SAP ABAP Application Component TR (Treasury)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009209  
Application Component ID TR  
Short Description   Treasury  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
TR-CB Cash Budget Management  HLA0006844 
TR-CB-BD Basic Data  HLA0001377 
TR-CB-IN Integration  HLA0100138 
TR-CB-IS Information System  HLA0001380 
TR-CB-PL Planning  HLA0001378 
TR-CB-PO Posting  HLA0001379 
TR-CM-CM Manual Bank Statement  HLA0001351 
TR-CM-CM Interest Rates  HLA0001376 
TR-CM-CM Foreign Currency Rates  HLA0001375 
TR-CM-CM Bill of Exchange Usage  HLA0001370 
TR-CM-CM Interest Calculation  HLA0001360 
TR-CM-CM Electronic Bank Statement  HLA0001350 
TR-CM-CM Cashed Checks  HLA0001352 
TR-CM-CM Returned Bills of Exchange  HLA0001353 
TR-CM-CM ISR Procedure  HLA0001354 
TR-CM-CM Lockbox  HLA0001355 
TR-CM-CM Bill of Exchange Presentation  HLA0001357 
TR-CM-CM Position Analysis  HLA0001367 
TR-CM-CM Check Deposit  HLA0001356 
TR-CM-CM-IN-PA Payment Advice Processing  HLA0001358 
TR-LO-AC-DBE Debit Position  HLA0100089 
TR-LO-AC-PO-MA Manual Posting  HLA0100083 
TR-MRM Risk Management  HLA0100116 
TR-MRM-IS Information System  HLA0100120 
TR-MRM-IS-CFL Cash Flow  HLA0100124 
TR-MRM-IS-EXP Exposure  HLA0100123 
TR-MRM-IS-MTM Mark-to-Market  HLA0100121 
TR-MRM-IS-VAR Value at Risk  HLA0100122 
TR-MRM-MD Master Data  HLA0100129 
TR-MRM-MD-RD Rule Definition  HLA0100131 
TR-MRM-MD-RH Risk Hierarchies  HLA0100130 
TR-MRM-MT Market Data  HLA0100125 
TR-MRM-MT-SC Scenarios  HLA0100126 
TR-MRM-PA Planning/Analysis  HLA0100117 
TR-MRM-PA-PO Treasury Positions  HLA0100118 
TR-MRM-PA-UN All Positions  HLA0100119 
TR-MRM-TO Tools  HLA0100132 
TR-MRM-TO-PC Price Calculators  HLA0100133 
TR-TM Treasury Management  HLA0100041 
TR-TM-AC Treasury Accounting  HLA0100047 
TR-TM-AC-AC Accruals/Deferrals  HLA0100055 
TR-TM-AC-AU Automatic Posting  HLA0100049 
TR-TM-AC-PC Period-End Closing  HLA0100054 
TR-TM-AC-PM Payment  HLA0100051 
TR-TM-AC-PM-IP Incoming Payments  HLA0100052 
TR-TM-AC-PM-PO Payment Orders  HLA0100053 
TR-TM-AC-PO Posting  HLA0100046 
TR-TM-AC-PO-AT Account Transfer  HLA0100050 
TR-TM-AC-PO-MA Manual Posting  HLA0100048 
TR-TM-AC-RE Posting Evaluations  HLA0100059 
TR-TM-AC-VA Valuation  HLA0100056 
TR-TM-AC-VA-GL Realized Gains/Losses  HLA0100058 
TR-TM-AC-VA-KD Key Date Valuation  HLA0100057 
TR-TM-IS Information System  HLA0100040 
TR-TM-PO Position Management  HLA0100045 
TR-TM-TM Basic Data  HLA0100061 
TR-TM-TM-MA Master Agreements  HLA0100066 
TR-TM-TM-MD Master Data  HLA0100062 
TR-TM-TM-MD-BP Business Partners  HLA0100063 
TR-TM-TM-MD-PR Financial Instruments  HLA0100065 
TR-TM-TM-MD-TR Traders  HLA0100064 
TR-TM-TM-RM Risk Settings  HLA0100067 
