SAP ABAP Software Component EA-FIN (EA-FIN)
Basic Data
Software Component EA-FIN   
Short Description EA-FIN   
Component type N   Application Extensions
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
RE-FX-LC-CZ /CEERE/EE50000033 Real Estate Localization Czech Republic 
FI-LOC P6D0000001 Localization 
FI-AF-DPC ALN0000402 Down Payment Chains 
CA-JVA-PRC ALN0000411 Project Risk Management for Contractors 
PS-REV-CPR ALN0000441 Construction Progress Report 
FI-GL-GL-ACE ALN0000061 Accrual Engine 
FI-AA-LM HLA0006111 Leasing Processing 
FI-GL-GL-CL HLA0001205 Closing Operations 
FI-GL-GL-AAC ALN0000111 Manual Accruals 
FI-GL-GL-CAE ALN0000261 CRM Accruals 
CA-JVA ALR0002181 Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting 
FI-AA-AA-MA HLA0001285 Asset Maintenance 
CO-PC-ACT HLA0009422 Actual Costing/Material Ledger 
CO-PC-ACT-AVR PLN0000032 Alternative Valuation Run 
CO-PC-ACT-DUV PLN0000031 Distribution of Usage Variances 
CO-PC-OBJ HLA0009423 Cost Object Controlling 
CO-OM HLA0009408 Overhead Cost Controlling 
CO-OM-ACT HLA0009403 Activity Types 
CO-PC-PCP HLA0009420 Product Cost Planning 
EP-PCT-MGR-CO AXA0000003 Business Package for Manager Self-Service (FI) 
AC ALR0000021 Accounting - General 
FIN ABA0000152 Financials 
FI HLA0009200 Financial Accounting 
FI-BL-PT-BS-EL HLA0100028 Electronic Bank Statement 
FI-AA HLA0009300 Asset Accounting 
FI-AA-AA HLA0006110 Basic Functions 
FI-AA-IS HLA0006140 Information System 
FI-GL-GL HLA0006520 Basic Functions 
CO-PC HLA0009404 Product Cost Controlling 
FI-GL-GL-SOA ALN0000062 Provisions for Awards 
FI-AR HLA0009203 Accounts Receivable 
FI-GL-IS HLA0006523 Information System 
FI-GL HLA0009201 General Ledger Accounting 
FI-SL HLA0009208 Special Purpose Ledger 
FI-SL-SL HLA0009741 Basic Functions 
PSM-FG ALN0000203 Functions for U.S. Federal Government 
PSM-FM I150004901 Funds Management 
FI-BL-PT-BS HLA0100026 Bank Statement 
RE I090004600 Real Estate Management 
CA-JVA-JVA PLN0000042 Joint Venture Accounting 
RE-FX-LC-SK EE50000091 Real Estate Slovakia 
FI-AA-SVA-NT HLA0001320 Net Worth Tax 
CA-JVA-PSA PLN0000048 Production Sharing Accounting 
PSM I150004900 Public Sector Management 
RE-FX ALN0000031 Flexible Real Estate Management 
RE-FX-AJ ALN0000032 Rent Adjustment 
RE-FX-BD ALN0000034 Basic Data 
RE-FX-BP ALN0000035 Business Partner 
RE-FX-GI AER0000073 Graphic Interface 
RE-FX-CN ALN0000036 Real Estate Contract 
RE-FX-CO ALN0000037 Real Estate Controlling 
RE-FX-CP ALN0000038 Correspondence 
RE-FX-IT ALN0000040 Input Tax Treatment 
RE-FX-RA ALN0000042 Rental Accounting 
RE-FX-SC ALN0000043 Service Charge Settlement 
RE-FX-SR ALN0000044 Sales-Based Rent and Settlement 
RE-FX-IS ALN0000039 Information System 
RE-FX-LM AEN0000002 Land Use Management 
RE-FX-MI ALN0000041 Migration 
RE-FX-MM AEN0000001 Third Party Management/COA 
RE-FX-OR AEN0000003 Offer and Rental Request 
RE-FX-RS AER0000072 Room Reservations and Seating Arrangements 
FI-RL PLN0000001 Retail Ledger