SAP ABAP Application Component FI-AA (Asset Accounting)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009300  
Application Component ID FI-AA  
Short Description   Asset Accounting  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
FI-AA-AA Basic Functions  HLA0006110 
FI-AA-AA-BV Basic Valuation Functions  HLA0001286 
FI-AA-AA-BV-CI Calculation of interest  HLA0001289 
FI-AA-AA-BV-DA Depreciation Areas  HLA0001287 
FI-AA-AA-BV-DD Derived Depreciation Areas  HLA0001288 
FI-AA-AA-BV-GA Group Assets  HLA0001291 
FI-AA-AA-BV-PC Period Control  HLA0001290 
FI-AA-AA-BV-VM Valuation Methods  HLA0001292 
FI-AA-AA-CL Closing Operations  HLA0001314 
FI-AA-AA-DE Depreciation  HLA0001298 
FI-AA-AA-DE-DU Unit-of-Production Depreciation  HLA0001304 
FI-AA-AA-DE-MD Manual Depreciation  HLA0001303 
FI-AA-AA-DE-OD Ordinary Depreciation  HLA0001299 
FI-AA-AA-DE-SD Special Depreciation  HLA0001300 
FI-AA-AA-DE-TR Transferred Reserves  HLA0001302 
FI-AA-AA-DE-UD Unplanned Depreciation  HLA0001301 
FI-AA-AA-FY Fiscal Year Specifications  HLA0001293 
FI-AA-AA-FY-AV Alternative Fiscal Year Variants  HLA0001294 
FI-AA-AA-FY-HM Half Months  HLA0001296 
FI-AA-AA-FY-PW Period Weighting (4-4-5 Rule)  HLA0001297 
FI-AA-AA-FY-SF Shortened Fiscal Years  HLA0001295 
FI-AA-AA-MA Asset Maintenance  HLA0001285 
FI-AA-AA-TR Transactions  HLA0001305 
FI-AA-AA-TR-AC Acquisitions  HLA0001306 
FI-AA-AA-TR-DP Down Payments  HLA0001307 
FI-AA-AA-TR-MA Manual Value Adjustment  HLA0001311 
FI-AA-AA-TR-PG Posting Depreciation to the General Ledger  HLA0001312 
FI-AA-AA-TR-RE Retirements  HLA0001308 
FI-AA-AA-TR-SL Line Item Settlement of AUC  HLA0001310 
FI-AA-AA-TR-ST Budget Monitoring by Statistical Order / WBS Element  HLA0100751 
FI-AA-AA-TR-TP Transfer Postings  HLA0001309 
FI-AA-AA-TR-VA Validations  HLA0001313 
FI-AA-CP Group Requirements  HLA0006112 
FI-AA-CP-GC Foreign Currency Valuation Areas  HLA0001322 
FI-AA-CP-GV Group Valuation Areas  HLA0001323 
FI-AA-CP-IP Asset Transfer  HLA0001324 
FI-AA-IS Information System  HLA0006140 
FI-AA-IS-CM Translation Methods for the Info System  HLA0001329 
FI-AA-IS-IA Individual Asset History Sheet Versions  HLA0001328 
FI-AA-IS-IR Individual Report Selection  HLA0001326 
FI-AA-IS-RL Report Links  HLA0001327 
FI-AA-IS-ST Standard Reports  HLA0001325 
FI-AA-LM Leasing Processing  HLA0006111 
FI-AA-SVA Special Valuation  HLA0001599 
FI-AA-SVA-HI Handling of Inflation  HLA0001318 
FI-AA-SVA-IN Insurance  HLA0001321 
FI-AA-SVA-IR Indexed Replacement Values  HLA0001317 
FI-AA-SVA-IS Investment Support  HLA0001319 
FI-AA-SVA-NT Net Worth Tax  HLA0001320 
FI-AA-SVA-RS Reserves for special depr.  HLA0001316 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/CCIS/CCIS_OS6 Russian fixed asset form OS6 
/CCIS/PROPTAX Property tax Russia 
/CCIS/RUTAX Transport tax Russia 
AAAP Process Model Objects Asset Accounting 
AALSM Asset Accounting Legacy Data Transfer 
AA_BAS_CUS Asset Accounting: General Tables and Customizing 
AA_BAS_CUS_SFWS Switch Framework Objects 
AA_BAS_CUS_SFWS_1 Switch Framework Objects - FIN_FAA_PARALLEL_VAL 
AA_BAS_DEP Asset Accounting: Calculation of Depreciation 
AA_BAS_SRV Asset Accounting: Central Service Routines 
AA_MASTER Asset Accounting: Master Data 
AA_OBSOLETE Anlagenbuchhaltung obsolete Objekte 
AA_PERIOD Asset Accounting: Periodic Processing 
AA_POST Asset Accounting: Posting 
AA_REP Asset Accounting: Reporting 
AA_TOOLS Asset Accounting: Other Tools 
AISR Link from Asset Accounting to Internal Service Request 
APPL_CONTENT_FIAA Analytics Content for FIAA 
BWFIAA Asset Accounting: New Extractors as of BW Rel. 310 
ESH_FI_AA HANA search content package for FI-AA 
FAA_AMD Master Data 
FAA_CUS Customizing 
FAA_CUS_AT Customizing for Asset Classes 
FAA_CUS_CD Chart of Depreciation Customizing 
FAA_CUS_DK Customizing for Depreciation Keys 
FAA_CUS_GA_AT Access to Customizing for Asset Class 
FAA_CUS_GA_CA Access to Cross-Application Customizing 
FAA_CUS_GA_CD Access to Customizing for Chart of Depreciation 
FAA_CUS_GA_DK Access to Customizing for Depreciation Key 
FAA_CUS_GA_TT Access to Customizing for Transaction Types 
FAA_CUS_GEN Customizing of Shared Objects 
FAA_CUS_TT Transaction Types Customizing 
FAA_DE_CALC Valuation - Generic Part 
FAA_DE_ERP Valuation - ERP Integration 
FAA_EI_PM AA/PM Integration 
FAA_MDO Master Data Wrapper for FAA_TP_TC 
FAA_SFWS Switch Framework Objects 
FAA_SFWS_1 Switch Framework Objects - FIN_FAA_PARALLEL_VAL 
FAA_TENV Test Environment for Asset Accounting 
FAA_UI General UI Services 
FAA_UI_BSP User Interface for BSP 
FAA_UI_CA General UI Services 
FAGL_FIN_AA_SFWS_1 FI-AA Continuous Improvements 
ID-FIAA-BR FI-AA Localization Brazil 
ID-FIAA-CN Golden Audit China : Asset Accounting 
ID-FIAA-IT FIAA Localization Italy 
ID-FIAA-KR FI-AA Localization (South Korea) 
ID-FIAA-PL FI-AA Localization (Poland) 
ID-FIAA-PT FI-AA Localization (Portugal) 
ID-FIAA-SG Singapore (Asset Accounting) 
ID-FIAA-UK Asset Accounting localization 
MAPAS_SFWS Free Revaluation for Mapas Fiscais 
U105 Asset Accounting 
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
SAP Release Created in