SAP ABAP Application Component RE (Real Estate Management)
Basic Data
Application Component I090004600  
Application Component ID RE  
Short Description   Real Estate Management  
First Release Date 19960718 
First Release   30D 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
RE-BD Basic Data  I090004603 
RE-BD-BE Business Entity  I090004605 
RE-BD-BU Building  I090004607 
RE-BD-LR Land Register  I090004604 
RE-BD-PR Land  I090004606 
RE-BD-RO Rooms  I090004609 
RE-BD-RU Rental Unit  I090004608 
RE-BP Business Partners  I090004601 
RE-CO Real Estate Controlling  I090004646 
RE-CO-AA Activity Allocation  ALR0000041 
RE-CO-CR Cost and Revenue Planning  I090004647 
RE-CO-SE CO Settlement  I090004648 
RE-CP Correspondence  I090004636 
RE-FX Flexible Real Estate Management  ALN0000031 
RE-FX-AJ Rent Adjustment  ALN0000032 
RE-FX-AR Real Estate Search  ALN0000033 
RE-FX-BD Basic Data  ALN0000034 
RE-FX-BP Business Partner  ALN0000035 
RE-FX-CF Conditions and Cashflow  EE60000001 
RE-FX-CN Real Estate Contract  ALN0000036 
RE-FX-CO Real Estate Controlling  ALN0000037 
RE-FX-CP Correspondence  ALN0000038 
RE-FX-GI Graphic Interface  AER0000073 
RE-FX-IS Information System  ALN0000039 
RE-FX-IT Input Tax Treatment  ALN0000040 
RE-FX-LC Real Estate Localization  PEN0000001 
RE-FX-LC-AT Real Estate Localization Austria  PEN0000003 
RE-FX-LC-CH Real Estate Localization Switzerland  PEN0000002 
RE-FX-LC-CZ Real Estate Localization Czech Republic  /CEERE/EE50000033 
RE-FX-LC-ES Real Estate Localization Spain  EEI1000011 
RE-FX-LC-FR Real Estate Localization France  EE60000021 
RE-FX-LC-HU Real Estate Localization Hungary  EE50000031 
RE-FX-LC-IN Real Estate Localization India  EE50000041 
RE-FX-LC-IT Real Estate Localization Italy  PEN0000004 
RE-FX-LC-JP Real Estate Localization Japan  EE50000092 
RE-FX-LC-NL Real Estate Localization Netherlands  EE50000034 
RE-FX-LC-PT Real Estate Localization Portugal  E360000041 
RE-FX-LC-SK Real Estate Slovakia  EE50000091 
RE-FX-LM Land Use Management  AEN0000002 
RE-FX-MI Migration  ALN0000041 
RE-FX-MM Third Party Management/COA  AEN0000001 
RE-FX-OR Offer and Rental Request  AEN0000003 
RE-FX-RA Rental Accounting  ALN0000042 
RE-FX-RS Room Reservations and Seating Arrangements  AER0000072 
RE-FX-SC Service Charge Settlement  ALN0000043 
RE-FX-SR Sales-Based Rent and Settlement  ALN0000044 
RE-IS Information System  I090004650 
RE-IS-BD Basic Data  I090004651 
RE-IS-CD Contract Data  I090004652 
RE-IS-CO Controlling  I090004654 
RE-IS-OE Other Evaluations  I090004656 
RE-IS-PC Profit Center  I090004655 
RE-IS-SE Settlements  I090004653 
RE-IT Input Tax Treatment  I090004658 
RE-PR Real Estate General Contract  ALR0002171 
RE-RT Rental  I090004610 
RE-RT-AD Rent Adjustment  I090004620 
RE-RT-AO Management of Interested Parties  I090004611 
RE-RT-RA Rental Accounting  I090004614 
RE-RT-RC Lease-Out Management  I090004612 
RE-RT-SC Service Charge Settlement  I090004628 
RE-RT-SR Sales-Based Settlement  I090004631 
RE-TP Third-Party Management  I090004632 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPQUERY/FIRE Real Estate Management - Query Objects 
AREM RE Application Components 
AREP RE Process Model Objects 
ASAPTERM_IS_RE Terminology and Glossary: Translation in RE 
FEUV EMU: Real estate reconciliation programs for LC conversion 
FVVICN R/3 Real Estate Application Development - General Contract 
FVVICNZ Applic.Dev. R/3 Real Estate - Gen.Contract - Enhancements 
FVVIDE IS-RE: Immobilien deutschspezifika (nicht zu übersetzen) 
FVVIIT RE: Real Estate Italy (to translate Italian/English only) 
FVVR IS-IS Financial Assets Management - standard modules 
ISRE Reporting Real Estate Management: Connection IS-RE <-> BW 
ISRE45 RE: Connection IS-RE <-> BW (Objects from 4.5) 
ISRE46 RE: Connection IS-RE <-> BW (Objects from 4.6) 
REBF RE: Basis Functions (Orig. in Application Develop.System) 
REBW_RD Interface RE - BW (Release-Dependent) 
RECNAD Real Estate: General Contract Accruals/Deferrals 
U134 Data model RE real estate 
WAO_46C_RENTAL_ACCOUNTING MiniApp: Rental Accounting (Release-Dep. 46C Part) 
WAO_46C_RE_DUNNINGLIST MiniApp: Dunning List (rel.dep. 46c part) 
WAO_46C_RE_INACTIVE_LO MiniApp: Inactive Lease-Outs (rel.dep. 46c part) 
WAO_46C_RE_VACANCY MiniApp: Vacancy List (rel.dep. 46c part) 
WAO_RENTAL_ACCOUNTING MiniApp: Rental Accounting (Release-Independent Part) 
WAO_RE_DUNNINGLIST MiniApp: Dunning List (Release-Independent Part) 
WAO_RE_INACTIVE_LO MiniApp: Inactive Lease-Outs (Release-Independent Part) 
WAO_RE_VACANCY MiniApp: Vacancy List (Release-Independent Part) 
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
SAP Release Created in