SAP ABAP Application Component IM (Investment Management)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009450  
Application Component ID IM  
Short Description   Investment Management  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
IM-FA Capital Investments  HLA0009451 
IM-FA-IA Appropriation Requests  HLA0009452 
IM-FA-IA-AP Approval Process  HLA0100189 
IM-FA-IA-MD Master Data  HLA0100181 
IM-FA-IA-MD-BD Basic Data  HLA0100182 
IM-FA-IA-MD-MC Mass Changes  ALR0000039 
IM-FA-IA-MD-VD Variants  HLA0100183 
IM-FA-IA-PA Preinvestment Analysis  HLA0100188 
IM-FA-IA-PL Cost Planning  HLA0100185 
IM-FA-IA-PL-GEN Overall Costs  HLA0100186 
IM-FA-IA-PL-SPC Separate Planning of Capitalizable Costs  HLA0100187 
IM-FA-IE Statistical Key Figures  HLA0001483 
IM-FA-IE Investment Orders  HLA0009454 
IM-FA-IE-BU Order Budgeting  HLA0001481 
IM-FA-IE-CL Periodic Order Closing  HLA0001484 
IM-FA-IE-CL-AV Asset Valuation  HLA0001488 
IM-FA-IE-CL-OS Overhead  HLA0001486 
IM-FA-IE-CL-PT Periodic Transfer  HLA0001485 
IM-FA-IE-CL-SE Order Settlement  HLA0001487 
IM-FA-IE-CM Commitment and Manual Funds Reservation  HLA0001482 
IM-FA-IE-MD Master Data  HLA0001475 
IM-FA-IE-PL Order Planning  HLA0001476 
IM-FA-IE-PL-MA Manual Order Planning  HLA0001477 
IM-FA-IE-PL-OR Order Settlement  HLA0001480 
IM-FA-IE-PL-OS Overhead  HLA0001479 
IM-FA-IE-PL-PT Periodic Transfers  HLA0001478 
IM-FA-IE-SU Order Summarization  ALR0000040 
IM-FA-IP Investment Programs  HLA0009453 
IM-FA-IP-BU Program Budgeting  HLA0001474 
IM-FA-IP-CP Program Cost Planning  HLA0001473 
IM-FA-IP-CP-GEN Overall Planning  HLA0100190 
IM-FA-IP-CP-SPC Separate Planning of Overhead  HLA0100191 
IM-FA-IP-CP-VRS Plan Versions  HLA0100192 
IM-FA-IP-FYC Fiscal Year Change  HLA0100193 
IM-FA-IP-ST Program Structuring  HLA0001472 
IM-FA-IS Information System  HLA0009456 
IM-FA-IS Depreciation Simulation  HLA0001515 
IM-FA-IS-CP Investment Program Summarization  HLA0100196 
IM-FA-IS-FA Capitalized Assets  HLA0001514 
IM-FA-IS-IA Appropriation Requests  HLA0100195 
IM-FA-IS-IP Investment Programs  HLA0001511 
IM-FA-IS-OR Investment Orders  HLA0001513 
IM-FA-IS-PS Project Costs  HLA0001512 
IM-FA-PR Projects as Investment Measures  HLA0009494 
IM-FA-PR-AC Actual Costs  HLA0001504 
IM-FA-PR-BU Project Budgeting  HLA0001497 
IM-FA-PR-BU-AL Budget Allocation  HLA0001498 
IM-FA-PR-BU-AV Availability Control  HLA0001501 
IM-FA-PR-BU-RE Budget Release  HLA0001500 
IM-FA-PR-BU-UP Budget Update  HLA0001499 
IM-FA-PR-CL Periodic Project Closing  HLA0001505 
IM-FA-PR-CL-AV Asset Valuation  HLA0001510 
IM-FA-PR-CL-IN Interest Calculation  HLA0001508 
IM-FA-PR-CL-OS Overhead  HLA0001507 
IM-FA-PR-CL-PT Periodic Transfer  HLA0001506 
IM-FA-PR-CL-SE Project Settlement  HLA0001509 
IM-FA-PR-CP Cost Planning  HLA0001493 
IM-FA-PR-CP-OR Orders for Projects  HLA0001496 
IM-FA-PR-CP-OS Overhead  HLA0001495 
IM-FA-PR-CP-WB Cost Planning in the WBS  HLA0001494 
IM-FA-PR-EI Project Execution / Integration  HLA0001502 
IM-FA-PR-EI-GF General Functions  HLA0001503 
IM-FA-PR-MD Master Data  HLA0001489 
IM-FA-PR-MD-MT WBS Maintenance  HLA0001491 
IM-FA-PR-MD-ST Standard WBS  HLA0001490 
IM-FA-PR-MD-TE PS Text Management  HLA0001492 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AIMM Application components IM 
AIMP Process model objects IM 
APPL_CONTENT_IM Analytics Content for IM 
ASAPTERM_IM Terminology and Glossary: Translation in IM 
RS_IMG_IM OLTP-IMG IM (Investment Management) 
U130 Investment Management 
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
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