TR-TM-TM-RM-LI Limit Management  HLA0100068 
TR-TM-TM-RM-RH Risk Hierarchies  HLA0100069 
TR-TM-TM-TO Tools  HLA0100070 
TR-TM-TM-TO-DF Datafeed  HLA0100072 
TR-TM-TM-TO-MD Market Data File Interfaces  HLA0100071 
TR-TM-TR Transaction Management  HLA0001371 
TR-TM-TR-CO Correspondence  HLA0100044 
TR-TM-TR-NE Netting  HLA0100043 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ASAPTERM_TR Terminology and Glossary: Translation in TR 
ASAPTERM_TR_TM Terminology and Glossary: Translation in TR-TM 
ATRM Application components TR 
ATRM_CORE TR Component Hierarchy (Part Remaining in Core) 
EA-FINSERV Structure Package: R/3 Enterprise - Financial Services 
FCLM_REUSE Common / Reusable Components 
FFLQ Liquidity Calculation 
FFLQV Liquidity Calculation - View Maintenance 
FTAC_CORE TR CORE: Former Objects from FTAC (Cust. R/3 TR MM/FX/DE) 
FTA_CORE TR-CORE: Former Objects from FTA (Applic. Dev. TR General) 
FTB_CNEW Former Objects from FTB Required in AL0 
FTB_CORE Former FTB Objects 
FTDF Treasury: Datafeed TR-TM-TM-TO-DF 
FTDF_CORE Treasury: Datafeed TR-TM-TM-TO-DF 
FTH_CORE Former FTH Objects Required in AL0 
FTI_BIW Application development R/3 Treasury Information System -BIW 
FTI_CORE Former FTI Objects Required in AL0 
FTI_RE_ALV Application Development: Drilldown Reporting-->ALV Transfer 
FTLC_CORE TR-CORE: Former Objects from FTLC (Customizing TR Loans) 
FTPC_CORE TR-CORE: Former Objects from FTPC (Customizing TR Portfolio) 
FTRMP_SFWS_CORE Treasury Basis Objects in SAP_APPL - Switched Objects 
FTRMP_SFWS_CORE_C01S01 Treasury Basis Objects - Switched Objects EHP7 of EA-FINSERV 
FTRM_CORE_SFWS_C04S01 Switch C04S01 - Objects Switched via Package (Language EN) 
FTRM_CORE_SFWS_UI2_C01S00_1 Switch C01S00 - Objects Switched via Package (Language DE) 
FTRM_CORE_SFWS_UI2_C02S01 Switch C02S01 - Objects Switched via Package (Language EN) 
FTRM_CORE_SWITCHES Switches for the core (APPL) 
FTR_BASIS_CORE Treasury Basis Objects in SAP_APPL 
FTR_COMMODITIES_CORE Commodities - Treasury Core Components 
FTR_IN_CORE TR-CORE: Integration / Inbound Objects for Treasury 
FTR_UTILS_CORE Utilities: Treasury and Risk Management 
FTT_CORE Former FTT Objects Required in AL0 
FTVV_CORE TR-CORE: Former Objects from FTVV (TR - Cr.-App.Obj. LO/SEC) 
FVVD_CORE TR-CORE: Former Objects from FVVD (TR Loans) 
FVVW_CORE TR-CORE: Former Objects from FVVW (TR-TM: Securities) 
JBST Standard objects of application development IS-B EGK 
R3E_BCS_FINSERV BC Set Activation Switch for EA-FINSERV 
U110 Treasury 
UAP_GUI_ENABLING_FRAMEWORK Framework for GUI Programming 
VVSRCH_CORE Transport Layer AL0: Statutory Reporting Switzerland 
VVSRG_CORE Objects for System AL0 (Stable Detached Objects) 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in