SAP ABAP Application Component IM-FA (Capital Investments)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009451  
Application Component ID IM-FA  
Short Description   Capital Investments  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
IM-FA-IA Appropriation Requests  HLA0009452 
IM-FA-IA-AP Approval Process  HLA0100189 
IM-FA-IA-MD Master Data  HLA0100181 
IM-FA-IA-MD-BD Basic Data  HLA0100182 
IM-FA-IA-MD-MC Mass Changes  ALR0000039 
IM-FA-IA-MD-VD Variants  HLA0100183 
IM-FA-IA-PA Preinvestment Analysis  HLA0100188 
IM-FA-IA-PL Cost Planning  HLA0100185 
IM-FA-IA-PL-GEN Overall Costs  HLA0100186 
IM-FA-IA-PL-SPC Separate Planning of Capitalizable Costs  HLA0100187 
IM-FA-IE Investment Orders  HLA0009454 
IM-FA-IE Statistical Key Figures  HLA0001483 
IM-FA-IE-BU Order Budgeting  HLA0001481 
IM-FA-IE-CL Periodic Order Closing  HLA0001484 
IM-FA-IE-CL-AV Asset Valuation  HLA0001488 
IM-FA-IE-CL-OS Overhead  HLA0001486 
IM-FA-IE-CL-PT Periodic Transfer  HLA0001485 
IM-FA-IE-CL-SE Order Settlement  HLA0001487 
IM-FA-IE-CM Commitment and Manual Funds Reservation  HLA0001482 
IM-FA-IE-MD Master Data  HLA0001475 
IM-FA-IE-PL Order Planning  HLA0001476 
IM-FA-IE-PL-MA Manual Order Planning  HLA0001477 
IM-FA-IE-PL-OR Order Settlement  HLA0001480 
IM-FA-IE-PL-OS Overhead  HLA0001479 
IM-FA-IE-PL-PT Periodic Transfers  HLA0001478 
IM-FA-IE-SU Order Summarization  ALR0000040 
IM-FA-IP Investment Programs  HLA0009453 
IM-FA-IP-BU Program Budgeting  HLA0001474 
IM-FA-IP-CP Program Cost Planning  HLA0001473 
IM-FA-IP-CP-GEN Overall Planning  HLA0100190 
IM-FA-IP-CP-SPC Separate Planning of Overhead  HLA0100191 
IM-FA-IP-CP-VRS Plan Versions  HLA0100192 
IM-FA-IP-FYC Fiscal Year Change  HLA0100193 
IM-FA-IP-ST Program Structuring  HLA0001472 
IM-FA-IS Information System  HLA0009456 
IM-FA-IS Depreciation Simulation  HLA0001515 
IM-FA-IS-CP Investment Program Summarization  HLA0100196 
IM-FA-IS-FA Capitalized Assets  HLA0001514 
IM-FA-IS-IA Appropriation Requests  HLA0100195 
IM-FA-IS-IP Investment Programs  HLA0001511 
IM-FA-IS-OR Investment Orders  HLA0001513 
IM-FA-IS-PS Project Costs  HLA0001512 
IM-FA-PR Projects as Investment Measures  HLA0009494 
IM-FA-PR-AC Actual Costs  HLA0001504 
IM-FA-PR-BU Project Budgeting  HLA0001497 
IM-FA-PR-BU-AL Budget Allocation  HLA0001498 
IM-FA-PR-BU-AV Availability Control  HLA0001501 
IM-FA-PR-BU-RE Budget Release  HLA0001500 
IM-FA-PR-BU-UP Budget Update  HLA0001499 
IM-FA-PR-CL Periodic Project Closing  HLA0001505 
IM-FA-PR-CL-AV Asset Valuation  HLA0001510 
IM-FA-PR-CL-IN Interest Calculation  HLA0001508 
IM-FA-PR-CL-OS Overhead  HLA0001507 
IM-FA-PR-CL-PT Periodic Transfer  HLA0001506 
IM-FA-PR-CL-SE Project Settlement  HLA0001509 
IM-FA-PR-CP Cost Planning  HLA0001493 
IM-FA-PR-CP-OR Orders for Projects  HLA0001496 
IM-FA-PR-CP-OS Overhead  HLA0001495 
IM-FA-PR-CP-WB Cost Planning in the WBS  HLA0001494 
IM-FA-PR-EI Project Execution / Integration  HLA0001502 
IM-FA-PR-EI-GF General Functions  HLA0001503 
IM-FA-PR-MD Master Data  HLA0001489 
IM-FA-PR-MD-MT WBS Maintenance  HLA0001491 
IM-FA-PR-MD-ST Standard WBS  HLA0001490 
IM-FA-PR-MD-TE PS Text Management  HLA0001492 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AIBW BW: IM Extractors 
AIBW1 BW: IM Extractors (Release-Dependent Objects) 
AIS IM Deprec. Simulation Data - Inv.Prog., App.Reqs., Measures 
AISEM BW: IM PushBack of Data from SEM 
U131 Capital Investments 
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
SAP Release Created in