions for component DMIS 
DMIS_BASIS_LTR All functions and objects for LT Repository 
DMIS_BASIS_MWB All objects and functions for Migration Workbench (MWB) 
DMIS_BASIS_PCL All objects and functions for Process Control Layer (PCL) 
DMIS_BASIS_SYSTEM_SYNC Main package for system synchronization 
DMIS_BASIS_X Cross DMIS_BASIS functions and objects 
DMIS_CNT Development class for TDMS 4.0 
LTR SAP LT: Landscape Transformation Repository 
LTR_CM SAP LT: LT Repository - Versioning and Delivery 
LTR_CM_CORE LTR: Content Management - Core Classes 
LTR_CM_PIFD ltr_cm_pifd 
LTR_CM_SCRIPTS ltr_cm_scripts 
LTR_DELIM SAP LT: Delimitation Engine for LT Repository 
LTR_DYNP SAP LT: Dynpro UI for the LT Repository 
LTR_DYNP_MON SAP LT: Dynpro Monitor UI for the Delimitation Engine 
LTR_DYNP_MTN SAP LT: Dynpro Maintenance UI for the LT Repository 
LTR_GENERAL SAP LT: LT Repository - Shared Components 
LTR_MODEL SAP LT: LT Repository - Core Model 
LTR_MODEL_APPL SAP LT: LT Respository - Application Data Model 
LTR_MODEL_DELIM SAP LT: LT Repository - Delimitation Options 
LTR_MODEL_GENERAL SAP LT: LT Repository - General Model Entities 
LTR_MODEL_SOLUTION SAP LT: LT Repository - Transformation Solutions and Items 
LTR_SHARED LTR: Shared moduls (also be used by Non-LTR packages!!!) 
LTR_TABLE_COMPARISON LTR: Table comparison (shared module) 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in