SAP ABAP Application Component RE-FX-RA (Rental Accounting)
Basic Data
Application Component ALN0000042  
Application Component ID RE-FX-RA  
Short Description   Rental Accounting  
First Release Date 20010910 
First Release   620 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
RE_DS_RA RE: Dev. Support - Rental Accounting 
RE_EX_AL RE: Finance (Interface to Accrual Engine) 
RE_EX_FI RE: Financials 
RE_EX_FM RE: FM (Interface to Funds Management) 
RE_RA RE: Rental Accounting 
RE_RA_AL RE: Accruals/Deferrals 
RE_RA_AP RE: Advance Payment 
RE_RA_CA RE: Cross Application Rental Accounting 
RE_RA_CL RE: Clearing 
RE_RA_IS RE: Accounting Information System 
RE_RA_IV RE: Invoice for Rent 
RE_RA_OP RE: One-Time Posting 
RE_RA_PP RE: Periodic Posting 
RE_RA_SFWS_UI2 RE: Rental Accounting - EhP2 Enhancements (DDIC) 
RE_TM_FI RE: Terms - Finance (Terms for Posting Parameters) 
RE_UT_RA RE: Unit-Tests for Rental Accounting 
Software Component EA-FIN  EA-FIN 
SAP Release Created in   110