SAP ABAP Application Component EC (Enterprise Controlling)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009407  
Application Component ID EC  
Short Description   Enterprise Controlling  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
EC-BP Business Planning  HLA0009470 
EC-BP-PC Planning Coordination  HLA0009471 
EC-BP-SP Strategic Planning  HLA0009472 
EC-CS Consolidation  HLA0009480 
EC-CS-CSF Consolidation Functions  HLA0009483 
EC-CS-CSF-AT Accounting Techniques  HLA0100220 
EC-CS-CSF-AT-EQU Equity Method  HLA0100224 
EC-CS-CSF-AT-MST Mutual Stock Method  HLA0100225 
EC-CS-CSF-AT-PCH Purchase Method  HLA0100221 
EC-CS-CSF-AT-PI Pooling of Interests Method  HLA0100222 
EC-CS-CSF-AT-PRO Proportional Consolidation  HLA0100223 
EC-CS-CSF-COI Consolidation of Investments  HLA0100234 
EC-CS-CSF-CT Consolidation Types  HLA0100214 
EC-CS-CSF-CT-BA Business Areas  HLA0100216 
EC-CS-CSF-CT-COM Companies (Legal Consolidation)  HLA0100215 
EC-CS-CSF-CT-PA Profitability Analysis  HLA0100218 
EC-CS-CSF-CT-PCA Profit Centers  HLA0100217 
EC-CS-CSF-CT-USD User-Defined  HLA0100219 
EC-CS-CSF-CUR Currency Translation  HLA0100230 
EC-CS-CSF-IPA Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Transferred Assets  HLA0100233 
EC-CS-CSF-IPI Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory  HLA0100232 
EC-CS-CSF-IUE Interunit Elimination  HLA0100231 
EC-CS-CSF-MD Master Data  HLA0100226 
EC-CS-CSF-MON Monitor  HLA0100227 
EC-CS-CSF-OTH Other Consolidation Functions  HLA0100236 
EC-CS-CSF-PO Posting  HLA0100229 
EC-CS-CSF-RCL Reclassification  HLA0100235 
EC-CS-CSF-SRV Services  HLA0100237 
EC-CS-CSF-TD Transaction Data  ALR0000043 
EC-CS-CSF-TD-FLX User-Defined Additional Fields  ALR0000044 
EC-CS-CSF-VAL Validation  HLA0100228 
EC-CS-ICS Additional Functions of Integrated Consolidation  HLA0009482 
EC-CS-ICS-CSF Consolidation Functions  HLA0100240 
EC-CS-ICS-IS Information System  HLA0100241 
EC-CS-ICS-MD Master Data  HLA0100239 
EC-CS-INT Data Transfer and Interfaces  HLA0009481 
EC-CS-INT-INP Data Collection  HLA0100202 
EC-CS-INT-INP-ACC Offline Data Entry Using MS ACCESS  HLA0100207 
EC-CS-INT-INP-EXC Offline Data Entry Using Interactive Excel  ALR0000042 
EC-CS-INT-INP-FUP Flexible Upload from Non-SAP Systems  HLA0100208 
EC-CS-INT-INP-MON Monitor  HLA0100203 
EC-CS-INT-INP-ONL Online Data Entry in the R/3 System  HLA0100206 
EC-CS-INT-INP-R/2 Data Collection from R/2 Systems  HLA0100205 
EC-CS-INT-INP-R/3 Data Collection from R/3 Systems  HLA0100204 
EC-CS-INT-OUT Data Forwarding  HLA0100209 
EC-CS-INT-OUT-BIW Forwarding to SAP BW  HLA0100212 
EC-CS-INT-OUT-EIS Forwarding to EIS  HLA0100211 
EC-CS-INT-OUT-STC Extracts for Step Consolidation  HLA0100210 
EC-CS-IS Information System  HLA0009484 
EC-CS-IS-STD Standard Reports  HLA0100243 
EC-CS-IS-STD-CD Control Parameters  HLA0100246 
EC-CS-IS-STD-DR Interactive Drilldown Reporting  HLA0100247 
EC-CS-IS-STD-FD Financial Data  HLA0100245 
EC-CS-IS-STD-JER Journal Entry Reports  HLA0100249 
EC-CS-IS-STD-MD Master Data  HLA0100244 
EC-CS-IS-STD-RW Report Writer  HLA0100248 
EC-CS-IS-USD Custom Reports  HLA0100250 
EC-CS-IS-USD-DR Interactive Drilldown Reporting  HLA0100251 
EC-CS-IS-USD-EXC Interactive Excel  ALR0000045 
EC-CS-IS-USD-JER Journal Entry Reports  HLA0100253 
EC-CS-IS-USD-RW Report Writer  HLA0100252 
EC-EIS Executive Information System  HLA0009490 
EC-EIS-DB Data Basis  HLA0009495 
EC-EIS-DCM Data Collection  HLA0009491 
EC-EIS-DD Interactive Drilldown Reporting  HLA0009493 
EC-EIS-EX Extras  HLA0100255 
EC-EIS-PL Planning  HLA0100254 
EC-EIS-RP Report Portfolio  HLA0009492 
EC-PCA Profit Center Accounting  HLA0009406 
EC-PCA-ACT Actual Data  HLA0001517 
EC-PCA-ACT-AL Allocations  ALR0002213 
EC-PCA-ACT-EN Direct Data Entry  ALR0002212 
EC-PCA-ACT-OL Online Data Transfer  ALR0002211 
EC-PCA-ACT-PE Periodic Data Transfer  ALR0002214 
EC-PCA-BS Basic Settings  HLA0009461 
EC-PCA-CB Costing-Based Profit Center Accounting  HLA0009463 
EC-PCA-IS Information System  HLA0009465 
EC-PCA-IS-DD Drilldown Reporting  ALR0002219 
EC-PCA-IS-RP Report Painter/Writer  ALR0002220 
EC-PCA-IS-ST Standard Reports  HLA0001518 
EC-PCA-IS-US Custom Reports  HLA0001519 
EC-PCA-LB Account-Based Profit Center Accounting  HLA0009462 
EC-PCA-MD Master Data  ALR0002191 
EC-PCA-PLN Plan Data  HLA0001516 
EC-PCA-PLN-AL Allocations  ALR0002217 
EC-PCA-PLN-EN Direct Data Entry  ALR0002216 
EC-PCA-PLN-OL Online Data Transfer  ALR0002215 
EC-PCA-PLN-PE Periodic Data Transfer  ALR0002218 
EC-PCA-TL Tools  HLA0100201 
EC-PCA-TL-ALE Distribution (ALE)  ALR0002222 
EC-PCA-TL-ARC Archiving  ALR0002221 
EC-PCA-TL-ENH Enhancements in Profit Center Accounting  ALR0002224 
EC-PCA-TL-TRP Transport System  ALR0002223 
EC-PCA-TP Transfer Prices  ALR0002201 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AECM Application components EC 
AECP Process model objects EC 
ASAPTERM_EC Terminology and Glossary: Translation in EC 
KCD Data Collection 
RS_IMG_EC OLTP-IMG EC (Enterprise Controlling) 
U140 Enterprise Controlling 
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
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